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The Morgellons Fibre Disease
known in China as strongylus monospinigerum

The newest page in the history of diseases

The mysterious Morgellons Fibre Disease might be an example of a mutation that should have never happened, but is now a worldwide tragedy (See world map) and might be the beginning of a whole new trend. The disease presents us with the strange case of a bacterial mutation with a simultaneous parasite mutation, their symbiotic linkup, and the production of filaments and gels in the body that are not biological in nature. 

The disease is both quite new and highly mysterious. According to a report it is carried into human biology by nematodes that are tiny wormlike parasites that might have been originally engineered for pest control. By mysterious circumstance that no one can explain, the nematodes have become the symbiotic host for 'bacteria' that are said to have been engineered to synthesise fine fibres for the textile industry. For some strange and unexplained reason the biologically engineered nematodes got away from pest control and developed a liking for human flesh. 

Unfortunately, the mystery doesn't end here. Most doctors strangely lost interest in their duties and literally refuse to treat the disease. They tell their patients that they are delusional, suggesting that their suffering is all in their head, and that the evidence that the patients see doesn't exist.

Why would they do that? It isn't that the Morgellons Fiber Disease (MFD) is the only parasitic disease known. Malaria is a parasitic disease that has been plaguing mankind since the begging of time. The malaria parasite feeds on a person's liver and destroys it, while the Morgellons parasite uses materials available in the human body and produces fibers that infest it. The evidence is found in abundance in open sores and is in many cases 'growing' right out of the skin. While malaria had been treated successfully at one time, the Morgellons Fiber Disease isn't even acknowledge to exist. Maybe there is a link between the two phenomena.

Mararia had been once almost wiped out with the use of the DDT pesticide. This remarkable success might have been the hidden reason for which DDT was banned under political pressures from powerful imperial lobbying groups. Many charges were brought against the DDT pesticide before the  EPA (the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) in an effort to ban the use of DDT.  During the course of the hearing in which DDT was on trial all charges of condemnation were countered with contrary evidence, to the point that the EPA's own scientists recommended that DDT be exonerated. Nevertheless it was banned.  The head of the EPA revealed in later years that the banning of DDT was pushed through for purely political reasons. One of the people that argued for the DDT ban stated poignantly that he wanted it banned, "because it enables too many people to live." Later statistics support his claim. Soon after the ban was enforced, malaria came back in full force. There are now over 300 million people infected globally. Since most of these people live in poor countries that cannot afford expensive treatment, becoming infected with malaria is a slow acting death sentence. Before the ban DDT was used to control the carrier mosquito. Now the mosquitoes are back and the parasite is given free reign to eat up the people's liver until they die. Why would anyone do this?

The answer becomes obvious if one considers the other function that was once fulfilled by DDT, which was pest control for agricultural protection. Effective pest control had increased crop yields around the world. Ah, but here we run unto the same old factor again. that DDT "enabled too many people to live." 

The DDT ban was pushed through in 1972 against the background of the growing genocide movement that came out of the 1960s with the song its lips that" the Earth had cancer and that cancer is man." This atmosphere in high places for genocide was later reflected in 1974 in the National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM200) in which the National Security Adviser defined third world population growth as a national security threat for the USA. The reason given was that the third world nations, if they would be allowed to develop normally, would use up their regions' natural resources (which he argued must be preserved for the future use by the USA). The DDT ban became a first daring step in the fast unfolding imperial genocide project.

What has this to do with Morgellons Fiber Disease?

The link is somewhat hidden. The peak year for DDT use in the USA was 1959 with 80 million tons applied in agriculture. By the time it was banned in 1972 the volume had already declined to 13 million tons, and most of that was used by the cotton industry. Suddenly the cotton industry was delivered a shock: It's miracle pesticide had been banned. In order to fill the gap biological pest control parricides were engineered, such as the nematodes that now carry the fibre producing 'bacteria' into people's lives by way of infested cotton products. Obviously, this jump from the cotton fields to becoming a human disease shouldn't have happened. But it did happen, and raises so touchy political issue. The issue is that an honest investigation would invariably unravel the whole spider web of intentional genocide via the DDT ban, implicating likewise the NSSM200 policy that was created at the highest levels on government. Obviously this widely interlocked spider web is a far too exotic a subject for anyone to touch. It appears almost as if the medical field was warned or coerced not to touch this subject, but to deny it and to cover it up.  Consequently the suffering patients with Morgellons Fibre Disease (MFD) are generally told "it's all in your head" you are suffering from a delusion. One sufferer produced an extensive picture gallery of the physical evidence that doctors keep telling him is a delusion called parasitosis. It is amazing that medical professionals can term this disease a delusion. As one sufferer has put it, "a delusion does not create painful sores all over ones body that can take over one year to heal," and is so highly infectious that it quickly spreads across an entire family and also to friends that come into contact with the sufferer.

I am certain that the infected person wished it was a delusion. He photographed the fibers, even those that he found in his blood.

Ah, but more exotic than this thinly veiled cover-up project, is the way in which the nematodes came into people's home, and still do. Some researchers found the nematodes attached to cotton products in which they are nestled, encased in cocoons built of fibres produced by the fibre-making 'bacteria' that the nematodes carry. It appears as if random biological proliferation had suddenly changed both the bacteria and the nematode, and that the process of proliferation was suddenly put into high gear. 

Once in the human system the 'bacteria' or whatever produces the fibers, become highly prolific and active in extruding those fibres made in several colours that can be seen sticking out of wounds, or even out of the skin, while the nematodes become parasites likewise and live in the human host.  

We are told in a medical report: that both the bacteria and the nematodes are extremely hard to get rid off. They cling to clothing, and if not removed re-infect a person even after the clothes were washed. To be effective (hopefully), clothes need to be boiled for 13 hours, or heated and cooled repeatedly.

To date the disease has not become fatal  except by suicide. The symptoms are extremely painful with an ever-present sensation as if something is crawling under the skin. Some people might actually wish that the disease was fatal. (See fibre disease blog

The disease is also so new that most doctors and labs have no record of it and lack the detailed knowledge to identify it (see: Bizarre Truth). The U.S. Center for Disease Control said that it will start an investigation of the disease, perhaps to add to the cover-up. A number of people have done research privately since the authorities are slow to react. See: testimony of fibre disease sufferer, and some stunning photographs: Photo Series 1 and Photo Series 2. Also the photo collections are getting larger and more numerous, like this one. Here is a series of photos of A Typical Morgellons Callus.

Ah, but the Morgellons story gets even more exotic. Heat experiments conducted by one researcher show that the material that the fibers and associated structures are made of is not of biologic in nature in the standard sense. In the Photo Series 2 samples are shown that were heated in a butane flame for 30 seconds. Surprisingly, the samples remained unburnt. Any organic material of similar size would have disintegrated in a fraction of a second, but the Morgellons fibers and substances didn't. They remained intact after 30 seconds.  Whoever has his hair singed while lighting a barbecue can testify to that biologic fibers are short lived in a butane flame.

Some people suggest that the 'silicon biology' or whatever it might be, might be from alien sources (similar to the red cells that were discovered in a phenomenon of red rain in India. The discovered cells have no DNA, but replicate internally and are highly resistant to heat). 

Other people also suggest that we might be dealing with a silicon based biology that has existed on Earth in a dormant state for a long time and has become activated by some new phenomenon in the environment such as the biologically engineered 'bacteria' and nematodes, interacting with airborne radiation.

On the Morgellons USA website  which carries the largest collection of photographs, it is stated that the "true cause of the disease is yet unknown and unidentified. However, this doesn't explain why most doctors tell their patients that they are delusional. With a simple 30x power microscope any doctor would be able to see the facts which speak for themselves. The fibers have even be measured. The measurements show that there is an amazing consistence found across several patients.

Furthermore, attempts to culture the fibers, as one would culture the strands of a fungus disease, have been unsuccessful. It appears that to date no one has been able to culture the fiber production process artificially from samples derived of MFD sufferers. 

Unfortunately, there is far too little known about this disease, certainly not enough to break through the cover-up screen of denials with smoking-gun proof of where the mysterious disease originated or its mysterious substances came from that don't seem to burn. See: Morgellons - Weird 'Alien' Bug Hits Thousands In US. However, it rings like a cheap excuse to lay the blame for the disease into the court of extraterrestrial phenomena. Its easy to blame 'others' for something that we have done ourselves. The timing of the outbreak puts it strongly into our own court. The enormously massive infusion of manometer-size radioactive particles of uranium into the global atmosphere, derived from depleted-uranium weapons, has changed the world from 1991 on. The vaporized uranium from the use of these weapons has been estimated to exceed to the equivalent of half a million atom bombs set off in the atmosphere, primarily starting with the bombing of Iraq and Afghanistan in 2002/2003. Nobody can truly estimate what the ultimate worldwide effect of this massive infusion of airborne radioactive particles will be.

While it is unknown at the present time how the strange fiber-creating 'bacteria' developed, and how their symbiotic relationship with an engineered parasite came to be, it is fully known by undeniable physical evidence that the mystery 'disease' does exists and that circumstantial evidence provides a link to known potential causes until proven otherwise. Obviously the key for getting rid of the disease is found at its source by addressing the known potential causes. 

For example, it should be made mandatory for all cotton products to be rigorously disinfected. Right now there is no research being done into what processes would assure a 100% disinfection, whether it be by nuclear radiation, or microwave radiation, or chemical poisons. Nor are any efforts made to track samples with cotton-borne infestation to their source. Likewise, while the existing radioactive pollution of the global environment cannot be undone, we can certainly prevent to planned massive 50-fold increase that has been prepared of that type of pollution, which is now on the table for the next phase of war against humanity (starting at Iran).

A good first step would have to be to eliminate all depleted uranium weapons, and that means acknowledging that DU-weapons have polluted the global environment with radioactive invisible dust that has a proven track record in altering DNA in humans. We have seen the resulting cancers and birth defects. Why should it be so hard to acknowledge that this horror would likely be just the tip of the iceberg with a lot more hidden beneath the surface that we've barely begun to discover, like diabetes for example? Isn't it amazing that still no efforts are made to stop this incredible poisoning of our world. The Titanic has hit the iceberg, but the tea party goes on as if nothing happened.

In some the highly DU-polluted areas in Iraq, some people are now suffering (dying) from multiple types of cancers simultaneously. In some cases entire families (even a family of 9) are all carrying cancers. Evidently even this vast scale of tragedy is insufficient to cause society to end the use of the weapons that cause this unspeakable biological destruction.  Worldwide diabetes has increased from 30 million to 230 million cases in the timeframe since the DU-bombing began.

Of course, considering the worldwide reach of the DU-pollution, it is illogical to assume that bacteria and nematodes might not be similarly effected by these universally present, airborne radioactive particles. 

If there is the slightest chance that the exotic new fiber disease is in any way related to the atmospheric presence manometer-sized particles of radioactive depleted uranium, then all existing uranium weapons should be banned and global stockpiles be dismantled under international supervision. Let us hope that this will happen before the point of no return is reached and crossed. The great suffering that the many thousands of Morgellons Fiber Disease victims are condemned to endure, possibly for the rest of their life, should raise enough compassion in society to stop the increase of at least one of the potential causes.

Another logical step would be to stop the manufacturing of the related, genetically modified, nematodes and bacteria that are implicated, and to reinstate the politically banned chemical pesticide DDT for pest control instead of these engineered parasites. This step should be an easy one to take since DDT never harmed a single human being, bird, or animal, but is highly effective against pests. 

Obviously we don't do any of this, do we? Virtually nothing is being done to stop the unfolding epidemic of the Morgellons Fiber Disease.

And so one needs to ask oneself, that if we cannot master as much love for ourselves and one-another to willing to protect our future against such great potential dangers as are coming to the surface, of which MFD is but one, is then perhaps the path to hell that society is presently on not well earned, including the pain that results from it in ever-widening circles. 

However, I think we human beings are better than to let this thing slide. The principle of our civilization has always been rooted to some degree in the Principle of Universal Love. This root is still there, and our link to it can be rekindled in this hour of trials and expanded.

Rolf A. F. Witzsche, is an independent researcher, publisher, and author of eleven novels. The novels are focused on exploring the Principle of Universal Love, the principle that is reflected to some degree in every bright period throughout history with the added challenge for today to give our universal love an active expression in a type of ' Universal Kiss' for all mankind.

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