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Truth versus Guns

global peace - truth versus guns - kiss from Canada with love
Our Universal Kiss versus Universal Death

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche - March 2006
Rolf A. F. Witzsche is an independent researcher, publisher, and author of eleven novels exploring the Principle of Universal Love: 
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Part 2: 

The 9/11 War For Terror
 in (Fascist) Perspective


The 9/11 event of the destruction of the World Trade Towers in New York and and a part of the Pentagon in Washington created a deep wound in the heart and soul of America and in people around the world. This wound needs to be healed. It rent the fabric of civilization with an explosion of terrorism. This rent needs to be repaired. For the repair and healing to be possible the truth must be established that disables the lies that hide the underling forces, so that peace may resume. 

The official conspiracy theory that some brutal Arabs have hijacked airliners with box cutters and flew the planes into some of America's most prominent building is a lie that  has victimized half of the world. It has vilified the face of the Arab people, the Muslim culture, and the religion of Islam, and this more deeply than any other modern event. It also victimized the American people as a helpless lot in face of such creeping evil, which, society is told, only the gun can eradicate. This assault with lies unleashed by terror became a war for creating more terror. The terror cannot be stopped until the healing goes deep, all the way to the source that caused the terror 'event.' The terror can only be stopped by rebuilding the truth, and by elevating the love for one-another that is always based on the truth. Our universal humanity has been wounded, but the spark that remains can cause a healing. 

One day the 9/11 event will go down in the conspiracy history books as one of the most sinister of all the fascist terror affairs since the rise of the Nazi Empire. But we are not there yet for this realization to happen. For that healing to proceed the 9/11 truth needs to be unearthed to the degree for which solid evidence exists for the fascism that has evoked it. But there is a danger inherent in exposing the 9/11 truth. The danger is that the exploration might not go deep enough, that it stops with exposing the event as a home made event organized by the government itself, or high level elements with it.  It is easy to say that the American government staged the 9/11 event in order to create for itself a basis for staging an environment of terror that would enable it to unleash its coveted 'for-profit-wars.' It is easy to say that, because those wars have indeed followed immediately in the wake of 9/11 terror event. The physical evidence suggests this scenario. But it also tells us only half the story, and in some cases creates a completely false perception, even a dangerous perception.

If the investigation of the 9/11 truth was to stop with blaming the American government for the 9/11 terror event. America would victimize itself as a villain. It would tear itself down and soil its once worldwide respected face. Of course that assessment that would blacken the face of government would not be correct, but it might have been intended as it would conceal the real villain behind the scene. Also it would reflect that long standing imperial policy to eradicate the power of national governments and the global nation-state system and impose private, imperial, financial dictatorship on the world. The act of blaming the American government for 9/11 would certainly advance the imperial quest. And in a sense it has advanced it. Many people now look at America with disdain and say evermore loudly, we don't need this kind of government. That's self-defeating for the American nation.

The real villain behind 9/11 event is not anyone in particular, or any thing that is American, or human. The fundamental villain is fascism, cleverly hidden behind the veil of its terror. Fascism is an imperial disease that has infected the nation's government and usurped its functions, and turned its institutions into tools for fascist objectives and forced society to become silent. This disease turned America's democracy upside down, its media into an enemy of the nation, and its science into strangling doctrines. Thus, fascism has robbed the nation of its 'soul' to its very core. President Franklin Delanor Roosevelt had warned of the grave danger arising of a fascist takeover of the USA. He warned: "...if history were to repeat itself and we were to return to the so-called "normalcy" of the 1920’s—then it is certain that even though we shall have conquered our enemies on the battlefields abroad, we shall have yielded to the spirit of Fascism here at home." (see: 1944 State of the Union address)

The 9/11 event was evidently nothing more than just another element of the long-ongoing fascist takeover of America. It is most likely that the 9/11 event was made in America. But it wasn't American in nature, reflecting America's cultural history. The 9/11 terror event was not a 'thing' in itself but just a symptom of a much larger terror movement that has gripped many parts of the world during the last century and continues to serve the designs of the imperial fascism that has historically staged all events of mass-terror in the world, from the sub-beastly brutality that Joseph de Maistre admired, or the Spanish Inquisition that burned tens of thousands at the stake in the name of God and Emperor, to the Jacobins that the British had unleashed to protect the Empire, all the way to Hitler's ghoulish SS hordes that turned a culturally advanced society into cowards and killers. The 9/11 event fits into this stream.

The healing of the 9/11 wounds must include the healing of America of the fascism that has pervaded it and has abused its institutions. In fact, none of America's problems, including its economic collapse, can be healed in isolation, because they all have a common root, and in this root they reflect each other as symptoms of fascism for which the cure is the Principle of Universal Love and its active expression as Our Universal Kiss. If this principle and its expression are not the foundation for a solution, such as being reflected in the Principle of the General Welfare that is a cornerstone of U.S. Constitution, and its active manifestation at every level of society, nothing can be healed anywhere. For this task to be accepted we need to look at all the grave problems that fascism has created, and leave none out and unaddressed. The task is to assure that not a single element of fascism remains standing. Towards this end, we as individuals and as society collectively, need to uplift the total scene with the Principle of Universal Love, leaving not one element of our world in the dark, shrouded by fascism. In the unfolding truth lies our universal kiss.

So, what about the 9/11 event? Officially, America's "war on terror" is the result of the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon and the World Trade Centre in New York. Many conspiracy theories have been put forward to explain what has happened at the time of the 'event.' What sets all of these conspiracy theories apart from each other is the supporting or contravening evidence. That's the critical factor. Theories are easily uttered, but the proof lies in the pudding so to speak. Sure, the government of the USA tells us its story, for which, not surprisingly no real evidence exists, or whatever evidence is presented is self-evidently fake. Indeed, why should one be surprised. To tell the truth would be a departure from its well-known practice. Consequently it is left to society itself, to search for the truth, and that's a healthy thing. Blind faith is deadening, an invitation to brainwashing. Searching for the truth takes us the other way, and actually much farther down that road than we may bargain for. Searching for the truth takes the mind to the discovery of universal principles that make the lies self-evident and brings to light what causes the lies. While we are searching for the facts we are also discovering the principles of truthfulness. On this path we'll soon realize that the truth really cannot be hidden as Douglas Herman points out in an article, The Three Stages Of Truth Regarding 911. As human beings we have the capacity to discover the truth and present it to each other in order to heal the pain that terror has brought to our world.

Of all the many conspiracy theories about 9/11 that are explored on the Internet, the US government's official conspiracy theory is supported by the least physical evidence, or as some say, virtually none. Thus, we can ignore it as a lie, and put aside the terror and the ethnic hatred that it was designed to inspire. Without credible evidence the government's terror-conspiracy theory reveals itself as a fairy tale and becomes a conspiracy itself since a wide array of physical evidence disproves the official conspiracy theory, and in fact proves the opposite that the terror comes from within, from the fascism within that has invaded the nation, not from without. 

Some of the evidence that disproves the official conspiracy theory and thereby reveals it as a conspiracy, is ironically provided by the government itself with the cooperation of the media that conspired with the government for the purpose of hiding the truth. This type of evidence exists in the form of a large array of crudely 'manufactured'  cover-up photo work , video doctoring, and incredible story-telling which actively disproves the official conspiracy story to the point that the official terror-theory lacks all credibility. In contrast to it, some hard physical evidence exists which renders the official story not only incredible, but physically impossible, and thereby the biggest bold-faced lie of all times.

In fact, the official conspiracy theory is so thin that it had been denied credibility before it was even dispensed. While the 9/11 event unfolded the widely respected American economist and political advisor, Lyndon LaRouche, had been interviewed on a Radio talk show in Salt Lake City. His immediate reaction had been that the event was an inside job organized by highly placed rogue elements, a kind of coup against the Constitutional government of the USA. He had pointed out that no other government on the planet has the capability to attack the USA in this manner and shut the security services down in order to enable the attack to succeed. LaRouche had said at one point that the event had been so obviously organized from within that he wouldn't be surprised if Osama Bin Laden, the favoured arch villain at the time, would be blamed for it, which actually happened a few hours later as predicted.

Over the years the public proved to itself beyond the shadow of a doubt that what LaRouche had put on the table that day, that the official conspiracy theory of the 9/11 event was a fairy tale barely fit to entertain children. The cover-up evidence came to light as a poorly manufactured web of lies for hiding what was evidently an inside job, either home-grown, or contracted out with massive support from inside the government. It also brought to light the fascist motive to terrorize the nation into submission to the long-standing imperial doctrine of perpetual war. What other conclusions than those could the public come to, than to recognize that the official conspiracy theory is way off the chart of credibility, when for example the aircraft engines that were found at the crash sites were of a type that was never used in any of the aircraft that supposedly crashed into these buildings, or couldn't have been used as they were 'three sizes too small' as even the Grinch would recognize, who stole Christmas (unsuccessfully).

In summarizing the contrary evidence of the 9/11 'event,' as presented by the public on the Internet, it is alleged by the public that the event was not an attack that started in the caves of Afghanistan, but might have started much earlier in New York in form of an unfolding conspiracy.

It is alleged in a website-report on the World Trade towers (911 Twin Towers Demolition Research) states that an architectural engineering study had been conducted. The study supposedly indicated that the World Trade towers were flawed and had to be disassembled within 20 years (perhaps due to developing stress fracturing within the crystalline structure of the steel, a kind of materials fatigue), and that the cost of disassembling the buildings would likely be several times greater than the original construction cost. (see: Why The World Trade Towers "Must come down!" also see: World Trade Towers, the largest lemon project - this a large .doc file, Windows 2000 or XP w. Office 2003 may be needed to view this file)

It is said in the Internet reports that the engineering teams had been immediately dismissed once those facts became recognized, so that the study was cancelled before it was complete and would become a part of public records. It is also stated in the report that the buildings were subsequently leased out (privatized) and were heavily insured by the new owner. The report thereby suggests that the towers that were destroyed in the 9/11 terror event were not the shining national asset that everybody had believed them to be, but were in fact the 'biggest lemon' in the history of steel construction. The 9/11 event in which 3000 people were murdered is thereby alleged to have had its roots in the background of commercial fraud. 

Of course the public will never know for certain what really happened, as most aspects are too unbelievable. On the other hand this effect might have been intentional. The best way to hide the truth is for the conspirators to make the dimensions of their terror events unbelievable in normal humanist terms.

If the stories published on the internet about the alleged structural failures of the WTC buildings are  true, then fascism was employed massively as a force to turn a looming, horrendously expensive financial loss, into a profitable enterprise, even an enterprise that served many a number of fascist objectives simultaneously. It might have made 'perfect business sense' on that fascist platform to turn a junk commodity into a paying proposition for many people. That's just 'good business,' isn't it? We see a lot of this kind of 'business sense' today. Of course the losers are always the little people of the public. They loose their jobs and their pensions as in the shutdown of the auto industry, and if need be their life as in 9/11. If military men are referred to by leaders in government as "dumb, stupid animals to be used" (as pawns in foreign policy), then the public probably rates even lower on the scale of disdain. In this context, as a fascist 'business' proposition, the 9/11 massacre probably doesn't rank very high in terms of 'collateral' damage, and as a political proposition the 'collateral' damage was probably even welcomed as it increased the terror effect. The desire for a human catastrophe might have been part of the reason for which the doors to the roof of the towers had been kept locked that day. No doubt, many people might have been rescued by helicopter, as they had been rescued once before, if the doors had been open. Possibly most of them might have been rescued.  However, the terror effect would have been far less then. Without a major human sacrifice terror operations are 'ineffective' for the conspirators, as ineffective as the Pearl Harbour sacrifice would have been without the massive American deaths that touched the public and awoke the 'sleeping giant.'

Of course, all of these consideration are but speculations for which no proof exists. The considerations are useful only in exploring the fascist mentality that might have ruled, which establishes a tone that is evident throughout the whole 9/11 episode, especially in those aspects for which real physical evidence does exist.

It is widely proven by the public, with real physical evidence provided, that the supposedly hijacked airliners did not crash into the buildings, but that other types of aircraft were used, which were most likely radio controlled unmanned aircraft. 

One part of  several aspects of physical proof is widely presented on the internet the already mentioned jet engine that shot right through the the South Tower at the moment of impact and fell onto the street. The engine has been identified by several credible people to be of a type that was not used on a Boeing 767, the type of plane that was supposedly hijacked. The engine that was found and photographed on Murray Street is physically too small to have powered a Boeing 767. It is of a type that was used to power the much smaller Boeing 737 jetliner.  This small piece of evidence disproves the entire foreign terrorist story and brings to light a much more deep-reaching conspiracy with capabilities in place to swap several airliners with remote controlled aircraft, and then launch a massive cover-up in the media to hide the tracks.

A similar story is told about the Pentagon attack where a Boeing 757 supposedly crashed into the building. In this case no physical traces of the giant aircraft were visible in any photographs of the crash site. Nor were any impact marks visible on the building where the 160-foot-wide wings should have struck. The early photographs, taken by the firemen when the first fire trucks arrived, show no evidence of any debris littering the lawn in front of the building or of any damage to the lawn itself or to construction supplies in front of the building that would indicate that a giant plane had hit the ground before ramming into the Pentagon.

Officially, we are asked to believe that the 100-ton Boeing 757 airliner simply vanished without a trace, complete with its wings, engines, seats, luggage, passengers and everything else, and then burned up inside the building mysteriously, without anything remaining. People find the official scenario rather absurd, and more so the massive photographic cover-up that was unleashed behind it, which is evidence itself of a major conspiracy being carried out from within from high places. (see: Photo Studies!!!)

And again there is the case of the jet engine that was found inside the Pentagon building. The engine (a small jet engine) is too small to have come from a Boeing 757. It might have powered a cruise missile or remote controlled drone, but that's pure speculation. Likewise the wheel hub that was found isn't from a Boeing 757, but came from a smaller plane. The rest is speculation, and there is lots of it in on the internet, like the one concerning the exact identity of the engine found in the Pentagon that could have come from a variety of small jet aircraft. Of course, the specific aircraft type that was used is ultimately unimportant. It is enough to know that a 757 didn't hit the Pentagon. One doesn't need more evidence to debunk the official story as a lie? What more proof would one need? 

The goal in debunking the official conspiracy theory is not to implicate the government but to uncover a web of lies that implicates both the U.S. government and a large chunk of humanity that has been labelled "terrorist." The goal is to put the tail of proof, as far as it exists, on the donkey that did the crime. The proof, in this case, as far as it exists, takes us away from a bunch of little mad religious fanatics roaming the caves of Afghanistan, right into the heart of the fascist centers that command vast resources to pull off such a precision military operation without a hitch, followed up by a thick layer of cover up 'smoke' like that, which the Pentagon pictures have become famous for, from the above photo study.

It is further alleged by the public that the World Trade towers were brought down by controlled demolition. A few people with scientific and engineering background suggest that a small nuclear explosive might have been set off in the basement of each of the buildings. It is suggested that nothing less than a nuclear demolition explosive could have produced enough heat to melt the lower 60 feet off the 48 (five-inches thick, box shaped) steel columns that formed the central core of the building. It is alleged that the lower 60 feet of the columns had been melted  in the basements, and that the pool of molten metal had remained hot or liquid for several weeks after the event. (see: Observations Suggesting the Use of Small Hydrogen Bombs) It is also suggested that nothing less than pulling the central core down from below would enable the building to collapse in a free-fall fashion as it did. Evidence also suggests that the steel in the core structure might have been crystallized by the nuclear shockwave before the bottom was melted away underneath it.

The scenario of the basement explosion is verified. Apparently several people were burnt, one severely, by a massive wave of fire that apparently came from a ground level explosion. The wave of fire hit the person before the collapse had begun. The severely burnt person was rescued and recovered in hospital.

The same ground level explosion apparently also occurred at the collapse of the North Tower. A huge column of hot air began rising into the air while the tower crumbled into dust, and when the dust of the collapse had cleared a small group of columns from its central core had remained standing,  with one lone column at the top reaching about 70 stories high. Videos show that the spire stood motionless for about 15 to 20 seconds, swaying a bit. Then instead of toppling over it momentarily dropped down into its own foot print in an apparent free fall fashion. Here a strange thing happened. The entire spire suddenly turned into dust, a heavy coarse dust that falls straight down as if the spire had been made out of sand. And that was the end of the spire

The strange evidence of the collapse of the spire points to secondary phenomena that leaves the field wide open to speculation. It is not a common occurrence that steel from a tall steel structure becomes so extensively crystallized that a minor shock causes it to turn to dust. But that's what the video/photo evidence shows. A nuclear shockwave might have caused the crystallization. Too little is know about such phenomena. Evidence exists that a nuclear shockwave can pulverize concrete and strip it away down to the bare steel of its reinforcement bars. That is what is suspected by some researchers to have occurred at the 2002 Bali Terror Bombing. The Bali evidence is of a type that only a nuclear explosive could have produced. Some of the Bali features are reflected in the World Trade Center demolition. It is suggested by some scientists that the extremely fine pulverization of the concrete in the towers, into a dust that covered almost all of Manhattan, had required an energy input that far exceeds the kinetic energy of the collapse of the building. The Bali evidence suggests that the massive pulverization that we have seen in New York would be the natural result of an intense nuclear shockwave.

There is always a certain amount of theorizing involved in pinning existing evidence to specific details. For example, if a man is found with a bullet in his head, it is reasonable to assume that he was shot without one having to present video evidence of the crime.  A lot of this thinking applies to the World Trade Center demolition. For example, the fact that the engine that landed in the street was of a different type of aircraft than the one supposedly hijacked, one can assume that the aircrafts that were crashed into the buildings were not flown by suicide hijackers, but were flown by remote control in a complex military style operation. Evidence exists of a military helicopter hovering over the towers, partially hidden in the smoke plume, that might have controlled the incoming aircraft and the associated pyrotechnics show. It is even suggested with related evidence that the timing of the 9/11 event was keyed to meteorological forecasts that predicted the required wind direction for the smoke plume from the North Tower to extent precisely across the South Tower to provide cover for the controlling helicopter. Apparently this specific wind direction is quite uncommon. It is suggested, backed by  reasonable evidence, that the countdown to 9/11 started several days earlier once the required weather pattern was assured, at which point the timing of all the related secondary events was arranged that became important elements of the cover-up process.

Of course, all of that evidence is circumstantial, but a lot of circumstantial evidence put together that unfolds in a precisely timed sequence suggests a high level organization for the occurrence rather than mere random coincidence. But there is one more real physical evidence that is less circumstantial, which like the bullet in the man's head, strongly points to an organizational intent. This evidence suggests just as strongly that a vast organization stood behind the 9/11 show, which unfolded somewhat like a magic show.

Suppose that the official story was true and a hijacked Boeing 767 was flown into the towers, the result would have been similar to an airplane flying into a brick wall. An airplane is a glorified piece of tin foil when it comes to competing with thirteen inch deep steel beams. The aircraft with a 156-foot wing span would have had to cut through at least 46 of these steel beams simultaneously and rip them apart like pieces of string. The impact of this aluminium tin-can that an aircraft is, hitting the steel mesh of the World Trade Center facade, would likely have caused as little damage to the steel mesh than a ball hitting a tennis racket. Most of the aircraft would have been wrecked on the outside. Very little of it would have penetrated into the building. The terror effect would have been minimal. However, there is an easy way to overcome the steel barrier. The method is used routinely to crack through the armor plating of tanks. Armor pricing munitions utilize uranium as a penetrator. Uranium is dense and flammable. It 'flows' through the crystalline structure of steel like a knife through butter and tears it apart, and probably vaporizes some of it instantly. An aircraft fortified with an uranium penetrator at its cutting edge would indeed be able to fly through the steel facade of the World Trade towers as if its steel mesh didn't exist. And that's what we have seen. Of course, a stock airliner wouldn't have those penetrators installed. A specially prepared plane would have had to be used. Video footage shows a fiery flash at the point of the aircraft impacting the towers. Also, a very heavy peace was photographed flying out of the South tower after the impact, trailing white smoke, the colour of uranium oxide. (see:  GRAND JURY INDICTS BUSH & EVIDENCE OF URANIUM AT WTC *PIC*)

All considered, the weight of the various tidbits of evidence takes us further and further away from the caves of Afghansitan and into the courts of high-level rogue elements in high places. And that verifies exactly what Lyndon LaRouche had said in the beginning, almost immediately while the event was unfolding. LaRouche stated on the radio talk show that he was on at the time, that the event added up to only one conclusion, suggesting that it was a coup against the U.S. government by rogue elements within, situated in high places. The correctness of his conclusion became born out by the facts of what unfolded from this day on. The character of the U.S. government became transformed more rapidly and more deeply form this day forward than possibly at any other time in U.S. history. It appears that it was the government that was hijacked that day. We don't know precisely who the rogue elements were that LaRouche referred to that carried out the coup. LaRouche suggests that they are known by their actions. But their identity is ultimately immaterial, since they themselves would be but pawns in a larger game. The hands that carry out the dirty acts are usually the hands of pawns. Unfortunately the trail to their handlers that would likely lead across several layers of operatives turns cold long before it ends at the door steps of the hidden recesses in the realms of the Fascist International or whatever the name of the currently ruling empire might be. But it does lead into the realm of sheer fascism and the terror capability, or cover-up capability that is typically found therein.

The case of the explosion of the World Trade Center Building-6 fits that pattern. According to photographic evidence (presented on the Internet), the building exploded at the exact same time that the South Tower was hit. CNN video footage shows a dust plume rising to 550 feet. The explosion left a huge crater in the building, cutting cleanly through all ten stories of this concrete structure, all the way to the basement, leaving an apparently empty hole that adds still one more chapter to the volumes of strange evidence that might only be explainable in the realm of mini-nuclear explosions similar of the Bali event, only bigger.  Was the bomb meant for Building-7? Was it accidentally put into the wrong basement? It seems that it took six hours to correct the mistake, to 'pull' Building-7 down with demolition charges since it had survived almost perfectly intact. Indeed, why did the building need to be demolished at all? We'll probably never know the answer to any of these questions, except that the answer wouldn't include fire as a cause, or falling debris.

While the real cause of what brought the towers down might never be known, enough of it is evident for the public to recognize that the official 9/11 conspiracy theory hasn't got a leg to stand on. 

Fortunately there is sufficient evidence available for people to be inspired to look deeper in the mystery of the 9/11 conspiracy in order to discover what moved behind the scene, what forces and institutions had the means and the motives to stage such an intricately complex show as the 9/11 event was and the cover-up campaign that followed, not to mention the laughable attempt to blame the whole thing on Osama Bin Laden. Did Osama call Vice President Cheney and demand the he take control of the North American Air Defence on 9/11 to assure that his religious terror-show would not be interfered with? That's an unlikely story, right? Such a suggestion is laughable. Nevertheless it did become public knowledge that Vice President Cheney was personally directing fighter traffic during the critical 9/11 timeframe. (See: The Randi Rhodes Show and Crossing the Rubicon and from Rense, Were Stand-Down Intercept Orders Given On Morning Of 911?)

The public also points out on the Internet that some of the supposedly hijacked planes were not registered that day with the Bureau of Traffic Statistics to have been on the runway, while massive evidence is presented on the Internet of doctored up official video footage and photographs of the second aircraft impacting the South Towers . The massive cover-up, just like that for the Pentagon scene,  is cited by many as proof itself that the 9/11 event was an inside job conducted from the highest levels where the controls of that kind of official cover-up would have to be located.

Unfortunately, the 9/11 tragedy doesn't end here. Since the physical evidence suggests that none of supposedly hijacked planes crashed into the buildings, because different types of aircraft were evidently used, the question arises as to what happened to the passengers.

Here the trail of physical evidence goes cold once again. A number of theories are put forward on the Internet for which there exists as little physical evidence as there exists for the official hijacking story that is not supported by any credible evidence whatsoever. 

The official 9/11 conspiracy story appears to be intentionally misleading as it is is rich with fairy tale theatrics and physically impossible scenarios concerning the hijacking event itself. The intensity of the cover-up seems to suggest the hijacking never happened. But what did happen? The answer to that question is left to jonjecture. The most common conclusion that one finds in the Internet is that no hijacking happened and that the passengers of these flights were simply diverted and disposed off in some fashion. The details of what happened to them are left wide open for the imagination of future fiction writers to sink their teeth into, since no physical traces exist to guide the imagination except for a very few implausible traces that were evidently planted.

What makes the passenger-part of the 9/11 tragedy worse is the evident fact that these people were not killed in unavoidable circumstances inherent in the nature of the event, such as flying the passengers into a building. Instead the passengers were evidently killed methodically as a part of the cover-up process that would fall apart if there were any witnesses left behind. 

One scenario that is suggested on the Internet of how it might have happened involves the captains of the effected airline flights being ordered to land at a military airport. The reason might have been given that a bomb is suspected to be on board.  The passengers of the various diverted flights were then transferred all onto a single plane that had likewise been intercepted, which was subsequently loaded with explosives and blown up over Pennsylvania. 

Which particular fiction of the various theories that are offered comes closest to being true, will likely never be known. Nor are the details all that important to underscore the deeper point, and the point is fascism. Leaving no witnesses behind that might expose a crime is unfortunately not uncommon in the fascist realm, and is especially so when the stakes are high and the ruling motivator is high-level fascism. No one would dare to disobey those kinds of orders. The deeper that a society sinks into fascism, the less of a person's humanity remains to govern the actions that are taken. This is especially the case when fascism rules in high positions of power, and those positions are  unfortunately easily bought, typically by the financiers of the 'fascism-for-profit' wars.

How easily the value of a human being is thrown away when fascism rules is evident in the horror stories that are coming out of Palestine and Iraq on an almost daily basis, which are too gruesome to repeat. Some researchers have put the death toll of the countless little massacres in Iraq alone as high as 300,000. Few of their stories are ever told since the gory details have become so 'normal' already that they rarely make the headlines. In comparison with that, the sacrificing of a few hundred passengers is not a big thing in the fascist world. Nor does it make any difference in the fascist world what the nationalities of the victims are, even when the victims are Americans in an American operation.  In the fascist world it isn't considered a big thing, for example, for the U.S. forces to kill their own soldiers with the effects of the massive use of depleted uranium weaponry. The First Iraq War had put over 300,000 veterans on the disability list as the suspected result of radiation poisoning from the uranium in armor pricing munitions that vaporizes into the air on impact, of which countless many have already died. All of this was known before the Second Iraq War was started, but the knowledge of this horror didn't deter the fascist operatives to order the five-fold increase in the use of depleted uranium weaponry and its inclusion into bombs. Now the list of U.S. veterans that are living on DU-death-row, as some people have put it, has swelled to 580,000 name (in 2006), not to mention the worldwide casualties that few will ever know about, from the invisible airborne uranium participles that are now covering the planet. That's face of the ongoing fascism that makes the 9/11 event a rather puny affair.

Compared to this still ongoing tragedy that should have been prevented, but wasn't, the 9/11 tragedy was evidently a minuscule event. Presumably, that is how the event was seen in the eyes of the high minded fascist planners that organized the 911 show and probably everything else that was scheduled to follow. 

With all of this put together, the 9/11 event is widely regarded by the public to have been a home grown terror event, a rape within the family so to speak, carried out with the massive and active involvement by high-level elements in the U.S. government. It is being suggested that the evident purpose had been to terrorize America into accepting the Neocon's long-planed war of terror to subdue the U.S. population and then the world, and to grasp dictatorial powers in the process, because that is what people now see has happened. And that perception is growing.

In a New York poll conducted some time ago, almost half of the people questioned stated that they believed that the government had been actively involved in the 9/11 event or has had knowledge of the plans, or both. Some people also suggest that the 9/11 event was essentially a self-provocation, and a sadly botshed-up one. That's a credible assumption since the doctrine of self-provocation has had a long standing history in the world, going back to Hitler's Nazis burning down of the German Parliament building, the building of the Reichstag . In this case the doctrine of self-provocation was used to create the environment of terror that enabled Hitler's grasp for dictatorial powers, superseding all laws and agreements, to the point that he himself become the law. 

The same doctrine, in the form of a slightly modified version of self-provocation, was evidently used years later to stage the Pearl Harbour event. The death toll was similar in that event to that of 9/11. In this case it enabled the USA to enter World War II. 

The doctrine of self-provocation was hyped up again in the postwar period. It had been planed to enable America's coveted war against Cuba. The plan failed, because President Kennedy disallowed it before it could be carried our. However, the doctrine of self-provocation was employed again a short time later during the Golf of Tonkin affair. This time the doctrine of self-provocation succeeded, because President Kenney had been killed and put out of the way just prior to it. The success enabled the war planners to get the Vietnam War going in a big way. That illustrates to some degree how fascism 'flows' through history and how immensely society is exposed by allowing fascism to spread around the world like a pandemic disease that no one case to halt in its tracks.

Of course the 'flow' of fascism  won't stop at 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, and the uranium (DU) poising of the world. The doctrine of self-provocation will likely be used again and again until mankind raises its humanity to a higher perception of its self-worth so that there will be no room left for fascism to exist in society.

In the public's eye the so-called war on terror is alleged to have been based on the fraud of self-provocation, since it was unleashed immediately behind the 9/11 event. In considering this fraud a new fear is now emerging that a new 9/11 type event might soon be staged to get the next wave of wars going, the long-planned wave of wars against Islam that is threatened to begin with the opening event for the use of thermonuclear weapons. It is feared that a new self-provocation for that purpose might be on the way, something big to set the new tone, something in the order of a big nuclear 9/11 event staged from within. Some fear that it might also be a 'contracted' nuclear event staged against the US fleet in the Persian Gulf, etc. with bread crumbs leading to Iran. (See: The coming showdown with Iran ) The war drums are now being beat so loudly against Iran, with American nuclear weapons already on the table, and threatening words uttered evermore loudly, that a major new 9/11 event of some type might well be on the agenda to break the opposition against war that still exists in the general population around the word and in the UN Security Council. 

Fortunately for mankind, with a bit of effort and dedication the breakthrough towards those coveted new wars might yet be avoided, because the moving force behind the scene is fascism, and fascism can be disabled with the Principle of Universal Love. LaRouche called the 9/11, event while it happened, a coup against the U.S. government. That's a coup against the nation, a coup against humanity, against all human beings. A realization of this reality that us rooted in the universal nature of fascism can inspire a reawakening in mankind from the still dormant sense of its universal humanity and its incredible beauty and value that naturally inspires love for one-another across the whole of mankind.

The healing of America, of its infection by fascism that turned the nation into a foe against humanity, is urgently required.  The urgency is needed because the doctrine of self-provocation remains on the table towards vastly expanded wars against humanity. And those wars will continue for as long as fascism remains in power and destroys the nation from within. The 'dogs of war' must be dismissed from power, including those that handle the 'dogs of war.' If their offices are not vacated, the planned escalation of catastrophes with thermonuclear weapons that are now fully on the table, might not be avoided. In this case the already established trend will surely continue evermore massively with more depleted-uranium poisoning our world proceeded by ever bigger 9/11 type self-provocations, and followed at some point with bigger wars and nuclear war. If mankind has any love for itself, for its very existence, and thereby also for one-another, it will stop this trend. Therefore what is required is a breakthrough in our self-perception as human beings that develops that love.

The pattern that has been established is the past is that any staged terror operation (or self-provocation) is immediately used as a trigger for expanded wars in an atmosphere of hyped up fear, saturated with lies, erupting with intense violence against humanity as is typical for fascism. Against this background Mark Morford (a SF Gate Columnist) suggest (below) that society is not helpless against these trend if it takes the care to peel the 'onion' back to the deeper layers and explore the self-provocation for what it is, by searching for the deepest truth, even the truth that is rooted in mankind's self. He laments in a way that far too many people tend to sit back and expect the world to change, or they expect politicians to change the world for them. But this rarely leads to satisfying and uplifting results. Thus, Mark Milford writes:

Of course, there is another option. There is another way out. You may, as is the standard cultural default, simply ignore it all, scoff and roll your eyes and shrug it all off because it's just too bleak and distasteful to entertain the idea that the dark Sept. 11 thread winds all the way through the NSA and the FBI and the White House and the Project for the New American Century and Dick Cheney's mangled soul and God only knows where else. 

But then again, no. You have to look. You have to try. Knowledge is power, and while the truth may be spurious and slippery and messy and deep, the pursuit of it is just about the only thing we have left. Give that up, and all that's left is spiritual numbness, emotional stasis and death. So what are you waiting for?

Thus the choice, obviously is in the court of society. With the Principle of Universal Love, and society fighting on this platform for its humanity, and for the truth that it encompasses, society can assure itself a future powered by its universal kiss, and with it assure the end of fascism. Failing that, the horizon looks black.

We have a profound option before us at this time, to build ourselves a new world that has the potential for a great renaissance to unfold, a world can still be realized if we act fast. But we have to act to bring it about. The biggest question of our time therefore is a simple one, do we care enough to take that option?

While the Internet is filled with far-reaching explorations of the truth behind a great tragedy, as the 9/11 tragedy was, it is largely silent about solving the failure that is inherent in that tragedy. And that is a much tougher task. If fascism has caused the tragedy, the question arises, how do we cleanse the landscape of fascism? This is not accomplished by votes in Congress and the Senate, or even by impeaching a President. While such actions might prevent the escalating tragedy from getting worse, that came out of the 9/11 event, it wouldn't solve the core issue, the issue of fascism taking over America. This issue can only be addressed by society focusing back onto the principle on which the nation was founded, the Principle of the General Welfare, which is itself rooted in the Principle of Universal Love that stood behind every renaissance in history.  The only person that I know of who has represented this principle consistently for the last thirty years, is the American economist Lyndon LaRouche, the man most feared by every fascist empire and their supporters, and most respected by almost everyone else for his commitment to uplift the civilization of mankind throughout the world. The deciding issue in this case by which the battle lines are drawn is the issue of the Principle of the General Welfare, and beyond that its deep root in the Principle of Universal Love that demands a universal expression.


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