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War is not natural.
by Rolf Witzsche December 24, 2002

In today's world the Middle East is fast becoming the powder keg for setting the world on fire. This happens not by accident, nor by the force of religious or ethnic differences. It is not even about oil. Instead, it is so by design.

It has been said some time ago by the rulers of today's globalist empire that there shall not be another Japanese style economic miracle occurring south of the Rio Grande River and in the Middle East. What is the reason for this?

The reason was spelled in the 1974 U.S. NSSM200 (National Security Study Memorandum) where the economic development of the third world nations was defined as security threat to USA and the West, as such development would cause the people in these nations to use up resources that the western imperium defined as necessary for its future requirement. A policy for radical population reduction was proposed, which eventually became implemented by means of the economic devastation of the targeted nations and the prevention of any meaningful economic re-development. This proposal became implemented from 1975 on. As the result, the biological conditions in the targeted areas, especially in Africa, collapsed to such a degree that it became a vast breeding ground for new and exotic diseases. 

Five years after the policy became implemented, AIDS erupted in Africa and quickly spread globally. While many accusations have been made that AIDS was artificially created in laboratories, to the best of my knowledge no real evidence exists to sustain such a charge. Indeed, why would anyone bother? The 1918 flu epidemic proves that under conditions of severe economic devastation the biological breeding caldron poses a more severe risk to humanity than war. In a few months, the flu epidemic claimed up to fifty million human lives throughout the northern hemisphere where it spread almost instantly and without warning. AIDS evidently erupted out of this type of caldron. It erupted out of the same type of caldron by which the black death plaque became a devastating force in 1347 after the great financial and subsequent economic collapse in Europe in 1345. At this time, half the population of Europe died in an extremely short period. Today, the heart of the caldron is in Africa.

What we have created in Africa has become a greater threat to human life than even the atomic bomb. The atomic bombs of the world, some tens of thousands of them, can be easily dealt with once humanity decides to do that. Humanity knows where these bombs are stored, and it takes but a day to disable them all if that's what we want to do. But the same cannot be said about the biological breeding caldron for exotic diseases that many of the collapsing populations have become, or are on the fast track of becoming. It will take years of an honest global initiative to rebuild Africa into a viable continent. The threshold has long been crossed past which it becomes impossible for a dying population, as we have it in Africa today, to rebuild en entire continent economically. A large scale global effort is required.

The problem that we face in mounting the required effort, is the simple fact that much of the world is too far devastated economically to provide the needed assistance. A global economic development is needed before we can even think about rescuing Africa, and with it reuse ourselves from a type of impending doom that humanity has already experienced several times in its history. Unfortunately, in spite of the severity of the present crisis, no one at the required position of authority is even contemplating the needed global scale solution. The American economist and declared Presidential candidate, Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr., has put the solution on the table years ago in the form of the Eurasian Land bridge development proposal, that spans all of Asia and Eastern Europe, with branches reaching into Africa and North and South America. The economic problems in today's world are so huge that nothing short of a huge solution on a global scale will suffice to accomplish anything meaningful.

While a few parts of this proposal are being implemented through the initiative of China, India, and Russia, the major thrust is being prevented from unfolding. Of course, one of the key components of this vast global development project is the Middle East. The Middle East is the transportation hub between Europe, Asia and India, and Africa. It is the key geographic center of that part of the world. Without peace being allowed there, the vital global economic development cannot proceed. Indeed, this is the evident reason why no peace is allowed to unfold there. The empire's depopulation policies are still in effect, and until those are repealed, the flames of war will burn evermore brightly throughout the entire area, by which the impending devastation of humanity becomes evermore assured.

Herein lies also the key to peace. Unless humanity takes its responsibility for its own welfare seriously, rather than fuelling the flames of war for its own destruction, there is no hope on the horizon. However, humanity also has the resources to make the required effort to rescue itself from the doom it presently embracing. Since this potential exists, it is a reasonable expectation that will unfold if the need for it becomes recognized.  A similar situation once existed in Germany, and movements did unfold that nearly prevented Hitler from coming to power (see the Lautenbach Plan). Unfortunately, this opportunity was missed by a close margin, and a hundred million people paid with their lives for it. Let's not make the same mistake again. The consequences are incalculable.


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