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Truth versus Guns

global peace - truth versus guns - kiss from Canada with love
Our Universal Kiss versus Universal Death

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche - April 2006

Rolf A. F. Witzsche is an independent researcher, publisher, and author of eleven novels exploring the Principle of Universal Love: 
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The Globalization of Peace


At the end of World War II, as it were a summation of the Nuremberg war crimes trials the chief prosecutor gives us a hint of what is required. In an essay Bob Nichols, Project Censored Award Winner writes:

The chief Nuremberg war crimes prosecutor speaks knowingly and directly across more than 50 years...
"Individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience … therefore have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occurring." 

Those are strong words by the chief Nuremberg war crimes prosecutor, but they were affirmed by the Nuremberg Tribunal and became international law.

However, what does it all mean that  "Individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience," and that all people across the world "therefore have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occurring." 

The phase "violate domestic laws" evidently does not imply violence or terror since peace does not come from a cannon. Instead the phrase appears to refer to a duty to uplift the domestic environment throughout the world into compliance with the principles of peace by developing the historically proven renaissance principle, the Principle of Universal Love. This process would involve uplifting any domestic environment that is saturated with lies and fascism, by building an environment of truth and humanity with a growing love for our humanity as human beings. On this platform the globalization of peace can begin.

Sometimes the truth can be ugly, reflecting tragically on a nation. But this too, can be healed with love, such as by recognizing the impersonal nature of fascism that like a disease has throughout history infected many a nation on this planet. The Nazi holocaust is but one example of the disease of fascism, though one of the worst. Some nations maintain laws that demand that the holocaust of the Nazi's fascism be never denied. Indeed, the truth must never be denied, no matter what the truth is, but be searched out. If fascism in any form were to become covered up and even one of its crimes thereby became sanitized, mankind would belittle the greatest danger to its existence and in the process loose its freedom together with its civilization, and possibly its life.

The same caution, not to belittle or deny the workings of fascism, applies also to the present age and to the future, and that includes a caution against hiding the truth and tolerating denials of the truth with lies that blacken the face of humanity. The denial of the 9/11 truth falls into this category, and the denial of the depleted-uranium poisoning of our world in the 911-originated wars-for-profit, even the latest quest for opening the gates to nuclear war. All of these topics involve horrendous crimes of fascism, and to remain silent about just one of them is synonymous with an act of denial. 

It became a great avalanche of fascist crimes what the German nation had turned its back to in active denial, starting in small steps with gold-plated lies, promising the world and an era of prosperity that would never end. Once the door to fascism is open, even just a crack, society opens its house to great danger, and this not only ideologically and strategically, but also culturally and economically. If left unchecked at the outset, it becomes a flood that endangers the world.

That's the reality that the Nuremberg prosecutors had to deal with. They faced the end result of a disease that had not only destroyed much of the world, but also the humanity of the society that it had infected. Perhaps they had sensed that while the Nazi empire was crushed, nazism and fascism had not really been defeated as was illustrated by the terror orgies of the bombing of Dresden, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki, an act of 'rape' against an already defeated people.  With that began the postwar crimes against humanity. In this context, which is almost forgotten today, the recommendation of the Nuremberg prosecutors makes sense as they tried to alert the whole of mankind to the dangers to peace, arising from silence to fascism and cowardice in opposing it. 

In the modern world fascism appears to be winning as never before, in the flow of which society tends to become forced back into silence by laws that make it a 'thought crime' to search for the truth and formulate hypothesis based on evidence that challenge the 'official' truth. If that is the road we going, God help us! If the truth cannot stand on its own by its own evidence and merits, but needs to be upheld under penalty of law, then the truth is probably a lie. What else would one expect in the neo-fascist world than to have the pioneers of society that challenges the official 'truth' to become charged with 'thought crimes' whereby silence is enforced once again. It seems that society is not yet ready to accept the recommendation of the chief Nuremberg prosecutor that society dedicate itself to "prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occurring." 

However, the Nuremberg directive opens one more related chapter, the chapter of 'hate crimes.' There should be no hate in the world, but the caldron of hatred is still being stirred, and mostly intentionally so in order to solicit violent reactions. Mankind has fought countless wars in the fog of hatred, not men against men, but wars of communism versus capitalism, Christianity versus Islam, white people versus black people, the rich versus the poor, the Israeli versus the Palestinians, 'freedom' versus 'terrorism,' and so forth, or just plain hatred for the sake of hatred, like hatred of the Chinese, the Russians, the Germans, the Jews, the Arabs, the Americans, the Mexicans, the Negroes, the Indians, and on and on.  No doubt, the Japanese cities were bombed wit hatred. How else could 250,000 people be wiped out with atomic bombs? Stalin too must have hated immensely, to have murdered so many of his own people as he did or is accused of; or Hitler who is said to have killed six million outside the theatre of war. Hatred had become disdain. And then there are those who advocate the extermination of 90% of mankind. How deep must their hatred be, and how bottomless their disdain? 

Yes, hate is a crime, a crime against humanity that has killed far too many people already. It now threatens the stability of the whole world with the scourge of terrorism. But hatred is a crime that cannot be resolved in a court room. If everyone were arrested and charged and convicted, the whole world would be filled with prisons. Hatred can only be resolved with love, with universal love for our common humanity. In this lies the truth.

To the best of our knowledge mankind came out of the last Ice Age as a remnant of a few million, the end product of 2.5 million years of development, the last of eight major human species that had an incredible journey across twenty ice ages. Of all the species of mankind that emerged over time from we are the only one left. Every one of the others become extinct along the way, like an outdated model that was superseded by a better one. We are the stars in this sense, and we truly are the stars in the heavens of life. We came out of the last Ice Age as a small band of a few million that created in one single interglacial period of roughly 10,000 years a civilization of six billion going on to nine billion, with a diversity of cultures and scientific and technological achievements that have never been seen before on this planet in its entire 4.5 billion year history. That's a tremendous achievement. That is something that we can all be immensely proud of. That is what unites us, and this human spirit is infinitely greater than anything that has ever divided us and still does. On that foundation of a profound truth, peace can be built. And yes, we are still growing up, and we are building this peace taller that we have the capacity to build, even if the road is rough with trials. 

It appears that whatever stands in the way of this peace is being challenged at last, at least to some degree, along the line that the Nuremberg chief prosecutor suggested it should be done even when the challenging becomes painful. So it appears evermore that the age of silence is fast coming to an end. Many questions are being explored and answered today, which in turn open the vistas to more questions and more honest searching for the truth, whereby we defend our civilization and one-another. 

I am amazed in this respect to find how many questions were raised over the issue of a small number of daring historians who stand accused of 'thought crime.' The few cases raised a virtual flood of concern. It seems that the truth is beginning to mean something again. At least there is a beginning. In the case of the historians, the 'crime' that they stand accused of, and some are incarcerated for, is the 'thought crime' of having doubted the accuracy of the official doctrine regarding the history of the Nazi Holocaust. It appears that their wide ranging searching for answers is raising of the level of consciousness throughout the world. It created a new awareness that these cases have brought to the foreground, right or wrong. And it appears also that this uplifting of consciousness marks the end of the era of silence and lies, and thereby possibly even the end fascism in its countless disguises as remote as this may still seem.

But what about the real crimes, the crimes of state terror, wars and barbarous acts of inhumanity against subjugated people who have no means to defend themselves, the modern holocaust carried out with tanks, supersonic aircraft, and bulldozers ploughing down people's houses indiscriminately and pre-emptively, or soldiers shooting children on their way to school. Can anything ever justify these kinds of atrocities? Peace cannot mean that the whole of humanity cowers in fear without a voice. It should mean laughter and mutual embrace powered by love. The peace that Israel seeks, by its own admission, is the peace of the gun. The peace that humanity seeks for the middle east in the union of human beings sharing a common land, uniting in a government shared by all to determine their common future. What goes against this universal peace, like a master race dominating an outcast society and killing them at near random pleasure is a crime, a Nazi crime. Of course the crime is rooted in thought. It always is, without exception. Like in the days of the Nazi in Germany so the crime against the helpless in Palestine, for example, is always justified for reasons thinly covered with noble sounding words as if self-righteous claims and hide the blood and the contempt that always goes with drawing blood. Let's be fair and bring the thought-crime focused on those thoughts and actions that divide humanity into rulers and slaves, the arrogant and the helpless.  Israel Adam Shamir writes in an article: "Gaza: Of Mice and Men,

When the Jews attack, that’s war, when they are attacked, it is terror!  Uri Avnery called it “a unilateral war”, on a par with their “unilateral withdrawals”. But this unilateralism is a constant feature of Jewish-Native relations: when Jews attack natives, this is rightful vengeance, when they get some of it back, it is a pogrom.

In this manner the stirring of consciousness to the embrace of higher sense of humanity, from it being slaves even to arrogance and disdain, to becoming free intellectual beings, brings the hope for a new beginning of peace to the world with a new humanity that will at length ennoble all nation, and all people.

As for the Nazi holocaust, it cannot be denied. The holocaust was genocide, and genocide is the normal outcome of fascism. It would be a miracle if there ever was a fascist empire (or any empire, since empires are fascist in nature) that did not commit genocide in some form. The Nazi empire was merely one of the worst of the lot. The persecution of the unwanted that became the Nazi Holocaust has happened, and not all of the victims were Jewish, though probably most of them.

The genocide of the unwanted goes deep into history, most notably to the expulsion of the Jews and the Moors under Isabella of Spain and the genocide that followed under the Spanish Inquisition of the Jews and all others that questioned the official doctrines that the church, or the king, or the oligarchy had defined as the truth. Those who search for the truth are the first to be persecuted by fascism, and slandered, and imprisoned, and killed. That process still goes on, even in the 'land of the free' as the American economist Lyndon LaRouche can testify to from personal experience. LaRouche became for half a decade (1989-19940) the world's most renowned political prisoner in the USA, a case that the former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark said, "represented a broader range of deliberate cunning and systematic misconduct over a longer period of time, utilizing the power of the federal government than any other prosecution by the U.S. government in my time or knowledge." There is no freedom in the world where fascism has taken a foothold, and that trend will eventually engulf the nation if it is not stopped. The 9/11 event has but a way mark on this evermore unfolding trend of the escalating terror of fascism and its force to squash the truth and the humanity of a free society.

After the historic tragedy in Isobella's Spain had blackened the face of mankind with fascist crimes by the Spanish Inquisition (1400s on),  Darwin added in time another factor to the qualification for the persecution of the unwanted. He added the infamous ethnic factor to the religious factor. Darwin's theories served the Aristocratic society well. It provided the scientific cover for perceiving a whole range of subhuman species in mankind that the Aristocracy gave itself the right to subjugate, the presumed privilege of a master race, similar to Aristotle's theory of natural slavery that justified the slave-owner society, the Aristocracy that still claims the right to power. Darwin's cousin, Francis Galton, immediately extended the subhuman-species theory further and built on it the Eugenics movement that demanded the sterilization of those 'subhuman' immigrants, especially in America, to wipe their kind off the face of the nation.

An additional root for the Nazi genocide, in this case primarily against the Jewish people, was laid in 1917 with the Balfour Declaration in the British Cabinet that turned the religious identity of a people, the Jewish people, into a national identity, the Zionist identity. With the stroke of a pen the Jews around the world became identified as a people without a country and strangers in their native lands. Thus they became a perfect target for persecution. The persecution was easily arranged. 

Persecution often follows when a culturally advanced people uplifts the face of universal humanity that threatens the foundation of empires (fascism), like the Jewish people had done many time in history, such as the great Yiddish Renaissance illustrated that had enriched the culture of many nations, especially Russia, Germany, and America.  The British elite felt that their Balfour Declaration that created Zionism as a national identity for the Jewish people -- as a people without a country -- would serve the empire well, whose geopolitical policy has always been to create tension, division, and isolation among all people universally on the road to conquering the world.

Hitler probably persecuted the Jewish people for all of the above reasons, because a highly developed society with a rich cultural heritage is not easily dominated. A highly developed intellectual society doesn't swallow imposed doctrines on demand, but searches for the truth and speaks out for it. And so, a people who refuse to be silent are a danger to any totalitarian regime, which a fascist regime always is. 

The Balfour Declaration gave Hitler the excuse to sweep the field 'clean' of those 'dangerous elements' to his empire. Of course Galton provided the scientific cover for it, just as Isabella gave him the historic precedent. While these historic links were never publicly acknowledged by the Nazis, their actions speak loudly of these deep links, and so does their hatred that became disdain, a distain that is still attached to the image of the Jewish people. That's the legacy of fascism. And fascism still rules and still abuses the Jewish people.

Yes, the holocaust did happen (just as it continues to happen in different ways). The Nazi Holocaust happened at the hands of the SS that even the German army didn't dare interfere with. The holocaust started slowly, with slander on a massive scale. After years of this cultural warfare the physical phase became possible, the phase of brutality at the hands of many police battalions that followed behind the invading armies and 'cleansed' the villages and towns of the "enemies of society," primarily the Jewish people -- a few hundred here and a few thousand there. It even happened at the hands of ordinary people, and in some cases as the hands of ordinary foreign nationals, or the nationals in foreign lands that were allowed to participate with the Nazis standing by. The Nazi Holocaust was everywhere and broadly focused. It targeted the dissident Germans by the tens of thousands as well as the infirm, the elderly, the Gypsies, and the Jews. It was carried out universally, from individual random killings to huge operations of genocide, like at ravine of Babi Yar in Kiev (33,000 killed) (a poem), or the shutting down of the Warsaw ghetto, or in the case of Operation Harvest Festival in which the SS shot tens of thousands in the work camps in an orgy of madness. And then there were the death marches of the prisoners of the concentrations camps at the end of the war. One march ended in Gardelegen when several thousand were herded into a large barn that was set on fire, which was still burning when Eisenhower's army arrived (see: Hitler's Willing Executioners - book review). Fascism and genocide are really one single element, root and effect. Unfortunately that process still continues, economically, politically, militarily, and ideologically.

All of these things happened and continue to happen, and often in the most cruel manner. Genocide happened on both sides of almost every war, including WW II. It happened in the Soviet gulags and at the starving of farmers in the Ukraine, just as it happened at the Nazi hands, and had happened at the hands of 'civilized' people in the western bombing campaigns that 'exterminated' entire cities when half a million people were burned to death in less than a day in the British bombing of Dresden, or when a quarter million in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were incinerated, and many more in Tokyo and other cities. Nor has the age of genocide ended, as the UN sanction of Iraq illustrates that killed a million and a half, or as 9/11 illustrated as a huge PR-terror event that opened to flood gates to wars for profit, or as the depleted uranium bombing illustrates, or the killing of hundreds of thousands of civilians in occupied lands, or the torture in prisons, reved-up ethnic hatred, religious clashes, with the clash of civilizations set to blow, like the West against Islam that's now on the horizon and with the nuclear bombs being dusted off for that event.

Whenever a people are defined as lesser human beings or as of no value, as is common in fascist language, or are referred to as "dumb, stupid animals" that one uses for political purposes as a respected American leader called the military,  then genocide follows and the murdering gets easy. We have seen genocides carried out in almost every nation and for countless reason, from burning people alive at the stake by the Inquisition in Spain, to the Ku Klux Klan burning Negroes on crosses, to soldiers shooting tank shells into demonstrators, or occupiers executing entire families point blank, or heroic defence forces filling a defenceless little girl with 22 bullets before she drops to the ground. And so the list goes on  and on, especially now in Iraq. Iraq has become a nightmare of a creeping genocide, evidently by intent. Fascism has so many faces that its vast holocaust won't end until the silence ends about the truth that we are all human being, and a love begins to develop for our common humanity that we all share as human beings. 

When the victors after a war write the history books, the fascism rarely ends. The victors create doctrines of history that must never be questioned in order to keep the fascism of hatred on the front burner. Myths are created, exaggerations put forth. Sometimes the doctrines of history become upheld under the penalty of law, as when some historians question some aspects of the doctrines based on physical evidence. One aspect of the vast Nazi genocide that is being questioned by some historians is the gas chamber doctrine of history of the mass-cyanide gassing, since the use of cyanide gas is far too dangers to be used for mass executions, noting that no forensic evidence for its use could be found. The danger is that the exaggerations become lies that perpetuate the fascism, just as the exaggerations of the American government's role in the 9/11 event fuel a crusade to vilify America and its form of government, while it ignores the key factor that stands behind 9/11, the disease of fascism that has infected America and its government.

Sadly, after all those tragedies in history, instead of supporting the search for the truth, society criminalizes itself, and criminalizes the searchers for the truth and subjects them to persecution and torture in its jails while the scourge of hatred is perpetuated and increased rather than healed. 

If the law ever upholds doctrines that are inaccurate and by their nature perpetuate hatred as the 9/11 doctrine does, then the healing of society may never happen, especially when an ever-larger dose of ethnic hate enters the scene from all sides, whereby the real truth becomes further distorted. And so it seems that society has a long way to go yet to free itself from the yoke of fascism that continues to threaten all civilization and mankind as a whole.

And so, the key-truth tends to become forgotten that mankind is one single humanity, divided only by the countless forms of fascism that has been created for imperial purposes. This is the truth, and this truth needs to be heard and heard again, even in the economic context, until it raises consciousness sufficiently to develop an honest universal love in mankind for one-another. If that uplifting to love fails, mankind is doomed. 

And this "doom" is not a figure of speech. The imperial camp has long argued for radical genocide around the world in order to 'cull the human heard' like cattle, in order to keep mankind 'nicely conditioned' for fascist feudalism. The depopulation (culling) ideology has a root that exists in parallel with the root of fascism, disguised as imperialism. The depopulation ideology started with Giammaria Ortes of the 18th Century who wrote the book on the subject for the Venetian Empire. The work was plagiarized  by to Thomas Malthus and then in later years argued further by Bertrand Russell and Prince Philip and many others, culminating in modern times into the ranting of renowned scientists like Dr. Eric Pianka who argues for the need for the extermination of 90% of mankind. He literally proposes a new 'final solution' promulgated in university lectures. And you may not believe this, then actually gets rewarded with a standing ovation by the students that he lectures to, for his near-policy proposal for the most-far-reaching genocide ever imagined. 

If there is no significant love evident in mankind for itself to counter such insanity, and enough love universally for one-another, then those people in high places that have argued for centuries for the universal extermination of mankind might at length have their day and are given the means to carry out their wishes, like creating an airborne Ebola virus that probably won't be stoppable when the coveted 90% level of the decimation of mankind is reached.

Strangely, the advocates of fascism are never silent or are even restrained by law from voicing their demands. Only the voices that are countering fascism tend to be silent, or are silenced. But this trend seems to be changing. For example the searchers for the truth about 9/11 are anything but silent, and neither are the searchers for the truth about the depleted uranium bombing, and the wars for profit, and the looting of the world by imperial globalization, and so on. The Internet has become a media for breaking the silence, exposing lies, correcting inaccuracies, and uncovering fascism. It is putting 9/11 'on the stand,' including the 911-originated wars that many people regard as wars for profit, including the depleted uranium wars, and the ever-impending nuclear war that we have not freed ourselves from after 60 years of searching for a solution. And behind all of that stand those private armies that are getting larger, armies of countless types of contractors and politicians, who as expected, dance to the tune of the payola rather than as required for the public good. 

Of course, as one might expect the Internet is now under attack to be eliminated as a useful tool, through legislation that would make it as slow and as painful to use for the public as possible. The only thing it would remain useful for is to receive television broadcasts of the major networks. We are getting back the 1930s to the days of Hitler's Volk-Radio, the little brown box that every patriotic household had to listen to the 'wise' words of their leader. By the way, the coming wrecking of the Internet is not a conspiracy theory. The legislation for doing this is currently being hammered out in Congressional Subcommittee. 

Luckily it is not yet illegal to suggest that people who are concerned about the planned wrecking of the Internet might have a word with their elected Congressman, to voice their concern as has always been normal in a democratic country. However, this privilege might soon become illegal too. That's the kind of direction we are heading into. The Legislative Transparency and Accountability Act of 2006 ,(S.2349), which passed in the Senate 90-8, creates a beginning for the first time in history to 'regulate' grass-roots activism termed "grass-roots lobbying" defined in the legislation as "the voluntary efforts of members of the general public to communicate their own views on an issue to federal officials or to encourage other members of the general public to do the same."

Right now the legislation applies only to efforts of that type that someone pays for. But here the boundary already blurs. Do the regulations apply to a political action committee that is paid by donations, which might suggest to the public to speak to its representative about an unwise legislation, etc.? It appears to apply, or might soon apply. And from there it becomes just a minor step to amend the bill to strike out the word, 'paid' and the legislation becomes universally applicable. How soon will it be then before you may no longer be able to say anything in addressing the public for fear that it might be construed as 'grass-roots lobbying' that is now 'regulated.' 

And so the 'word' that may be spoken is getting 'smaller' and the silence cuts deeper, by which the 'captivity of society' becomes evermore complete.

The American public has made itself a 'captive people' when it privatized its currency and its credit creation into the hands of the armies of private financiers that became law with the passing of the Federal Reserve Act that was passed at Christmas time in 1913. That was the beginning of a disease that has become an epidemic. And out of it came the era of the ever-darkling New World Order, the kind of 'order' that follows an epidemic of insanity that has crippled the world again and again, and more deeply and more brutally with every round. By Jim Kirwan presented a well written  article on the New World Order with the title, Again and Again, that could also have been called, the New Death-Order, except for one element. He wrote at the end: "We have allowed the Torch of Freedom to go out - to fall away from us. We must regain that freedom that belongs at the core of every life. Where are the Americans that we thought we were--has everybody disappeared before the onslaught of the bankers and money-changers? Have all Americans been silenced: Or is it just that so many have yet to speak?" 

He wrote those words as a conclusion, almost in desperation, saying that "we must regain that freedom that belongs at the core of every life." I am convinced that deep in his heart and soul he must have felt that this renewal could be done, as every human being may feel so likewise, or else there would have been no point in saying so and all hope would be lost. And in that certainty, even if it is just cautiously uttered, we find a sense of power that is far more than just an idle hope. In that power lies the salvation of mankind. There is no law in the universe that degrees that every succeeding New World Order must be more vile than the one before. Principle is on the side of humanity. The feudal tyranny has only the power that it is given by society out of the smallness of its self-perception, and that can be changed. The power to tyrannize can be withheld by a New Love-Principle unfolding in mankind for itself. And that's the beginning of a new renaissance the kind that we have seen 'again and again' arising like the phoenix out of the ashes of a dead-end world as in 1648 with the Treaty of Westphalia, a treaty of a spark of universal love that laid the basis for the founding of the USA more than a hundred years later. We see this phoenix rising once again -- something is stirring in the ashes -- because it is the nature of humanity to love.

It appears that the many tragic aspects of our troubled world are slowly being overturned, bit by bit, almost imperceptibly, as the nature of the tragedies is brought to light universally in the roots of fascism that has nothing to do with anything that is human and has thereby no claim to power in itself.  

It is also interesting to note the tone with which the overturning is happening on the Internet. The tone is almost universally (with just a few exceptions) a tone of love, a love for our humanity. Searching for the truth is the human thing to do. The search goes on tirelessly, and with each right idea that unfolds the world becomes brighter. Nevertheless great challenges arise as we align ourselves closer with the Principle of Universal Love that is the principle of our humanity and civilization. But here the challenge only begins. A principle needs to unfold in active expression, opening the door to the Universal Kiss. 

I began in the 1980s to explore the challenges of the Principle of Universal Love primarily in the social domain where it hits us most deeply and the idea of the Universal Kiss becomes almost 'treasonous.' The exploration unfolded in the form of writing a novel about it. Over the years the size of the project has mushroomed into eleven novels, including a nine-volume series, the series, "The Lodging for the Rose." And even with that the horizon seems endless that remains yet to be explored.

No doubt millions of hours of work stand behind the wide universal sharing of individual's efforts in research, discoveries, exploring history, developing principles and so on, hours that have been freely spent together with the needed resources, large or small, that were put on the line by countless individuals from around the world in the search for the truth that fascism would deny. In this search for the truth, on the wings of love, we find and celebrate our common humanity. If this isn't something to celebrate, what is?

Exemplary in this unfolding movement for the truth and in suffering the pains of persecution by the most powerful adversaries of mankind is no doubt the lifelong dedication to the welfare of all humanity of the American economist Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr.. Now in his 80s, Mr. LaRouche is held in high regard by countless thinkers and leaders in governments and institutions around the world for his fight for the truth and the welfare of mankind. He exemplifies probably more than anyone the dedication to peace and humanity that the chief prosecutor of the Nuremberg laid before mankind as essential.

What the jurists in Nuremberg saw and had to deal with was a mess that began with the privatization of America's currency and credit creation into the hands of the financial world empire with the passing of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. This act began the shifting of the sovereignty of the USA into the hands of a private empire. This process was repeated in many ways throughout the world, especially in Hitler's Germany. The SS organization was an essentially private 'business' facilitating the looting of conquered people and the elimination of the Jewish people within, overseeing the concentration camps, and carrying out whatever dirty operations couldn't be carried out openly. The judges at Nuremberg had to judge these people, but also felt urged to suggest ways to prevent them in the future from happening again. Thus, their call for the asserting the truth became a kind of call for a citizens 'militia' for the truth to be developed to protect mankind. Since the governments had been proven to be corruptible, the Nuremberg judges had put the task into the people's court to uphold the truth. Abraham Lincoln's famous ideal to establish a nation based on "Government by the People for the People" had remained an ideal throughout much of the world. The ideal was eventually also lost in postwar America. Now, no longer the people, but money rules, and the rule is in the interest for looting more money out of society, and the power to protect the flow of looting. LaRouche stood up against this flow beginning in the 1960s. He stood up in protest, saying laud and clear that this path is insanity -- you are wrecking the country and the world -- we need to build, not loot; and create, not destroy.

Well, no one had made himself more enemies on this basis than he had. He proposed the development of nuclear fusion power for economic development. The imperials wanted to build fusion bombs instead. He even proposed a way to shut down the Cold War in a way that would have brought all nations together in a joined economic development through scientific and technological progress that would have obsoleted the nuclear threats and tensions. That amounted to a declaration of war on the imperial world. The imperials wanted more tensions instead of less. They wanted him out of the way. But first they tried to slander him, in order to thereby tare down what he stood for. They called him a screwball and troublemaker and any other slanderous term that came to mind. They wanted him silent. They wanted to keep the tensions and the poverty in the world alive, and create more of them and less economic development. They wanted to recreate the golden age of feudalism with low wage slavery. So they set out to kill the man who spke against that, but President Regan personally stopped the assassination. Since they couldn't kill him outright, they moved in an bankrupted his publications and put him in jail on a 15-year drummed up sentence.

After five years of imprisonment with his exoneration being called for by countless people from many lands, he was paroled in 1994. But even then he wasn't allowed to regain control of his organization, until 1999. But instead of staying quiet like a mouse he stuck his neck out again and again for the truth. Practically the first thing he did in 1999, was to make a worldwide address about the madness of the path that society was moving in. He was saying in essence -- this way leads to chaos, wake up! (see: Storm over Asia).

Well, he was probably more right in this historic address than he might have imagined himself. Since the address was given in 1999 we saw the collapse of the physical economy, the healthcare system in America, and the collapse of democracy with increased tensions around the world and the move towards a fascist police state in America. We also saw the 9/11 event being staged to further explode the world into war and this almost precisely as he had warned might happen. We saw Afghanistan dragged into war, and then Iraq, both on the basis of lies that were openly understood to have been lies. 

He did not foresee however that those wars would explode with the most massive increase in the use of dirty bombs, the infamous depleted-uranium bombs that are rapidly polluting the global environment with radioactive particles, such as are now causing health problems all over the world. And finally, on top of all that, mankind is told that war is here to stay. There is talk now about the "long war" the "permanent war" that keeps the private war machine rich with profits, even a religious type Hundred Years War boiling with hatred and endless bloodshed, the infamous clash of civilization, and all of that with America's nuclear bombs having been put on the table again.

Indeed, a new phase is set to begin that we have never seen before in history. It is planned to begin with the bombing of Iran (target mid-May 2006???), and possible also the bombing of Syria and North Korea. These new wars are not wars that can be won. Nor are they intended to be won. They are intended to transform the face of mankind in the same way as the face of America was changed in the hour of the terror of 9/11. It appears that both Iran and North Korea are being set up for a combined super-9/11 event on a global sale. Only this time the intended transformation is for the world to be terrorized into submission to enable a new imperial global financial architecture to be imposed upon the world. The present world-financial system is bankrupt. It is finished. Also it has been far too impotent a system for the even deeper privatization of society and the looting of whole world that is desired. That's what is at stake. That is what the world is about to be blown up for as never before in history. According to a report form South Korea, 2.7 million depleted uranium bombs have already been pre-positioned for this purpose, which reveals to some degree the enormity of the new 9/11 that is intented. The path is madness indeed. 

Of course it won't work. Nothing good has ever come out of the destruction of mankind on any scale. Nevertheless the global destruction might be carried out as planned since no effective opposition exists. It might also happen that society will never recover from the extent of the destruction that is planned, considering the long-term effect of the radioactive pollution of the entire world that would result from the massive use of 'depleted uranium' weaponry that is already pre-positioned (2.7 million DU-bombs pre-positioned in South Korea). Considering its long-term effect, the DU-bomb is the ultimate dirty bomb, and in large quantities it dooms us all.

So far only only a faint movement for the truth is standing against the planned insanity. A small groundswell is building. But will the groundswell be enough? LaRouche and his youth movement are in an all-out effort to awaken the U.S. Congress to stand up in defence of the nation against the fascist elements within that are now threatening the world. But can the needed awakening in Congress be counted on? The representative of the bankers, Felix Rohatyn, who presently 'owns' the Democratic party, is desperately trying to drive the privatization of society ever deeper by increasing its indebtedness and thereby its captivity to the imperial system. 

The question is, will sanity prevail or will civilization end? The bases are loaded. Anything can happen, and nobody can predict how the game will end. It appears that war for any reason has become 'unaffordable' for mankind. We are essentially back to the situation globally that Europe was in, in the 17th Century, when the Thirty Years War simply had to be stopped in order for society to survive. LaRouche suggested in his 1999 "Storm over Asia" video presentation that we have to repeat the same process today that gave the world the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia. Everything has to be put aside that keeps us from creating a platform for peace. In this LaRouche stands apart from most people on the Internet. The Internet is filled with statements of horrendous problems and predictions of doom without hardly anyone fighting for the principles that can afford a solution. LaRouche suggests in his video that the solutions are not so difficult to achieve that they should be out of reach as it may seem. He points to 1648 where a treaty was forged that might have seemed equally as impossible to achieve as today's solution to preventing war, hate, and terror. Across the widest gulf it was agreed to end retributions, war accusations, even reparation demands. Everything was left behind to build peace, after all that is what every human being needs in every nation. And the ultimate truth is that we are all human beings across the whole of mankind.

The truth that we are all human beings endowed with "certain unalienable Rights," was stated as the most fundamental recognition on which the USA was established. The U.S. Declaration of Independence, speaks of universal Rights, and then states "that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." These specific universal rights to "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" that the declaration defines as inalienable to all human beings, reflect a recognition of the human being that Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz from Germany represented, which was evidently rooted in the principles of the Treaty of Westphalia. The declaration of the universal right of the human being to "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" is a vast departure from the guarantee of the usurped imperial right that Old Europe was built on, the right "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Property." The difference in focus between the two versions reflects the difference between a renaissance platform and a fascist war platform. All wars are ultimately fought over property, such as to secure the power to loot society. The focus on the right to happiness refers to the development of the human potential. This focus is subsequently laid out more specifically in the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution as the General Welfare clause, both for society itself and its posterity. LaRouche points out that the Preamble of the Constitution makes its incumbent on society to not only promote its own self-development, but to also to create the conditions that secure the future development and welfare of generations yet unborn.

LaRouche also points out that in order to assure those ends the idea of a Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations needs to be developed -- not a world of war inch each one selects an enemy to fight -- but a world held together by a common recognition of universally recognized principles, building a community of nations on principles that are inherent in our being human, such as those principles and rights that are recognized in the U.S. Declaration of Independence that speaks of the inalienable rights of all mankind. 

Indeed no great magic would be required for today's society to create a world of universal peace and to secure itself a future, a future for all mankind. The principles that have already been established are sufficient to prevent wars that are presently planned, and future wars, and to dismantle all DU-bombs and atomic bombs, and also to stop the looting of the world for which wars are desired. The already recognized and historically-honoured principles that the pioneers of mankind's past have developed and proven through trials and great achievements, are our sufficient guide in this age for stepping back from the precipice to certain doom. And for these principles to be embraced, society only needs to embrace itself as human beings, for that is what those principles ultimately represent. They represent our love for our humanity. One is encouraged therefore, that in spite of the critical dangers in modern times the timeless principle that combines them all, the principle of our humanity, the Principle of Universal Love, even our Universal Kiss, might yet swing the balance against the imperial war-drive that has no principle to stand on and offers nothing but the emptiness of bottomless fascism.

The presentation series, Truth versus Guns, is offered in honouring the love of the many -- too many to be named, -- who are sharing their research with the world in their love that binds us universally to one-another by our being human. Herein lies the security of the world and the only platform that we individually have, and collectively, for the globalization of peace.


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The above exploration is presented by Rolf A. F. Witzsche, an independent researcher, publisher, and author of eleven novels. The novels are focused on exploring the Principle of Universal Love, the principle that is reflected to some degree in every bright period throughout history with the added challenge for today to give it an active expression as Our Universal Kiss.

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