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Our Universal Kiss versus Universal Death

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche - March 2006
Rolf A. F. Witzsche is an independent researcher, publisher, and author of eleven novels exploring the Principle of Universal Love: 
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Part 1: The Fascist Zoo

In his 1944 State of the Union Address, the American President, Franklin Delanor Roosevelt, warned the nation to guard itself against the takeover of fascism. He called the takeover of America by fascism the greatest threat to the nation' s future . It appears that his warning was an understatement.

How could he say that at a time when America in a coalition with many nations was winning World War II, the global war to destroy fascism in the world once and for all? Roosevelt evidently could see what few people saw at this time that fascism can't be defeated that way. History proved him right in making this warning.

While the American nation had 18 million people fighting into the field to help defeat Nazism in Europe, a new war had already been started in the background, a war driven by the same sophistry that had been used to defeat the humanity that was once reflected in German culture, a sophistry that had destroyed this humanity and put Adolf Hitler onto the pinnacle of power on a platform of fascism. Fascism hadn't been invented by Hitler, or by anyone of this time, nor for Hitler's purpose. It had merely been dredged up from the sewers of history and applied by the ruling imperial powers as it has been done many times before. It might have been done more intensively this time, for which the little idiot was selected that would be king,

The roots of fascism go back deep into history. Roosevelt evidently knew this, and probably from personal experience.

Dr. Clifford A. Kiracofe, Jr., a former senior professional staff member of the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations exposed the historic efforts to establish a fascist movement in the United States in the 1930s in a recent address to the June 21, 2006, New Bretton Woods Seminar hosted by EIR in Berlin. In his address at this seminar (see page 11 - The U.S.A.: Fascism Past and Present) Dr. Kiracofe points out that fascism in America was already deeply entrenched before the massive world war against fascism began in Europe:

"In today’s political situation in the United States we are, in effect, confronting the same forces that attempted to impose overt fascist rule in the United States during the 1930s. This is a story that is not widely known in Europe, or even in the United States. Back then, beginning in 1933, for example, a cabal of Wall Street financiers and industrialists, who were enthusiastic supporters of Italian Fascism and the German National Socialism, plotted a coup d’état against President Franklin Roosevelt and our constitutional form of government."

His paper focused on the following major points (as he put it):

  1. "The current international situation and United States imperial policy; 

  2. The rise of fascism in United States politics; 

  3. Wall Street’s attempted fascist coup d’état of 1934; 

  4. Wall Street and European Fascism, particularly Synarchy;

  5. Contemporary American fascist ideology and the post-World War II era, that is to say, the 'Conservative Movement' and 'New Right' in the United States."

It is rare that a (former) high level government official speaks bluntly and openly about the rise of fascism in America and the fact that President Franklin Roosevelt had to fight the same forces of fascism at home that he was fighting in Europe to save civilization. This fight was soon lost after Roosevelt's death. Fascism became the new platform in America and around the world. Fascism is the tool of empires, and the last bastion of Roosevelt's legacy to protect civilization against fascism, the Bretton Woods world-financial agreement for the postwar redevelopment of the world and the advance of civilization, was torn down in 1971. The Bretton Woods system had established a monetary order of fixed exchange rates between the world's currencies negotiated by sovereign governments. This global order was scrapped and replaced with the floating exchange rate system that turned the world's currencies into gambling chips with their value being determined at the whim of financier speculators. At this point the door was open for the looting of the world, called globalization. This new game against civilization run primarily by the same fascist forces that had hailed Hitler and had their roots in the old Nazi fascist background. Roosevelt was well justified, therefore, to warn against the fascist takeover of America as the greatest threat to future of the nation. He should have included the world.

Obviously, fascism is global and is far older than the nazism that was merely built on the historic fascist platforms. The Roman Empire, for example, was a pioneer of this trend. It may be seen as one of the early examples of the fascist platform, although the term, fascism, did not exist at the time. The term, fascism, is a modern term. It appears to reflect the terrible 'faces' of the Roman legion, or the face of imperial Rome and the terror and inhumanity that it stood for. Later the Venetian Empire became the new champion of that kind of 'fascism', the champion for a New Dark Age. At the hands of Norman Chivalry the Empire of Venice organized the genocidal crusades against Islam and so forth. It also stood behind the general bestialization of Europe as is exemplified by the murderous Spanish Inquisition that ordered over thirty thousand victims to be burned to death at the stake. 

In later years France became the centre of what might be called a modern form of fascism, unfolding through the Martinist Lodge that ran the Jacobin terror operations in the background of the French Revolution. The descriptive term that was chosen for this modern form of fascism is, synarchism. The term represents a kind of synchronized anarchy; a state of affairs that is synonymous with anarchy, such as a total absence of government, but being totally controlled by the invisible forces of financial interests and the forces of imperial secret societies. Synarchism is the hand that drives a new kind of fascism that may called the force of the 'faces' that have no face. Synarchism is like a wind that blows down a forest while nobody can see where it comes from. A great effort is being made in modern times to lay bare the forces of synarchism, the wind that is blowing down civilization. The above mentioned EIR Seminar in Berlin, was organized by Lyndon LaRouche on June 27, 2006, to expose the synarchist enemies of the United States, Europe, and the world. It was presented in parallel with a similar effort in the USA via mass-distribution under the heading: Time is Running Out for the U.S.A. - Who is Bankrupting America? How Felix Rohatyn Destroyed American Industry

The old revulsion of violence for which the French Revolution was staged by the imperial synarchist, organized under the direction of the British Empire, has in modern times been moved under ground where the synarchists' fascism is more effective. 

The British Empire had originally gone on the defensive after it lost its American colonies to the independence movement that had been pioneered by the renaissance intellectuals of Europe. The American freedom movement had been inspired from Europe. It also had been supported from Europe. The French Revolution had subsequently been staged to stop this renaissance movement in Europe before the British Empire would loose the rest of its colonies. The Jacobin terror was successful in that respect. It destroyed France. But it was a synarchist operation in that nobody knew at the time where the wind of destruction came from, except for a few revolutionaries who were on the Empire's payroll. But those were guillotined in the end to keep the game a secret. 

The synarchist terror movement was then carried forward by Napoleon in a string of over twenty wars. The resulting rampage of violence effectively destroyed the humanist movement throughout all of Europe and overlaid it with fascism. The same synarchist/fascism was unleashed in America from the South in what became the American Civil War. That's what Abraham Lincoln was facing.

It was this fascism, this anti-humanist ideology, that eventually became Hitler's foundation, probably built on the philosophy of Hobbes and of the modern version by Nietzsche and so on, but it was underneath a form of synarchism. And the real imperial target was again the USA. The Hitler project was initially intended to build Europe-wide fascist empire that could be used to eventually overwhelm the USA. The plan was foiled when the British Empire pulled out of the game with the help of Roosevelt and the tide was turned against the Nazi Empire. But fascism was never really defeated, nor were that synarchist forces that stood in the shadow, the destructive winds that changed the face of civilization.

The fascist root of Nazism is well illustrated in the Nazi's chosen national symbol, the swastika. It stands as an emblem of terror. This emblem too has a link back into history. The fascist swastika resembles faintly the image of the cross that the Spanish painter Francisco Goya had modeled in his painting of the 'Judicial Session of the Inquisition.' He presents an unusual cross in this painting, apparently to illustrate the absolute evil nature (the fascist/synarchist nature) of the Spanish Inquisition. In the far left of the painting Goya shows us a fat smug member of the clergy wearing that emblem. The emblem resembles both the shape of a wheel and the shape of a cross. In its overall appearance it reminds one of the kind of wheel that Joseph de Maistre had idealized, the beastly brutalism that he was known for in Goya's time. It represents the ideology of social control by terror and murder. 

Maistre had despised  Goya's humanist ideals, while Goya despised the gore that Maistre idealized. Here is where the cross and the wheel become significant. De Maistre once described in an essay how 'the wheel' was used in his time as an instrument of terror to subdue society, something that Maistre described as 'necessary'. Maistre illustrated in his essay how this was done, how a convicted man is put to death in a public execution by an executioner that smashes the bones of the victim's limbs to a pulp so that the limbs can then be threaded into a wheel on which the person is left to die in unspeakable ago. Maistre suggested that this terror, as uncivilized it may be, is 'necessary.' 

The Spanish Inquisition that Goya saw had up to his time burnt over 30,000 people to death at the stake. This too, was deemed necessary to keep an iron grip on society. The Inquisition evidently pursued the same ideals as Maistre, of a deep, brutal, evil. The emblem that Goya painted on the clergy's chest bears a remarkable resemblance of the executioner's wheel with the broken limbs having been threaded onto the spokes of it. The emblem represents the 'resolve' of the rulers and their 'contractors' to lay aside the last shred of humanity, a pre-requisite whereby the terror of the execution becomes achievable.

If one looks closely at the image of the swastika it becomes strikingly apparent that the swastika contains all the essential feature of the wheel of terror and death that Maistre had idealized as 'necessary.' The fascist swastika strongly emphasises the threaded limbs. It emphasises what fascism represents, what Maistre had idealized, and what Goya had symbolically turned into an emblem of insanity.

In the fascist swastika Goya's emblem lives on. It lives on as the enduring symbol of fascism, the symbol of unrestrained evil carried out in the name of a process in which the human being is deemed to be of no value whatsoever, a process by which all that is good an beautiful is smashed. 

The Nazis didn't create the swastika of course, but they perverted it. The swastika had existed for 3000 years and is found in many cultures as the symbol for good, life, power, strength, and good luck. But by their fascism the Nazis gave it a new meaning. They took it over and turned light into darkness, a darkness as dark as the darkest 'wheel' in the middle ages. This perversion is important for one to keep in mind, because that is what fascism does in every case. It perverts entire counties no matter what their names may be, or religion, or ethnic identity. It pervades everything over which it spreads its ugly wings. And so it's perverted the swastika into being the enduring emblem of fascism. The perversion has gone so deep that it application to anything but fascism becomes unacceptable because of its deep association with fascism. For example,  the Raëlian Movement, a religious sect founded in the 1970s, believing in the possibility of immortality by scientific progress, used a symbol that interlaced the Star of David and swastika. It became the source of such controversy, that 1991 the symbol was changed to remove the swastika to deflect public criticism.

What the Nazis, the Inquisition, and Maistre represented was fascism destroying the spirit of humanity, like a black ghost hovering above everything in every case. Fascism takes the most precious and tears it down and tramples it into dust. In the same manner it has taken the greatest nations on earth and has turned them into evil empires, and the most advanced religions and turned them into instruments for evil. Many of the great nations of our planet and the great religions have felt the sting of this fascist invasion that spreads indiscriminately like a creeping disease throughout the fabric of society.

Fascism really is a disease, a universal evil. It is not an aspect of nationality, religion, or the identity of a people. Fascism is a negation, a state of bankruptcy in humanist terms, a state of weakness, impotence, and emptiness. 

The historic swastika was seen as a symbol of strength in historic cultures. The Nazis might have chosen the swastika for that reason, but what they deemed strength was really weakness. Fascism is a state of weakness. Consider the fascist world that Maistre had idealized. It was a world so bankrupt in humanist terms that it could not be maintained by any other means than killing people in orgies of terror. That's a state of humanist 'bankruptcy.' It is impossible for a society to sink lower than that, lower than becoming an instrument of fascism or turning a blind eye to it, which is essentially the same.

The Spanish Inquisition was a perfect example of this (fascist) bankruptcy. The Spanish royally, nobility, even the church were so bankrupt in themselves that they felt they had to resort to killing people to maintain their 'empty' existence. The fascist infection that had disabled Spain at this time can in turn be traced back to the Empire of Venice that had experienced the same emptiness and resorted to the same fascism to maintain itself. The executioner's platform and its terror was the dominating symbol of the Empire of Venice, although most would not see it as such or tried not to acknowledge it.

The use of torture, too, that is high on the agenda again, has never been a specific national trait, but always an issue of fascism that is typically applied to break an individual's conscience. It forces the betrayal of trust by the most hideous cruelty. It tears deep rifts into the fabric of humanity. However such 'insanity' is not specific to any nation. It is an invention of imperial force, used for imperial purposes, unleashed in every nation where imperialism aims to subjugate society. We have seen the face of torture in the faces of many nations, even in the face of those that preach the sermons of humanity and tolerance and human rights and ethical values. The history books and archives are full of example, mostly hidden examples that are only slowly leaking out.

All of the combined horror becomes united in the emblem of fascism, the swastika. The fascist swastika should not be seen that national symbol of a dark era of German history dominated by Nazi fascism that perverted the swastika from signifying light and strength to signifying the darkness and the emptiness of a humanist 'bankrupt' world that resorts to stealing and killing because it has no strength left in itself to maintain its precarious existence. If this is what the swastika has come to symbolizes, it symbolizes a universal disease. It now stands as the emblem of a bankrupt world, an empty society, and institutions without strength, so that murder and terror becomes resorted to that are deemed strength. That is the shadow in which America's commitment to perpetual war, the "long war," the "Hundred Years War" unfolds.

The Nazi swastika is the universal emblem of fascism, plain and simple, that hovers over every nation where fascism is found, and every religion where it is used, and every culture where it is given root. And thereby it hovers over the world. It was the emblem of Nazi terror. In today's world it stands as the emblem of 9/11, the uranium bombs, nuclear war, torture and terror, and the killing and inhumanity that has become rampant again with depopulation demands being heard ever louder, and more. 

Once the 9/11 event is correctly identified by its proper emblem, the swastika that represents fascism, then the healing can being, because then the 9/11 event is no longer seen as an Arab-caused event, or an American-caused event, but is seen as a fascist event that resulted from the creeping, hidden takeover of America by synarchist/fascism. Once this is recognized the corrective actions can take place, but not before.

Under the modern swastika of fascism Joseph Maistre's words still echo through the world, that evil, for imperial goals, is 'necessary.' That's the song that we still hear sung: a song of war by pre-emption; a song terror by self-provocation; a song of force by nuclear bombs; a song of synarchist/fascism. Maistre couldn't have sung the hidden lies of fascism more clearly than they are sung today. Fortunately, what the swastika represents is itself a lie. Evil is not 'necessary' as Maistre lied to society. Only love and humanity are necessary. Love and humanity are the antidote to fascism. Mankind's love for its humanity is its real source of strength and the only platform for building a civilization on that is able to develop and blossom into a renaissance.

Fascism darkened America. Synarchism is the force bearing the sword that has been chosen to destroy America. This sword was brought to America by an 'emissary' from Hitler's Germany, a student of the crown jurist of Germany, Carl Schmitt,  the man who devised the Nazi laws that had enabled Hitler to become an absolute dictator. The 'emissary' became in time a university professor in Chicago, who also (apparently) helped Carl Schmitt long after the war to set up residency in the USA. From this imported background a new legal society was born in America, a 'club of the sword,' the Federalist Society that represents the old Nazi laws and the underlying fascist idealism of terror, the inner bankruptcy that disregards the principles of civilization as but "a god dam piece of paper." The modern American doctrine of the 'Unitary Executive' that puts a US President above the law and the Constitution is unfolding from this background. Thus the old the old Nazi fascism once again rules the planet with terror drawn from weakness and darkness, born out of the same kind of 'bankruptcy' that Maistre represented. We see the forces at work today in countless ways as civilization is being taken down step by step with a new dark age already looming on the horizon, but the synarchism behind the scene, the financial imperial control, the globalization of looting, poverty, and misery, remains still unseen behind the curtain.

As Roosevelt had feared, the USA has become fascist. It has become an imperial nation in the old tradition in which fascism always serves imperial objectives, guided by the invisible hands of synarchism. Today's American doctrine, the doctrine of brutality and force, the doctrine for the New American Century, as has been widely proclaimed. It is a doctrine of war in the fascist tradition, imperial war, pre-emptive war, permanent war, war to globalize terrorism. There is no war afoot against terrorism. The so-called war against terrorism is a lie as numerous researchers have proven and have illustrated extensively, and as has been widely presented all over the Internet.  But the USA is not the only cnation that has failed to defend itself against the new wave of fascism that brought darkness to the planet once again. The darkness is the synarchism that flows invisibly from the imperial realm out of the deep realms of financial oligarchism where the modern fascism has its roots in the dawn of Venice as an empire. 

Another nation that suffered the same tragic fate as the USA as a victim of the fascist takeover that is sweeping much of the world, is the nation of Israel. The phenomenon of modern Zionism was created deep in the imperial realm, the synarchist realm, brought forth in the British Cabinet with the Balfour Declaration in 1917. The declaration created Zionism as the national identity for the Jewish people around the world. It turned the Jewish religious identity, the religion of a people, into a national identity, and thereby, with the stroke of a pen the declaration rendered all Jewish people throughout the world as foreigners in their native lands. The British Jewry protested, but it was overruled. The British imperials "saw Zionism as a way to advance British imperialism and the Masonic 'New World Order'." (See: British Jewry Tried To Stop Zionism

Zionism was literally hijacked and perverted into a tool for the purpose of advancing fascism.  Zionism is no longer an element Semitism. The great Yiddish Renaissance that had once enriched the culture of Germany, Russia, America, and other places, that the name Moses Mendelssohn became synonymous with, has been betrayed. Still, the Semitism of Judaism lives on as surely as the renaissance spirit in America still lives on that once made America the admired beacon of hope for mankind. The perversion by fascism is reaching deep into both nations. An individual former 'Zionist' writes about what his discovery of the perversion his culture has stirred up in his personal experience:

I was born in Israel (Palestine then) to a well-known Jewish religious family. We are living in Israel for many generations; well before the Zionists infiltrated the Middle East. Jews and Moslems always lived in peace in Palestine until the Zionists came from Europe, massacred the Palestinians (Dir Yassin, etc.) and forced them to run away from their lands and get locked into the refugee camps across the borders for almost three generations....

Many waters pass in the Jordan River since then. Most of the original wonderful, innocent and idealistic Chalutsim who created Israel with their wonderful spirit and beautiful Jewish ethics have already left Israel and are spread again around the world.

Israel, today, has nothing to do with Israel of pre-1967. We have a new Israel now controlled by a coalition of former Jewish terror organizations under the Likud Party. Israel replaced the original idealists with a collection of Jews from Ethiopia, Russia, American fanatics, etc. Now The world is equating Israel with the Nazis, even Israeli MKs calling each other Nazis in the Knesset. And last week, an Israeli newspaper published an interview with a young Israeli soldier who calmly justify his own killing of dozens of Palestinian children, something even the Nazis did not do. (See: Jews Against Zionism)

It is obvious that fascism is not inherent in any nationality. It destroys every nation that embraces it. Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, and many others all had their 'taste' of it and it destroyed them all to the degree to which it was allowed to rule them. Nor is fascism a natural phenomenon, or an element of mankind's humanity. Thomas Hobbes, the infamous war philosopher of the age of insanity leading into the Thirty Years War described his own surrendering of humanity to the 'necessity for social control' (which is fascism) as a banishment of love. He said in essence that love must not be allowed to interfere with matters of state (or as in modern times with matters of greed and the expediency of business). To suggest that love and humanity should rule a society was deemed treason in the world of Hobbes. Hobbes was a man who in-spite of his intellectual standing became a victim of the takeover of fascism. Whether this victimization was due to his lack of intellectual awareness, or whether its was done by way of his self-prostitution to the synarchists as one who dances to the tune of the payola is unknown. Whatever the reason for his surrender might have been, the name of Hobbes stands tall today in the halls of synarchism and his ideology is a required subject for any would-be fascist, because fascism is an artificial state of 'emptiness' created for an imperial purpose, staged by subjugation and corruption through which the humanity of a person, and thereby also the light of love, is drained a way. 

Fortunately the flow towards fascism can be reversed.

It appears that fascism in the world cannot be eradicated by force, or political agreements, or legislation, or doctrines of ethics, but that it can be addressed by rekindling a sense of universal love in society, by a process of rebuilding the humanity of society on the Principle of Universal Love that is always enriching our civilization with a fresh new renaissance of love whenever that flow is allowed to happen. Of course this love must have an active expression. This active expression of love is what opens the door to the still greater challenge of uplifting civilization. One might describe this 'flow' of love as our universal kiss. Unless we find our humanity to be the light of the world, and in like measure the humanity of all mankind, fascism will never cease and the doom of mankind cannot be avoided. Fortunately, unlike fascism, the humanity of mankind is native in every human being, even while the 'fire' seems to have been dimmed. This means that the fire can be relit with love in a real and active manner. The nations that have been dragged into the mud can be healed of the disease of fascism by eradicating the root of fascism with the Principle of Universal Love and its active expression in principle as Our Universal Kiss.

But will this be done? 

The question means, do we have enough love for one-another and for the humanity that we all share, so that we will rescue ourselves from the disease of fascism? That is the question that far too few people are asking and fewer have answers for, but which will determine the future of mankind.

The American Economist Lyndon LaRouche suggests that the answer to the freedom of mankind unfolds with society making evermore dedicated efforts to mastering the art of making discoveries of valid universal principles. This art, he suggests, begins with 're-living' in the individual mind the processes that led to the great discoveries of the past, the works of the brightest geniuses that came before us, on whose shoulders we should stand, the genius of our humanity that unites us all into one people. He suggests that on this basis we can move forward without hesitation to new discoveries, new discoveries of truth, and not only the discovery of the truth about our failures, but also the discovery of the principles that take us to higher ground than the ground on which our problems are located. He suggests that it is here, in this higher realm where we become more profoundly human, in the complex domain where the mind has a wider vision than that which 'economics 101' would allow, that we find our true humanity and our ourselves. Then, as we look with such eyes into the eyes of one-another, as human beings in the highest sense, we see reflected back in them the spark of that genius within, the expression of a mind that is truly the light of the world and the substance of every civilization.


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The above exploration is presented by Rolf A. F. Witzsche, an independent researcher, publisher, and author of eleven novels. The novels are focused on exploring the Principle of Universal Love, the principle that is reflected to some degree in every bright period throughout history with the added challenge for today to give it an active expression as Our Universal Kiss.

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