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Yes, the moon is made of cheese....

By Rolf A. F. Witzsche - April 15, 2006


...and Osama Bin Laden did the 9/11 terror; depleted uranium is harmless; nuclear war is nothing to worry about; manmade global warming will fry the Earth to a crisp; and the economy, don't worry, it's booming.

Of course in the real universe, far from the fairytales, the moon isn't made of cheese. The astronauts even brought samples back to prove it. Nor did Osama do the 9/11 thing. The Internet is full of documented physical evidence that proves that Osama didn't do it, unless the USA works for Osama, and who would believe the official 9/11 fairytale anyway? But more important than that, who really gives a damn about 9/11, among all those who understand that the 9/11 fairytale is a fairytale? It is one thing to speak the truth, and another to make the truth count for something by removing the liars and murderers from power. But that is not what we see happening. So what is this saying about modern society? According to polls half of the US population recognizes that the official 9/11 fairytale is a fairytale, and they leave it with that, and so does much of mankind. 

Sure, it is logical to say that 9/11 is history now and can't hurt us anymore. However, this logic fails when the authors of the fairytale turn their atrocity into some continuously hurtful cause. And that is what we see happening. The 9/11 fairytale gave rise to the "war on terror" fairytale that became an orgy of terror itself in real terms in which entire nations became destroyed, hundreds of thousands were killed, and the future of mankind itself put in jeopardy. The hurtful aspect of fairytales is that they can take society mentally out of the real world and prevent mankind from defending itself.

While society keeps telling its children the 9/11 fairytale and spins it out with conviction, and likewise the 'war on terror" fairytale that was built on it like the second act of an opera is built onto the first, it becomes conditioned to 'sing the tune' of the third fairytale, the tale that depleted uranium (DU) bombs and munitions don't harm anyone beyond their immediate targets. Of course, for fairytales to be maintained the truth needs to be swept under the rug. America's 580,000 disabled veterans of the Iraq wars can testify that DU is not harmless, but is massively and indiscriminately destructive to human beings with thousands beings already dead. The Iraqi people, too, can testify that DU is destructive to human beings. Iraq experienced a 50-fold increase in cancers and DU aggravated illnesses leading back to the First Iraq War. Those dying masses can testify from personal tragedies that DU is anything but harmless, like when entire families (even families of 9) become cancer victims together, some with multiple types of cancers simultaneously.

Likewise can the American public itself testify that DU is harmless. Many American citizens that have never been in Iraq can tell us from personal tragedies that the use of  DU-weapons is a crime against humanity. The recently reported 6-fold increase in U.S. lung cancers (for the first two months in 2006) proves by its timing that the DU-bomb is a weapon of mass destruction. The physical evidence of the dramatic increase in U.S. lung-cancer, which is typically delayed by 3 to5 years from the DU infection, links us back like clockwork to the Shock and Awe bombing in Iraq and the Tora Bora bombing in Afghanistan.  And the volume of this evidence is huge. 

If the reported rate of new cancers  were to continue (without getting worse) the additional cancers would adds up to almost a million new cases per year in the USA. For most of the DU-infected people  the prospects of living in the shadow of this crime are grim, while for the rest of us, nobody knows what the future will hold, because the story doesn't end here. Mankind is facing a potential 10-million stockpile of DU-bombs already pre-positioned for the next war against Iran and North Korea, and still the fairytale continues that this potential 50-fold increase in the DU poisoning of our planet causes no harm to anyone.

That's the nature of fairytales. It causes people to no longer consider their responsibility seriously by shifting the real world into the land of dreams. If the 9/11 fairytale hadn't been upheld by society the second act (the "war on terror" fairytale) and the third act (the "harmless DU wars" fairytale) would not have been possible. The lies that enable real historic events to be staged as fairytales tend to get bigger and bolder with each successful step. Unfortunately the reality isn't altered in the process. The 9/11 event was a terror event in which thousands were murdered with numerous high-level government institutions having been complicit in the murder to achieve a political effect. Likewise the "war on terror" was and is in reality the real instigator of terror in the service of building a global empire by force. Nor can the lies about depleted uranium munitions and bombs alter the fact that uranium is radioactive, emitting alpha radiation that is extremely harmful in the biological sphere and remains undepleted for as long as uranium exists. The fact remains that millions of kilograms of alpha-radiating uranium particles, half of the smaller in size than the wavelengths of light have been irretrievably dispersed into the globally environment with DU-weaponry where they will remain indefinitely, either in the air, or in the water, or in the food chain, remaining radioactive there for billions of years, or for as long at the planet will last. 

With some particles being a mere 1/10,000th the size of a red blood cell, the biological world has few defences against them. Consequently these radioactive invaders will affect the human body in countless ways and in the long run play havoc with the human genetic system, the DNA blueprint of our species and possibly all life. The observed 10-fold increase in birth defects in Iraq, resulting from the First Iraq War, should have raised the warning flags in a big way. The observed consequences came with the most awesome forebodings right from the start, even though the DU-weapons usage was low in the First Iraq War. There were a mere 300,000 kilograms used.  For the Second Iraq War, which is still ongoing, no comparable figures are available for the human consequences. In this second war the DU usage was 5 times more intense. More than 1.5 million kilograms of uranium (conservatively)  were expended in this war in DU-weapons, plus 800,000 kg in Afghanistan, for a grand total of 2.3 to 2.5 million kilograms of uranium that has been spread into the environment. That adds up to the uranium equivalent of 500,000 atom bombs (5 kg per atom bomb) that has so far poisoned our world.

Of course the deed is done. That part of the DU story is history. It's water down the creek. No one can undo what has been done to the global environment in terms of DU poisoning. It may be possible in time to evacuate some of the most polluted areas, a few cities or regions perhaps that will soon be deemed uninhabitable for the long run, which they already are. But by and large we, the people of mankind, have to remain where we are. We can't simply evacuate the planet. We have to live with the mess that has been created. And that puts us all into a bind, since another vast increase in DU-weapons pollution is already planned and prepared for. For example South Korea reports that 2.7 million DU-bombs have been pre-positioned there, evidently to be used against North Korea. If one assumes a mere 20 pounds of DU content per bomb, that would add up to 27 million kilograms of uranium that is prepared to be vaporized -- a 10-fold increase over what is already  poisoning the global environment from all the previous bombing. Most likely, however, the DU load of the stockpiled bombs is several times greater than just twenty pounds per bomb. And furthermore, since Iran is also set up to be bombed, which is a vastly larger country than North Korea, or Iraq, the additional bombing of Iran might double or triple the DU-load again that is intended to be used, that all becomes evaporated when used, and thrown into the atmosphere in the form of nano-sized gas-like particles.

The question needs to be asked, can mankind survive a 50-fold increase in radioactive pollutants (the uranium equivalent of  25 million atom bombs) in addition to what is poisoning the world already and is killing people on a large scale? Considering the already existing horrendous consequences that are just barely beginning to unfold, mankind might not survive the 50-fold increase of its horror that appears to be planned, or even a portion of it. After 600 atmospheric nuclear test the world community got together and banned such testing, because of severe health effects that were noted around the world. Now we are toying with the uranium equivalent of 25 million more bombs to be thrown into the environment of the Earth. And that is not a fairytale.

Thus, as surely as we can trust that the moon is not made of cheese, as some fairytales do suggest, we can be certain that DU is not harmless, but in fact has the long-term potential to end the human journey altogether. 

But what about nuclear war? Is that too, nothing to worry about as the fairytales would have us believe? Is the danger arising from a nuclear war merely a myth that might frighten children at bed time, but which no longer frighten grown men of stern resolve?

Well, the real world is arguably quite different than the fairytale world of dreams. The reality is that nuclear war, which is now officially on the table, is something that we should be worried abut indeed. The doctrine of deterrence no longer carries any weight.

The proof that we should be worried, is found in the simple fact that we were intensely worried about nuclear war for decades when we 'trusted' in the deterrent effect of the horror of the bombe that was deemed to be so great that nobody in his right mind would ever dare to bring the nukes out of their strategic strong box under any circumstances and throw them around. We trusted our very existence to the 'security' of the doctrine on Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD). We said to ourselves that no person could possibly be so stupid as to use these weapons, since the consequences would be simply incalculable and might overwhelm us all. 

Well it appears now that after 55 years of searching for so somebody so stupid we've met with success. The required persons have been found and have been given the key to the gates of hell. Can we survive their stern resolve? Possibly not. No one on earth can predict what the outcome might be when a full nuclear war runs its course. It is more certain to predict that we will soon have another Ice Age upon us soon. The recurring of the Ice Age depends on the more predictable astrophysical cycles. In contrast, in a political world that is ruled by insanity nothing is predictable. The dream that we can survive a nuclear war and find security in nuclear weapons is a fairytale. Nuclear war, like any other war, exists for the objectives of empire. There is no security possible in the world while mankind subjects itself to the rule of empire. The very notion of a benign empire is a fairytale.

In a similar manner the imperial doctrine of  manmade global warming is another grand fairytale of the cheese-moon series that society loves to tell its children and to one-another. Real science tells us that we should celebrate if we ever to succeeded in creating the means to cause artificial global warming. Unfortunately we are far from this point, so that the next reoccurrence of the Ice Age cannot be prevented. 

Sure we are in a timeframe of global warming, the Earth has been warming up since the last  Little Ice Age ended in the 1700s, just as it has been warming up from the previous Little Ice Age two millennia ago. That earlier global warming ended with the Medieval Optimum when we had winyards growing in Scotland. We cry about global warming today while are presently far below of the warmth the world had once enjoyed during the Medieval Optimum period, and even more so below the Holocene Optimum period when we had rivers flowing in the Sahara and the Sahara was green. Manmade global warming is a fairytale. 

The whole of mankind seems to be gripped by this frightening fairytale about a massive increase in greenhouse gases since the start of the industrial revolution. This particular fairytale has been debunked long ago, but it still being told by nearly everyone. The frightening tale is drawn from deep ice core samples excavated from glacial deposits. However, the story tellers conveniently omit to mention that the historic gases are that are frozen into the ice become dissolved and crystallized under the immense pressure of the weight of the ice building up over the centuries, as the ice increasingly compacts the deeper it gets overlaid. And guess what? When the ice core samples are drilled out of the deep glaciers, that pressure is removed. However, when the enormous pressure is removed the compressed gases expand again, and as they do, they fracture the ice. A portion of the expanding gases escape through the micro-fractures like the air from a punctured tire. Naturally, the measurements that are taken subsequently on the surface, from the deep ice core samples yield smaller amounts of the historic gases since some of the gases had escaped. While this phenomenon is known in the scientific world it is conveniently ignored to construct the imperially desired fairytale of global warming that can be used to wreck the world economy by shutting down much of the world's energy production. But then, who cares about scientific truth when it comes to politics? Consequently the smaller measurements that are scientifically expected to be smaller, are taken as proof that the air was leaner on CO2 in earlier years before industrialization began. 

Yes, the moon is made of cheese. In addition to the scare story built around the supposedly massive (nonexistent) increase in atmospheric CO2, which we are told will be roasting the Earth into a crisp, the story tellers conveniently fail to mention that 97% of the earth's greenhouse effect comes from water vapour, which is influenced by cosmic radiation, and only the remaining 3% comes from the rest of the greenhouse gases, and that of this minuscule amount only 3% is manmade (or 0.09%), which adds up to nothing in comparison with the astrophysical factors that affect the 97% portion of the global greenhouse effect. They also fail to mention that 440 million years ago, during the Ordovician period, the CO2 content in the atmosphere was 18 times greater than it is today, and that this massive concentration (which should have 'melted' the planet according to global warming theory) had no effect at all. It didn't prevent the enormous Ice Age that occurred in that period, the one which caused the Ordovician mass extinction, the second-most-extensive extinction of life on earth in all of geologic history. 

With all that considered in respect to global warming there is not a speck of truth in the global warming fairytales that we should be concerned about. We should rather be concerned about the return of the Ice Age that will with total certainty decimate much of our global agriculture unless we manage to create technological infrastructures for indoor agriculture. But who would even think of getting ready for that, to launch a 100-year global development program to get ourselves ready for the next Ice Age, while dreaming about global warming? We have become induced to dream dangerous dreams. Indeed, why would anyone who is fast asleep in a fairytale world of global warming stir his stumps and uplift the world to meet the requirements of mankind in the coming Ice Age? And so, the reality remains unaddressed while the dreaming continues and the critical actions are not taken that should be taken to secure the future of mankind.

Unless we awake from this 'sleep' and face the Ice Age challenge with a 100-year effort, mankind might not survive. Without food, we won't have a chance. Most of our food has its roots in the present warm-climate agriculture that the current interglacial climate has temporarily enabled, but which is about to end soon.

The whole of mankind is in great danger by clinging to the above politically motivated fairytale dreams that prevent the critical actions that mankind's future depends on. In this dream environment in which the truth is still evident but the critical actions are prevented by the fairytales the 9/11 tragedy will never be resolved, the terror storms will continue, the deadly DU-wars remain politically approved and will likely to go forward as planned while the world deems them to be harmless. It will be miraculous, though, if we survive the consequences from that. 

We have a replay here of the fable of a frog that would instantly jump out of a pot of hot water if it were placed into it, but would remain in the pot when the water as initially cold and would subsequently be heated to the boiling point, in the process of which the frog would die. That's the kind of world we have been placed in long before 9/11. The current fairytale symphony began with the notion in the late 1960s that "the world has cancer and that this cancer is man."

Nuclear war, depopulation, global warming, deindustrialization, 9/11, globalized terror, DU-weapons for unending mass destruction, are all but increasing steps of fairytales put gradually onto the political agenda for imperial objectives. This current escalation of the policy has been assured by an insane dictator (the dictator in chief) who created himself a war in order to be able to claim war-powers. So far society has not been willing to stay his hand, either through elections, or sanity in the Congress and the Senate, or by a public groundswell. Time after time great opportunities arose to save civilization but have been missed and squandered by small-minded attitudes and plain apathy and cowardice. It will be miraculous if mankind survives the outcome of the planned nuclear-war and DU-war adventures, and has a future with anything resembling a civilization, provided that anyone survives at all. 

Fortunately there is still time to make up for passed losses and missed opportunities - tile to awake from the fairytale dreams.

While it seems miraculous at the moment that we would put all of our squabbles aside and create the infrastructures for new world without empire, without war, with global cooperation, global development, large scale global nuclear energy, and global indoor agriculture before the return of the Ice Age, those goals are achievable, because the potential for them is rooted in our humanity as human beings. The real challenge that we face is to become human beings in the truest sense of the word.

In this context we face still one more political challenge that most people living today might not survive if the current fairytales of economics centred on greed are not shut down. Already we are facing the looming collapse of the entire world-financial and economic system based on the doctrines of the imperial monetarist fairytales. The world is awash with financial portfolios of stolen wealth, accumulated by processes that have leveraged up what is deemed wealth into the dreamland of sky-high values, while the productive physical economy that all real wealth is measured against, is rapidly collapsing. We will soon have a dream world of paper wealth that represents nothing in physical terms, and therefore is valueless, while humanity and physical production and tangible economic activity dies. That's the trend we are on. 

While it is still possible to prevent the looming shockwave type systemic collapse that will bring the whole house dawn, the process to do that would require a global bankruptcy reorganization that would scrap everything that is valueless, including the imperial privatization, and protect as much as possible of the physical economy that society requires to live, so that wages, pensions, and healthcare continue to be paid, and fuels and food and transportation be maintained, and beyond that provides for a worldwide industrial recovery. But this totally necessary, orderly transition to a saner world won't happen, will it? Hell will freeze over before society dares to put the private imperial world-financial system into receivership to save civilization. We are sooner inclined to blow up the world, as the imperials bid us to do, who are scared that any new renaissance of humanist revival might erupt that would shut down every empire that exists in order that society can live again. Fortunately, this trend too can still be altered. Society still has the means to protect itself though time is fast running out.

So, with all of that considered, what do you think? Will we survive what is looming before us? Are we willing to take the steps that are necessary to assure our survival? The DU-wars and the nuclear wars can both be prevented by preventing war as a matter of principle. That step is possible when we begin to regard one another as human beings with a common humanity and a common human potentials, and as people that acknowledge all human beings as endowed with the inalienable right to life, liberty, and happiness. 

It is ultimately infinitely simpler to protect ourselves by dismissing the war mongrels, by vacating their offices, than it would be for society to suffer the pains of war that no one or only a few might survive. But will society do it, individually and collectively? And when this doing begins, another question must also be asked. We must never tire of asking, is this enough?

It is certainly possible for mankind to survive the current vast sea of crisis, and beyond that face the next Ice Age with a smile no matter what it might impose. We can do all of this by reclaiming our sovereignty as a people, and by building the kind of renaissance in our world, culturally and economically with our sovereign resources, on a scale that is sufficient to enable us to create indoor agriculture over the next 100 years or so. If we do that we can smile indeed, because then the Ice Age has no sting for us, nor anything else for that matter. 

All of this is possible. But will we do it? Only society can answer that individually, because that is where the answer had to come from and is actually possible. Will you be able to love enough with an active universal kiss on your 'lips' for our common humanity to the degree that you will spare not one single step, individually, and all of us collectively, which is needed to protect our fragile human world and its vast potential of great achievements that we are all a part of? That question is the one critical question that ultimately no person can answer for another, but which will determine our future.

Rolf A. F. Witzsche, is an independent researcher, publisher, and author of eleven novels. The novels are focused on exploring the Principle of Universal Love, the principle that is reflected to some degree in every bright period throughout history with the added challenge for today to give our universal love an active expression in a type of ' Universal Kiss' for all mankind.

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