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The 9/11 Tragedy


The 9/11 (October 11, 2001) event of the destruction of the World Trade Towers in New York and and a part of the Pentagon in Washington created a deep wound in the heart and soul of America and in people around the world. This wound needs to be healed. It rent the fabric of civilization with an explosion of terrorism. This rent needs to be repaired. For the repair and healing to be possible the truth must be established that disables the lies that hide the underling forces, so that peace may resume. 

Of all the many conspiracy theories about 9/11 that are explored on the Internet, the US government's official conspiracy theory is supported by the least physical evidence, or as some say, virtually none. Thus, we can ignore it as a lie, and put aside the terror and the ethnic hatred that it was designed to inspire. Without credible evidence the government's terror-conspiracy theory reveals itself as a fairy tale and becomes a conspiracy itself since a wide array of physical evidence disproves the official conspiracy theory, and in fact proves the opposite that the terror comes from within, from the fascism within that has invaded the nation, not from without. 

In summarizing the contrary evidence of the 9/11 'event,' as presented by the public on the Internet, it is alleged by the public that the event was not an attack that started in the caves of Afghanistan, but might have started much earlier in New York in form of an unfolding conspiracy.

It is alleged in a website-report on the World Trade towers (911 Twin Towers Demolition Research) states that an architectural engineering study had been conducted. The study supposedly indicated that the World Trade towers were flawed and had to be disassembled within 20 years (perhaps due to developing stress fracturing within the crystalline structure of the steel, a kind of materials fatigue), and that the cost of disassembling the buildings would likely be several times greater than the original construction cost. ( also see: World Trade Towers, the largest lemon project - this a large .doc file, Windows 2000 or XP w. Office 2003 may be needed to view this file) It is further alleged that "for years, the Port Authority treated the building like an aging dinosaur, attempting on several occasions to get permits to demolish the building for liability reasons, but being turned down due the known asbestos problem. Further, it was well-known the only reason the building was still standing until 9/11 was because it was too costly to disassemble the twin towers floor by floor since the Port Authority was prohibited legally from demolishing the buildings. The projected cost to disassemble the towers: $15 Billion. Just the scaffolding for the operation was estimated at $2.4 Billion!
In other words, the Twin Towers were condemned structures. How convenient that an unexpected “terrorist” attack demolished the buildings completely." (see: Larry “Lucky Larry” Silverstein)

Isn't it also interesting to note that the new owners had insured the "condemned" structures against terrorist attacks, just weeks before the attacks took place?

It is also said in the Internet reports that the engineering teams that had studied the "condemned" structures had been immediately dismissed once those facts became recognized, so that the study was cancelled before it was complete and would become a part of public records. It is also stated in the report that the buildings were subsequently leased out (privatized) and were heavily insured by the new owner. The report thereby suggests that the towers that were destroyed in the 9/11 terror event were not the shining national asset that everybody had believed them to be, but were in fact the 'biggest lemon' in the history of steel construction. The 9/11 event in which 3000 people were murdered is thereby alleged to have had its roots in the background of commercial fraud.

If that is true, then fascism was employed to turn, what would have been a horrendously expensive financial loss, into a profitable enterprise, even an enterprise that served many other fascist objectives simultaneously. It might have made 'perfect business sense' on that fascist platform to turn a junk commodity into a paying proposition for many people. That's just 'good business,' isn't it? We see a lot of this kind of 'business sense' today. Of course the losers are always the little people of the public. They loose their jobs and their pensions as in the shutdown of the auto industry, and if need be their life as in 9/11. If military men are referred to by leaders in government as "dumb, stupid animals to be used" (as pawns in foreign policy), then the public probably rates even lower on the scale of disdain. In this context, as a fascist 'business' proposition, the 9/11 massacre probably doesn't rank very high in terms of 'collateral' damage, and as a political proposition the 'collateral' damage was probably even welcomed as it increased the terror effect. The desire for a human catastrophe might have been part of the reason for which the doors to the roof of the towers had been kept locked that day. No doubt, many people might have been rescued by helicopter, as they had been rescued once before, if the doors had been open. Possibly most of them might have been rescued, but the terror effect would have been far less then, without a major human sacrifice.

Of course, all of these consideration are but speculations for which no proof exists. The considerations are useful only in exploring the fascist mentality that might have ruled, which establishes a tone that is evident throughout the whole 9/11 episode, especially in those aspects for which real physical evidence does exist.

It is widely proven by the public, with real physical evidence provided, that the supposedly hijacked airliners did not crash into the buildings, but that other types of aircraft were used, which were most likely with radio controlled aircraft. 

One part of of several aspects of physical proof is the already mentioned jet engine that shot right through the the South Tower at the moment of impact and fell onto the street. The engine has been identified by several credible people to be of a type that was not used on a Boeing 767, the type of plane that was supposedly hijacked. The engine that was found and photographed on Murray Street is physically too small to have powered a Boeing 767. It is of a type that was used to power the much smaller Boeing 737 jetliner.  This small piece of evidence disproves the entire foreign terrorist story and brings to light a much more deep-reaching conspiracy with capabilities in place to swap several airliners with remote controlled aircraft, and then launch a massive cover-up in the media to hide the tracks.

A similar story is told about the Pentagon attack where a Boeing 757 supposedly crashed into the building. In this case no physical traces of the giant aircraft were visible in any photographs of the crash site. Nor were any impact marks visible on the building where the 160-foot-wide wings should have struck. The early photographs, taken by the firemen when the first fire trucks arrived, show no evidence of any debris littering the lawn in front of the building or of any damage to the lawn itself or to construction supplies in front of the building that would indicate that a giant plane had hit the ground before ramming into the Pentagon.

Officially, we are asked to believe that the 100-ton Boeing 757 airliner simply vanished without a trace, complete with its wings, engines, seats, luggage, passengers and everything else, and then burned up inside the building mysteriously, without anything remaining. People find the official scenario rather absurd, and more so the massive photographic cover-up that was unleashed behind it, which is evidence itself of a major conspiracy being carried out from within from high places. (see: Photo Studies!!!)

And again there is the case of the jet engine that was found inside the Pentagon building. The engine (a small jet engine) is too small to have come from a Boeing 757. It might have powered a cruise missile or remote controlled drone, but that's pure speculation. Likewise the wheel hub that was found isn't from a Boeing 757, but came from a smaller plane. The rest is speculation, and there is lots of it in on the internet, like the one concerning the exact identity of the engine found in the Pentagon that could have come from a variety of small jet aircraft. Of course, the specific aircraft type that was used is ultimately unimportant. It is enough to know that a 757 didn't hit the Pentagon. One doesn't need more evidence to debunk the official story as a lie? What more proof would one need? 

The goal in debunking the official conspiracy theory is not to implicate the government but to uncover a web of lies that implicates both the U.S. government and a large chunk of humanity that has been labelled "terrorist." The goal is to put the tail of proof, as far as it exists, on the donkey that did the crime. The proof, in this case, as far as it exists, takes us right into the heart of the fascist centers that command vast resources to pull off such a precision military operation without a hitch followed up by a thick layer of cover up 'smoke' that the Pentagon pictures have become famous for exposing. See above photo studies.

It is further alleged by the public that the World Trade towers were brought down by controlled demolition. A few people with scientific and engineering background suggest that a small nuclear explosive might have been set off in the basement of each of the buildings. It is suggested that nothing less than a nuclear demolition explosive could have produced enough heat to melt the lower 60 feet off the 48 (five-inches thick, box shaped) steel columns that formed the central core of the building. It is alleged that the lower 60 feet of the columns had been melted  in the basements, and that the pool of molten metal had remained hot or liquid for several weeks after the event. (see: Observations Suggesting the Use of Small Hydrogen Bombs) It is also suggested that nothing less than pulling the central core down from below would enable the building to collapse in a free-fall fashion as it did. Evidence also suggests that the steel in the core structure might have been crystallized by the nuclear shockwave before the bottom was melted away underneath it.

The scenario of the basement explosion is verified. Apparently several people were burnt, one severely, by a massive wave of fire that apparently came from a ground level explosion. The wave of fire hit the person before the collapse had begun. The severely burnt person was rescued and recovered in hospital.

The same ground level explosion apparently also occurred at the collapse of the North Tower. A huge column of hot air began rising into the air while the tower crumbled into dust, and when the dust of the collapse had cleared a small group of columns from its central core had remained standing,  with one lone column at the top reaching about 70 stories high. Videos show that the spire stood motionless for about 15 to 20 seconds, swaying a bit. Then instead of toppling over it momentarily dropped down into its own foot print in an apparent free fall fashion. Here a strange thing happened. The entire spire suddenly turned into dust, a heavy coarse dust that falls straight down as if the spire had been made out of sand. And that was the end of the spire

The strange evidence of the collapse of the spire points to secondary phenomena that leaves the field wide open to speculation. It is not a common occurrence that steel from a tall steel structure becomes so extensively crystallized that a minor shock causes it to turn to dust. But that's what the video/photo evidence shows. A nuclear shockwave might have caused the crystallization. Too little is know about such phenomena. Evidence exists that a nuclear shockwave can pulverize concrete and strip it away down to the bare steel of its reinforcement bars. That is what is suspected by some researchers to have occurred at the 2002 Bali Terror Bombing. The Bali evidence is of a type that only a nuclear explosive could have produced. Some of the Bali features are reflected in the World Trade Center demolition. It is suggested by some scientists that the extremely fine pulverization of the concrete in the towers, into a dust that covered almost all of Manhattan, had required an energy input that far exceeds the kinetic energy of the collapse of the building. The Bali evidence suggests that the massive pulverization that we have seen in New York would be the natural result of an intense nuclear shockwave.

While the Internet is filled with far-reaching explorations of the truth behind a great tragedy, as the 9/11 tragedy was, it is largely silent about solving the failure that is inherent in that tragedy. And that is a much tougher task. If fascism has caused the tragedy, the question arises, how do we cleanse the landscape of fascism? This is not accomplished by votes in Congress and the Senate, or even by impeaching a President. While such actions might prevent the escalating tragedy from getting worse, which came out of the 9/11 event, it wouldn't solve the core issue, the issue of fascism taking over America. This issue can only be addressed by society focusing back onto the principle on which the nation was founded, the Principle of the General Welfare, which is itself rooted in the Principle of Universal Love that stood behind every renaissance in history.  The deciding issue in this case by which the battle lines are drawn is the issue of the Principle of the General Welfare, and beyond that its deep root in the Principle of Universal Love that demands its universal expression.





Rolf A. F. Witzsche, is an independent researcher, publisher, and author of eleven novels. The novels are focused on exploring the Principle of Universal Love, the principle that is reflected to some degree in every bright period throughout history with the added challenge for today to give our universal love an active expression in a type of ' Universal Kiss' for all mankind.

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