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Iraq being the Beginning,
is China to be the End?

Rolf A. F. Witzsche
June 18, 2006

In the days after 9/11, CIA Director James Woolsey warned to get ourselves ready for a coming potentially Hundred Years War.

That war became policy, a policy that had already been unfolding since 1991.

Iraq was the beginning (Dessert Storm - Dessert Shield). That beginning hasn't ended. Afghanistan became added as another milestone in the policy of endless war.

In 2005 the US Secretary of Defense affirmed the policy of endless war at the Wehrkunde meeting in Europe, where he called the policy, "The Long War."

Later, US President, Bush, erased all hopes that this might not be so, by saying with a smile that "Iraq is just the beginning." 

The President never said that the end of war is sight, but offered a long list with names of countries that he described as empires of tyranny, reminiscent of the " axis of evil" designation, that fall into the sphere of his endless war.

LaRouche is obviously right when he pointed out in a seminar that the planned attack on Iran has nothing to do with Iran, or weapons of mass destruction, or fighting terrorism, by suggesting in essence:.

It had nothing to do with Iraq. 
It had nothing to do with Afghanistan. 
There was no reason to go into Iraq. 
There was no reason to go into Afghanistan. 
There is no reason to go into Iran now. 

  The targets of this policy are 

China, Russia, and other countries 

countries of Africa, as well.

He suggests that those big countries, China, Russia, and possibly India, would be the real targets of intention of Dick Cheney and others in the United States when they start the next phase of war that is set to open with probably a three-day total aerial attack on Iran, 'shock and awe style,' orchestrated from the U.S. fleet (three aircraft carriers groups), from B-2 bombers,  B-52 bombers, and missiles and so forth, reigning destruction on Iran. (North Korea might be a parallel target.)

In Korea a report was issued on December 23, 2005, that 2.7 million depleted uranium bombs have been stockpiled in South Korea and 300,000 more in Japan. (Twice as many might have been propositioned for Iran.) The depleted uranium bombs are called DU bombs. They should be called dirty uranium bombs, because uranium in any form remains radioactive, and upon impact the DU bombs vaporize their uranium contents into particles smaller than the wavelengths of light, which lets them travel with the air currents, some to encircle the globe.

Actually LaRouche never said that China would be the end of the line of targets. Instead he suggested that there is one more target on the list.

In his keynote address to the June 9, 2006, Washington DC webcast seminar, Mr. LaRouche presented evidence that there is in fact a policy of intention  in force to destroy the United States from within. However, what he says there seems to conflict with America's earlier policy of the 100-Years War, because the destruction of the USA from the inside, as a functional nation with a functioning productive capacity, appears to come to a head already, together with the world-financial collapse probably before September this year. 

It seems that to accomplish the stated goals, the "Long War" policy will have to be compressed into the timeframe of the next three months. 

The idea is frightening. It seems to have frightened the French Navy already. The French Navy evidently got cold feet and called its aircraft carrier group home, from the waters near the Iranian coast.

Actually the French withdrawal doesn't make a great deal of difference in the overall game. When the bombing starts and the final target of the Long War will be decimated, everything else will become meaningless. 

The real final target has been declared long ago by a number of people. LaRouche brought the declarations of that final target repeatedly to the foreground over of many years. The final target is evidently mankind itself. Within the imperials circles exists a long-standing policy of intention to extensively depopulate the Earth of its human 'pest' - its "cancer" as some have put it.

This goal is presently set up to be realized. It has never been possible before to reach this goal as it is possible today. For the first time, perhaps in all history, the nuclear bombs have been taken out of the strategic strong box and put on the table for Iran, and possibly for North Korea too. Nobody knows how Russia, China, and India will respond. When the war starts they will have to defend themselves, being on the target list. Nobody can predict what the outcome from this adventure will be in a world brimming with 30,000 to 40,000 nuclear bombs, most standing ready for instant use? 

And if the nukes don't get us, the economic collapse of the world in the wake of the ongoing global financial collapse will take us down. And if that doesn't do it, the countless religious wars, civil wars, and ethnic wars, that are mostly already set up, will take the house down of society and put the world into a century-long Dark Age from which mankind won't easily recover. 

Most likely all of the factors will all hit together. They will hit with a combined force that has the potential to reduce the world population to less than a billion, as appears to be planned. If that won't do it, the depleted uranium radiation will drive the last nail into the coffin, since the potential for a 50-fold increase in uranium pollution is already pre-positioned, to vastly increase the amount that is already polluting the world today from the last three wars. Since the uranium radiation that is planned to be injected into the global atmosphere has a half-life of 4.5 billion years, the DU pollution will keep on killing people long after the last bombs have been dropped. Thus, the true meaning of the term ,"The Long War," is at last beginning to emerge.

We have a Shakespearian tragedy unfolding here of gigantic proportions, a new Hamlet with an outcome that even Shakespeare couldn't imagine. But the irony is the same. Hamlet saw the onrushing destruction of his nation, but as a moral coward he failed to act by not addressing the key danger that threatened the nation of Denmark, and by this failure he got himself caught up in a web that assured his demise and the fall of his country. However, the real tragic figure behind Hamlet was the nation of Denmark as it failed in its smallness to demand justice from their prince and decisive actions to rally a defense of the country against the invading foe. Thereby, by its smallness, the society in the play of Hamlet had failed itself and allowed a tragedy to happen that could have been avoided.

The greatest calamities that mankind has ever endured were manmade tragedies that could have been avoided, but were allowed to unfold by the inaction of small-minded people. Today, we have a US Congress and Senate stacked to the brim with Hamlet type cowards who fail to remove those rulers from power who by their own words and actions have shown their commitment to bring about the destruction of the nation and the world. But the ultimate tragic figure again, is society that stands aside while insanity rules and allows the destruction of society to happen.

An old poem comes to mind in this regard that I and my friends learned to recite as school children back in Germany more than half a century ago. I don't remember the author of the poem or the title. It is a poem about about the four winds. The verses of the poem are their dialog with each other, where the question is posed, where shall we get together? 

Let it be midnight, says one of the four winds. Let us meet in the chasm of the great gorge, says the other. Oh, tet us meet at the place of the great bridge, at the center span, says the third. Yes, let's have our dance there, says the forth wind, lets get together and make the whole bridge 'dance' with us when the midnight train steams across it with the last people returning home, and let's make this a dance with the air filled with fire. 

And so it was done. From that moment when the plane was decided the winds became actors in the plan. The plan was in control of them and their actions. They met at the precise moment when the train was on the bridge and, and as the plan defined, the steel of the structure was ripped apart in their whirl-dance filled and the air was filled with the fire of the falling train.

The poem of the four winds is being orchestrated again today by four men or groups of men that have become actors in a common plan of pure evil. 

One of the four carries the wind of the nuclear weapons madness, such as the US President who has put the US nukes on the table to be used against Iran. 

The second person carries the wind of the dirty-uranium-bomb madness, a wind of millions of DU bombs that already standing ready for use. The Secretary of Defense may be the power behind this wind.  

The third person carries the wind of the economic destruction of the USA by the eradication of the nation's productive industry, the automobile industry, the aircraft industry, shutting down plants, throwing the skilled labor on the scrap heap, selling off or scrapping the nation's machine-tool inventory to prevent a recovery. That's in progress now, proceeding in a high-speed drama. The man of this type of wind has been identified by Lyndon LaRouche in a nationally distributed While Paper as the synarchist banker Felix Rohatyn. But this man stands not alone. LaRouche points out that he is but a pawn like many others that are looting the world in the wind of the globalization of imperial power, the wind that has destroyed the world financial system and flooded the world with debt and worthless financial aggregates, that has ruined and impoverished many nations in a continent-wide sweeps and created a system of private financial power across the world that is now by its own destructive looting systemically bankrupt and ready to pop.

The last actor of the four, the one that carries the forth wind is an actor that is devoted to the destruction of the farming sector of the USA. His game is the ethanol detonator, an insanity that the nation has been taught not to question, but to love. Nevertheless it remains an act of insanity to convert the food resources in a starving world, such as the valuable protein or corn, into an expensive and useless motor fuel that takes more power to produce than it gives back, while it devours vast chunks of agricultural resources, land, water, fertilizer, sugar, and so forth. The actor that carries this advanced insanity to destroy the food security of the U.S.A. and the world, has many faces and runs many other games. He is the one most-honoured in the great houses of 'prostitution' such as the U.S. Congress and Senate and wherever else money buys the 'services of the willing' for whatever 'deeds' may be demanded. 

However, there one other 'artist' associated with the poem. He is the man who writes it. He is the master of the poem; the orchestrator of the four winds; then man in the shadows who masters the outcome; who writes the lines. This man has been identified years ago by Lyndon LaRouche as being none other than Vice President Dick Cheney whom LaRouche identified as one man who must be removed most urgently from his position of power by impeachment or by being requested to resign. LaRouche warns that the man's removal is necessary to save the USA and mankind from the already beginning New Dark Age in which the world population might rapidly dwindle below a billion people. The name and face of this master of the hellish forces appears on many of LaRouche's LPAC pamphlets.

Many people see the 9/11 tragedy as a simple foreplay of the master-tragedy that is now beginning to unfold. It seems as if the master's final checklist for the big play is already on the table, with the master calling the players:

Wind Number One, are you ready? - Yes, sir, the nukes are authorized, they are in place, and the resolve to use them is stronger than ever. - Good boy!

Wind Number Two, are you ready? - Yes, sir! Three aircraft carrier groups are standing by; twenty B-2 bombers are ready to go; fifty B-1B bombers are staged around the world; more than two hundred B-52 bombers are prepared for work horse duty; ten million DU bombs, with acres of DU fuel-air bombs and anything else than you can imagine are all pre-positioned, including missiles of all types and cruise missiles. The ships, planes, war engines, and the endless supply lines are ready, sir!. Ready for you command, sir! - Good boy! Good boy!


Wind Number Three, are you ready for the dance? - Yes, sir! We are ready! The America that world knew and had respected no longer exists. It no longer exists as a sovereign nation; it no longer exists as an economic power; and it no longer exists as a viable military power, except as an air-power for this last show.  - Good boy! Very good!

Wind Number Four, are you ready as you promised you would be? Yes, sir, indeed; we are ready! America no longer exists as a moral force committed to sanity. It no longer has functional institutions, from the smallest trade union to the Presidency. - Excellent achievement! We're ready to proceed then.

And so we come to the present day. The master of the 'poem' is watching the clock for the midnight hour when the 'train' enters the bridge.

It is not too late even now to disrupt the 'poem' by removing the master of the script from his post. LaRouche suggests that the midnight hour might be determined by the speed with which the world-financial system is reaching the stress point at which the great financial bubble pops like a soap bubble floating in the wind. When this happens it will pop into a fine spray that nobody can put back together again, which threatens to ruin every empire. The 'poem' of the four winds is designed to take mankind down in the shadow of the event when the bubble pops, so that the empires can re-assert themselves over a decimated society. LaRouche puts the timeframe for this to happen between now and September. The four winds are ready. The master of the 'poem' has received the final instructions from his superiors: Do not flinch! Do not allow any of the actors to flinch!

The only factor that is not a part of the poem, is society. It is not mentioned at all in the poem. Will society awake before the midnight hour? Will it rip up the poem, fire the master of it, deflate the wind, dismiss the actors? Or will the train enter the bridge to the future with humanity fast asleep while the winds are commencing their firry whirl of a deadly dance, followed by cries, crashes, rumblings, that soon fade into a deep silence without a voice.

Thus society becomes the tragic element once again. Ah, but maybe not this time. Maybe the poem of our age will not end in tragedy. There is still hope! There is hope for the simple reason that the outcome rests in our hands, in the hands of us all. No natural principle in the universe requires that a representative Congress and Senate needs to be a 'house of prostitution.' Nowhere is it written in the U.S. Constitution that society lacks the means for its common defense. To the contrary, the Construction mandates the common defense of the nation to assure its continuity and the continuity of its republic.

Prepared on Father's Day, dedicated to all the fathers in our world.


About LaRouche - the American economist and statesman that has become a legend in our time in the fight to advance civilization, protect mankind, and create a new renaissance: 

" We are at a point in world history. 
At the present time, the international monetary financial system
of the world is in the process of disintegration. That does not mean the end of the world. It means that we either make certain changes, or this
planet will go in fact into a prolonged new dark age, comparable
to what happened to Europe during the middle to late part of the
14th century." (LaRouche, June 15, 2006)

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