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Depleted Uranium
 and its Comet of Doom
Rolf A. F. Witzsche
June 3, 2006

Science Preface 
Touching the Unknown

One of the aspects that caused a strong reaction to this article when it was first issued was my daring to suggest that comets can be made of antimatter. The suggestion touched the heart of some sacred dogma. The reaction was about as strong as if one were to challenge the military dogma that depleted uranium weapons are harmless, the economy is strong, that war creates security, etc.. Some people might even suggest that antimatter itself is a myth.

Of course, antimatter has been proven to exist, contrary to old perceptions that put it into the real of science fiction. Since experiments in high-energy physics, such as with the CERN accelerator, have shown that particles can only be created in pairs of two, matter and antimatter, it follows that half of our galaxy must therefore be made of antimatter, including comets. It also stands to reason that because comets are not 'home made' in our solar system but appear to have originated in distant areas of the galaxy and were 'captured' by the Sun and swung around it in long elliptical orbits, that some of those distant origins might have been located in one of the antimatter arms of our galaxy. So we can't really say they don't exist, can we? We have to peel back a little the seal of old dogmas and make room for what we know must exist.

That's the beauty about NASA's space program. It exists to unseal some of the closed envelops of old doctrines and make room in them for new horizons. And that brings us to the question about comet 73P (SW-3) that broke up two orbits ago, in 1995, and had a spectacular close encounter with the Earth beginning on May 15. Was it made of matter or antimatter? And why should this question be important anyway?

It became important because of strange premonition by a psychic about a giant tsunami being caused on May 25 in the mid-Atlantic by an object from space impacting the Earth.

Well, here we have another closed envelop of dogma that state emphatically, psychic phenomena have nothing to do with reality and scientific logic. But maybe they do? If the date in the premonition would have been May 15, one would have to say's far too early for a fragment of comet 73P to reach the Earth since all the big fragments were known to pass us by at this time, by over 10 million miles. Likewise, if the psychic would have put the day into early June, one would have to say no again. The strange thing about his premonition is that on the stated date an impact by a small fragment from 73P was theoretically possible, and if that fragment was made of antimatter, a small fragment would have theoretically sufficed to cause the large tsunami the psychic perceived in a premonition at two different times months apart. Moreover, the psychic stated that he learned about comet 73P only after his premonition, and was surprised to know than an impact was actually possible.

Was he a liar? Probably not. Why would anyone stoop so low? So we have a paradox here. He knew something that he shouldn't have known. This paradox is as big as the paradox that comets can't be made of antimatter while we know in theory that half the galaxy must be made of antimatter in order to exist at all, according to our leading edge scientific discoveries and experimental proof.

The thing about dogmas is that they keep the mind closed and impose limits on exploration. For example we are told in so many ways that the waging of war is a natural element of our humanity, because we had wars for as long as history has been recorded. Indeed, how often has it been said in many ways: You want to to stop wars? Forget it, it can't be done. The envelop is closed.

However, what seems so totally impossible was once done in 1648 with a breakthrough based on discovered principles that gave the world the Peace of Westphalia that became the foundation for modern civilization. What the dogmas declare as invalid was done in 1648.

We have a need in our time to again peel back the seal of the dogma that cripple us, because we need to stop war in order to preserve our civilization and even to survive. For over fifty years society talked about getting rid of nuclear bombs. It hasn't happened. The bombs are still in the envelop. We say it can't be done. We are told not to worry, because nobody would ever be as insane to actually use them. Now we have put people in change who are insane enough, who have put the nukes on the table indeed.

Apart from that we have seen the nation of Iraq attacked, bombed, torn to shreds, and flooded with radioactive particles of uranium that have already encircled the planet with global consequences that are gradually coming to the surface with ominous forebodings. We have to scrap those weapons that poison the world, but we are told that we haven't seen anything yet. We are told that Iraq is just the beginning of the endless long war that has been planned, the 100 Years War. However, if the DU bombs that are pre-positioned in Korea give us an indication of things to come, we might see a 50-fold increase in the global DU-poisoning of the air and the environment that we might not survive in the long run. And again, we are stuck impotently in our envelop that tell us dogmatically that there is nothing that anybody can do to change the world. Are we surprised then that nothing is changing?

The article about the comet of doom of course is not about politics primarily. It is about challenging dogmas. An opportunity presented itself to do this, and not only because a psychic had presented a premonition of a natural catastrophe caused by a comet for a date at which this is theoretically possible, but also because the timeframe of the premonition coincided with rumours coming through the grape vine that the USA  was looking for an excuse to attack Iran. The preparations for war were said to have been targeted for completion by the middle to the end of May.

With this set-up a great opportunity presented itself to peel open the seal to the dogma which says emphatically that an individual person, or even society, can't do a thing to stop the movement to war that has been set in motion, and stop the 50-fold increase in the DU-poisoning of the world that appears to have been prepared to unfold with this war.

So what about it? Can the envelop of iron-cast dogmas be unsealed, and the dogma be challenged? That what the article is about. Let's open the envelop on psychic phenomena and see how much room their is. Likewise, let's open the envelope of the Big Bang cosmology envelope that is deemed sacred and untouchable, which tells us that comets are made of dust and ice and can't possibly be made of antimatter (see: An introduction to comets). We have to open this envelope, because there is something missing in there.

Something happened in Siberia in 1908 which caused an explosion that blew down thousands of square-kilometres of forest, and started fires 30 km from the site. Something had impacted the Earth from space that caused an enormous explosion that had been heard as deafening bang 500 km away, but had produced no impact crater? With the envelope to antimatter closed, researchers attributed the explosion to a stony asteroid of 50 meters in size impacting at 12 to 20 km/sec, causing enough of a shock to fracture the rock into tiny fragments. That's stretching the envelop a bit, isn't it? But if one opens the envelop to the other half of the galaxy the we theoretically know is made of antimatter, a different story becomes equally credible, perhaps even more credible  (see: Siberia Comet Fragment). 

Likewise the impacting fragments of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9  in 1994 were said to have been simply spectacular and beyond expectations. In the observed image the fireball of a single fragment of the broken up comet appears to be almost 10th the size up Jupiter itself. (see: 20 images of the event)  Again the question presents itself, of whether the observed event was that of kinetic explosion or involved an antimatter reaction. The antimatter Shoemaker-Levy 9 website shows the plume of one of the explosions reaching 9 million feet into the Jupiter sky. Why couldn't this have been an antimatter event? 

Just recently, when NASA's Deep Impact Mission fired a 800 pound projectile into the comet 9P/Tempel 1 on July 4, 2005 at an impact speed of 23,000 miles/hr., we may have has a confirmation that comets are not made of antimatter. NASA's SWIFT telescope did not register a gamma-ray burst that are expected to be present with an antimatter reaction, but the telescope did see x-ray emissions. With the antimatter envelop sealed, the x-ray emission is contributed to interaction of an expanding cloud of dust particles with solar winds. Most likely that is what we saw. But what draws the border between x-rays, gamma rays, and cosmic rays? Or is there room enough in the envelope for a possible, though not likely, Antimatter Deep Impact Event? Is such an event possible, visble in x-rays alone?

(more details at:


"In antimatter-matter collisions, resulting in photon emission, the entire rest mass of the particles is converted to energy. The energy per unit mass is about 10 orders of magnitude greater than chemical energy, and about 2 orders of magnitude greater than nuclear energy that can be liberated today using nuclear fission or fusion. The reaction of 1 kg of antimatter with 1 kg of matter would produce 1.8×1017 J (180 petajoules) of energy (by the equation E=mc˛). This is about 35 times as much energy as nuclear fusion of the same mass of hydrogen (fusion of two kg of hydrogen produces 5.2×1015 J), or as much energy as burning 6.2 billion liters (1.6 billion US gallon) of gasoline (the combustion of one liter of gasoline in oxygen produces 2.9×107 J). "
(See: )

What is described above is far greater that what has been observed about NASA's deep impact experiment. But does it prove that there is no antimatter in the solar system, possibly in the form of other comets?

"There is considerable speculation both in science and science fiction as to why the observable universe is apparently almost entirely matter, and whether other places are almost entirely antimatter instead, and what might be possible if antimatter could be harnessed. But at this time the apparent asymmetry of matter and antimatter in the visible universe is one of the great unsolved problems in physics."
  (See the above Wikipedia link.)
 (Also see:

It is certainly interesting in this context to note that the very comet 73P (SW-3) that came close to the Earth this May, is considered to be the brightest comet in x-ray emissions that has ever been encountered. While we haven't seen any high-energy gamma-ray emissions from the comets observed so far, as should theoretically result from antimatter/matter reactions, it could be possible that all we can expect from 'small' reactions with antimatter are x-rays, the less energetic phenomenon in the spectrum from x-rays to cosmic-rays. The observed x-ray phenomenon related to comet 73P seems to suggest that we might want to leave some room in the envelope of our doctrines for the possibility of antimatter comets, small as this possibility might be? 

NASA achieved wonders with the deep impact mission that is similar to shooting at a bullet in flight, but did it answer the fundamental question? Or did it open more questions than it answered? The impact seems to have proved that Temple 1 was not made of antimatter and that water ice actually does exist on the surface of a comet. The estimated kinetic energy released is said to have been about 5 tones of TNT and the result of the spreading dust cloud corresponded with that. The deep impact mission seems to have debunked the theory that all comets are made of antimatter. But can we say that none are? Do we know enough? Do we really know what an antimatter comet would have to look like? Would it look radically different?

The CERN website calls antimatter the mirror of the universe. The visual differences in comets might be slight.

 CERN website Briefing Room states that matter cannot be created without its antimatter counterpart:

"Many experiments have shown that you can only produce a pair, of particle and its mirror image, called 'antiparticle', at the same time. Nobody has ever observed the production of only particles, or only antiparticles." 

The CERN experiments give credence to the perception of the Milky Way Galaxy as balanced phenomenon (recognized in plasma cosmology) that is made of two spiral arms, one made up of matter and one of antimatter or "mirror" matter as CERN uses the term. Since the two spiral arms are 'closely' spaced it is not unreasonable to assume that antimatter comets might exist as abundantly as matter comets, both being remnants of distant planetary collision (or whatever the origin of comet might ultimately turn out to be).

However, there is an element of the 73P-story that is even more mysterious, which is not included in the Comet of Doom article. This story is based on the assumption that 73P is not antimatter. 

Scans from the flyby portion of NASA's deep impact mission have detected the presence of organic materials on Temple 1. It has long been suggested that life on earth might have been 'seeded' from out of space, billions of years ago. The discovery therefore supports the notion that the mysterious red rain that fell in a small area in India in the summer of 2001 (in one of the years when comet 73P crossed the earth's orbital path) might have been brought to earth by comet 73P. The red-colour rain turned out to contain an amazing biological phenomenon, an abundance of living red cells with thick cell walls, but without DNA, which nevertheless  are able reproduce and are able to live  at extreme temperatures . If comet 73P is related to that (which is unlikely, although possible) another big question mark appears on the horizon in conjunction with the May, 2006, close encounter of comet 73P.

Is that the kind of 'tsunami' that the psychic saw? We don't really know. Nor will we ever know. We know that psychic phenomena are real, though highly mysterious. Some have been used for crime investigation. Some premonitions have forecast events and saved people's life. In the world of science, however, the phenomenon is deemed not exist, because it cannot be explained or experimentally tested. There have been cases of people having 'sensed' loved ones being in trouble half way around the world, and that perception turned out to be accurate. Indeed, who hasn't had a 'hunch' about something that is about to happen without really knowing why, which turned out to be true, but remained unexplainable. But can we include it into the envelop of science?

In terms of mankind's 2.5 million year history, the development of science is so brief and new that we might have barely touched the fringe of it. What lies beyond this fringe is often deemed not to exist, even if some evidence of it exists, which we then call "mysterious." 

In some cases the mysterious evidence is physical and is in plain sight, such as in the case of the 2000 crop circles that mysteriously appeared in many parts over the world during the past few decades. We insist that the crop circles are manmade, while many are of a complexity that cannot be reproduced. A similar situation is encountered with the UFO phenomenon. Mysterious evidence abounds and has been photographed and filmed all over the world, but no one (to my knowledge) has ever touched and examined the physical thing or communicated with alien beings face to face. And so 'science' says that these phenomena don't exist in real terms.

'Science' does a lot of this these days. One example is the phenomenon of the radioactive nanometre-sized-particles of depleted uranium (DU) that are encircling the globe, mostly airborne. We know that particles smaller than the wavelengths of light have been measured, that were produced by DU-weapons (50% of the particles by mass are smaller than 290nm. There were to date a minimum of 2.5 million kilograms of uranium vaporized by the use of DU-weapons). 

Military 'science' says that DU is harmless while the evidence suggests the opposite. The evidence comes from horrible birth defects and childhood cancers and a half a million veterans suffering 'mysterious' debilitating illnesses. While we scientifically close the door to their possible connection with DU, we give the green light to the military to use more of these bombs. Evidence suggest that enough DU-bombs have been pre-positioned to potentially increase the already dangerous DU poisoning of our world by a factor of 50 in the next cycles of war starting with the bombing of Iran.

Is this what the psychic saw? This single factor all by itself is far bigger than any huge rock hitting the Atlantic causing a 200-foot high tsunami. The grapevine has been buzzing for months with rumours that the military preparations for a major bombing campaign against Iran had been targeted to be complete to mid May, 2006.

Political 'science' says not to worry, The politicians say that America won't do anything that will ultimately harm itself. But history tells us a different story, a story of a long standing imperial policy of intention to cause depopulation and world-control. And that is not just theory, but is backed up by a long string of stated commitments. (See: The Depleted Uranium Time Bomb: Part 3)

There are several more tsunamis unfolding, each of which could hit mankind more devastatingly than the vast natural catastrophe the psychic had described. All of these potential tsunamis are manmade and threaten to unfold as horrendous tragedies. (See: America's Self-imposed Sanctions - also see the three-part series: The Depleted Uranium Time Bomb)

An update, June 10, 2006, regarding astrophysical events.

A major meteor event was observed on June 2, 2006. A major meteor graced the Earth 20-40 Km above the ground in the mid-region of the stratosphere, where it burned up in a fireball that observers say appeared as large as the moon. A newspaper reports: "The fireball was seen from places as far afield as Brandon, Manitoba (more than 100 miles west of Winnipeg), northwestern Lake of the Woods (where it appeared to pass directly overhead), Orr, Eveleth, Duluth, the Lake Mille Lacs area and Danbury, Wisconsin.

The moon is 384,403 Km distant and 3476 Km in diameter. An object that appears of the same size at a distance of 30 Km would be 270 meters across (appr. an 80-story building). This is not a small object, but its approach wasn't 'seen'. If the object would have impacted vertically, is it would have if the approach had been farther South, or at a steep angle, it would likely have impacted the Earth and caused major damage, possibly greater damage than the 1908 event in Siberia. It might have also caused a giant tsunami.

Was it a a small antimatter event, then? Who knows with certainty what such an event would look like? Gamma rays are electromagnetic energy that would certainly affect the surrounding air similar to a microwave cooker. I think the antimatter 'envelope' is slowly becoming unglued as, for present time at least, it remains one of the great mysteries of the universe that the high-energy physics experiments, such as by CERN, have put on the table for mankind to deal with.

The point is that while the event was evidently unrelated to a fragments from comet 73P, because the observed trajectory did not match, one cannot say that major events of this type are not possible, simply because we cannot see the objects approaching far in advance. Ultimately, none of that really matters since we lack the physical resources to prevent natural catastrophes from occurring, even if we could see them coming far in advance. The same cannot be said about the manmade tragedies that are fully prepared to happen, that tend to be far greater in scope, more certain, and with a vast array of evidence visible, - which are easily preventable, - but which society cares too little about to prevent.

That's a paradox, right? We tend to go ecstatic over natural catastrophes that we cannot prevent, and then let the greater manmade tragedies happen that we have the capacity to prevent but don't do so. And that encompasses a vast arena that is far greater and more deep-reaching than the arena of natural catastrophes.

Since the 1950s imperial policies are on the table for the elimination of billions of people from the face of the planet. Those are policies with the intension to 'cull' the human population back to a billion people, or half a billion. Ironically, there are very few voices raised in opposition, much less steps being taken to prevent those policies from being implemented. The planned massive increase in DU-bombing appears to be a part of this policy. 

Even the ongoing physical, economic, and social destruction of the USA by policy causes few raised eyebrows in our modern world. The massive destruction of the USA by policy is a tragedy that is already in progress. It is causing more extensive damage than Hitler could have had inflicted with bombing attacks. The destruction of America by policy is hurting people daily all across the land, as for example in the shutdown of the US automobile industry and the auctioning off of its production machinery for pennies on the dollar or for scrap; or as in the shutdown of the healthcare infrastructure in the USA, and power and transportation infrastructures. 

The USA is run by a government that is committed, almost by its own admission, to the destruction of the nation, economically, financially, and with the now much lauded policy of The Long War that has been promised to last for 100 years. Even humanity as a whole is intensely challenged with the ongoing collapse of and the threatened disintegration of the world-financial system. We are on the road to the potentially most extensive financial disintegration of all times - worse than the one is 1345 that brought the house down over Europe and opened the door to the Black Plaque that wiped out half the population. Ironically there a few objections heard about this ongoing policy of insanity, and far fewer steps are being taken to prevent the widening of the tragedy that that few people will likely be able to survive if the tragedy is allowed to play itself out to its bitter end.

The prevention of these world-threatening tragedies is certainly possible by reinstating long established universal principles - principles of civilization - such as the Principle of the General Welfare and the Principle of Universal Love. But those are no longer on the horizon in today's imperial world of globalized looting, terror, starvation, and 'cultural freedom' (freedom from culture and trade free of fairness - free trade.) 

All evidence points to the fact that our greatest challenges, greater than any that mankind has ever been facing, come not from natural catastrophes over which we have no control, or even from the coming Ice Age or from the challenge to develop the vast energy resources of Nuclear Fusion, but come instead from our neglect in recognizing the principles of civilization -  the Principle of the General Welfare, and the Principle of Universal Love. All the impending manmade tragedies that we face, and will ever face - which today threaten to shut down civilization - are all secondary to that neglect. 

But why should the Principle of Universal Love be so hard to implement?

  I have written a series of novels - The Lodging for the Rose - to explore that question. The dimension of the Principle of Universal Love may be wide, agonizing, deep reaching, and most challenging in many ways, but it is not impossible to implement. Mankind has made many attempts in history to implement these principles between the time of the Renaissance and the later Treaty of Westphalia, as well as with the founding of the USA as the first true nation-state republic on the planet. 

While the the historic footsteps have been profound at times, the achievements have always been crushed again under the imperial boot. Nevertheless, the steps that have been taken along this line have always been brighter than the steps before, and more certain. This trend thus opens up the potential for us for a brightness in our future that supersedes anything we have seen in the past, if we care enough to implement its principles.

End of Preface

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Rolf A. F. Witzsche, is an independent researcher, publisher, and author of eleven novels. The novels are focused on exploring the Principle of Universal Love, the principle that is reflected to some degree in every bright period throughout history with the added challenge for today to give our universal love an active expression in a type of ' Universal Kiss' for all mankind.

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