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An Intriguing Crop-Circle Proposition

Rolf A. F. Witzsche - June 15, 2006

On average, every year 250 new crop designs are found swirled into fields around the world, most of them in huge, complex and beautiful patterns.  It is said that their origin and purpose remains a complete mystery. Despite attempts to dismiss them as the work of human artists, some believe the evidence points to a much stranger explanation.

Wherever they may come from, these spectacular designs often display clear symbolism of cultural, scientific, esoteric and astronomical relevance, and demonstrate some extraordinary and thus far unexplainable effects. 
(see: )

The website Swireld News (link above) presents an overview of the phenomenon, together with the observation that no one has ever witnessed the intricate geometric constructs being created by the armies of highly skilled hooligans that it would take to create some of the pattern. It is stated that a huge 915 foot wide spiral, made up of 151 individual circles appeared one afternoon next to busy highway in the space of half an hour. It is also stated that some of the pattern involve biological phenomena that are not reproducible by any known process, such as the bending of stems at the knuckles, in order to produce 3D shading effects for the patterns as in the example below.

Roundway, Wiltshire 1999, Photo: Steve Alexander

The intriguing element is not only found in the question of what the phenomena might mean, but also in the puzzle as to who made them or has the means to make them. In our small-minded arrogance we assume that the geometric constructs are manmade. We assume that we are alone in the universe and are in effect the only intelligent people that exist so that everything that has been created has had to be created by us. But even while we say this we cannot reproduce the phenomena, certainly not easily and quickly, and in many cases not at all. 

Here are some interesting observartions:  A researcher, Lucy Pringle, has been "burying 25ml bottles of Volvic water  both inside and control samples outside crop formations.... In every case marked changes have been found between the water from the bottles buried inside the formations compared to the control samples buried outside." 
( also:

"Scientists studying the Crop Circles are convinced they have scientific proof that an extremely high heat is causing the effects at the fields. This heat is remarkable in that it does not burn or destroy the plants... Heat in excess of 1000 degrees Celsius is indicated."
See article from Nancy Talbot at:

My question is, why should  it be so difficult for us to concede that other beings, perhaps from other worlds, would wish to communicate? Our vast crop fields would certainly appear as ideal drawing media that are easily utilized for communication. Is it more reasonable to assume that hoaxers are trampling down crops in fields all over the world, creating fantastic artworks?

Here begins an important question of principle. If we were in a position to communicate with other worlds, how would we do it? Would we figure out their language, if there was such a thing that we could understand, or might we not communicate on the platform of a universal language, the language of science and scientific principles? We might for example communicate our scientific discoveries of universal principles and thereby create a platform for building a community of principle.

This assumes that any intelligent life has the capability to develop a culture, a culture that enables discoveries and thereby the ability to discover universal principles. If anything unites us as human beings across the planet it is this ability to communicate on a platform of universal principles that we all have the capacity to comprehend. For example we can go into the deepest jungle and meet people whose language we have never heard and begin to communicate with symbols that represent certain universal principles. On this basis we can create a sense of community, a community of principle, a cooperative community.

Isn't there a lesson in this for us in our fractured and divided world? Rather than forcing a world government onto all nations, shouldn't we rather have a world of sovereign nations of unique cultures and cultural backgrounds, bound in a bond of shared universal principles. The greatest developments in civilization have been built on this platform. The 1648 Treaty of Westphalia was the outcome of one of these developments of building a community of principle. The nations of Europe had been divided by imperial sophistry and set at war against each other. The war had been going on for over 100 years. Half the population had been murdered in this madness of expand war. Then in the early 1600s the idea developed to find some common ground that would bring the nations together, a shared principle that they could all support. It turned out that a lot of those principles existed that they could build a community of principle on, like: no more killing; no more war; no more retribution; respecting people as human beings with dignity and sovereignty, including the sovereignty of nations; treating one-another as would be in the other's interest for the sake of peace, like the forgiveness of debt for peace, an active peace. Over time these universally shared principles created a community of principle that became the foundation of modern civilization. This foundation still stands tall in spite the rage of fascism that was created to destroy it from the Jacobins in France to the New Jacobins in America (PNAC).

In fact, without sharing our understating of universal principles in a community of principle that promotes the interest of all, what would we communicate that is of substance and worthwhile to develop a common understanding of? In this sense, war is a indicator of our failing to uphold the principles that any community of civilization is built on, by which we become world-citizens. If war is threatened, as it is today, the best way to prevent war would have to be to rebuild our shared platform of universal principles that all have one common root, namely the simple fact that we, the whole of mankind, are all human beings with the same human needs, strengths, aspirations, intelligence, and love and humanity. In 1648 a tragedy was ended on this platform. Without it, the tragedy of war would have destroyed Europe completely. In our age war is no longer something that mankind can survive and prosper. It must be prevented, and building a community of universal principles around the world is the only platform on which building can be accomplished.

This background makes the crop circles a rather intriguing proposition since they all communicate to some degree universal principles that pertain to the whole of mankind, the principles that unite us, that we can recognize without the convolution of languages, principles that can help us to recognize ourselves as human beings, citizens of humanity, and perhaps even as citizens of the universe.

Some of crop circles are simple and some complex, but they also convey as a sense of constructive beauty that would mean something only to a human being (it would mean nothing to a rat, or a mouse, or a dog.) But some crop circles go further than that. They include elements of advanced discoveries of universal physical principles that can not be seen, but can only be understood in terms of ideas and be illustrated symbolically. One of these is illustrated in the crop-circle construct below.

Here it gets rather interesting. 

Windmill Hill, Wiltshire 1996, Photo: Steve Alexander

What we see here is not only an interesting construct, beautiful and complex in design that is virtually impossible to reproduce. It is also a construct that could have an amazing astrophysical meaning that is of great significance concerning the way we tend to look at the universe. It could signify symbolically a perception of the makeup of a galaxy, and one that matches the most advanced concept of today and goes beyond it. 

A highly advanced perception of the Milky Way Galaxy is described at the website of a concept of "Plasma Cosmology" that is intriguing as an alternative concept to the Big Bang model, which puts the universe between to the two poles of birth and death. In "Plasma Cosmology" the universe is continuously created by the action of universal principles. In the science of high energy physics it was experimentally proven that it is possible to create particles of matter with energy, but only in pairs of two (a particle and an antiparticle).

In the CERN Briefing Room we learn that matter cannot be created without its antimatter counterpart: 

"Many experiments have shown that you can only produce a pair, of particle and its mirror image, called 'antiparticle', at the same time. Nobody has ever observed the production of only particles, or only antiparticles."

 The CERN website calls antimatter the mirror of the universe

(CERN, founded in 1954, is the European Organization for Nuclear Research, the world's largest particle physics centre. It sits astride the Franco-Swiss border near Geneva, )

The CERN experiments give credence to the perception of the Milky Way Galaxy as balanced phenomenon that is made of two spiral arms, one made up of matter and one of antimatter or "mirror" matter as CERN uses the term.

The most intriguing aspect here is that the model of physics that was developed on the basis of advanced physics experiments appears to be related to the above and below crop circles. The above crop circle reflects the model of a modern concept of the bipolar (matter/antimatter) universe as shown in the sample illustration below, (a Plasma Cosmology model, followed by a quote from the website where the model is described).

"Plasma Cosmology of the Universe has replaced the Big Bang model. In 1966, the Plasma Universe was conceived by Hannes Alfven, a Swedish physicist. The model is consistent with Dirac's Theory of  symmetry between matter and antimatter, and thousands of scientific observations and experiments."

The symmetry of the matter/antimatter universe as shown above was obviously well known in scientific circles long before the 1996 date when the above crop circle was produced. Except the crop circles shows one additional element that stands between the symmetry. This additional element, the third element, is rarely considered in perceiving the universe, but is fundamental to it. 

This third element, of course, is not one that is physically visible, but is one without which the universe would not exist. This third element is the domain of "universal principle" which is as real as matter and antimatter, but is not something that physically quantifiable except in the way it shapes the universe. 

The nature of the third element may be best related to the question: What came first, the principle that orders the universe, or the universe that expresses the principle. For example, take away the principle of universal gravity and the universe would not exist. There are probably as many principles in the universe as there are stars, including all the principles pertaining to life and love that we have barely begun to explore, but which we should explore just as extensively as we explore the physical realm of the universe in which the principles are manifested. That kind of pursuit would certainly displace a lot of the arbitrary notions that are presently being pursued that are wrecking our civilization and our world.

Beyond that the third arm might also be called the metaphysical realm, the realm above physics, the realm that is neither matter nor antimatter, but is the causative realm that shapes physics. The principle of our humanity is an element of that. This principle, whether we recognize it or not, has shaped the physics of our planet by intelligent means and uplifted its creative and expressive powers, even in the biological realm. 

It might well be the case that this metaphysical realm that is abstract in physical terms and complex in its causality is inhabited  by 'people' that correspond with this kind of an environment, an environment that is physically expressive but is existing on a different plain. 

One thing is certain that whatever the case will turn out to be, the crop circles that we find being created all over the world are in physical form. And another thing is almost as certain, namely that no one has ever seen any of the small armies of human beings creating them in the time frame in which they were made, except for the cases of a few copycat hoaxers. Eye-witness accounts, and there are only a few  people who state that they actually saw crop circles being made, all speak of an "invisible force coming out of nowhere, spinning the crops down within seconds. (see: Eye-wittnesses) Obviously we know too little about how they are made and by whom. And it certainly appears they were not made for idle entertainment or a hoax to fools society, put to set up a paradox that opens the horizon to a new way of looking at ourselves.

It appears that whoever created that three-spiral-arm crop circle artwork above, wanted us to pay attention to the existence of universal principles as an element of our universe, the kind of element that is so easily ignored in the world of will-power, or opinion, rife with fascism, hate, terror, and small-mindedness, and so forth, but which is as a crucial to our existence as are the worlds of matter and antimatter.

Below is a quote of how the Matter/Antimatter website describes our Milky Way Galaxy as a materially mirrored universe that derives its 'existence' from deeply causative universal (physical) principles that are just barely being recognized even now in advanced concepts of nuclear physics. What is described there is deduced by observing other galaxies, spiral galaxies that all have a large galactic bulge in the center and extending from it a circular disk of stars, like the one in which our solar system resides as one of a billion perhaps. Our solar system is located near the outer edge of one of the spiral arms. The perceived origin of our galaxy, like that of other galaxies, starts at the central bulge.

  • The Bulge  is a flattened spheroid, 3,000 light years high and 20,000 light years in diameter. In the center of the budge are two black holes. One is composed of condensed matter and the other is composed is condensed antimatter.  The black holes have the mass of billions of suns but may be smaller than the sun.  The Einstein-Rosen Bridge keeps the matter and antimatter black holes separated.  The oscillations between the black holes at opposite ends of the wormhole force the black holes to become white holes that eject matter and antimatter in opposite directions forming the spiral arms of stars within the galactic disk. Scientists have observed hundreds of new stars being churned out from the center of the galaxy.

Doesn't the above description and the links within it describe rather perfectly what we see illustrated in the crop circle below, which shows the two white holes together with the two 'exits' clearly identified that is the perceived source of the spiral arms? 

The intriguing part is, that if the crop circle represents some recognizable concept of plasma cosmology - the very idea of which is still controversial and is largely rejected by people 'married' to the Big Bang model - and thus somebody might be warning us with the crop circle that we might be discrediting a valid direction of exploration by clinging to small-minded thinking. The warning might be that small-minded thinking is a trap, that we are in danger of becoming lost in the Big Bang theory, and that consequently we might miss some significant discoveries. 


Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire 2000, Photo: Steve Alexander

It is also interesting to note that the crop circle with three-armed spiral appeared one year after the crop circle appeared that shows an astrophysical configuration of the inner solar system with the Earth missing (shown below). If the crop circle with the missing Earth was a warning, it appears we hadn't listened to the earlier warning so that a little prodding was needed to get us to think and act far more intensively in terms of universal principles than we been doing (which is especially true political). Hence, the three-armed spiral appeared a year later, in 1996, and the above construct of the galactic center a few years after that.

The third element of spiral of our universe, the invisible spiral of universal principles, is also vaguely hinted at in the artwork of the galactic center crop circle. It is vaguely indicated as existing at the very center of the center of our galaxy where the Einstein-Rosen Bridge is perceived to keep the matter/antimatter universe in operation.

While the theory of the mirrored bipolar universe goes back many decades. Its operation however was never actually been physically observed until May 28, 2004 when it was observed with NASA's orbiting infrared telescope, the Spitzer Space Telescope, churning out new stars. The crop circle above, which illustrates the conceptual makeup of the center of a galaxy predates NASA's 2004 visual verification by almost four years. 

The intriguing question is whether the crop circle construct above was an artistic rendering of a theory that became controversial at the time, or whether it was a communication from other beings saying to us: congratulation, you are right on the mark with this one; now take a close look at what principles this involves. Or better yet, can we establish a community of principle?

I wonder how we would communicate with another species of beings if we had a chance to do so? We might come charging in with guns blazing. Or might we instead, if we are wise, communicate advanced ideas and concepts that illustrate complex ideas principles by which we cab develop a respect and understanding for one-another. If we came to others with that type of an approach, we would establish with them a kind of universal language.

But isn't that also how we should be communicating with one-another, man to man, and nation to nation? One thing is certain, it is hard to lie about universal principles. While our political world is increasingly saturated with lies, even hate built on lies, to the point that we've become trapped into chaos that is tearing our civilization apart in wars, it is refreshing to be reminded that there exists a language that can take us universally to higher ground, the truth that we are all human beings as a basis for building a community of principle on, creating a 'language' of universal principles.

With this in mind, things become even more intriguing. The crop circle below shows the inner solar system with the Earth missing.

Longwood Warren, Hampshire 1995, Photo: Steve Alexander

The inner solar system contains four planets, Mercury, Venus, the Earth, and Mars, surrounded at some distance by the asteroid belt. The five outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto: are not shown, since no crop field would be large enough to contain them. Also, the focus here is on the Earth. The Earth is missing.

Compare this crop circles for the position of the planets for May 14, 2006 (from a NASA simulation shown below). The planet Mars isn't shown at the right spot in the crop circle, is it? However, the position where Mars is shown is the point where the comet 73P/Schwassman-Wachmann 3, crosses the orbital path of Mars on its way into the inner solar system before it crosses the orbital path of the Earth on May 14, just slightly ahead of the Earth itself. If the comet were to be slowed ever so slightly, or its path lowered ever so slightly, it could potentially impact the Earth. The Earth would be blown to smithereens. It would no longer exist as in the above crop circle.



However, something strange happened two month after the above crop circle appeared on  June, 25 1995. The comet began to break up. After hundreds, if not thousands of years of circling the sun in a 5.4-year orbit covering 2.5 billion kilometres per orbit, the comet began to facture and split apart starting Aug. 25 when it crossed the Earth's ecliptic, during the time frame when it remained almost parallel with the Earth's orbit as is shown in the  drawing below.

 sample from

The question arises, how would it be possible for anyone on earth to be able to predict the break up of the comet at this precise time and two months in advance? No one can see into the future. Who could know that the break-up would happen in 1995 after possibly thousands of years and then would dare to pre-advertise the potential outcome from such an event eleven years in the future with fanfares blaring via crop circles, and all that two months before the event even began? 

The comet had been observed for 75 years in essentially the same orbit, and had probably existed in that orbit for thousands of years before that, if not for longer. What would cause the creator of the crop circle to assume with certainty that something would happen in 1995 that would end this pattern and could potentially endanger the Earth?

Can one really assume that a bunch of hoaxers that trample down crops in the night would have this scientific astrophysical knowledge? While the predicted outcome ten years later with the Earth being wiped out in May 2006 didn't happen, we did come within a 'hair' of it happening. The entire pack of the major fragments of the broken up comets missed the earth at a distance between 6-12 million kilometres. That distance seems far, but it is too close for comfort. If for example the orbit of the major fragments had been slowed by increased 'friction' for only a minuscule delay during their 5 billion kilometre journey spanning more than ten years, some of the fragments might have hit the Earth. In this case the planet might have been blown to smithereens. No more Earth would be the outcome. It didn't happen. We came close, though. But might it not also be possible that the prediction in the crop circles has a parallel meaning?

The parallel meaning could be political. We are presently poised to be inflicting that outcome ourselves in which the Earth (the whole of humanity) is doomed. We have been moving ever closer towards the rule of insanity to the point that the most powerful nation on Earth (militarily) is now ruled by leaders that have been diagnosed by their behaviour to be clinically insane, but they hold the trigger for nuclear war, and they have the power to pull the trigger with no one being able to stay their hand. And the timeframe in which danger became acute began in May 2006. The preparations for the bombing of Iran  was essentially complete. Three aircraft carrier groups were on their way to Iran. The war drums were sounded evermore intensively. And the nukes were put on the table together with possibly 6 million depleted uranium bombs. That spells doom. Russia would have to react in some fashion, for its is now on the enemy list (whoever is not with America is deemed to be against America, and Russia is protecting Iran). China would have to react similarly, for the same reason. Haven't they all been cited as empires to tyranny scheduled for regime change? If that wave of war happens, with the nukes already on the table (there are 20,000 to 40,000 nukes standing ready in the world) the Earth (symbolic for humanity) is doomed to disappear.

If the crop circle is seen as a doomsday prediction, in this political sense, then one needs to ask oneself if there would be any point in communicating the doomsday prediction if nobody would be able to do anything about it to prevent the doom, as we have it this day. If the insane American rulers pull the plug and flood the world with war, which they have the power to do with no institution being able to stop them, then the doom of mankind becomes a definite possibility (a new dark age of global war might drop the world population to half a billion, or to zero - the means for that do exist). In that case the warning of doom would make no sense. Why warn about something that cannot be prevented? Consequently the communication must have had a different purpose, the purpose to get us search deeply for the principles that can prevent this doom, regardless of who caused the crop circles that project the warning.

The intent might have been to cause the people of the Earth to take a closer look at what a beautiful world we live in and what a beautiful people we have developed ourselves into, with potentials an capacities a human being that are barely imaginable, and what a profound and varied culture and civilization we have already created. Why would we want to throw this away when we have just barely begun to unfold out human potential? The culture of mankind is barely 10,000 years old, and a lot of that was created in the last six centuries. In geologic terms this is but a blink in time. Why should be determined to shut ourselves down with an infinite future before us? Why should we stand helpless as human beings to let one insane man blow up the future of mankind and mankind with it? If we search deeply for answers we might find principles that enable us to prevent this doom. The purpose of any true warning is to prevent doom.

 When a person faces doom it is said that a deep inward look is not uncommon. It is said that one's whole life flashes through one's mind. This effect should be true for a society also. We certainly have a need to be reminded of what we have achieved as a people, and there is much that we have to be proud of, such as the periods of renaissance, even though there were far too few of such bright periods. But in those periods great and beautiful things were created.

Most of the crop circles are beautiful creations that in many ways remind one of the ideals that had pervaded the renaissance ages like that of the Golden Renaissance of the 14th and 15th Century, and also the renaissance in the 17th Century that put an end to the Thirty Years War under the Treaty of Westphalia. Some of Europe's greatest composers of classical music were 'children' of that latter renaissance, such as Bach, Hayden, Beethoven, Mozart, and later Brahms. Many of the crop circles echo the beauty of these classical composers' music who reflects in their music a highly developed understanding of universal principles, principles that are not arbitrary but are precisely causative in a powerful way.

Ultimately though, it doesn't seem to matter who created the crop circles, because we seem to be determined to ignore their messages. If the crop circle with the missing Earth is certainly an image of the direction that we are heading in as a society, all nicely time stamped and 'delivered' for the end of May 2006. Of course if we look at the crop circle in the modern political context it wouldn't have taken an extraterrestrial to make a prediction of doom, considering the mess mankind has created in recent years. Just project the political developments from 1991 forward on an exponential scale and it wouldn't be hard to forecast the outcome in our present period with the Earth missing, with its civilization blown the smithereens. We are not far from it. We are facing the already ongoing collapse of our civilization, including the collapse in physical economics, on a scale that has never been seen before. And we see this coming together with a worldwide collapse of the financial system; a collapse of infrastructures and healthcare; a collapse of sanity; and a race towards war with a massive use or uranium bombs now fully on the table, and even some nuclear bombs. 

In the 1980s we were building nuclear bombs by the thousands each year, and we built them freely, because we said to ourselves that nobody would ever be as stupid as to actually use them. Now we have a man holding the nuclear button who supersedes that 'impossible requirement,' a man who is clinically insane, mean, and ill tempered, and has put the nukes on the table destined for Iran. (see interview with DR. JUSTIN FRANK, title:  George Bush Is a Very Destructive Man; He Needs To Be Removed From Office) 

We certainly don't need a galactic cataclysm to destroy our human world as the crop circle superficially suggests. We are well set up to do this ourselves. We have hired the insane that can do this for us. Even the timing is right in line with what the crop circle indicates. All of our homemade mess is coming together now. Everything is set to be reaching a crisis point almost simultaneously, and the crisis will come if we stay the present course. Even militarily we are entering a boundary zone in which insanity threatens to open the flood gates to the most unimaginable. The three aircraft carrier groups that America has now facing Iran are not there for a sight-seeing vacation. they are there as part of a global strike plan to inflict unimaginable damage, even while the world is crumbing economically, financially, and politically, and is rushing towards a new dark age.

What we have today was indeed conceptionally forecast in 1995, and this not by an extraterrestrial, but by an economist who understands the principle of economics. The man was Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr.. He said to humanity from 1995 on, that if society stays the course that it pursues civilization will disintegrate, followed by a dark age for many generations to come that few people would survive. But even while he made this forecast he presented the needed critical choices that must be made to prevent the outcome of doom. He said in essence, there are principles involved here that you cannot ignore. These are universal principles. If you go against them you are spitting into the face of the universe. If you do that, you won't survive the consequences.

Well society hasn't heeded his warning. The man has been isolated from all the circles where policy is forged. Still his voice is heard, primarily through his youth movement. Nevertheless the political forces are still at it, playing their imperial game, pursuing their games of insanity with a greater commitment  to insanity than ever before. However, society, mankind, is not bound to such commitments. It is free to chart a course directed by universal principles. Maybe this is what the crop circles confirm, which we really already understand in our hearts.

It was evidently the same situation with the forecast incorporated in the crop circle that showed the missing Earth. Whoever created these circles tried to put forward something that would get us to think in terms of critical choices and the critical need to focus on universal principles. Unfortunately, we still say NO to ourselves and go our stubborn way.

Can we afford to be that blind? Can we afford to spit into the face of the universe and its principles, and by doing so spit into our own face? I would say we cannot afford that. We should begin to change course and focus on the Principle of Universal Love instead. And indeed, we have much to love in our humanity.

So, where dos this leave us?

The crop circles that I wrote about above present us with a series of paradoxes, just like the current world situation does. 

We say the crop circles are manmade, but we can't reproduce them. To my knowledge no technology exists that enables us to bend crop stems at their knuckle to cause the shading that the geometric shapes require which we have seen. But those types of crop circles have been created many times. That's a paradox. 

We also see in the crop circles a remarkable presentation of a controversial perception of the physical universe, the plasma cosmology that largely rejected. That's a paradox too. 

Then we are faced with the tree-arm spiral that contradicts what we know about galaxies. We finally come to acknowledge a two-armed bipolar galaxy of matter and antimatter. In every galaxy where spiral arms are distinctly visible, we see only two such arms. Now by seeing the crop circles, we are presented the challenge to think in terms of a three-polar universe. That's another paradox. 

We face a huge challenge in trying to resolve all of these paradoxes, which can only be resolved with discovering the underlying universal principles that have so far not been discovered. The three-armed crop-circle spiral seems to suggest that between the bi-polar material universe (and also the bipolar political universe) stands a third reality, a universe of principles. Principles are not arbitrary, but are as universal and fundamental as is matter itself. In fact the universe wouldn't exist without the operating principles that give it shape, and neither would a civilization exist. Does that resolve one of the paradoxes?

Like with the crop circles, we face a large array of paradoxes in today's political realm that need to be resolved by discovering the universal principles that still remain largely unrecognized, which result in the paradoxes that we see. For example, a nation with the history of the USA should by no means be found embracing fascism as it does and flood the world with war, and destroy its own industries by financial insanity, including now as of late by auctioning off its productive facilities and equipment. Every phase of these insanities should not have been possible for a nation with the history of the USA. Nevertheless,  that is what we see happening in the population, in the legislative bodies, and in the highest office of the nation. Each phase therefore presents us with a paradox.

Our task must therefore be to resolve the paradoxes by discovering the underlying principles that have been missed. Sure, we have discovered some causes for the present chaos, but not yet the efficient principle that uplifts the nation, that rouses society as a whole into reclaiming its native air of a humanist renaissance. 

Today, society tends to ignore the existence of principles and as it does so, it pursues its own thing, such as the fascism of greed. Society tends to think there are a million ways to run an economy, while in reality there is but one principle of economics, which ironically is being largely rejected, or even denied to exist. So, we've got some rather major paradoxes to resolve.

Another part that overlays with that is the astrophysical situation of the close encounter of the broken-up comet 73P (SW-3) with the Earth. The interesting part of that the comet and its fragments bring into view is the principle that distinguishes the nature of a catastrophe from that of a tragedy.

There is a fundamental difference between what we call a catastrophe and a tragedy. A catastrophe is a natural event with horrendous consequences that no one can avoid, like for instance the comet fragment impacting in Siberia in 1908. But when such dire consequences, or greater consequences can be avoided by intelligent actions, but are not avoided, then we are facing an outcome this is called a tragedy. A tragedy is always a horrific event that could have been avoided, but was not avoided because of the small-minded attitude of someone, or of society. 

War is therefore always a tragedy, and every effort, no matter how remote and how small, to prevent the tragedy, is an element of our humanity that unfolds with intelligent discoveries. Animals rarely have the capability to avoid dangers, but mankind has the capability and rarely uses it. That makes mankind presently a tragic society. And that is also why wars continue. Nevertheless we have the capacity to step away from tragedy and take steps to avoid war. We might do it by exposing the insane rush to doom as a rage without principles, a madness for the purpose of empire.  

If the currently planned wave of war were to take place the consequences would be far worse than the worst damage that natural ctatastrophes might cause. 

Fortunately we can deal with the manmade aspect, even one that threatens the entire world (see: Atmospheric Depleted Uranium to Increase, 50-fold). We can still act decisively in the few days we might have left before the war begins that is set up to go, and act to vacate the offices of the promoters of war by institutional means. We can block the war and recycle the war-engines into something useful that can be utilized for the advance of civilization. We've done it once before in 1648 with the Treaty of Westphalia. We can do it again. Failing that, the consequences might overwhelm us. In the latter case we would have no one to blame but ourselves.

I think the focusing on the principle that separates a catastrophe from a tragedy, which gives us the ability to prevent tragedy and in time also to avoid catastrophes, is something that has fallen by the wayside in the face of hurricane Katrina, but which should have been then front center. If this principle for avoiding tragedy had been foremost on the public's horizon, the next tragedy, the tragedy of the confirmation of Alito the US Supreme Court, in January, 2006, that became as a vote for fascism in America, might have been completely avoided. But it wasn't. Against this background of missed opportunities caused by small-minded unprincipled perceptions, the now unfolding still greater tragedies of the collapsing auto industry and its productive infrastructures in America is happening full speed ahead, which might also have been avoided. If the principle of avoiding tragedy had become our guiding star, the looming tragedy of the planned war against Iran might have become impossible to stage for the war-hogs, which now threatens to become the greatest tragedy of all times. Nevertheless the principle to avoid tragedy al all cost is still valid and might yet be implemented by those who have the immediate means to do so.

The point is that we have the capacity to avoid all tragedies by discovering and applying the principles that enable us to do so, because that, in part, is what it means to be human.

Rolf A. F. Witzsche


About LaRouche - the American economist and statesman that has become a legend in our time in the fight to advance civilization, protect mankind, and create a new renaissance: 

" We are at a point in world history. 
At the present time, the international monetary financial system
of the world is in the process of disintegration. That does not mean the end of the world. It means that we either make certain changes, or this
planet will go in fact into a prolonged new dark age, comparable
to what happened to Europe during the middle to late part of the
14th century." (LaRouche, June 15, 2006)

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