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Corruption is Betrayal

The Voters Feel Betrayed by the Party

At the June 9, 2006 Washington webcast by the LaRouche Political Action Committee, Lyndon LaRouche was introduced by his national spokeswoman Debra Freeman who chaired the seminar. An excerpt from dialogs with Mr. LaRouche is presented below.

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Freeman: Okay. Next question comes from a Democratic Party strategist here in Washington. He says, "Lyn, in a recent somewhat informal discussion among leading Democratic strategists, it was proposed that what you've laid out in your recent piece on FDR's Legacy, as well as in the newer pamphlet on the Economic Reconstruction Act, be incorporated into our party platform for the upcoming Congressional elections. I assume that you've been briefed on the rather lively debate that followed that proposal.

"One immediate question that has come to my mind, on rereading both those documents, if I'm reading you right, it appears that you're arguing that the election is already far too late, and that action has to be taken now. The fact is, that while incorporating your proposals into the 2006 Platform will by no means be a cakewalk, I can envision that happening. I'm a lot less optimistic about the possibility of getting action before the elections. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the overall timeframe that we're operating within."

LaRouche: The typical Democratic voter, or potential voter, today, would like nothing better than to have his Congressman come back to the district, while the voter is waiting there with a lit blowtorch to apply to the rear end of the Congressman.

This is what we're getting from around the country! The voters are enraged against the Democratic Party leadership and the Congressmen! Because they think they're a bunch of corrupt dummies, who've lost their testicles. They feel betrayed! They say, "You guys were trying to be heroes in 2005. We thought you were going someplace. Look what you've turned into! You've turned into dead jellyfish on the beach! You disgust us!" That's what they're saying out there!

See, what the problem is with the member of Congress is, he's an idiot. They also have another side, but the predominant side at the moment, is idiocy! What they're saying, in effect, is, "I need money!" What for? "For my campaign." Well, why should anybody vote for you; what do you need money for? The citizens out there, the active citizens who think of themselves as Democrats—and also many Republicans, similarly—are saying, "What's wrong with this Congress? What's wrong with these guys? Where are their guts; where are their brains? What's wrong with them?"

Look, the DLC is key to the problem. What is the DLC? The DLC is an organization based on lynching Bill Clinton; that's what they did. This was the organization which misrepresented all the rest of the clowns who are out there to impeach Bill Clinton, to make way for a Presidency which would be more to their liking—like perhaps George W. Bush, for example. So, the DLC, which has become a conduit for syphilis, is now offering bonuses for those who will accept the infection! And these guys think that they need that money for the campaign.

Now, any campaign needs money. You need a certain amount of ability for logistical capabilities, and nobody better than our youth has demonstrated that. We can produce miracles with a few youth, and we get by on virtually no logistical capabilities, and that's about it. But that's what does the job! You've got to get out and realize you've got to go back to the 80% of the lower-income brackets of the American people, and mobilize them now. And you have to terrify the Congressmen and say, "We're not going to vote for you! Why don't you take your money and go someplace, you know, enjoy yourself? But just don't bother us, 'cause we're not going to vote for you, because you're no damned good for us. You're not doing anything for us. You want to take our jobs, give us a token pension, buy us out and throw us on the street, and throw our family apart, in the gutter. That's what you're doing? We're going to vote for you for that? We don't need to vote for you to get that. We don't have to vote at all to get that! So why should we vote for you?"

No, the problem is that the prostitute comes out in them—you know, by daylight, at nighttime—that's when they need the money. That's the problem! What's going to happen, what we're going to do, you know we're not just counting on these Congressmen to come through; we're counting on them coming through, but we know it's going to take a little assistance to get them to do that. A little mental and other assistance, encouragement, uplifting experiences, hmm? What we're going to do is, instead of whining about the fact that a Congressman is no damn good, we're going to go to the voters. Go to the voters; go to the citizens; mobilize the citizens to bring the Congressmen in line. And we're going to say, "You son of a bitch, you change your ways or you're out!" And they'll listen to that; they understand that language, oh boy!


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"We are at a point in world history. 
At the present time, the international monetary financial system
of the world is in the process of disintegration. That does not mean the end of the world. It means that we either make certain changes, or this
planet will go in fact into a prolonged new dark age, comparable
to what happened to Europe during the middle to late part of the
14th century." (LaRouche, June 15, 2006)

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