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Aiming for a New Renaissance

Rolf A. F. Witzsche
June 11, 2006

The universe is full of dangers. Mankind has seen great natural catastrophes, such as earthquakes, tsunamies, hurricanes, exploding volcanoes, and fragments of comets impacting the Earth. But ultimately, these natural dangers have one thing in common, namely that we lack the physical resources to prevent them. There is nothing we can do to prevent most of the great natural catastrophes from occurring, such as the violent earthquakes, the erupting volcanoes, the return of the Ice Age, the fury of hurricanes, and so forth.  We couldn't stop them even if we could see them coming far in advance. This sets the natural catastrophes apart from the manmade tragedies.

The manmade tragedies are often more catastrophic in nature. However, they are all preventable, but are allowed to happen. In that rests the tragedy.

That's a paradox, right? We tend to go ecstatic over natural catastrophes that we cannot prevent, and then let the greater manmade tragedies happen that we have the capacity to prevent, but don't do so, tragically, as society cares too little about itself to prevent them. And that tragedy encompasses a vast arena that is far greater and more deep-reaching than almost anything in the entire arena of natural catastrophes. No natural catastrophe in recent centuries has claimed the life of over 50 million people as World War II has, or the 1918 flu epidemic that erupted in the wake of World War I, or the still unfolding consequences of the worldwide radioactive pollution caused by the staggering use of depleted uranium weapons, and so forth. And beyond that mankind is threatened by policies with the intent to cause the death of billions for the purpose of depopulation.

Since the 1950s, imperial policies to cause depopulation are on the table for the elimination of billions of people from the face of the planet. Those are policies with the clearly uttered intension to 'cull' the human population back to a billion people, or half a billion. Ironically, there are very few voices raised in opposition, much less steps being taken to prevent those policies from being implemented. The planned massive increase in American DU-bombing appears to be a part of this policy. 

Even the ongoing physical, economic, and social destruction of the USA carried out by policy causes few raised eyebrows in our modern world. The massive economic destruction of the USA by policy is a tragedy that is already in progress. It is causing more extensive damage to the physical economy than Hitler could have had inflicted with the worst of his bombing attacks. The destruction of America by policy is hurting people daily all across the land, as for example in the shutdown of the US automobile industry and the auctioning off of its production machinery for pennies on the dollar or for scrap; or as in the shutdown of the healthcare infrastructure in the USA, and the scaling down of electric power and transportation infrastructures. 

The USA is run by a government that is committed, almost by its own admission, to the destruction of the nation, economically, financially, and also militarily with the now much lauded policy of The Long War that has been promised to last for 100 years. 

In addition, humanity as a whole is intensely challenged with the ongoing disintegration of the world-financial system that threatens a corresponding collapse of civilization around the world and the start of a new dark age. The American economist Lyndon LaRouche warns us that we are on the road to the potentially most extensive financial disintegration of all times - worse than the one is 1345 that brought the house down over Europe and opened the door to the Black Plaque that wiped out nearly half the population. Ironically, apart from LaRouche's worldwide activities there a few objections raised about this ongoing policy of insanity, and fewer steps being taken to prevent the widening of the tragedy that few people will likely be able to survive if the tragedy is allowed to play itself out to its bitter end. But the tide is shifting. More and more honest individuals from round the world are beginning to agree with LaRouche that the impending economic tragedy can be avoided as demonstrated by the high-level international participation at his Berlin EIR Seminar: We Need a New Bretton Woods To Defeat the Evil of Globalization - June 27, 2006. (Also see white paper: LaRouche in Berlin Exposes Synarchist Enemies of the U.S.)

The prevention of all world-threatening tragedies is certainly possible by reinstating long established universal principles - principles of civilization - such as the Principle of the General Welfare the the USA was founded on, and the Principle of Universal Love that is reflected therein. But those principles are no longer on the horizon in today's imperial world of globalized looting, free (trade) looting, military terror and war, imperial economic starvation, and of course 'cultural freedom' moving us towards a world free from culture with trade free of fairness (free trade). 

All evidence points to the fact that our greatest challenges, greater than any that mankind has ever been facing, come not from natural catastrophes over which we have no control, or even from the coming Ice Age that will return by its own dynamics. The Ice Age is a natural cycle that we have the capacity to prepare ourselves for as we accept the challenge to develop indoor agriculture on the global scale and the economies to do that, and that we for that accept the challenge to develop the vast energy resources of Nuclear Fusion. But why don't we do this already? Why do we fail in recognizing the principles of civilization -  the Principle of the General Welfare, and the Principle of Universal Love? All of the impending manmade tragedies that we face, and will ever face - which today threaten to shut down civilization and the future of mankind - are all secondary symptoms of the global fundamental neglect in recognizing these principles. 

Here we need to ask why should the Principle of Universal Love that eveything depends on be so hard to implement?

 I have written a series of novels - The Lodging for the Rose - to explore that question. The dimension of the Principle of Universal Love may be wide, agonizing, deep reaching, and most challenging in many ways, but it is not an impossible principle to implement. Mankind has made many attempts in history to implement derivatives of the Principle of Universal Love, primarily between the time of the Renaissance and the later Treaty of Westphalia and the founding of the USA as the first true nation-state republic on the planet. While the historic footsteps of these attempts have been profound at times, the achievements have always been crushed again under the imperial boot. Nevertheless, the successive steps that have been taken have always been brighter steps than the steps before, and more certain footsteps. This long-term trend, if it can be accelerated with a greater focus on the fundamental principles opens up the potential for us for a brightness in our future that supersedes anything we have seen in the past.

That's the future that lays before us, for us to grasp if we care enough to implement its principles.

Rolf A. F. Witzsche

Rolf A. F. Witzsche, is an independent researcher, publisher, and author of eleven novels. The novels are focused on exploring the Principle of Universal Love, the principle that is reflected to some degree in every bright period throughout history with the added challenge for today to give our universal love an active expression in a type of ' Universal Kiss' for all mankind.

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