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Atmospheric Depleted Uranium
to Increase 50-fold!

Rolf A. F. Witzsche - May 10, 2006

The Korea Times reported on December 23, 2005 that 2.7 million depleted uranium bombs (DU-bombs)  have been pre-positioned in South Korea, apparently to be used against the North. The Korea times are citing a declassified dossier from the U.S. Pacific Command in Hawaii. The document dated, August 2003, says that the U.S. base in Suwon of Kyonggi Province has some 1.3 million DU-bombs; 930,000 in Chongju, North Chungchong Province; 470,000 in Osan, Kyonggi Province. The Korea Times adds that the total figure is eight times that of the 300,000 that Kadena Air Base on Okinawa, Japan, reportedly has. (see: Korea Times 12/23.2005). 

While the cited document is three years old it nevertheless indicates the direction in which the world is heading. Today's figures are probably much lager, since several new American bases have been built in Asia in recent years. 

Naturally, we are told that depleted uranium (DU) is harmless, contrary to all evidence which is also carefully concealed. Indeed one would expect the lie that depleted uranium is harmless, comming from a military that is committed to its use and has pre-positioned vast quantities of DU-bombs, enough for a 50-fold increase in the coming war, with consequences so far-reaching that they are truly unimaginable.

Does the planned vast increase in human destruction sound impossible? Indeed it does. For this reason it will likely happen. When a tragedy is prepared that is so severe that it is deemed impossible, it will likely occur, because then nobody will take the critical steps to prevent it from occurring.

A brief overview of the nature of depleted uranium and its use in weapons.

To begin with, there is nothing depleted about depleted uranium. Uranium is uranium, whether it has gone through a nuclear power reactor or not. It is depleted only in terms of a rare isotope, U235, that is essential for making nuclear fuel, which the nuclear power plants burn up. What is left over is DU that is 99% uranium (U238), an alpha-radiation emitter with a half-life of 4.5 billion years. (see article on transmutation)

DU is used in munitions and bombs for the physical characteristics of uranium as a metal. It is a heavy metal, extremely dense, that 'flies' through steel-armor and concrete like a hot knife through butter and explodes in the process with a super-high temperature fire in the order of 5,000 to 10,000 decrees Celsius that burns everything in site. Also DU is dirt cheap since it is a waste product that would otherwise be expensive to store. All of these characteristics make DU ideal for military use, except for one aspect. The uranium becomes vaporized in the extremely high temperature of its explosion. It becomes vaporized into minute particles that are so small that they are invisible. A third of particles are several times smaller than the wavelengths of light. (see table of sizes) The particles become airborne and are carried with the wind and the global air currents. The larger particles remain more localized. The end result is a horrific tragedy of related illnesses that affects all people indiscriminately, friend or foe, adults or children.

Whether the uranium particles are small or large they continue to be alpha-radiation emitters. Alpha radiation is a type of radiation that emits nucleonic clusters made up of 2 protons and 2 neutrons. The clusters are ejected from the core of the radiating atom with a velocity equal to 1/20th the speed of light. While it is true that alpha radiation doesn't penetrate far -- a couple of inches of air will stop it, or a heavy piece of paper -- that kind of short-range penetration isn't significant in the intimate environment of the biological structures where everything is tiny and closely packed. It is here where the nano-sized uranium particles in the 50-150 nanometre range are doing immense damage. Being a mere 1/10,000th of the size of a red blood cell, they flow with the blood stream and end up almost anywhere, wherever the blood flows. 

Under normal conditions the human body has many defences against heavy metal, including uranium, but when it comes to nano-sized particles the defences become less effective and almost ineffective in some cases. The particles are so small that they can get caught up in the smallest spaces, in the folds of lung sacks for example, or enter the human cells with the nutriments from the blood flow. They can even bind with DNA, which is extremely fragile. It takes only 6 to 10 eV (electron volts) of a jolt to break a DNA link or to separate large molecules in the body, while uranium radiation is reported to carry a force of about 4.2 MeV (million electron volts). (see more details about: depleted uranium)

Should a cell ever be damaged by DU-radiation, pray that the radiation has killed it outright, because if it survives in its damaged state and is still able to reproduce, that cell would no longer be a team player in the body's organization, but would grow like a fungus and replicate itself without restraint and become a parasite, a cancer that exists and grows without a purpose until it disrupts the organization in the body so severely that the person dies. 

That is what is called “low level” radiation. It is being said that over 90 diseases have so far been identified as DU related illnesses. That is where the tragedy of DU-warfare begins. And indeed, it began small. However, it is now set to escalate to a point where it may overwhelm us all.

The meaning of this awesome trend may be gleamed from the dimension of its 'small' beginning..

The military use of depleted uranium had its first big 'debut' in the American Dessert-Storm war against Iraq starting in 1991 where it was primarily used  in armor piercing munitions to destroy tanks. It is widely suggested that approximately 300,000 kg of uranium was vaporized in this three-months war into invisible radioactive dust that polluted the environment of Iraq, including the air, and consequently destroyed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people over time, if not millions of people. Of the US veterans that returned from the three-months Dessert-Storm war, more than 300,000 became permanently disabled over the space of ten years. That's a huge portion of the slightly over 500,000 that served in the US invasion force. Today's U.S. veteran disability figure from all the DU-wars combined exceeds 500,000. 

In spite of those high casualty figures resulting from the short Dessert-Storm war, the invading soldiers were fortunate in that they were able to leave the poisoned land three-months later when the war was called off. The Iraqi people didn't have that option to leave. They had no choice but to keep on living in their now poisoned world. Consequently they suffered far worse. The suffering of cancers of all sorts had increased thirty times in ten years, and birth defects ten times. Some researchers suggest that the real figures might be twice as high. 

And all of that was a 'small' beginning. 

In 2002 nearly three times the Iraq-war amount of DU was dumped into the environment in Afghanistan. It is sad that app. 800,000 kg of DU was used in Afghanistan, mostly in the Tora Bora bombing. The increased DU-bombing, of course, had its corresponding consequences. Since the war is still in progress, reliable statistics are not available. Nevertheless the horrors of the resulting birth defects tell at least some of the story of this unfolding hell.

A year later, in 2003, Iraq became the DU dumping ground again. In America's Shock-and-Awe war against Iraq five times more DU was vaporized than in the first Iraq war. Conservative estimates place the DU volume into the 1.5 million kilogram range. Again, since the war is still ongoing, reliable statistics of the DU-effect on the population are not available. However, one of the effects that are beginning to come to the surface from this massive dumping of DU-nano particles into the environment of Asia is surprisingly shocking. The DU-nano-particles that are picked up with the air currents appeared to have caused a  6-fold increase in lung cancer, reported on March 8th by CNN for the USA covering the first two months in 2006. By its timing the sharp increase in lung cancer reflects the delay that is typical for lung cancer from the worldwide effect of the massive DU-use in the Asian theatres of war after 2002. A conservative estimate is that 2.5 million kilograms of DU  have so far poisoned the world in these wars, which is the uranium equivalent of more than 500,000 nuclear bombs.

While the Shock-and-Awe war is not yet completed,  the real DU-war is already set up to begin in earnest for a potential 50-fold increase in the DU-poisoning of the world.

If one considers that the Korea Times reported on Dec. 23, 2005, that the U.S. military had 2.7 million depleted uranium bombs pre-positioned in South Korea in Aug. 2003, which has most likely been increased by now, we face the beginning of whole new era of potential horror with global consequences that few might survive. (see: Uranium bombing in Iraq contaminates Europe)

If the Korean report is indicative of what is generally happening so that a similar stockpile might likewise have been pre-positioned for the bombing of Iran, the DU-poisoning of the Earth's atmosphere and environment might become increased 50-fold in a short period when the next round of America's pre-emptive war is being launched. The horrors that would result from this potential increase cannot be predicted. What we see unfolding here is an exponential increase over time of something that was already immensely dangerous in its minute state as the statistics of the Dessert-Storm war indicate.

So, let's add up the figures. At 25 kg of depleted uranium for each of the 2.7 million bombs, which is probably conservative, the use of these bombs would dump another 67 million kg of uranium particles into the atmosphere -- over 25 times the amount that was dumped on Afghanistan, Iraq, and all other places in all the modern wars.

If Iraq experienced a near fifty-times increase in cancers and a twenty-times increase in (horrible) birth defects as the result of America's First Iraq War in which a mere 0.3 million kg of uranium was used in munitions, it is hard to imagine what the dumping of 67 million kilograms would do to a small country like North Korea. The horror would likely increase more than two-hundred-fold. Such a vast increase in the horrors that are thereby prepared to be unleashed goes beyond the scope of what anyone can imagine, and it would spread far beyond the borders of those targeted countries.

Ironically, this massively disabling effect appears to be intended for the long established imperial goal of disabling Russia, India, and China as functioning nations. With DU-warfare the long-cherished imperial goals can be achieved, which so far have remained impossible to attain, even in the nuclear age.


Yes, take a map and draw a 1500 mile circle around North Korea and take a look what results. You will note that this circle encompasses all of Korea,  all of Japan, and the most populous reign of China and so forth. What is set up for North Korea obviously has nothing to do with North Korea itself, but is set up to be essentially a back-door staging ground for a DU-war to destroy China as a functioning nation. That is what the neo-feudal imperials had on their agenda for a long time, but have never had the means to carry out. 

The imperial's long-term goal has suddenly become 'achievable' in the dawning new age of the DU-nuclear war. Of course, Japan and Korea would both fall as 'collateral damage' in this game on the global chess board. The same fate would also await a portion of the American population and that of the rest of the world. 

Then draw a similar circle around Iran, and you will find that it would contain all the Middle-East oil states and the underbelly of Russia. The spreading particles of depleted uranuim would of course be intended for the goal of defeating Russia. The long-threatened attack on Iran has obviously nothing to do with Iran itself, except for its location as the most central dumping ground for the desired objectives.

Obviously the planned bombing of Iran has nothing to do with preventing Iran from building an atom bomb 7 to 10 years in the future. There are 30-40,000 of them in the world. One or two more wouldn't tip the scale. Nor has Iran attacked another country in recent centuries, but has been attacked by the USA or and under its direction several times. If there was an honest concern about the building of nuclear bombs in the Middle East, the focus would have to be on Israel that has built 2-300 of them and has a long string of human rights violations and attacks on other countries. 

That is why Iran by itself cannot prevent being attacked, no matter how it responds on the nuclear issue, which is but a facade and not the real issue. Nor is the security of America the issue. The American people are already suffering immensely from the 'collateral' damage caused by depleted-uranium from its own wars as the 6-fold increase in lung cancer indicates. The potential increase of a million new cases cases of lung cancer in the USA, per year, appears to be not a factor on the imperial chessboard, so that it might hold back the planned 50-fold increase in the use of weaponized depleted uranium. Nor is the WMD huff that we hear on the political front in any way focused on protecting Israel, which too is intended to become throw-away collateral damage once the 50-fold-increased depleted uranium war gets going. All evidence indicates that the planned attack on Iran is an universal imperial issue designed for the disabling of Russia, China, and India in the background of the collapsing imperial world-financial system, the main stay if imperial power. The evidence of this global imperial war-focus is on the map.

Extend the two red circles on the map above to about twice their radius and you will see that the circles overlap and encapsulate India from both sides, and all of the rest of the Muslim world that the imperials have 'hated' since the founding of Islam by Mohammed after the fall of Rome. 

The population of India would be severely destroyed in the evidently planned major DU-global-strike events that would have overlapping deadly consequences. The strategic main strategic goal would be the destruction of Russia, which has been on the imperial target list for a long time but couldn't be openly challenged till now. Now however, in DU-warfare, Russia can be destroyed through the back door, together with India and China, while Western Europe and Africa would quietly fall by the wayside within the constantly widening circles of 'collateral damage.' Notice how the meaning of 'collateral damage' is being rapidly expanded. Nor does it mean anything in the imperial world that Russia, India, and China have now friendly relations with the USA, since alliances are routinely broken in the imperial fascist world. And so they will be broken again when their usefulness runs out.

With the imperial world collapsing from within, the current timeframe for war against the powers that can threaten the imperial mode of the world and shut it down, becomes evermore critical. And that includes the USA. Evidently the bases are loaded. The war is ready to go! The millions of DU-bombs that have been pre-positioned are evidently intended to be used. They will likely be used as freely as they were used in Iraq. All that remains for the bombs to be falling like rain is for the war planners to find the right trigger to get the process started. The World Cup Soccer tournament that will be held  for four weeks in June and July in a dozen cities in Germany, in 2006, might well be used to stage another (9/11) terrorist type event to excuse another war. The engines are ready. Everything is prepared. Four aircraft carrier groups are in position near Iran. The war planners are now looking for a spark to light the fuse of war. Their murdering of a few thousand in a spectacular manner during a crowded sports tournament that is watched across the world will give them that spark unless the war planners can deposed from their position of power.

The future face of humanity

If you think I am exaggerating the global DU-war exposure, consider that in the USA that is far away from the theatres of war the lung cancer rates have already increased 6-fold only three to four years after the major DU-bombing began in Iraq and Afghanistan. The timing fits the general experience for depleted uranium lung cancer, while the 6-fold increase already amounts to close to a million additional cases of lung cancer in America per year. The observed 6-fold increase also reflects to some degree the much larger increase of lung cancers in Iraq. 

The tragedy that distorts the face of mankind is already happening. It's a huge tragedy. Of course, in military terms, it remains to called 'collateral damage.'  In fact, the tragedy is already so huge that it is hard to imagine what a 50-fold increase would bring, and what affect this increase would have on future generations. The whole of humanity might become 'collateral damage.' The long-term accumulative effects of the now planned 50-fold increase in the DU-wars might be so intense and deep-reaching that even in our lifetime already most of humanity might not be able to survive, and much less so future generations. 

This article has been written for completion on Mothers Day, in honour of the mothers of the world and their children and grand children, in the hope that the now prepared disaster might yet be prevented. 

Indeed it must be prevented. If you are really daring I invite you to take a look at the future face of humanity to get a glimpse of the urgency that we face now. We can gain a glimpse of what the future holds in the birth deformation that we see already unfolding in Afghanistan. We see in the deformation the human DNA blueprint being wrecked to its very core. 

Unfortunately we have absolutely no way of knowing what the long-term accumulating consequences of DNA damage might be from the now planned "global-strike" assault on humanity that is set up to involve a potential 50-fold increase of the uranium poisoning of the world. We can only surmise that the consequences won't be 'pleasant' if they are survivable at all. 

Was the H5N1 bird flu DU-made?

It seems reasonable to assume that the same close-contact DU-radiation that wrecks the human DNA chains might also affect the makeup of countless viruses in a similar manner and might cause mutations of viruses with effects that we cannot even imagine yet. It might well be the case that the infamous bird flu virus that became potentially infectious to humans (the H5N1 strain) might have resulted from this kind of process. It is not possible of course to prove the case, nor is it possible to disprove it. However, isn't the sort of 'wild' mutation that we see precisely what one would expect in a world in which the air, that is after all the birds' home, is increasingly 'heavy' with radioactive nano-particles that are small enough for the closest intimate attachment with micro organisms in the air? The mere possibility for DU-enhanced viral mutations comes with awesome forebodings. 

Already the H5N1 strain is considered the worst bird-flu strain ever. Still, it is only one of 150 potentially pandemic strains of bird flu. Can we afford to assume that airborne uranium nano-particles that are known to alter DNA sequences will not likewise affect the mutation of viruses? Can we afford to feel free to dump fifty times more of those radioactive nano-particles into the global environment? And what about the poverty-stricken continent of Africa that is already a brewing caldron of exotic diseases? Can we afford to add a new factor into that soup in a horrendously big way? Can we even imagine what the result would be if the ebola virus ever become airborne? Some people can imagine this, and some want this to happen.

Can we survive war any longer?

If everything occurs that is now fully prepared to happen, for which the slightest SW-3 caused event might supply the spark to light the fuse, the long-term survival of much of mankind is put into doubt. And that's not idle speculation. Obviously the 2.7 million DU-bombs that have been pre-positioned in Korea are not there for the purpose of decoration.  They are there to be used, waiting for the potential trigger. Those 2.7 million DU bombs are evidently stockpiled intentionally, as a part of a new kind of nuclear war that kills indiscriminately in a delayed manner with continent-wide reach and without the stigma of the nuclear bomb attached to it. Obviously South Korea is only one place where such stockpiles are kept. The huge Andersen Air Force in Guam has been upgraded for a major war in Asia, officially to quickly defeat China. Another large base was built in Afghanistan near the border of Iran, and so forth. Thus the engines of war are being wound up under America's new "Global Strike" doctrine of DU-war, a war that can be carried into any country without actually directly attacking that country. 

It is obvious that the time has come to rethink the way we relate to one-another as human beings, because we simply can no longer survive in the current imperial mode, which is a fascist mode and therefore a war mode, the mode of perpetual war, or the long war as we now call it. Ever since America became a fascist nation, beginning with the atomic bombing of Japan and the postwar attempt to destroy Russia, America has been loosing ground economically and culturally, and in the eyes of the world. It lost whole segments of its industry and is now nearly fifty trillion dollars in debt. At the same time the world-financial system that was likewise already destroyed under imperial globalism, is now at the brink of collapse. Mankind needs a platform for peace, a platform high above imperialism, just to rescue its civilization that is in danger of disintegrating completely, and to rebuild its economies. No form of economic recovery will likely be possible or succeed if the planned 50-fold war is unleashed on the world. The real target in this war is not Iran and North Korea, but humanity itself with the objective to prevent any possible new renaissance anywhere in the world that would threaten the imperial system. And that, ironically, puts the USA itself at the top of the imperial target list where it has been since its founding in defiance of the imperial system.

It should be noted that mankind is also facing the return of the Ice Age in the not so distant future for which it requires an enormous mobilization of economic resources to create the infrastructures for survival, such as indoor agriculture on a near global scale. To reach this goal the whole world requires the greatest renaissance of all times. The realization of this goal would definitely requires the termination of imperialism that destroys everything that is touched by it, including now mankind itself. 

The greatest resource that mankind has to secure its future is itself. Mankind needs to protect itself with advanced culture, increased health care, a cleaner environment, and above all momentously increased economic development powered by scientific and technological progress. Mankind cannot afford the long term consequences of the unimaginable intensity in human destruction that any increase in DU-warfare would bring, and much more so the prepared-for 50-fold increase. 

Thus, the future is in our hands right now. DU has a radioactive half-life of 4.5 billion years. Its destructive effect on human populations will not go away, but rather become accumulative. If we as a society of human beings do not succeed in the weeks ahead to shut down the imperial mode of the world and its wars and and dethrone its war presidents and promoters, and the 50-fold war begins as planned, all hope might be lost for all times to come and mankind potentially with it. This sounds like science fiction stuff, but unfortunately this is the potential reality.

We stand at the threshold in this regard. At this threshold we face a mirror in which we see the reflection of ourselves. We see our face. Are we prepared to spit into this face and smash the mirror and march onto a war that might end all war and mankind with it? Or do we take a close look at ourselves in that mirror and behold the marvels that we have achieved as human beings? We have created a culture that can support 1000 times as many people than the raw earth could support, and with a comfort in living that seems miraculous in comparison to where we came from. We once even stood on the moon and had begun exploring the stars. By what insanity would we shut all of that down?

Should we not rather love one-another for the great potential of good that we embody that has enriched human culture with great achievements in bright periods of history. Indeed, should we not love one-another universally for what we are as human beings, because we are after all a people of one singe humanity. If we trash that, we spit at the mirror into our our own face. Should we not rather polish that mirror and face one-another with a smile? 

By knowing that we have banished the bombs and given ourselves a new future, we would certainly give ourselves a reason to raise a big smile. 

Unfortunately as are determined to loose our humanity. We are loosing our humanity often step by step, even by the small steps that are trashing the brightest of human creations, like the Hubble Space Telescope that is about to be trashed since America lost the capacity or the will to service the instrument for continued navigation. It is presently condemned to be crashed into the ocean, probably after 2008. Is anyone willing to save the Hubble in which we see our own image? (yes, your action is needed to save the Hubble) And beyond that, and foremost, is anyone willing to save humanity from an even greater danger? Everyone's action is critical. 

If a deep kind of universal love exists for one-another as human beings that causes enough of a commitment to save humanity from the greatest threat of all times, then the requisite institutional means can be found or be created across the world to end war and to thereby assure our survival and with it a bright future, together with everything that defines us as human beings.

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Rolf A. F. Witzsche, is an independent researcher, publisher, and author of eleven novels. The novels are focused on exploring the Principle of Universal Love, the principle that is reflected to some degree in every bright period throughout history with the added challenge for today to give our universal love an active expression in a type of ' Universal Kiss' for all mankind.

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