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Unsealing the Closed Envelope
 of Doctrine

Rolf A. F. Witzsche
June 3, 2006

The greatest obstacles to science and human development is the closed facade of doctrine. The preacher says, "son, here it the truth; this is it; there is nothing beyond." And so, society doesn't go further. The hardest student to teach, as every teacher will confirm, is the student who knows everything.

Of course doctrines are safe. Nobody is being challenged to justify accepted perceptions, nor is anyone put at risk of making a mistake. A person who never ventures outside the house will never be in danger of being run over by a truck. Except, remaining in the house all the time doesn't get anyone anywhere. And what is worse, society conditions itself to become spoon-fed with lies. The doctrines become reality.

For example. I have been presenting a cycloid experiment once to two different classes of students of the same age group that belonged to two different teachers. One class was deadly silent. Not a question was asked, not a comment made, not hand was raised. In the other class the hands never came down. Questions were asked. The principle was explored by the students in asking the questions. The teacher in this class regarded science as an open door to exploring the universe. It seemed that in this classroom two words were written in large letters on a banner strung across the teacher's desk, the words: "What if?"

The other teacher regarded science as a body of knowledge that needed to be passed on. This is what is killing society today. The world is full of political dogmas, military dogmas, yes, even scientific dogmas (like global warming). Is anyone trying to unseal the closed envelop of dogma?

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