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 US cancer rate soars 6-fold

 Depleted uranium spreading worldwide

  Depleted Uranium Kills Indiscriminately

 DU Scandal Explodes - Horrendous US Casualties

 DU particle sizes and other measurements - from Aldermaston  
(Is Europe contaminated? - pdf)

 table of DU particle sizes

 Wavelength of light

 What does the Alpha Radiation effect look like?

 What is Alpha  Radiation?

 What is Beta Radiation?

 Gamma radiation and comparison of penetration power of radiation

 discovery of radiation and the transmutation of elements


 Blowing Smoke    - A new kind of gas warfare 

 DU - birth defects in Iraq - Caution, you may not want to see this.

 Nothing depleted about 'depleted uranium' - Caution again!

 Death Made In America  - Caution again!

 DU - effects in Iraq from the First Iraq War

Depleted Uranium - The Perfect Monster - Kills Quietly

 Blowing the N-whistle : Depleted uranium: How dangerous is it?

 Death Star - Depleted Uranium Measured in British Atmosphere
from Battlefields in the Middle East

 Global Scale Circulation of the Atmosphere

 Polar Anticyclone

 No Global Warming, Because No Global Climate 
(pdf contains a description of the Polar Anticyclone)
Dr. Marcel Leroux

 Jet Steams

 Typical Northern Hemisphere Jet Streams in March 

 The H5N1 Bird Flu phenomenon

 Military Analysis Network - DU

 Testimony of Leuren Moret for the International Criminal Tribunal
 for Afghanistan Dec. 13-14, 2003, Tokyo,

 Uranium Poisoning from Iraq contaminates Europe
according to the Korea Times, Dec. 23, 2005 -
2.7 million DU bombs pre-positioned in South Korea
"citing a declassified dossier from the U.S. Pacific Command in Hawaii - The document dated in August 2003 says that the U.S. base in Suwon of Kyonggi Province has some 1.3 million DU bombs; 930,000 in Chongju, North Chungchong Province; 470,000 in Osan, Kyonggi Province. The total figure is eight times as many as the 300,000 that Kadena Air Base on Okinawa, Japan, reportedly has."
(see: Korea Times 12/23.2005).


Depleted Uranium Diabetes  

Is Doomsday Coming For U.S. Forces In Iraq?  

The threat of Depleted Uranium exposure: real, deadly ... and covered up by the Pentagon and United States Veterans Administration

Atmospheric Depleted Uranium ti Increase 50-fold 



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