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"How To Reconstruct a Bankrupt World"

[Source: On-site summarized report, March 21]


March 21 (EIRNA)--The Schiller Institute's European conference, "How To Reconstruct a Bankrupt World," opened at Bad Schwalbach, Germany this evening, with a keynote address delivered by U.S. Democratic pre-Presidential candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

After a musical introduction, Uwe Friesecke of the Schiller Institute delivered welcoming remarks, noting that with Bush's war against Iraq now begun, one may speak of a "broken world" which has to be rebuilt. Friesecke presented the speakers on the first panel, along with LaRouche: Civil Rights veteran Amelia Boynton Robinson; former Indian government minister Chandarjit Yadav; Dr. Bi Jiyao of the Academy of Macro-Economic Research, China; and Prof. Dr. Vladimir Myasnikov, Institute of Faer East, Academy of Sciences, Russia. Also welcomed were William Wertz from the Schiller Institute in the United States, and Tibor and Judith Kovacs from the Schiller Institute in Hungary.

Friesecke also welcomed former diplomats from South Korea, Poland, and Zimbabwe, as well as political guests and academicians from several countries of Africa, Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, and the numerous guests from the LaRouche Youth Movement from several countries. A special telegram to the conference by Tam Dayell, doyen of the British House of Commons, was read, which welcomed LaRouche's efforts, and called for legal action against Tony Blair and his foreign secretary, who started the war on the British side of things.

In her introduction to LaRouche's keynote, Amelia Boynton Robinson stressed the importance of peace, as a kind of peace that Christ thought of, not the peace of the usual worldly kind, and that kind of peace required a leader who is no coward, can not be bribed like all the other leaders; a man of outstanding courage, who could not be broken even through prison--Lyndon H. LaRouche.

LaRouche began his keynote by calling the present situation in Washington, a combination of farce and tragedy, of an almost Shakespearean dimension, with Bush being the King Lear, with Cheney as Lady Macbeth. As in all tragedy, it is the people themselves, by selecting or supporting wrong leaders, that bring tragedy upon themselves--like the history portrayed in ancient Greek tragedy.

As for the American case, the evil of the Truman era turned brave soldiers that came home from the war, into cowards who capitulated to the pressure of "public opinion" during the late 1940s. The Eisenhower era was different: It stabilized the situation. But then all hell broke loose, with the Bay of Pigs, the JFK assassination, the Vietnam War, and the degeneration through the counterculture. A society once the most productive in the world, was transformed into a parasitical consumer society, and the schools no longer provide education. The system produces people who know nothing, and who produce things that do not work. Now, the people are being punished by the bad leaders they elected, with Bush being a man of no competence, a mere puppet who does not decide, but only reacts to others that tell him. But it is a moment of crisis that forces the fools that people are, to recognize that their assumptions have been wrong, that they must change to improve things. People are in a state as those Athenians that Solon once warned of disasters, if they preferred to degenerate.

The United States lived through 32 years of degeneration from the McKinley assassination in 1901, to the Presidency of FDR in 1933. It was FDR who revived the tradition of his ancestor Isaac, who was a close collaborator of Alexander Hamilton, and he did provide leadership to the Americans. And after the assassination of JFK, the U.S.A. lived through another phase of degeneration, worse even than any such phase before. Things have reached a point, with the Iraq war, that Europeans get horrified, so that we have now the resistance to that, with the European Triangle France-Germany-Russia. They realized it is not a war on Iraq, but one against civilization.

Recall the LaRouche broadcast on Jan. 27, 2001, in which he warned of what the Bush Presidency would look like--and it did develop exactly that way. It is comparable to Germany between 1928 and 1933, when the positive alternative existed in von Schleicher, who could have worked with the incoming FDR, but was forced out before FDR's inauguration, from which point world war was certain, because there was no force that would stop it. Harriman and Prescott Bush played a role in bringing Hitler to power in January 1933, and the Reichstag fire incident end of February firmly installed the dictatorship along perverted laws that had been prepared by Carl Schmitt, Leo Strauss, and others of that kind.

When Bush came into power, the U.S. was already in a spiral of hyperinflation, and the same kind of financier interests that brought Hitler in, moved to install their defense of the system, which was done with the 9/11 incident. What has been set into motion is World War three; it begins with Iraq, but will not stop there and not end: strike against North Korea, Iran, Mideast, China. The war will not be stopped, unless {we} stop it.

We have the European Triangle France-Germany-Russia, and the Asian Strategic Triangle Russia-India-China, to work with. It has to orient towards economic recovery, transfer of technology, but it won't work through public opinion without someone to pull the real strings of power: Anti-war opinion that exists is useful, but this alone won't stop the war. Action by competent leaders is required, and LaRouche is committed to providing that. A new system is needed, a new and just world economic order, an alliance of nations on the basis of certain principles that help building the new system. Competent leaders need to make people realize what their own false assumptions are.

Showing the famous "Triple Curve," LaRouche portrayed the period of degeneration of the world financial and economic system, from 1966 to 2003: money pumping has vastly exceeded all other financial activities and real production, especially since the system almost went bust in August 1998, with the threat of LTCM default. Clinton wanted to act, presented his idea for reform at the New York Council on Foreign Relations in September 1998 (under the impact of LaRouche's assessments), but was prevented from acting through the staged Lewinsky affair. Since then, we have the massive flooding of the system with extra money, but the systemic collapse cannot be stopped.

Now, people have tended to believe this money-pumping is indicative of the alleged "health" of the U.S. economy, but in reality, it is a fraud that only fools believe in. People have to be brought back to know what truth is--that is why we have the LaRouche Youth Movement based on truthful ideas, like the 1799 Gauss attack on the fraud propagated by Euler and Lagrange. What is crucial for the youth, is to recognize the principle of truth, as in the case of Gauss, because that provides competence of assessment. What Gauss did, is revive the Archytas discovery that got buried under the Roman Empire's degeneration, and only got rediscovered from the European Renaissance on, via Nicholas of Cusa, Brunelleschi, Kepler, and Leibniz. Move on from this principle, and you can become competent on any matter. That is how to intervene to change public opinion. When the older people see the youth move, they get moved, because after all, they are human beings. They have to realize that what matters, is to secure a future for the next two generations, for their grandchildren, a future that they do not have now.

People have to realize that the free market ideology is just the little green men theory, of green men with invisible hands. This is not "freedom." Man is not empiricist, as the prophets of free market claim, is not the monkey that only realizes the trap once he has walked into it. Man, unlike animals, is capable of reason, of realizing that his senses fool him, so that he can discover principles that the senses cannot enable him to see. That human capacity is also the basis of developing a mankind of a potential population of 25 billion human beings. But that capacity must be built on two principles: 1) education for the development of the human mind, 2) basic physical infrastructure. This can only be done through a public agency that feels responsible for all the territory and population. Without such public investment, no private sector ever works.

Now, Bush is not the source of the problem, he does not even know who he is. Nor are Cheney and Rumsfeld as such the source of the problem, they are just under the influence of the Leo Strauss types, like Schmitt, Nietzsche, Heidegger, the Frankfurt School fascists, many of whom could not become German fascists because they were Jewish, like Strauss, and were sent to the States. The people they produced, in the United States, then, are the ones who are now around Cheney, or Sharon--all of them are lackeys only, however, of the financier interests, they are like hand grenades that are useful as long as they can still be thrown against an adversary.

The degeneration has reached, as in great tragedy, a point that can bring remedy, if people realize what was wrong with them that led to this development. There is, with the European Triangle and the Strategic Triangle, an option for real recovery, for stopping the process of fascist policies and world war, but that requires real leadership by those that give themselves entirely for a real change of things--like Jean d'Arc. That kind of leadership is required to get the job done. (rap)



BAD SCHWALBACH, Germany, March 21 (EIRNA)--"I applaud Lyndon LaRouche's caring and serious approach toward Iraq," said Tam Dalyell, longest-serving member of the British House of Commons, in a message to the Schiller Institute's European conference which opened here today. "I wish you success for your conference," he said.

On the Iraq war, Mr. Dalyell said: "What needs to be done, is, when the fighting ends, is to look at the legal position, in international law, of those who launched this atrocity. Which includes the British Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary. There has to be an examination of their motives, and it has to be ensured, that Iraqi oil revenues are used for the Iraqi people."




Tyminski, the former head of the Canadian Libertarian Party, who won over 20% of the vote in the 1991 Polish Presidential Election, includes the appeal in a signed commentary which he has submitted to numerous on-line and print publications. He expects it to reach a readership of about 400,000. After criticizing the Polish government's support for the war, against the wishes of most Polish citizens, and briefly describing the Chickenhawks' "Clean break" strategy, he highlights the "stagnant" economy as the problem which the proponents of war are confronting.

He concludes with the suggestion that "A possible solution might be the new 'Bretton Woods Act' [sic] promoted by the American Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche," and refers readers to LaRouche's campaign website.


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