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June 15, 2006

Q: Good evening, I'm the secretary general of a national
trade union here in Mexico. My question is, Mr. LaRouche what is
your point of view about the trade union organizations in light
of globalization. We're seeing here in Mexico, a certain kind of
paralysis in terms of what were labor advances. What's
happening? Is this just a result of globalization? Is this the
necessary way of things? Or, is this stagnation? Or, what should
be our position, what should we do as trade union leaders, given
this crisis?

I would say, that, first of all, you start with
one word: "Fight." And then, you look at the situation we're
in, strategically.

Today, the trend has been, since 1971-72, the trend has been
toward the elimination of the sovereign nation-state as an
institution, and the establishment of a new form of empire,
called globalization. The model for this form of empire, is of
course, in a broad sense, the Roman Empire. But it also is more
particularly, the kind of empire that was set up between about
1000 A.D. and about 1400 A.D.: That is, an empire which was run
by the Venetian oligarchy, with the assistance of a bunch of
bandits called the Norman chivalry, who ran Crusades, which were
systems of mass murder, of Muslim-hating and Jew-Hating mass
murder! And these systems are the model for what is intended by
the Synarchist International today.

Remember, the Synarchist International is a collection of
private financiers, which is the group that put Hitler into power
in Germany, which brought the Synarchists into Mexico and South
America and so forth; which were the authors of what you had in
Chile under Pinochet--the same thing. These guys are fascists.
They are the authors of fascism. And their intent, as typified
by Felix Rohatyn in the United States, who's actually, although
he's a U.S. citizen, he's a French Synarchist agent; the same
French Synarchists who brought Hitler into power in Germany, and
in France! And these people are determined to have a global
system in which nation-state do not exist as sovereign
nation-states. If nation-states exist, they are merely to be
puppets of international bankers, bankers of the Synarchist type,
like Lazard Freres, and banks of that type.

That's what's been done to Mexico. Mexico has been deprived
of its national banks, and it's controlled by foreign banks which
have Mexico branches. And this controls the Mexico banking
system. This is the problem! This is consented to and approved
by the United States, which was an accomplice in this operation.

You have also, for example, the British Empire in South America:
The British Empire, through the Bank of Scotland, controls the
Banco Bilbao and the Banco Santander, which is involved in
controlling much of the raw materials supplies and so forth in
South America.

So you have the gradual buildup since 1971, especially
through the floating-exchange-rate monetary system, of a
predatory system which has looted the Americas, looted South
America, looted Central America. The crisis of 1982, for
example, in Argentina and Mexico, was caused by these people! I
know these people: They have been my enemies for a long time!
They hate me more than I think anybody else does.

So, this is the enemy. And therefore, we have to fight. The
first thing we have to fight for, is to fight for the defense of
the sovereign nation-state, as a famous President of Mexico did,
back during the 1930s, against the Synarchists, then. You have
to preserve and defend the sovereign nation-state, as a true
sovereign. And you have to subordinate the authority of banking
systems to obey the laws and regulations set by governments, by
sovereign governments.

Now, if you don't consent to that, if you don't agree to
that, you have no sovereignty! And if you have no sovereignty,
they will {crush} the trade unions like flies. It's what they're
doing in the United States, today. Look what is happening to
General Motors, look at what's happening to Ford, look at what's
happening to Chrysler. They're being crushed. They're being
looted. By whom? Well, we have it on paper: Felix Rohatyn!
Felix Rohatyn, representative of the Nazi International, as
typified by Lazard Freres, for which Felix Rohatyn is an agent:
Are looting and destroying the United States, and crushing the
unions of the United States in those sectors! That is the
destiny of trade unions! As long as these bankers control,
they'll crush the trade unions! And therefore, the trade unions'
interest is to be patriotic institutions, which defend the
principle of sovereignty of their country, and negotiate within
the framework of the sovereign nation-state, to obtain the
conditions and improvements they require for their people, as
representatives of people. So that the people have an instrument
on the economic level, as well as at the ballot box, to control
their own government. And that's the role.

We must defend trade unions, even when they become corrupt
sometimes, as we do in the United States. Because it's necessary
to have institutions which represent the individual working
person and their family; which fight for their special
interests, in the special conditions in which they live. And
this must be recognized by government. And government must
encourage negotiations between employers and employees,
negotiations which are rational. And which correspond to
national interest. And to assist in informing employers,
informing trade unions, what the perceived national interests
are. And to meet with them, and work through joint plans, among
the employers, the trade unions, and government, so that we have
a system which is stable.

For example, the key thing that Roosevelt introduced in the
United States, was the Social Security system. Now, no private
employer actually can provide guaranteed security, social
security, health-care, and so forth, for people. Someone has to
be there to stand behind the employers, and stand behind the
employment, to ensure that a system like the Social Security
system in the United States is maintained. To maintain that a
health-care system which is available to people, to ensure they
have the right to health-care, they have the right to these
needs. And therefore, this is an essential part, also of the
interest of trade unions, to defend Social Security systems. To
look for national Social Security systems, as opposed to merely
private ones; to look for national health-care provisions, in
terms of hospitals and other systems, in place of merely private

So the trade union has an essential function within a system
of sovereign nation-states, as an integral organ within the
institutional form of the sovereign nation-state. And it must be
an active function. It's a political function, it's a
non-governmental function, but it's an essential function, as
proven by our experience in modern society.

About LaRouche - the American economist and statesman that has become a legend in our time in the fight to advance civilization, protect mankind, and create a new renaissance: 

" We are at a point in world history. 
At the present time, the international monetary financial system
of the world is in the process of disintegration. That does not mean the end of the world. It means that we either make certain changes, or this
planet will go in fact into a prolonged new dark age, comparable
to what happened to Europe during the middle to late part of the
14th century." (LaRouche, June 15, 2006)

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