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The Depleted Uranium Time Bomb
Part 3:

The long-standing imperial policy of intention
 to cause depopulation

- Permanent Genocide -

Rolf A. F. Witzsche - May 30, 2006


It has been recognized in imperial circles since the emergence of the Golden Renaissance that the greatest threat to any empire is the progressive renaissance development of society. This fact became glaringly obvious when the Venetian Empire, the slave trader and looter of the old world was threatened with extinction by the Renaissance powers of Europe. The League of Cambrai (1508) was created for this purpose, but before it succeeded, the Pope intervened (probably with a significant 'incentive' from Venice) and the Venetian Empire was saved. In retaliation the Venetian Empire destroyed the Renaissance by festering a religious war that lasted for over 100 years in which nearly half the population of Europe perished. The end-phase of it, the Thirty Years War, was said to have been the worst military escapade prior to the 20th Century.

That process of unleashing genocide to protect empires would be repeated many times thereafter. It was concealed at first by the doctrine that the Earth is too full, for which it was said the human population needs to be culled like cattle. This doctrine was 'forged' in Venice by the Venetian 'monk' Giammaria Ortes (1713-1790). 

It is suggested by scholars that Ortes was plagiarized by parson Thomas Malthus (1766-1834) who preached that the general population in society should be forced to live under such unsanitary and deplorable conditions that most people would die off at an early age. Later, Charles Darwin (1809-1882) said that he was inspired by Malthus. Darwin's cousin, in turn, Francis Galton (1822-1911), reformulated the Malthusian idea and partially merged merged it with social Darwinism into what became the Eugenics theory that opened the floodgates to the sterilization of targeted people. Adolf Hitler must have loved him.

In a similar fashion did covert agents of the  British Empire destroy the emerging renaissance spirit in Europe by staging the French Revolution with the Jacobin terror operation raging in the background by which the renaissance intellectual elite in France was systematically eradicated. Napoleon then spread the terror process across much of Western Europe. From this background the modern form of imperial fascism emerged that became the driving force behind all the genocidal wars in modern history, especially World War II.

Genocide was also practiced in distant India, beginning in distant times, to enable the imperial control over India by a small minority of Arian invaders. In this case religion was merged with mythology by the ruling invaders (the Brahmin) and was used to 'force' the large scale eradication of girls and women, including female genocide. The process of religion-mandated sexual genocide extended across many centuries from 1500 BC on, and it still continues to some small degree. (See the book "GENOCIDE OF WOMEN IN HINDUISM" by Sita Agarwal.)

The link to Bertrand Russell (1872-1970), and his followers

In modern times the genocidal policy of intentions became less focused on any specific sex or races or nations. The old overpopulation-doctrine was dredged up again and applied universally. This latest phase appears to have been started by the imperial advocate, Bertrand Russell, who had previously argued for the development of the atomic bomb as a weapon so horrific that it would force all nations to surrender their sovereignty into the governing hands of a global world-empire. Since this atomic-bomb plan didn't work out, Bertrand Russell changed his focus back onto Ortes' overpopulation theme and argued for radical depopulation, worldwide. 

He complained in the early 1950s that wars, even big wars, have done too little in terms of killing people. "War, so far, has had no very great effect... (War) has been disappointing... but perhaps biological war may be more effective," he wrote. He argued that a new Black Death should sweep the world once in every generation, and added, "The state of affairs may be somewhat unpleasant, by what of it? Really high-minded people are indifferent to happiness, especially other people's." (see: Russell: The Impact of Science Upon Society, NY, Simon and Schuster, 1953 pp. 102-104)

AIDS might have had its origin in that kind of background. It erupted in 1981 from the human swamp of a starvation ravaged Africa (imposed by policy). Since AIDS may have been deemed to be also 'insufficient and disappointing' to meet the hopes of the imperial circles, a new form of warfare was developed. Once the Soviet Union was shut down the world's newest atomic weapon, the depleted uranium weapon, was quietly put on the agenda. The depleted uranium weapon has now been fully war-tested in Iraq, Yugoslavia, and Afghanistan, and proven to be powerfully effective. It appears to be presently staged to become implemented in earnest with 50-fold increased intensity

With this new weapon, a weapon that keeps on killing and never stops, since the radioactive uranium particles will remain in the environment forever, Bertrand Russell's fondest hopes for permanent genocide might soon become a reality.

Unfortunately, Bertrand Russell was not alone in his dreaming of implementing permanent genocide. Prince Philip of the British Royal Court has stated in his foreword to a book (People as Animals by Fleur Cowles, - UK, Robin Clark Ltd. 1986) that if it was possible to be reincarnated, he would be "tempted to ask for reincarnation as a particularly deadly virus" in order to be able to contribute to the world-depopulation.

We have seen a lot of hype forthcoming in recent decades from the imperial field in the form of ever greater depopulation demands, including in America. In the infamous Global 2000 report that was fielded in the background to the Jimmy Carter administration, radical depopulation was 'demanded' in the order of billions of people. Even the UN Organization was deeply involved in the depopulation agenda when it organized two major depopulation world conference events, starting with the United Nations World Population Conference in Bucharest in 1974, and the repeat show in Cairo in September 1994 where population reduction was demanded to be enforced by sanctions. President Clinton put some cold water on that demand, but the idea remains. 

In some other cases from various imperial backgrounds it was demanded over time that the world population be reduced to less than a billion people. From the same imperial background also the infamous banner headlines emerged, actually quite early arready, in the late-1960s, that proclaimed that the Earth has cancer, and that this cancer is man. And even in our time the policy of intention for depopulation continues. (See: Top Scientist Advocates Mass Culling 90% Of Human Population)

The planned massive increase in generating atmospheric depleted uranium must be seen in this context. When it is seen in any other context the 50-fold increase in the planned DU-use makes absolutely no sense (not that genocide ever makes sense). 

The synarchist imperial background of the Neocons administration in our modern USA, which has become deeply committed to imperial fascism, is by this connection also deeply committed to implement the depleted uranium weapons policy and the policy of the massive increase of it in the planned new wars. That is why it is so crucial for the future existence of humanity to break the chain of the Neocon power and rescue America from its role as an imperial agent for destroying the world (and itself in the process).

The current LaRouche warning

Right now the situation is critical. The breakout to a new war is close at hand. Four aircraft carrier groups are already in position to hit Iran, or will be there any day now (although the French one might be leaving). All that is required now, is for someone to light the fuse. The American economist Lyndon LaRouche warns that the current intention might be to start a major terrorist event in Germany during the June-July World Cup Soccer tournament that can serve as a spark to light the fuse for war. LaRouche's warning is thus cast across the world to prevent this possibility. If the intention for a terrorist act is made widely known the event might not be carried out, and so, war might be prevented for another 'moment.' (see more about the deep reaching background of this development in the article by Lyndon LaRouche: The Empire Versus The Nations: Synarchism, Sport & Iran)

The globally expanding 'permanent genocide'

The planned mass bombing of Iran with a slowly spreading permanent poison has an eerie quality of irreversible permanence that affects the whole world.

The permanent effect of this poison reminds one of the method with which the Fast Flux Test Facility (FFTF) was 'decommissioned' recently in the state of Washington. America's billion dollar research facility for advanced nuclear power development and medical application of radioisotopes, which appears to have been the leading facility of its type in the world, was not just simply deactivated. It was permanently destroyed by drilling a large hole in its reactor vessel so that that the facility can never be reactivated. Thus, the leading edge facility that had been created with a promise for a brighter future was transformed in a single day from a national asset of great value into a 2-billion dollar cleanup liability (that some contractors no doubt will make a killing on).

We see the same trend towards permanent destruction unfolding with financier orchestrated dismantling of the U.S. auto, aerospace, and machine tool industries. The workers are put on the scrap heap. The production machinery is put on the auction block for pennies on the dollar of replacement value. The empty buildings are turned into amusement parks and so on. The damage that is thereby done is final, like a great building that is blown up with a nuclear bomb. There is a finality about these kind of insane actions. It's like a soldier shooting a man in the head. The damage cannot be reversed. It is the same with the DU-poisoning of the world. Once the radioactive particles are dispersed throughout the world they cannot be collected up. They are there to stay and they will keep on killing.

World War II was a clean war. When the war ended the killing stopped. That is no longer the case with the DU-wars. The killing continues when the war ends. 

The question has been asked why America would dump this deadly pollution into foreign lands when the pollution blows back to America itself? 

It doesn't make any sense to do this, does it? However, apart from the fact that war never makes sense, there is a reason behind the madness. The reason is the same for which America's industrial capacity is being rapidly destroyed and auctioned off. The reason is, and that seems hard to accept, that the USA has always been a thorn in the eyes of the imperial crowd ever since it was created. For as long as the USA existed the imperial circles of Europe have maintained a policy of intention to destroy the USA. The productive renaissance spirit that made America a great nation several times in its history, and the envy of the world, has been under attack many times since the nation was founded. The attacks were not only waged on the battle fields, but also culturally, and were cutting deep. But they never succeeded until now.

Now that it has become possible to run the attacks to destroy the USA from within with impunity. The complete destruction of the USA has yet be accomplished, but there is a powerful movement operating in high places to achieve that objective. 

The hidden destruction of the population of the USA with countless slow acting DU-consequences is evidently a factor in the imperial war to eliminate the USA as a sovereign renaissance nation.  The fact that the destruction of the USA is orchestrated directly from the old European imperial background is evident by the fascist background of the top people of the American leadership, who presently orchestrate the destruction of the USA's productive industries. The evidence for this is right out in the open. See the comprehensive WHITE PAPER by LPAC (LaRouche Political Action Committee) "Rohatyn: The French-Nazi Connection" (pdf file). Also see: Outsourcing Delphi:The Crime of Felix Rohatyn

Ironically, the American society is not committed to any meaningful efforts to stop the destruction of America, which people are told has become the new imperial world order. The DU-poisoning of the world falls perfectly within this framework, especially the blowback effect that brings a significant portion of the poison back to America. (See: Depleted Uranium, the Ultimate Crime Against Humanity)

It is the permanent nature, the irreversible consequences of the DU-bombing that should inspire the whole of mankind to see itself in the same light - as a target for destruction -, and thus cause it to stop the planned war against Iraq by all means possible. Nothing less than a full termination of war is required, because once the next war starts and the millions of DU-bombs evaporate their content into the atmosphere and the environment, the resulting, potentially 50-fold damage, cannot be reversed. Then the deed is done. What is done in the theatre of global uranium poisoning cannot be undone. 

If mankind fails in protecting itself by shutting down war, and war starts anew, a few of the high-minded imperials will then no doubt celebrate the massive bombing event with Champaign and cheers, while humanity slowly dies. 

Let us hope that our love for ourselves and one-another, and all that is human, is sufficiently wide and universal to cause us to act with all the resources of our humanity to prevent the planned doom. For millennia the human society has created institutions for war and sacrificed itself to them. The time has come to step up to higher ground and create institutions for peace and for human development beyond anything we have ever seen before, which we are capable of creating as human beings. The 1648 Treaty of Westphalia is a faint example of what can be accomplished for peace. After hundred years of war in which nearly half the population of Europe was killed society turned to a new page in 1648 and resolutely 'sacrificed' everything related to war for peace. Peace became the pearl of great value that superseded everything. That process became the foundation for modern civilization. It can be rebuild.

War is never inevitable, only peace is inevitable. When the nations that make war have exhausted their resources, peace always resumes. So it has been throughout time and will be for as long wars are unleashed. Thus, only one type of question remains to be asked today: Will the peace that resumes in our age be a silent peace without a human voice to be heard? The potential exists. Or will the resuming peace be an active peace, rich and alive with the sounds of joy? These are questions that should be on the table today.

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Rolf A. F. Witzsche, is an independent researcher, publisher, and author of eleven novels. The novels are focused on exploring the Principle of Universal Love, the principle that is reflected to some degree in every bright period throughout history with the added challenge for today to give our universal love an active expression in a type of ' Universal Kiss' for all mankind.

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