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Lyndon LaRouche

Economic Forecaster
June, 2006

At the June 9, 2006 Washington webcast by the LaRouche Political Action Committee, Lyndon LaRouche was introduced by his national spokeswoman Debra Freeman who chaired the seminar. An excerpt from Mr. LaRouche's keynote presentation is presented below.

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We are now in times, as you shall soon discover, throughout the United States, throughout the hemisphere, and throughout Europe in particular, we're living in times of the type that most of you living today have never dreamed could happen, let alone experience.

I am a forecaster, among other things, and probably the best economist in the world. And that's not a brag, that's simply a fact. I made some discoveries back in the course of the late 1940s, early 1950s, and as a management consultant, I applied some aspects of my discoveries to the current situation at that time, 1956. I was looking at the situation, 1955-1956, in the automobile and other industries in the United States, and I said, "This has come to an end. We're going to have, by early 1957, the deepest recession of the post-war period." And in February 1957, we had the deepest recession of the post-war period.

Encouraged by that, I went further with long-range forecasting, based on an understanding of the characteristic mistakes built into the current policy of the 1950s of the United States, including the policies of Arthur Burns. And I warned, I said we face the following situation: "Unless we change these policies which are now in effect, the policies established in 1954 under the Arthur Burns change in the credit practices of the United States, we will go into the 1960s, and by the middle of the 1960s, we will enter a period of crises, of serious international monetary crises. And if it is not corrected then, by the beginning of the 1970s, we shall experience a breakdown of the existing international monetary system." Each one of these forecasts came on, was fulfilled in a timely fashion.

In 1967, the British pound-sterling went belly-up, in October-November of that year. From January through February of 1968, the U.S. dollar went, not belly-up, but went into a severe crisis. In 1971-1972, the existing world monetary system of that time was shut down.

I have never made a mistake, in a long-range forecast. Every time I have forecast, it has happened precisely as I forecast it: that unless certain changes were made, certain things would happen. It has always happened.

It is now happening.

I warned earlier this year, of this crisis presently happening. It is now happening. During the past three months, the rate of acceleration of collapse on international markets, as well as in the U.S., has increased; there is a combination of hyperinflation like that of Germany 1923, and collapses in whole sections and whole chunks of financial markets. That process will continue. I have estimated that, unless there's a change, the entire international financial system could collapse by approximately September of this year, or even earlier.

It will happen. I don't make mistakes in these matters.

And many people in the world now, reluctantly or otherwise, agree with me, that I've been right on this, that that's the situation.

There is no hope for the United States, if the Congress walks away from this session, and goes out and campaigns to a population that hates it increasingly, especially Democrats, and there's not much hope that this nation will not go into chaos.


About LaRouche - the American economist and statesman that has become a legend in our time in the fight to advance civilization, protect mankind, and create a new renaissance: 

"We are at a point in world history. 
At the present time, the international monetary financial system
of the world is in the process of disintegration. That does not mean the end of the world. It means that we either make certain changes, or this
planet will go in fact into a prolonged new dark age, comparable
to what happened to Europe during the middle to late part of the
14th century." (LaRouche, June 15, 2006)

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