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Resurrecting a Failed State
and how the emergency rescue of the U.S. auto industry relates to that

Rolf A. F. Witzsche - May 18, 2006

A failed state is one that no longer functions for the welfare of its people, but becomes a burden to society and a detriment to its existence. In recent years the global landscape has become increasingly littered with failed states so that the task has become urgent to understand the phenomenon and to find ways to resurrect a state that has failed.

Since this article has two elements - one is to understand the problem, and one to find a solution - let's begin by exploring the problem.

What causes a state to become a failed state?

The answer is somewhat surprising. The fundamental answer is: Empire! At the root of every failed state is the factor of Empire. 

An empire is not a state, but a private force that demands the increasing privatization of a nation's resources for the profit of a few that would normally be applied for the welfare of society. The empire-mode begins with the privatization of money. The history of the USA illustrates this point well.

The USA was founded as a sovereign nation and found its prosperity and its security by owning its own currency and its right to create financial credits for its self-development, for its industrialization, and for creating the needed infrastructures and so forth. Even before the USA was formed, the most progressive colonies operated as a credit society rather than as monetarist society as an imperial society is. For example the Bay Colony of Massachusetts had created itself financial credits as scrip to build an ironworks that in turn enabled the creation of all kind of other things that are necessary for the functioning of a society. After the founding of the USA that credit society principle was carried forward in the form of a national bank that extended long-term directed credit for the industrial development of the nation.

In contrast with the credit society principle stands the imperial practice of monetarism, that became a speculative process in modern years. It never was indented to be a constructive creative process, but always a looting process. Money became an estate, privately owned, to be lend out for profit. In a sense the monetarist empire that is all privately owned, became in effect the ruling 'state' of an essentially feudal society. Thus, society became enslaved to an empire, ruled by an imperial state. The welfare of society thereby became subjugated to the welfare of the private imperial owners of it. Of course the process doesn't work. Wealth isn't created by looting. Consequently to the degree to which this process is advanced, the state fails. It fails as it fails to serve the well-being of society.

In earlier ages the imperial state maintained itself by imposing its demands on other nations for the purpose of looting them, thereby creating failed states in the process. In the case of the Roman Empire, this extended looting was assured by the use of the military force of the Roman legions that bled the conquered nation dry until there was no strength left in them and the whole empire collapsed. In other empires the looting was achieved by private tax collectors operating under contract. In the case of India, the private contractors became the empire, the British East India Company Empire that essentially ruled India and looted it, In modern days the 'forced' imperial process is universalized. It's called globalization, which is in essence a new form of global feudalism by means of the imperial private central banking empire reaching across the world for the looting of it. Globalization simply means globalized looting. The globalized empire, or course, wrecks every nation that it touches. Private imperial financier monetarism doesn't exist for the economic development of the nations. It exists for the looting of them. It creates failed states and then takes then over, essentially as property.

The USA began to become a failed state when it allowed itself to become trapped into the imperial privatization process. The entrapment began on 1876 with the passing of the Specie Resumption Act which shut down America's credit society principle and replaced it with gold-based monetarism. But the deepest entrapment didn't happen until Christmas in 1913 when the nation gave its currency away with the Federal Reserve Act and placed it into the hands the private banking empire, together with its right for credit creation. Thereby USA ceased to be a sovereign nation and became a neo-feudal monetarist society, operating for the profit of the empire. The privatization of the nation's currency and credit creation effectively enabled the process by which the nation could be looted to the bone, and was so looted, and is still being looted. Society became enslaved by it. The principle of general welfare was thrown far out of the window. The nation existed from this point on primarily for the imperial welfare, and it still does so, to the point that wars are launched as in Roman times, which are designed to assure that the imperial welfare is maintained. All modern wars have been staged for this purpose, to protect the imperial welfare and to assure the continuity of empires. The society's own needs are secondary in the imperial mode of 'living' as we see this happening more and more in modern times.

Except, just as in Roman times, the endless looting of society doesn't work. No natural universal principle supports the process of feudalism. The pauperization of society that results, and the fascism of looting, destroys the very society that the imperial process feeds on. Thus the empire becomes a failed state by the nature of its process. The American Empire has in its short course of history totally destroyed itself by this process. The USA has thereby become world-class model of a failed state. Its productive industries are collapsing. Its skilled workforce is thrown unto the street and into slave wage jobs. Commerce gives way to crime. The infrastructures that were created to enrich the physical conditions of society are no longer being maintained and are crumbling into dust or are dismantled as expensive relics, or are privatized for profit. As a consequence some of the once most liveable cities in America have become death zones. In the shadow of this collapse more and more wars are leashed, together with the terrorism that excuses the wars. And the wars themselves have become wars for profit, wars that are not meant to be won, but are designed to keep the profit mill grinding and expanding. On this platform the USA became the world's largest debtor in all history with a combined debt load nearing fifty trillion dollars.

It is self-evident that an imperial system cannot be maintained as it is self-defeating. For this reason the empires have historically embraced the terror of fascism in gory spectacles of public executions in order to prevent society from extricating itself from the imperial mode of 'government.' History is littered with corpses of human beings on the pathways of the fascism of imperialism, while the process continues to the very day unabated. The inhumanity and the terror of fascism in their countless forms go hand in hand with the imperial mode of 'government.' Fascism is an element of imperialism, and always has been, and so are greed and ethnic hate.

Greed is not a natural element of humanity, but is an artificially cultured element that is essential for maintaining the imperial mode of society and for keeping society trapped in it. Hate becomes a tool in the service of greed. Hate serves the fascism of greed. It makes looting easier and wars possible. Nevertheless, as Adolf Hitler's fascist empire illustrated, even the most intense kind of fascism cannot prevent the collapse of the empty structure of the imperial mode of operation that fascism is designed to maintain. Fascism always upholds an 'empty' structure, a shiny facade with nothing behind it, a bubble of illusions that blow away with the winds, that pops like soap bubbles burst into a fine spray of droplets that have no resemblance with the shiny sphere that existed but a fraction of second before. No one can scoop up the droplets and put the bubbles back together again. 

So how does a failed society rescue itself from such a collapse? I should add here that a 'failed state' is essentially the lawful consequence of a failed society, a society that has failed itself in maintaining its civilization by understanding the principles that support civilization and a functioning humanist economy. The failed state that the USA has become is essentially the outcome of a failing society.

While imperial cultural warfare has contributed immensely to society's demise into a failed state, the cultural warfare imposition has nevertheless been voluntarily accepted, like a cup of poison that was offered to society that society took and drank to the last drop.

So, where does the resurrection of society begin?

The poisoned cup has created many symptoms. Will it be enough to treat the symptoms? Sure, in some cases emergency measures are required. For example if a wound has opened up that has become so deep that the blood is gushing out, a bandage needs to be applied. That is the kind of process that we see happening today with Lyndon LaRouche's proposal for a far reaching emergency legislation to save America's auto industry that happens to be rich in machine-tool capability, which is about become lost with plant closures and bankruptcies.  The emergency legislation would enable the retooling of much of that industry to repair, rebuild, and modernize the rapidly failing national infrastructures, like rail and water transportation systems, electric power system, even water supply systems, and so forth. The nation is in dire need to repair those systems that are now failing and upgrade them to the most efficient technological level possible. Nevertheless, all of that by itself, should it indeed be accepted by society and be applied, would still only be an emergency rescue measure. It would stop the blood from gushing out from the deep wound that the imperial disease has brought upon society, but it wouldn't cure the disease itself.

As it stands this legislative proposal is under attack, as one would expect the imperial forces to respond. It is being attacked with a counter proposal that suggests to forget the nation's need for rebuilding its infrastructures and instead revive the auto industry with government handouts to create ethanol motor fuel and ethanol powered cars as a substitute for fossil fuel powered transpiration. Ethanol is an alcohol fuel derived from distilling food products and bio-matter that normally goes into food products. In an already food-deficient world, the conversion of food into a motor fuel would amount to a crime against humanity all by itself, even if it did work. But it doesn't actually work. LaRouche exposes the proposal for the kind of desperate fraud that it is, by pointing out that it takes more fossil fuel energy input to create the ethanol than the ethanol would give back by burning it (see article: Ethanol Takes More Energy Than It Gives). The whole proposal turns out to be just another exotic imperial looting scheme instead of a sound economic measure that would increase the economic power and well-being of society. At the very least it would drive up the food prices (and profits) by creating artificial shortages. In fact, the proposed looting scheme is so insane that it will likely be accepted the Neocon-ruled legislature.

While nothing on this front has been decided yet, the above example does illustrate the depth of the challenge that society is facing in extricating itself from its insanity of playing into the games of the ever-insatiable imperial looting machine. The insanity has become so deep-reaching that even emergency situations are now perverted into profit opportunities without addressing the emergency itself, while making things worse. 

The imperial disease that causes this growing insanity needs to be cured at its root. The imperial mode that society has accepted to govern itself needs to be scrapped. This means dismantling the empires that demand this mode. The USA was originally founded to meet this need, to create a society that lives free from the impositions of empire. When the USA was created in America, far away from imperial Europe, it was created as a model state built on a humanist platform without the weight of empires dragging it down. This kind of pioneering effort stood behind the daring to create a New World on a distant continent, a world that was impossible to implement in imperial Europe. So it was that a 'star' was created in America with the help of Europe's brightest intellectual pioneers and with a lot of logistical support from some elements in Europe who understood the need for this breakthrough, as for example King Louis XVI of France and King Carlos III of Spain.

What succeeded in America, however, was not allowed in Europe to even get off the ground. In Europe the heavy hand of imperial power (primarily the imperial power of the British East India Company) shut down every dawning humanist renaissance development wherever it was found. It was drowned in blood by the fascism (then called synarchism) of the Jacobin terror in France and the subsequent military terror of Napoleon that ravished the whole of Europe. In the resulting rivers of blood the renaissance in Europe was crushed and prevented from sweeping the Old World. The rule of empire was thereby saved. 

Much of Europe was defeated by Napoleon, as the British had desired. Only the USA could not be defeated militarily as they had attempted repeatedly. Every attempt that had been made had failed. Eventually it became clear that the USA could only be defeated by defeating it from within, by quietly transforming the American society culturally into accepting the imperial mode of operation, the very mode that its founding fathers had successfully escaped from and had build safeguards against. 

The imperial effort to defeat the USA from within succeeded on the day before Christmas in 1913 when the USA gave the global imperial crowd its biggest Christmas present of all times by America surrendering its currency into the imperial hands, together with its right to create financial credits. By this defeat from within America lost the war against empire for the whole world. In the background of this defeat, the by-then long-planned 'big world war' could finally be unleashed, and was unleashed, that turned into two successive world wars that destroyed all the competing empires in Europe. However, ever so quietly, in the background of the fascism of these wars, America became an empire itself.

President Delanor Roosevelt had tried to prevent the fascist takeover of America by resurrecting America on its original foundation as a humanist renaissance nation. America's economic miracle under the leadership of President Delanor Roosevelt transformed the broken wreck of the American nation of the 1930s into the most powerful economy on the planet and the foremost defender of humanist liberty in the world. Still, it really wasn't a miracle that Roosevelt performed. He merely resurrected the nation from its its imperial death trap and placed it back onto the foundation of the fundamental humanist principles that it had been originally founded on. And even in this effort, Roosevelt failed in that he failed to overturn the root cause of what had nearly destroyed America, the rule of empire and the imperial structures that he left standing, like the Federal Reserve, that now continue to devastate America. Roosevelt failed in this regard in that he didn't overturn the imperial trap of the private central banking apparatus by scrapping the Federal Reserve system and formally replacing it with a national bank and a fully sovereign system for directed national credit creation.

With Roosevelt's own background in the imperial world, this final step might have seemed impossible for him to take. Consequently, as he died, everything that he stood for in terms of resurrecting the USA was shut down again and overturned, because the imperial structures had remained in place that could do this. Roosevelt's greatest fear for America, which he voiced in this State of the Union address in 1944, that America would become infiltrated by fascism and become a fascist nation, subsequently came true in short order after his death. By allowing this to happen the American society began to fail itself big time.

The downfall of America began with the Truman administration that reinstated the imperial mode in America fully. The fascist persecution in America that became known as McCarthyism, an anticommunist persecution, was really rooted in Truman's neo-imperial platform. Fascism was being enthroned rather than defeated. It was put on the landscape to stay and to become the new face of America. 

The NSA (National Security Agency) and its operational arm the CIA were created in 1947 to project this new (fascist/imperial) face across the world. Actually the term. National Security Agency was a misnomer, because the intent was to ensure imperial security, not national security. The imperial security runs opposite to the interests of society, both at home and abroad. In a sense the NSA started America's Third World War, which became America's covert war against the Third World nations. 

Officially the covert war against the Third World was launched to fight communism. In practice the Covert World War was designed to secure the interests of the imperial society. It is said that over 9000 major covert operations were carried out against the Third World in which over six million people were murdered, directly and indirectly, primarily to uphold and enforce imperial rule across the Third World, primarily against the small nations that lacked the means to defend themselves. Elected governments were overthrown in the course of this secret war, replaced with puppet regimes and secret police forces that kept the puppets in power, while mercenary death squads terrorized other targeted societies into submission. At times also some nations were militarily invaded in the course of the imperial war against the Third World, as for example Vietnam. Terrorism was often pre-staged to justify these open wars.

In the mean time the rule of imperial terrorism and its war against mankind has spread in ever widening circles around the globe, and with it came the self-destruction of the American nation from within. In the wake of the widening circles of looting for profit nothing much works anymore that was once designed to protect society, such as the heath care system that is now an engine for profit, or the civil defence system that protect society from natural disasters such as floods and hurricanes that has likewise become a profit engine. The incentive is no longer to stage a fast and effective response, but to keep the response slow and drawn out to keep the profits flowing, just as the wars are kept smouldering to keep the profit engines going. The Katrina disaster created huge profits for the oil company giants under the guise of supply scarcity, and more so the very threat of a war against Iran even in times of a glut of supplies. The imperial welfare schemes are killing society with commodity price gouging that is becoming increasingly unaffordable.

Even America's Space Program is dying, which was once the inspiration of the world with astronauts driving vehicles on the moon and bringing back samples, or staging the Hubble Space Telescope in orbit that enables mankind to observe the universe in operation with a clarity and reach that borders on the miraculous. All of this is fast becoming lost with the nation's resources being swallowed up by the profit engines of the war machine.

The Space Program has been so strangled to death that America no longer has the means or the will to service the Hubble Space Telescope which needs to have its  batteries and steering gyros replaced periodically. The funding for this maintenance work has been denied that would have kept the instrument going until the end of its design life when its replacement, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) would come into service that is presently delayed and won't be launched until 2013, if indeed it will ever be launched. Instead of the Hubble being maintained until then, it its scheduled to be buried when it ceases to function for the lack of maintenance. The billion dollar instrument that took years to develop and year to upgrade to peak efficiency, will be de-orbited and crashed into the ocean, and with it mankind's eye to universe that revolutionized human knowledge of the universe that our world is a part of, becomes 'blinded' again. In a sense mankind is shutting down what most defines its humanity, its quest for discoveries that are the foundation for its future resources. And we, at the present time, are spearheading this shutdown of our humanity. Shouldn't we reverse this self-disabling trend that closes the door to our future and shut down war instead?

It seems that America's entire future is being scrapped for the sake of war. The Space Program is only one arena in which the advance of science is being chocked to death, which incidentally has always been the imperial objective in order to keep society impotent and obedient as in feudal times. It is now openly admitted by the PNAC ideologues and their Neocon stooges that neo-feudalism is the chosen future for society with war remaining on the agenda unrestrained, together with terrorism, looting, slavery, torture, and imperial domination (see: Private Armies, Captive People).

So, how can we resurrect the USA? The answer is obvious. Since it the USA has become a failed state by society's unwitting embrace of the imperial mode of government, the resurrection of America needs to begin with society extracting itself from this death trap. 

America's freedom begins with society scrapping the imperial mode of governing itself and reinstating universal humanist principles. Nothing less will work. Band Aid measures to cover up the worst symptoms won't suffice for what needs to accomplished. 

The failures of Band Aid measures was well illustrated when the Church enquiry into the NSA wars unveiled some of the unspeakable atrocities that were carried out in the Third World. The stench that came out into the open was so bad that the NSA was nearly shut down. But it was rescued. The imperial powers would allow the shutdown to happen, as one would expect. Working piecemeal to suppress the symptoms of a failing society won't accomplish anything in terms of curing the disease that caused the symptoms. Focusing on little single issues takes the focus off the real issue, which is the issue of empire. Unless this issue is addressed all the efforts to address the little issues with Band Aid measures must ultimately fail.

One historic precedent.

So far this essential task of shutting the imperial mode down in its entirety has been accomplished only once in modern history. It was accomplished with the founding of the USA itself as a non-imperial humanist-renaissance nation. Fortunately it shouldn't be too difficult to re-establish what has already been founded and still exits. The USA and the principles that it was founded on do still exist. The USA has not yet been formally abolished in the manner as the USSR has been abolished in the last session of its Supreme Soviet. Communism was an imperial creation conjured up in the chambers of Lord Palmerston and his agent David Urkuhart, delivered to Russia as a Trojan horse at the hands of Karl Marx. Communism was primarily designed as an imperial weapon that was fielded to cause Russia to fail. Indeed, after struggling with it for 3/4 of a century Russia did fail, perhaps without the leadership ever realizing why the union failed. The Soviet Union was voted out of existence by the Supreme Soviet. Rather than recognizing the imperial root of the failure that was destroying the union, and correcting that failure, and educating society about this failure, the leadership of Russia voted to rescind the declaration that initially formed the Soviet Union. From this day on the Soviet Union existed no more and the country opened itself legally to imperial looting. The same didn't happen in America. The USA still exists. Its Founding Principles and its Constitution still exist as the law of the land and will always exist. 

The only thing that happened in America is that the USA's Founding Principles have been increasingly ignored to the point that its Constitution has been denounced by the nation's highest officer as but an irrelevant "goddamn piece of paper." That is the lowest so far that America has sunk. It has renounced its very nature, but the USA as an 'institution' hasn't rescinded itself yet.  The USA's Founding Principles and its Constitution that reflects these principles, still exist. They remain in force as the 'law' of the land above anyone's whim. They only need to be reinstated again in practice to resurrect the nation. That shouldn't be too hard to do, should it? There in nothing in the USA's founding platform that supports the nation's current transformation of itself into an imperial, fascist society. What the USA pretends to be today is an unconstitutional, illegal, unprincipled, imperial abomination with roots that go back to greatest treachery of all times that occurred in 1913, which has its own roots in the European emporium that demanded the treachery.

The reason for America having become a failed society is its 'obedient,' gradual, stepping away from its founding platform, from its humanist renaissance platform. If the American society were to become determined to reverse that deeply fundamental failing, the entire complex knitting that has made America an imperial society would become unravelled all the way back to the last inch.

Many people have suggested that America might be saved from self-destruction if only the NSA could be abolished, or if only the Federal Reserve could be abolished. But it hasn't happened, has it? It hasn't happened, because it can't happen that way. It won't happen unless the American society rededicates itself to its founding platform, a platform devoid of even a trace of empire. When this rededication happens all of the imperial structures will become abolished automatically in on the flow of this one single step.

Will we see the day of this happening? 

Perhaps we will see it. It all depends on how seriously society is interested in its own survival that would cause it to take the steps necessary for its revival as a humanist renaissance society. The blueprint for this to happen is already established, and this blueprint incorporates the universal principles that uplift and support civilization universally. Herein lies the great value of the founding of the USA to the world. Its platform of principles for the general welfare of society is the pinnacle achievement of some of the greatest humanist pioneers of the most profound renaissance period in history. And those pioneers themselves stood on the shoulders of the brightest pioneers in human history, all the way back to Homer in Greece and possibly beyond that in Egypt. The founding platform of the USA is therefore not merely a collection of arbitrary rules, but is the culmination of the pinnacle-achievements of mankind itself throughout all history. It is a founding platform that the whole world needs to defend and adopt for itself, and needs to help America to rediscover itself with, in which the humanist face of mankind is established and brought to light as nowhere else. 

The whole world needs to be a part of this humanist reawakening process, because the global landscape has become tragically littered with failed states; states that embrace the imperial world; states that are destroyed thereby. The whole world needs to become a part of this universal resurrection, because if this resurrection fails, society's survival as a whole is in jeopardy. With war becoming universally destructive in the age of nuclear weapons and depleted uranium bombs and other DU warfare, the effects of war become global and permanent, and possibly more severe than what we can presently image or dare to think about. 

The age of war is truly fast coming to an end as the consequences of war are becoming increasingly unsurvivable. One way or another the age of war is coming to a close. The only question that remains is whether civilization and possibly the human journey itself will end with it. Society's self-resurrection from its currebt entrapment in the imperial mode as a failed society - its universal resurrection on the already established humanist renaissance platform - can accomplish that.

We are standing at the crossroads in this age with the need to choose survival on the brightest platform ever developed, or else we will choose certain doom that is assured by the imperial mode of living should society fail to shut this mode down, which it cannot survive.

If mankind fails itself at his critical juncture and remains stuck in its now accustomed imperial mode, it cannot survive, because it cannot survive war in the long run, nor can it create the economic resources in an imperial world that it will require to survive the return of the Ice Age that's on the not so distant horizon. It won't be a small task in the years to come for a world-population of 9-10 billion to maintain itself with food resources derived from indoor agriculture when the Ice Age global cooling disables the traditional agriculture that has been mankind's mainstay throughout the entire interglacial period. The necessary kind of infrastructures for global indoor agriculture cannot even be imagined yet fully. The kind of economic strength that is required to create and maintain those infrastructures is not something that one can pull out a hat at a moment's notice. It takes a century of development to create that strength. It is self-evident therefore that none of that development is possible under the imperial mode of living, a mode of war and fascist greed and the privatization of all of society's resources for profit.

We need a resurrection from the current failed state of society's self-perception in order to survive in the long run. And we need the breakthrough now! We don't even know for certain if we can survive the next war that is already planned, the war against Iran and North Korea with nuclear weapons on the table and a possible 50-fold increase in depleted uranium warfare. If we miraculously survive the devastation that this war threatens to bring, there won't be enough strength left in society to meet the economic requirements to protect society against the future Ice Age that some say might begin in a hundred years, or sooner, if indeed the transition hasn't indeed already begun. Some say that we have a thousand years yet for that, or more, but can we risk the fate of mankind with a gamble that might prove wrong in hundred years with no chance to make up for lost opportunities. The point is we stand at the crossroads already at which the future is going to be determined, one way or another. And another thing is certain, namely that if society fails itself be failing to meet the unavoidable requirement imposed by the coming Ice Age, mankind will die back to a minuscule presence by default.

We came out of the last Ice Age after 2.5 million years of development with a minuscule presence of 1-10 million world population. That was all that the meagre agricultural potential that prevails in an Ice Age could provide for. Without the technology of efficient indoor agriculture and the economic strength that is required to support the needed infrastructures, the human presence might indeed die back, possibly to a 100 million population at the very most, if indeed mankind might not collapse totally, being overcome by starvation and disease in a radioactive poisoned environment. 

During mankind's 2.5 million year journey across more than 20 ice ages, seven major human species have already become extinct, one of which (the homo erectus) had prevailed for 1.5 million years before it became extinct in probably one of the many ice ages. Compared to that, we the homosapiens are relatively young on this Earth, with a history that goes back a meager 200,000 years. If we continue to loose our humanity in the imperial trap as we do in the current age, especially a the critical juncture that we are at today, another human extinction may be on the horizon and that might be the last one. That's frightening, right? It certainly gives a new meaning to the need for a resurrection from our present failed-society status.

The resurrection of mankind of course should have a greater cause than being driven merely as a matter of necessity, because as human beings we are a marvel in this universe; a marvel among marvels. This alone should inspire a profound love for one another, even a love of ourselves as human beings and a love of our innate humanity. So it may ultimately be that love, our universal love as human beings, might yet power the needed resurrection of humanity before the point of no return is crossed. 

Here is one final set of questions.

Will you be an active part of the movement to create this vital resurrection renaissance? Will you do what is necessary to protect civilization and the future of humanity? And will you ask yourself if what you are willing to contribute is enough to reach the goal that must be reached/

With your answer to these questions may rest the fate of mankind.

Rolf A. F. Witzsche, is an independent researcher, publisher, and author of eleven novels. The novels are focused on exploring the Principle of Universal Love, the principle that is reflected to some degree in every bright period throughout history with the added challenge for today to give our universal love an active expression in a type of ' Universal Kiss' for all mankind.

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