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The Depleted Uranium Time Bomb
Part 2:

Linking H5N1, the Fibre Disease, and Diabetes
 with Depleted-Uranium Radiation

Rolf A. F. Witzsche - May 20, 2006



Since uranium is a part of the natural environment in which we live, the human body has developed effective defences against it. Uranium is found in the crust of the Earth in large quantities. Some of it gets into the environment in the form of sand and dust-particles, or radon gas. Mankind has lived with low-level background radiation for as long as it existed, and that takes us back for 2.5 million years. But with the use of uranium weaponry, starting in 1991, a new era began. The uranium in a DU weapon explodes on impact as it penetrates a target. It burns with an extremely high temperature (above 5,000 degrees centigrade) and becomes vaporized in the process into particles so small that more than half them, by mass, are smaller in size than the wavelengths of light, and half of those are several times smaller than that. (see: DU particle sizes compared to the wavelengths of light) 

The minuscule radioactive particles become airborne like a gas and extend throughout the planet. They are a phenomenon that does not exist naturally and never did before now. They are a totally new, biologically dangerous, and have global reach. For example, within days after the Tora Bora bombing in Afghanistan, a surge in uranium particles were detected in the monitoring filters in far away England (see: Is Europe contaminated? - pdf)

The nanometer-size uranium particles are a part of our world since 1991.

They are not only new to the world, but also to the human biology. While the human body has effective defences developed against the larger uranium particles that exist naturally in the environment, the defences become less effective and fail altogether when the particles become extremely small. Comparing a small DU particle to a red blood cell would be like comparing a man to a 50,000-foot high mountain, a mountain twice as high as Mt. Everest the highest mountain on Earth. A DU particle can get lost in the features of a blood cell as easily as a man would get lost in the vast landscape of a 50,000 foot high mountain. 

It is the minutely small size of the uranium particles dispersed in enormously huge quantities that is new on our planet since 1991. The few atmospheric nuclear-bomb tests that were conducted in the 1950s and 1960s utilized only small amounts of uranium, too little to be significant in comparison with the half a million nuclear bombs that could have been built with the uranium that has been injected into the atmosphere and the environment from 1991 on in the new era of DU weaponry .

The equivalent of half a million nuclear bombs adds up to a lot of uranium. We really don't know how many of the tiny nano-particles have been created by exploding the 2.5 to 5 million kilograms of uranium into the atmosphere that have so far been expended. We only know that half of the resulting particles (by mass) are smaller than the wavelengths of light. If we could calculate their number it would be astronomical (see DU-math). Nevertheless, each single particle, even the smallest, emits alpha radiation according to the nature of uranium, and continues to radiate 'forever.' 

(In practice half of the uranium atoms will be used up over the next 4.5 billion years by their radiation decay into lead over various stages of transformation. See article)
(also see: Depleted Uranium - A brief overview of the nature of DU and its use in weapons)

The military, of course, tells society that DU is harmless. But this talk is meaningless in the face of far too many lies that society is spoon-fed in modern times. The physical evidence that became obvious since the DU bombing began, tells a different story. The occurrence of cancers in Iraq, where DU was first used, has increased 30-50 times above normal. The most striking evidence is found in the birth defects. The evidence in birth defects indicates that some of the superfine radioactive DU-particles have made it past all the biological defences in the body, even those that protect the reproductive process, and have damaged DNA right in the human eggs and or semen. Alpha radiation does this. It ejects nucleonic clusters at high speed and with great energy. The clusters act like tiny cannon shells and break or alter DNA links and molecular bonds. If you are inclined to be daring you may want to take a look at the genetic damage that the invisible DU-particles can cause to the process of human generation. (see more, and more)

Since the military use of DU is barely 15 years old we really don't know yet what the long term accumulative effects might be over the course of a century or more. We know from history that in ancient India genetic defects were transmitted through several generations. One of the Hindu myths states that the ideal bride is 1/3 the age of that of the groom. That makes the bride 6 years of age for an 18 year old man. It is said that the genetic defects that were resulting from child pregnancies were carried across several generations. While the practice was probably rare and may have soon stopped in India, today's DU-pollution-caused genetic defects cannot be turned off at will. The 1.25 to 2.5 million kilograms of particles smaller than the wavelengths of light are in the global environment to stay. The invisible particles are suspended in the air, some are rained out into the soil, the water, the dust; they become recycled back into the air, pervade the food chain; and often nobody can tell until years after the biological damage has been inflicted that their health or existence has been put in jeopardy. 

Typically, the primary DU-damage results in lung cancers and respiratory illnesses, since the lungs are the first to come in contact with airborne DU particles. It has been reported that lung cancer rates are already 6-fold above normal in the USA (as reported for the first two months in 2006). While it cannot be proven that the lung-cancer-rate increase in the USA is DU-caused, it can be assumed to be so related by its timing. It is illogical to assume that the smoking habit in America took a sudden upturn of enormous proportions. The circumstantial evidence, which suggests that the US lung-cancer-increase is DU related, should nevertheless make America re-examine its war plans. Documented evidence in this arena indicates that a  50-fold increase in DU-weapons use might be pre-staged for the next round of wars, primarily in the form of DU-bombs.

Since we know far too little about the extent of the biological damage that has already been done with DU-weapons, and even less about the dynamic properties of the minuscule particles that the DU-weapons unleash, the DU-weapons use should be considered to be greatest crime that has ever been perpetrated, blindly executed, with the wilful 50-fold increase on the horizon that appears to be planned. 

It also needs to be considered that the already experienced DU-caused damage might be fare more wide-spread than we dare to assume. The invisible DU-nano-particles are extended by air currents and by their own dynamics into arenas where their radiation damage might be deeper than we can imagine, but which can never be directly seen and be proven. This raises momentous questions, such as:

Could the H5N1 bird flu have been caused by DU-radiation effects?

While evidence suggests that the H5N1 strain of bird flu might be the result of 'unwise' practices and conditions in large poultry operations where this particular disease exploded, it doesn't prove that it originated there. For example, the Black Plaque that devastated Europe in 1347 didn't originate in Europe. It was imported from distant China. It exploded in Europe because the 1345 financial and economic collapse had weakened the population biologically through poverty by which the plaque was able to spread like wildfire. Isn't it possible that the H5N1 strain of the bird flu could have resulted in a different 'theatre' than the one in which it became pandemic? Isn't it possible that the H5N1 strain resulted from radiation-caused processes of viral mutation, just like the grotesque human birth defects that we now see are evidently the result of radiation-caused DNA damage?

Nevertheless, what we already know about the effects of the DU pollution of the world might be just the tip of the iceberg, as horrendously scary as the evidence already is. We really don't know what lies underneath in the as yet unseen if we continue the current course.

The problem is that we lack the physical means to 'connect the dots' to link DU-radiation with a number of rather mysterious biological phenomena that have already worldwide consequences. The H5N1 bird flu, for example, might be just one of these, and might be linked to DU without anyone ever having a chance to find out for sure, or prove with certainty, that it was or wasn't DU-related. 

Indeed, why should any virus be exempt from the mutating effect of DU radiation damage that is so grossly apparent in human birth defects? And more so, why shouldn't we see the first mutating effects coming to the forefront in bird-born viruses, born by the creatures of the very air that is now 'heavy' with radiating uranium particles? Isn't that what we see happening? Indeed, shouldn't we expect to see something of this type to happen? Should we be surprised that one single strain of nearly 150 types of bird flu broke the barrier mysteriously and suddenly poses a pandemic threat to humanity? Shouldn't we expect that kind of danger now? After all, the birds do not just live in the DU-loaded air, as we do. They fly through it extensively and in the process of flying their feathers sweep the air like airborne collectors. Do we expect that this danger would have no consequences of any kind?

Let's be honest, we simply do not have any means to predict the outcome of broad based random mutations of viruses, much less the added mutation caused by radiation from DU-particles in close-proximity with the viruses. Radiation damage might have a powerfully accelerating effect of the process of mutation. While billions of the resulting mutations might fail, one might win the 'lottery' and it would only take one to cause a pandemic explosion. For the little that we know about this possible radiation-enhanced process, the now terribly scary H5N1 virus might be just the first in a long chain yet to come. We know for example that external influences, like poverty, can enhance the mutation of viruses, as we saw it in the 1919 flu pandemic that erupted amidst the physical breakdown in the population by the destruction of World War I. The same danger exists in poverty-ravished Africa. AIDS might have been caused by these kinds of conditions. Airborne radiation might now add another dimension with a powerful influence of unknown potential.

The H5N1 virus is also highly mysterious in another way, apart from its origin. It has been called the worst virus ever. It appears to be a new type of phenomenon altogether. What we see unfolding on the bird flu front appears to be a phenomenon with new characteristics. If this exploding process is DU-related, God help us! In that case we haven't seen anything yet, though we've already seen far too much. (Here is a long list of H5N1 related internet links

In addition, the mutation of the H5N1 virus created a strain that is not only deadly, but is also highly infectious between human beings. The infectiousness has now been confirmed, hinting at potential consequences that defy the imagination. (See: Human-To-Human H5N1 Confirmed - 150M Deaths Predicted)

While no one can prove that a link between DU and the potential bird flu epidemic exists that is on the horizon, the circumstantial possibility for such link nevertheless is quite real. Can we afford, in the light of this potential, to increase the DU pollution 50-fold, as appears to be planned? Can we afford this 50-fold increase even if the chance is minutely small that such a link exists? 

The logical answer has to be that we cannot afford to take such risks. Rather than quarantining a great masses of people to contain the future spread of the resulting exotic diseases, as has already been ordered for such eventualities, shouldn't society much more urgently be resolved to remove from positions of power those who demand war by which the future threat of exotic diseases would become infinitely increased? 

Actually, from what we see happening in the world today, it appears that the age of exotic diseases has barely begun, as the Morgellons Fibre Disease illustrates.

The strange case of bacterial mutations with a symbiotic linkup with a mutated engineered parasite.
That's the Morgellons Fibre Disease!

If a nanometer-sized DU particle can attach itself to a human blood cell or to a much smaller virus, and even bind itself to DNA, it would certainly also be able to attach itself to bacteria and parasites. The mysterious Morgellons Fibre Disease (known in China as strongylus monospinigerum) might be an example of a mutation that should have never happened, but is now a worldwide tragedy. 

The disease is quite new and highly mysterious. It is carried into human biology by nematodes that are tiny wormlike parasites, originally engineered for pest control. By mysterious circumstance that no one can explain the nematodes have become a symbiotic host for bacteria that were engineered for the task to create fine fibres. For some strange unexplained reason the nematodes that were designed for pest control suddenly developed a liking for human flesh. And more exotic than this, is the way by which they come into people's home. They are found attached to cotton products in which they are nestled, encased in cocoons built of fibres produced by the engineered bacteria that the nematodes carry. It appears as if random biological proliferation changed both the bacteria and its new host in a way as if the process of proliferation has suddenly been put into high gear with highly mysterious phenomena resulting from it. Once in the human system the bacteria become highly prolific and active in extruding coloured fibres that are seen sticking out of wounds and out of the skin, while the nematodes become parasites.

We are told in a medical report:

Bacterial strains have been engineered for the purposes of creating raw materials biologically, especially fibers which will be used in creating new textile markets. These bacteria have been extensively engineered and tested over the last ten years by a plethora of companies (DuPont, Honywell, Nexia, etc.) including the U.S. Army, using both plant and mammal tissue as a medium to verify their ability to produce these materials. Many failures were reported and the inadequate bacterial strains were "discarded"....

The bacteria which produce fibers can do so inside the skin as well as outside it, as long as there are available proteins for it to use.   The "fiber balls" that are seen so often with the disease are in fact produced by the bacteria (not nematodes, or any other invertebrate species), using the proteins from skin, hair, cloth, etc. The bacteria themselves are quite infective, being able to invade the skin, and are felt as "itchy, stinging" sensations on the skin when they enter. When they are multiplying and (often) rapidly producing fibers, they can be felt as "tingling" or "crawling" sensations, on or under the skin.

The point is that industrially produced bacteria, made in huge quantities for industrial purposes, and engineered parasites that are designed to destroy pests since the traditional pesticide DDT has been banned, might all be mutating in their characteristic by alpha-radiation damage inflicted by the now omnipresent DU particles in the environment. 

But there is another factor to be considered, namely intentionally developed biological warfare that has taken on a new twist in today's radiation infested environment (see: Morgellons - The Crime? Treason Against The Species and a study on modern micro-biological warfare: MYCOPLASMA, The Linking Pathogen in Neurosystemic Diseases)

The potential factor of depleted uranium in diabetes.

I remember reading a report from the early observed effects of depleted uranium following the the Dessert Storm war against Iraq in 1991. An American, whose relatives in Iraq had mysteriously developed diabetes during the war, had visited his relatives to help them. He reports that when he retuned home he found himself to be a diabetic likewise. 

Nothing more was said about it. Then suddenly, in June 2003, at the American Diabetes Association's 63rd Annual Scientific Sessions, a report was presented by the CDC (U.S. Center for Disease Control) in which experts urge immediate action, because research predicts that one in three Americans born in 2000 will develop type 2 diabetes. (See: Diabetes on the Increase

While nothing is said in the report that links diabetes with the worldwide spread of atmospheric depleted uranium from weapons explosions, the circumstantial evidence for a possible link does nevertheless exist. Indeed, it would be miraculous if any hard and fast smoking-gun type evidence could be found since radiation damage is difficult, if not impossible, to prove. But should this be a sufficient reason to deny the weight of the circumstantial evidence?

The circumstantial evidence appears to be actually unavoidable. For example, Israel reports significant cross-border contamination evidenced by DU-related diseases. It is reported that Israel, being located downwind from the radioactive devastation in Iraq, Israel is likewise suffering from large increases in the 'known' DU-linked diseases such breast cancer, leukemia and childhood diabetes. Actually diabetes is only one item of a long list of circumstantial evidence of DU-caused illnesses. (See: KNOWN ILLNESSES INFLICTED BY INTERNALIZATION OF DEPLETED URANIUM PARTICLES) (more on Depleted Uranium Diabetes)

It would be surprising if India and Asia were not similarly affected. It has been reported that this increase worldwide indeed, and is surprisingly large:

During the last 20 years the total number of people with diabetes worldwide has risen from 30 million to 230 million, according to the International Diabetes Federation. China and India now have the most diabetes sufferers in the world.

Main Category: Diabetes News
Article Date: 11 Jun 2006 - 6:00am (PDT)

These are huge figures - an increase of 200 million cases - apparently covering the general timeframe of the DU-poisoning of world. For many, diabetes is fatal, who cannot afford the rigorous drug treatment, and for the rest of the infected diabetes is recognized to speed the aging process by about 15 years with a high risk of cardiovascular disease after the age of 50 (Vancouver Sun newspaper, June 30, 2006).

Officially, changes in diets are said to be the cause for the sudden worldwide increase. This theory cannot be proven with any greater certainty backed by smoking-gun evidence than the potential link of diabetes with DU-radiation can be proven. However, the circumstantial evidence speaks louder in support of DU-radiation cased diabetes. From a geographic perspective the one high-population country that would be most directly effected from airborne DU-particles would be India, especially northern India, with particles carried east by the subtropical jet streams.


It is not surprising that lat of concern was raised in India about the link between DU-radiation and diabetes. The Indian doctor Leuren Moret pointed his finger for the largest global increase of diabetes in history directly at the U.S.'s Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab, that had been managed for 61 years by the University of California. that should have been fully aware of the DU-effects of populations, but aided the U.S. State Department in trying to cover it up. The famous Indian doctor was recently refused entry to Italy on the basis of his "interest in diabetes and depleted uranium." In real terms this amounts to an official government statement that a very strong link exists between diabetes and depleted uranium that the governments are aware of, but are coerced to deny. (See: San Francisco Bay View, newspaper - June 29, 2006)

Again, while no smoking gun evidence will likely ever be found that links DU with diabetes, since the entire DU-truth issue is hidden behind the mantle of cover-up denials, the circumstantial evidence should at least cause society to terminate all DU-weapons use and prevent the potential 50-fold increase for which the stockpiles are already in place.

There is no longer any place on the Earth where the radioactive DU particles wouldn't be found if we could see them. With the particles being smaller than the resolution of light, it becomes extremely difficult, if not impossible, to 'pin the tail to the donkey' for any mysterious biological effect. Thus, because of this difficulty, we may deny a potential interaction of depleted uranium particles with the biological world that evidence suggests might be immensely harmful and might be causative for the now increasing biologic mysteries. 

By doubting that such a link exists between these mysteries and DU, we tend to do nothing to deal with the cause and thereby allow the process to proliferate even more that open the horizon to unpredictable consequences.

Again, what we are beginning to see today may be but the tip of another iceberg in the now DU-laden world. A great tragedy might be on the horizon because of our refusal to reverse course for the lack of a smoking gun. As the result of this denial we allow the door to be opened for 50 times more of the same danger to be unleashed into the world in which we live. That's the kind of situation that we are facing today, which could have as yet untold consequences in all of these areas, even without the 50-fold increase that appears to be planned and ready to be implemented.

How should we respond to unknown and unseen dangers?

Should we respond as the military does by proclaiming that no danger exists if no smoking gun can be produced as evidence? One might adapt this attitude for the sake of convenience when the potential consequences are minuscule. However, when it comes to genetic mutation, viral mutations, bacterial mutation, and so forth, with worldwide consequences that could potentially overwhelm us all, we can't really afford to be complacent. A more decisive approach is required, such as taking ALL steps necessary to assure that the increase in DU pollution stops NOW, whereby the potential 50-fold increase would be prevented.

If we err, let's err on the side of caution!

That is how mankind should  also respond to the return of the Ice Age that some scientists tell us could start in 100 years time, and others say might yet be still another 1,000 years off, or 10,000 years. If there is the slightest chance that the transition to the next Ice Age cycle could begin in 100 years, then we should start the preparation for it now and build the enormous infrastructures that are required to put our global agriculture into indoor facilities. 

It is not a secret that the Ice Age cooling would disable much of our global agriculture that is dependent on the interglacial warm climate that we have right now, which is about to end. If we ignore the potential for the near-term transition of the planet, back to its normal ice-age climate, simply because we have no smoking-gun proof that it could happen in 100 years time, and therefore make no preparations for it, we will risk the starvation of 95% of mankind by not acting in a timely fashion. We simply can't risk this gamble, that the Ice Age might still be another 1,000 years off, or even 10,000 years, because the consequences would be overwhelming if we would loose the gamble. 

That is how we need to address all the aspects of the DU pollution and its potential impact on the biosphere of the planet. 

We need to insist that the 'puck stops here!' We can't say, let's see what happens, if the consequences cannot be reversed. If we cross the line any further in the area of DU pollution, the consequences might be overwhelming. We can't afford that kind of gamble and put the future of mankind at risk, no matter what the odds might be. With radioactive particles pervading the air, the odds are incalculable, because the field of their potential effects is simply too wide for anyone to make any hard and fast determination. 

We have to act pre-emptively in this case and stop the explosion of the danger by shutting down the DU-use while we still can, and that means ending war! There is not way that civilization can survive with war raging on, either biologically, economically, or even politically.

We really have no other options than ending war, especially now that modern warfare is keyed to DU-weapons. If war breaks out the millions of DU bombs that have been stockpiled will be used, because that's all there is available in the modern theatre, apart from nuclear weapons. The only option that we have is to prevent the outbreak of war.

The question is, can we do this? Or, do we even want to stop war? Four Aircraft carrier groups are now positioned near Iran, ready for another 'shock and awe' bombing campaign to destroy another nation. (One of the groups, the French one, appears to have been withdrawn. It appears that France got cold feet.) 

Since no rationality exists for war, the war hogs are evidently searching the horizon for the slightest spark to light their fuse for war. The American economist Lyndon LaRouche warns that the spark might be ignited in Germany during the month-long World Cup Soccer tournament, the largest of all sports events. The event will be staged in a dozen cities across Germany from early June to early July. Germany will become the host to millions from around the world, a ready-made field for another 9/11 to open the gateway to the now fully prepared next wave of war. The LaRouche warning was circled worldwide, to make it harder for the war-hogs to pull the European 9/11 off. See: LaRouche Warns of Cheney Plans to Launch Iran Strike in June - also see: LaRouche Updates His Warning. Nevertheless the efforts won't cease to provoke a major incidence that could be used to implicate Iran, which then could be used as an excuse to attack Iran as a large enough staging ground for the greater DU-war against mankind. Israel might also be used by the global empire builders to stage a horror event against the Palestinian population with such an intensity that Iran would be drawn to step in, in some form, in order to prevent a humanitarian disaster among its brother Muslims. The beginning of this kind of bating is already in progress. A humanitarian and political crisis is being unleashed in the Gaza Strip, starting with the Israeli attack on June 28, 2006, following the capture of an Israeli soldier. This kind of incidence is easily arranged on demand as required for the big geopolitical games. These things always happen perfectly timed to advance the big-power games, so that the region will never have peace and always remain ready to serve as a powder cake.  

And so, the global situation for mankind remains critical. For the time being the entire Arab community responded together and put Israel's human rights violations onto the United Nations Human Rights Council on a permanent basis by an approval vote of 29 to 12.  While this doesn't settle the issue by any means, it is a start in the direction of an active peace. The time that we've got left to stop war and save civilization, and ourselves with it, may be fast coming to an end. Indeed, this end might be intended, because the empire builders have one final plan for mankind: The long-standing imperial policy of intention to cause depopulation.

If the planned new DU-war proceeds then we, mankind as a whole, enter unknown territory. We have to face the fact then that our sense of the principle of democracy has been too small and too shallow as it would then have failed to protect the continued existence of society as we know it. The large-scale injection of DU-radiation into our biological world has put us already at the crossroads to the large-scale destruction of mankind. The imperial path without a future is the one that we are heading towards. May Love prompt us to choose the opposite path, the path of a humanist renaissance, while we sill can.

"Maps courtesy of www.theodora.com/maps used with permission"



Rolf A. F. Witzsche, is an independent researcher, publisher, and author of eleven novels. The novels are focused on exploring the Principle of Universal Love, the principle that is reflected to some degree in every bright period throughout history with the added challenge for today to give our universal love an active expression in a type of ' Universal Kiss' for all mankind.

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