The Lodging for the Rose


 a novel in two parts

Rolf A. F. Witzsche


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A novel about 
universal love and being free
 vs. division and isolation


Suppose, while doing research you discovered facts which indicate that our entire social platform for the relationship between men and women has been purposely misconstrued. What would you do? This appears to have occurred in the early stages of civilization. What would your reaction be if you realized that our modern social structure is still largely founded on this misconstrued platform? Would you write a university thesis on the subject? Hardly! A discovery with such a potential for enriching society is better explored in the setting of a novel where the discovery can be made to contrast with the conventional platform that comes to light in comparison as relative poverty.

The Lodging for the Rose is a novel about the daring to love beyond boundaries, division, and self-isolation; about enriching one another's life in a setting of adventures, trials, tragedies, and victories. 


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