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America's Self-imposed 'Sanctions'

Rolf A. F. Witzsche
June 3, 2006


In 1991 the nation of Iraq was bombed back to a 'stone age' existence and then bottled up in forced isolation from the rest world by a regime of UN sanctions. The nation that depended on trade with the rest of world for many essentials in exchange for oil was suddenly isolated. In the shadow of war damage, depleted uranium poisoning of its environment, and enforced poverty and starvation killed an estimated 1.5 million people. 

If one compares this horrendous casualty of the Iraq sanctions with the casualties of war from the Second Iraq War that is still ongoing, that might qualify for one the worst military atrocities in recent years, in which an estimated 250,000 Iraqi were killed, the comparison tells a significant story. It tells the story that in this case the sanctions were six times more deadly than war. It tells us that poverty is one of the most potent killers.

The Iraq sanctions are also significant for another reason. They present a mirror in which American can see its own future. America is facing murderous 'sanctions' that are possibly more intensely genocidal than the Iraq sanctions were. Ironically, the 'sanctions' that America is facing are self-imposed.

The sanctions are four-fold.

1. The shutdown of the US auto industry.

The deliberate destruction of America's industrial production capacity, which is typified by the shutdown of America's auto industry, illustrates the ongoing commitment to shut down America as a productive nation. What saved America from the horrors of the great depression was its recommitment to efficient  industrial production and the building of the infrastructures that are required to support modern industries, such as the funding of sciences, technologies, culture, housing, transportation, and whatever else was required for the physical well being of the workforce that became the power behind the nation's prosperity.  Now, all of the is being scrapped in a gigantic sacrifice to the god of greed and private financial imperialism enforced by a fascism that in many ways rivals that of Nazi Germany with its famous private armies, the SS forces, a kind of state terrorist apparatus. Iraq is an example of a nation forced to live under such conditions. America has been reduced from a producer society to a paper-money driven importer society on the road to becoming a poverty stricken junk heap with a currency to match.

While the American auto industry can still be saved, and great efforts are made to save it by retooling the existing capacity for the much needed rebuilding of America, including infrastructure repair and the building of new transportation system, power systems, and water management systems, the current movement that is afoot is in the direction of destroying whatever remains of the productive capacity of America instead of its reuse. While layoffs are now astronomic in numbers, putting the remaining skilled workers of the nation on the scrap heap, the world-class production plants from which the nation once derived its products are being shut down with the machinery being put on the auction block, often for no more than 15c on the dollar for replacement value.

See today's picture of the shutdown of the US auto industry. and the fight to save.

Thus, America is racing towards matching the condition by which the nation of Iraq was destroyed so deeply that it lost 10% of its population. Of course, with the nation being further destroyed by the second war that was brought upon it, that is still raging, things are a whole lot worse. Life has become so cheap that it doesn't account to much anymore.

2. The shutdown of US power and energy systems.

An economy runs by its power to produce. The physical source of this power to produce is a vast array of machinery driven by oil power and various sources of electric power. Whoever wants to destroy an economy only needs to destroy its power sources. America has been targeted in this arena ever since it became the greatest industrial power in the world by the great recovery that was enabled during the Franklin Roosevelt years. America became the world leader in electric power production, mechanization, and advanced transportation system. Following the death of Roosevelt this trend war reversed. The reversal began slowly at first. The productive momentum was still a part of American culture. The efficient use of nuclear power was being developed. There was even a time when the development of electric powered cars and hydrogen powered cars was envisioned and almost put on the front burner as a next step for creating the transportation systems of an energy rich world. All of this was shut down by intense lobbying from within the oil-energy empire. Nuclear power was trashed as a villain, and so was industrial production itself. The banner headlines in the 1970s called for de-industrial insanity, a 'utopia' without nuclear power, without any new large scale power systems, except windmills and so forth that have a very low energy potential and can only be maintained with governmental subsidies. Naturally, by keeping all advanced power development shut down, the oil empire was able to impose an astronomical increase in energy prices in what became one of the greatest looting schemes in modern history, with counter-economic effects that rival or exceed the effects of the economic sanctions that had been imposed on Iraq to destroy the nation.

We are now entering a new phase in this insane trend to hell with the ethanol fraud. A huge push is under way to augment the artificially forced shrinking supplies with biomass fuels in the form of ethanol (alcohol) distilled from corn. The fraud is that the production of ethanol requires a greater energy imput than the ethanol will give back. It is a negative energy efficient process that is not designed to reduce the supply shortages, but to increase them, and thereby to increase the oil profits even more with the corresponding wrecking of the productive economy. Nor does ethanol reduce pollution. It merely creates different types of pollution while it creates agricultural shortages as well and a correspond increase in food prices that for many are already becoming unaffordable. In real terms there is absolutely no energy shortage in the world in terms of available resources. What is paraded as an energy crisis is in real terms merely a crisis of insanity, a crisis of self-imposed sanctions.

See today's picture of the energy fraud and the fight to end it.

3. The shutdown of America's commitment to the principle of the general welfare of society.

The shutdown began with the end of Word War II when America opened itself to become a fascist society. Franklin Roosevelt has warned in his 1944 State of the Union address that this was the greatest threat to America in the postwar period. He was right. It began with the new direction towards imperial fascism launched by Truman. The atomic bombing of Japan was the opening salvo directed at the destruction of civilization. It didn't end the war. Historian suggest that the war was artificially prolonged to enable the bombing in order tot illustrate the power and resolve on the new empire that would dictate the new world order. Private financier power superceded the principle of the general welfare of society, and with it the collapse of the welfare of society began. The commitment became globalized and enforced with the force of war. The technological and cultural optimism that President Kennedy had inspired with the space program and the lunar landings, to move the world away from imperial insanity, was crushed, beginning with the Vietnam War. Kennedy had ordered a withdrawal from Vietnam. He was killed and the war was expanded instead, and the moon landings were stopped two thirds the way into the program. See: Star Wars, a Contradiction.

To make matters still worse, the world financial system was transformed from the fixed exchange rate system that enabled long term international development, into a floating exchange-rate system that enabled the national currencies to become speculative gambling chips in the largest casino operation ever seen. In the shadow of the private financial looting of the world the nations' debt around the world were piled up sky high. The same speculative orgy for private profit wrecked the entire world-financial system, which became totally isolated from the productive capacity of the nations that it supposedly represents. The financial aggregates that keep the facade glittering today are but dream castles that have no longer anything to do with reality, that are empty inside and vulnerable to a total self-escalating collapse of the entire system built on dreams.

We are now entering a boundary zone on every major front. The financial front is threatened with collapse by the collapse of the physical economy that can no longer be concealed. Some of America's greatest cities have become death traps of poverty. Even the war front is collapsing. During World War II the American economy supplied 18 million soldiers in the field, and supplied massive logistics to help England, Russia and China to defend themselves. Now America is economically strained to support 130,000 in a peace keeping role in Iraq. And the weapons of war themselves, such as the depleted uranium munitions have become so horrendously destructive and far-reaching and enduring in their biological effect across the globe that mankind might not survive in the long run the consequences of the planned 50-fold increase. See: The Boundary Zone and Atmospheric Depleted Uranium to Increase 50-fold 

4. The commitment to disable society's capacity to assure its future.

Most of great calamities in our world in which vast numbers of human beings perish are manmade. All of them are avoidable, but are allowed to happen, which makes them by definition "tragedies." Some of the calamities are natural catastrophes which are not avoidable, since they are a part of the dynamics of our planet. However, the effects of most natural catastrophes are avoidable by foresight and intelligent actions. Unfortunately many catastrophes are allowed to happen, which likewise renders them to be "tragedies." One of the greatest tragedy of this type that global society is rushing towards, largely by America's willing commitment to this tragedy, is the lack of America's response to its future needs in the coming Ice Age.

While the coming Ice Age cannot be avoided since the planet has been in an ice-age cycle for the last 2 million years, interspersed by brief interglacial warm periods such as we have today, the consequences of the coming recurring Ice Age can be avoided. Tragically, a powerful movement has been unleashed to prevent society from developing the means to avoid those consequences. The movement is called Global Warming. The doctrine of global warming was invented the mid-1970s when concerns were raised in the scientific community about the need for developing the economic processes that would enable society to survive the impending transition to another Ice Age. Since the needed development would involve creating a new economic renaissance that the world's imperial powers would not survive, the imperial powers acted to prevent this renaissance by hiding the need for it under the cloak of the global warming doctrine. The global warming doctrine was put forward in conjunction with the parallel development of the post-industrial society doctrine that was put high on the agenda in the 1970s together with other anti-economic doctrines, such as the floating exchange-rate doctrine that turned the national currencies into gambling chips for a few pirates' profit. The UN organization that has been hijacked to support the imperial doctrines launched a number world conferences that culminated into Kyoto accord, which, if it were implemented would shut down all economic development across the world by imposing an energy-lean starvation bound genocide that can no longer be called a civilization. The Russian Academy of Sciences called the Kyoto accord a death sentence. 

The reality is that global warming is real, but it isn't manmade. The prostitution of science to prove global warming as manmade borders on fraud that many scientists have been trying to expose but have so far failed to overturn the deep commitment to the fraud. The fact is that global temperature changes are normal for our planet. The planet has seen much warmer times during the current interglacial period than we have today, and also much colder times. Right now we are in a 3-century warming trend that began in the 1700s at the end of the last Little Ice Age. But we are only half way back in recovering from that to the warmth of the medieval optimum that was experienced before, and even that optimum was significantly colder than the interglacial optimum 5000-7000 years ago when the 'industrialization' of mankind was limited to camp fires. The entire global warming doctrine is built on intentionally created false assumptions and predictions in order to enable mankind's necessary self-development towards its ability to survive the next transition to the ice age conditions that have been the norm of our planet for the last 2 million years.

The simple fact is that the global food supply infrastructure is keyed to the warm climate of the current interglacial period that is about to end in the near term. We came out of the last Ice Age with 1-10 million world population. If we fail to develop the technological processes that protect our food supply in the coming cold climate, such as by creating indoor agriculture, the world population would likely be forced back to 100 million people by the pain of starvation, provided that the resulting diseases that typically accompany a starvation caused collapse won't wipe us out totally. In other words we have imposed upon us a form of sanction that could become universally genocidal. See: Global Warming and The Coming Ice Age

Ironically, all of the four major forms of sanction that now threaten America and world as a whole are self-imposed,  with potential consequences far worse than those that were once imposed on Iraq. However, since its deep-cutting sanctions are self-imposed, they can be overturned by a recommitment of the American society to its founding principle, the Principle of Peace and the General Welfare, together with the whole world in a community of principle, and beyond that to embracing the Principle of Universal Love.

Rolf A. F. Witzsche, is an independent researcher, publisher, and author of eleven novels. The novels are focused on exploring the Principle of Universal Love, the principle that is reflected to some degree in every bright period throughout history with the added challenge for today to give our universal love an active expression in a type of ' Universal Kiss' for all mankind.

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