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Truth versus Guns

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Our Universal Kiss versus Universal Death

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche - March 2006
Rolf A. F. Witzsche is an independent researcher, publisher, and author of eleven novels exploring the Principle of Universal Love: 
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Part 6: 
The Boundary Zone


Technologically mankind has the capacity to protect itself against the Ice Age. But do we have the humanity left to do it, after years of cultural warfare? The same might also be said about the DU-pollution, although that challenge might be greater, and the efforts to meet this challenge might have to be greater than anything we can yet imagine. Whether we like it or not, we are in that boundary zone in which the world will change. We are already facing a discontinuity from the past with the DU-pollution of our planet that has changed the world and is making increasing numbers of people sick, with the death toll ramping upwards possibly into the millions per year (should the 6-fold increase in US lung cancers be true and be DU related, and continue), if we are not already beyond that point. 

The physical discontinuity that we are now getting into requires a discontinuity in our thinking and our attitude towards one another and ourselves. A good point to start would be to stop the massive cover-up efforts of the DU-poisoning and what has caused it, and to prevent the planned increase of it in the future. Another good step forward would be to shut down the equally massive efforts to hide the truth of the 9/11 event and the identity of the powers that demanded it. The implied challenge demands a discontinuity of the political insanity that has been gradually getting worse over the centuries, that has now gripped the modern world so deeply that it is in the process of destroying civilization altogether and humanity with it.

We face several irreversible conditions in this boundary zone,  all of which are destructive to the biological existence of mankind, but which we are able to face in most cases with the ingenuity of our remarkable intellect.

1. The Ice Age challenge can most certainly be met with global indoor agriculture, if we choose to redevelop our humanity to create the technologies for it, and the kind of efficient economy that can create the vast infrastructures that are requires. 

2. AIDS is another severe challenge that is still unfolding and is potentially deadly. But is a challenge that can likewise be met with a heightened sense of humanity,

3. The DU-poisoning of our world, on the other hand, is a more difficult challenge, since the full extent of the challenge is not yet even know.  The H5N1 bird flu, which has the potential to become a human pandemic and may be DU related, illustrates to some degree the scope of the DU-challenge that so far still lies in the unknown. 

AIDS appears to be the smallest of the challenges. It appears to have emerged from the swamps of poverty created in Africa under the thumb of imperial looting and violence. The H5N1 bird flu outbreak that new threatens human beings may have a similar root in the swamps of a profit driven world that is focused on the welfare of empires, rather than the protection of mankind and of the natural world that the complex biology requires that we are a part of.  So far no evidence exists that the H5N1 strain of the bird flu may have had its origin in mutations induced by the alpha radiation that is now richly abundant in the atmosphere in the form of nano-sized DU-particles that have extensively poisoned the air of our planet in the madness of war. However, the existence of such a link cannot be ruled out. 

It is not unreasonable to assume that the birds of the air would be the first to be infected by the mutation-causing, unnatural radio-nucleotides that now have become a part of the birds' primary environment. Since no one will ever be able to prove or disprove that a connection exists, the H5N1 bird flu would need be regarded for the sake of caution as a DU-phenomenon. It would need to be so recognized, and thereby raise the necessary warning flags against ANY further DU bombing on this planet and against the promised nuclear bombing. 

The truth is that we cannot afford to neglect the possibility that DU-radiation and viral mutation might be linked, because if this potential is neglected and swept under the rug, the H5N1 strain might be just the beginning of a lot more to come and we might not be ready to deal with it when it does come. We might for example have to face one day the airborne Ebola virus that 'Dr. Death' is 'hoping' for as a means for eradicating 90% of mankind, which he suggests should not exist. 

The sanest first-line response to such unknown dangers, and potential dangers, would evidently be to stop the further poisoning of our world by stopping the wars that have caused the DU pollution. This means that mankind must find a way to shut down all world-imperial ambition and shut down the powers behind it that are at the roots of all wars. That's not an easy task, but not impossible to attain.

We face a similar situation with the DU poisoning as we do with the return of the Ice Age. We know statistically that the Ice Age is near, but we don't know what day it will commence. The transition towards it could have already started, or it might not start for another hundred years, or even a thousand years. But since the remote chance exists that the transition might have already started, we have to respond to that chance and build the needed infrastructures for indoor agriculture, even though the chance is small that the transition has actually already begun. We cannot afford NOT to respond to the potential of grave universal dangers, in spite of all reasonable seeming assumptions that they might not materialize.  If we were to fail in responding to the Ice Age danger, for example, and the Ice Age would commence as it might, we would all be doomed and few of mankind would survive. The stakes are far too high for mankind to be complacent anywhere in the boundary zone.

We need to respond to the potential mutation of airborne viruses as if they were a proven fact, and take the actions to defend ourselves. The probability might well be higher than we think that there is a connection. We know with near absolute certainty that alpha radiation from DU poisoning has the potential to cause alterations in DNA structures. We have seen the ugly results of DU-poisoning in human birth defects in large numbers, in areas where DU-weapons were used, and of a kind that is not found elsewhere, with results too ghastly to describe. So, the potential most certainly exists that the airborne DU particles can have a similar effect on viruses, especially airborne viruses. We must respond to this theoretical potential, even if it is but slight, and rebuild our world accordingly with new research and new defence measures. And above all we need to stop the wars and the powers that demand more wars, in order to stop the increased poisoning of our world so that things won't get worse.

So how can one counter such ominous threats that we might not survive in the long run, like the new viral threat that is still of unknown proportions? How do we prevent the increased DU-poisoning of the world in the face of all the planned new wars or even nuclear wars? 

The legal avenues to stop the mounting threats seem closed for now since the fascist elements that run America at the present time own the courts and the Congress, and also the Senate. They even own the media which is involved in countless campaigns of denial of the truth through cover-up operations, like the 9/11-denial, the DU-denial, and the denial of the truth in general. The truth about many things seems to have become a U.S. national security secret these day, hidden behind a facade of lies. The rise in U.S. lung cancer rates might soon be added to the list of classified secrets. But the worst denial is society's denial of its humanity as human beings.

The Iraqi people are fighting back against America's denial of its humanity, an apparently hopeless scene. They are fighting back with irregular warfare, officially called terrorist insurgency, and as one should expect, the resulting escalation of force doesn't solve anything for anyone. It only creates further destruction, killing, and insanity, to the point that civil war stands on the near horizon as a bottomless pit of horror. 

Obviously, that's not the way to go. One cannot fight fascism with fascism. Since fascism has stolen from mankind its humanity, in order to defeat fascism society needs to rebuilt its humanity and its civilization on the platform of the principles of our humanity. That challenge involves going back to the Principle of Universal Love and to develop this principle more deep-reaching than ever before. Every major renaissance in history had been built on this principle to some degree.  But more than that is needed. The discovered principles must find expression. Love remains but an abstraction without its active manifest, a kind of universal kiss.

The Islamic Renaissance had been built on the budding recognition of the Principle of Universal Love after the fall of Rome and in an active manifest that took many forms. It became a focal point for science and the budding sense of the universality of the humanity of mankind.

The Golden Renaissance of the 14th and 15th Century was build on a similar principle, the principle of Agape. Its active manifest (the universal kiss) stirred in society the revival of beauty and scientific development, both unfolding with a renewed sense of the power and the value of our universal humanity.

The next renaissance that was created was built in the shadow of the Thirty Years War as an effort to stop this war. The first result of this renaissance in thinking was the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia. Its active principle was once again a facet of the Principle of Universal Love. In this case the active principle might be called the Principle of the Advantage of the Other (a new kind of universal kiss). The focus was shifted from destroying one-another to uplifting one-another. In the light of this active renaissance the founding of the USA was achieved. The USA was established as the first true nation state republic on the planet, the kiss of mankind for its humanity. The result was that the USA was founded on the Principle of the General Welfare, which is an active facet of the Principle of Universal Love.

Since all of the great humanist breakthroughs in history reflect the Principle of Universal Love, it appears that nothing short of an active manifest of this principle offers any hope for society in this age that its disease of fascism can be healed, and the resulting wars that are intended to go on forever, can be stopped.

The Principle of Our Universal Kiss, which actively reflects our love for our humanity, certainly has the potential to break the current commitment to the denial of the truth, such as the DU-denial and the 9/11 denial. Ending those denials would put the mark of fascism onto the blood baths of the Neocon's wars, and the face of the beast on all those that demand war. The face of war is not the face of a human being, but is an artificial mask that be laid aside with love. We can no longer afford to let the destruction of our humanity proceed, lest we loose the whole of mankind as the result of it, and that demands corresponding actions, actions of love. 

In this regard, the stopping of the wars for all times to come, is actually the smallest challenge of the Principle of Universal Love, because far greater dangers loom ahead than war that also require an active expression of our universal love, involving a unique type of kiss. 

Our planet, the Earth, is presently in a two-million-year-long Ice Age epoch. The deep freeze gets interrupted every 100,000 years with a wonderfully warm interglacial climate, but only for a brief span of slightly over 10,000 years . The warm interglacial climate is the climate that we presently have, and we are coming to the end of it according to the pattern observed for the last few cycles. We are facing therefore the beginning of another Ice Age cycle of deep-freeze temperatures that may extend accross the next 90,000 years. Of course since we are talking in geologic time, nobody knows at what specific year the Ice Age transition might begin. According to averages, the transition is already overdue by about 500 years (0.5% of the total cycle). Some scientists say that the resumption of the cold spell might happen within the next 150 years. Others say it may take longer.  A few also suggest that the start of the transition might have already begun and that the transition is unfolding slowly. Whatever the case may turn out to be, for the time being the Earth is getting colder (there is no manmade global warming).

Some credible evidence suggests that the long warming period that brought the Earth out of the last little Ice Age, which had its low in the late 1600s, is over. The general warming trend seemed to have stopped. It stopped, even though we are only half way back to the medieval optimum that we had before the Little Ice Age began. 

Of course the re-warming from the last Little Ice Age wasn't manmade, nor were the Holozene optimum of 7000 years ago manmade, or the medieval optimum, which were both very much warmer than anything we had in the last few centuries. The industrial age didn't start that far back. And neither is the cooling cycle manmade that we are presently in.

Yes, we are presently in a cooling cycle. "The average annual air temperature in Irkutsk, which correlates well with the average annual global temperature of the surface air, attained its maximum in 1997, equal to +2.3C." After that it "began to diminish to +1.2C in 1998, +0.7C in 1999, and +0.4C in 2000." (-0.1C in 2005). That's a measured historic reality.

But why are the oceans getting warmer in this boundary zone of general cooling? The reason appears to be related to the mechanism that effects the climate of the Earth, which is is primarily affected by the greenhouse effect of water vapour (up to 97% of the total greenhouse effect is attributed to water vapour according to the Polish scientist Zbigniew Jaworowski, M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc. Chairman of the Scientific Council of Central Laboratory for Radiological Protection Warsaw). The water-vapour density in turn is affected by the rate of cloud formation that is largely determined by the intensity of cosmic radiation reaching the earth that causes the ionization of the upper troposphere. The intensity of the cosmic radiation, in turn, is affected by the intensity of certain solar cycles, such as solar flairs and magnetic storms that shield the earth to some degree from a portion of the cosmic radiation. This means that if the sunspot intensity is weak, we get more radiation, more clouds, less water vapour, a weaker greenhouse effect, and a colder climate. 

For the oceans, the effect is slightly different. There are two different types of solar energy reaching the Earth. A part of the incoming solar energy has shorter wavelengths that cut right through the greenhouse effect, which then warms the Earth. The warm Earth in turn radiates heat back, but in the form of longer wavelengths. Some of the radiated heat gets trapped by the greenhouse gases, primarily the water vapour, which keeps the air warm. Of course, the greenhouse gases also trap the long wavelength heat from the sun, which also helps warm the air. When the greenhouse water vapour diminishes, then more of the long wavelength heat from the sun reaches the surface where it primarily heats the oceans, since the oceans are darker in colour and absorb more heat.  By the same process, the Earth's atmosphere that would normally absorb this heat, is getting colder. In a very broad sense that is what we see happening. We see a warming happening in some parts of the oceans while we also see a general cooling in the atmosphere.  

Of course the real process is much more complex, since the oceans are also affected by many other influences and by their own 50-year cycles. The evidence however seems to indicate that the two processes happen simultaneously and that this trend will continue for a while in the current boundary zone. 

With respect to the future, the Russian scientists Bashkirtsev and Mashnich from the Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics in Irkutsk of the Siberian Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences, say "it has become clear that the current sunspot cycle (cycle 23) is weaker than the preceding cycles (21 and 22)," and that "solar activity during the subsequent cycles (24 and 25) will be, as expected, even lower," noting that "according to Chistyakov (1996, 2000), the minimum of the secular cycle of solar activity will fall on cycle 25 (2021-2026), which will result in the minimum global temperature of the surface air (according to our prediction)."

The bottom line is that we might be sliding back into another Little Ice Age, or might have begun the transition to the big one. If the big transition has begun, that's not a pleasant prospect for anyone to contemplate who likes to eat, since we are 'miles' away from being able to compensate for the loss of agriculture when it begins to diminish as the climate gets colder. In other words, we are in a transition zone to a cooler world that is presently filled with great uncertainties and enormous challenges imposed by the needs of the future that we need to respond to.

Deep-core drilling into the ice sheet of southern Greenland, past the beginning of the last Ice Age, going back over 100,000 years in time, indicates that large temperature swings of 'short' duration might have occurred during the last transition to the previous Ice Age deep freeze. The theoretical possibility exists that these large temperature swings might happen again so that mankind needs to be fully prepared for those rapid and large temperature changes, which it cannot survive without indoor agriculture completely developed on a global scale. 

In the boundary zone between such major opposites as the warm interglacial and the Ice Age deep freeze, instabilities may occur that are not predictable, except to predict that they will likely happen as in the past.

Ultimately it matters little whether the transition starts with big fluctuations or unfolds slowly and gradually, because in either case the return of the Ice Age will decimate our food supply if we are not prepared for it, globally. Our current food supply is almost totally dependent on the warm interglacial climate that we had for the last 10,000 years, which enables large scale agriculture on a global scale. If anything is certain about the return of the Ice Age, it is certain that the present warm interglacial climate will end on which our food supply depends. Mankind's reluctance to acknowledge this recognized certainty, and its apathy in responding to it to save its existence, appears to be just one of the many puzzling aspects that we encounter in the boundary zone. 

With our mental horizons currently limited to the small worlds of our private living and petty immediate concerns, we find it difficult to think ahead in terms of global changes and the needs of generations yet unborn, and to marshal our capacity as human beings to meet these challenges for distant needs. Unfortunately this difficulty is being brutally exploited for imperial objectives for which scare stories are dished out that all focus on one common goal, the decimation of mankind. 

The global-warming doctrine has been invented to decimate mankind economically by shutting down its energy resources, and also to prevent it from building the needed renaissance that would enable it to live on indoor agriculture that would save its existence, but would in the process shut down the empires. 

The over-population doctrine, is worse. It has been carefully crafted to kill mankind outright.  

The latest proposal under under the depopulation doctrine calls for the extermination of 90% of mankind with an airborne strain of the Ebola virus, as if the already ongoing DU-poisoning of the world was not enough. (See links regarding world depopulation and domination

The coveted decimation of mankind has been the historic by-product of every empire that ever existed. Empires feed on the weakness of society, since they cannot maintain themselves in a strongly developing humanist renaissance environment. For this ultimate goal the scary tunes of the depopulation demands have been heard for many centuries already, ever since the days of the Venetian Empire and 'its' crusades. However, in our modern world their tunes are getting uglier and their song is getting lauder with many cheers being heard in the background, so that we have entered a boundary zone also  in this regard. 

Mankind is loosing its humanity at a rapid pace, and this at a time when it should be building it up to meet the physical challenges of the approaching Ice Age.

The world-renowned American economist Lyndon LaRouche has illustrated in the economic sense what a general boundary zone looks like. 

The illustration below had been prepared for the Vatican in the mid-1990s. It shows in an economic context how a boundary zone works. It shows what happens in such a zone in the context of an economy related to physical production, money, and financial assets. It shows in this context how the current imperial processes for looting society would result in the unavoidable physical collapse of society if the process was to continue. It would cause the unavoidable disintegration of the global monetary-value system that stands as a claim against the collapsing physical economy (financial aggregates and monetary aggregates combined).

What LaRouche calls the "collapse function" illustrates the increasing dangers that are encountered in a boundary zone, which invariably lead to a discontinuity of the of the unfolding process.  As you can see in the illustration, the progression cannot continue indefinitely. The financial world becomes meaningless when it no longer represents the physical economy that it stands as a claim against. The increasing drifting apart of the financial 'dream' and the physical reality leads invariably to a breaking point.  The trend towards the breaking point illustrates the urgency for society's return to reason and humanist values and the physical upgrading of civilization. 

Unfortunately we are still heading towards the breaking point. In fact, things have become worse on all fronts. LaRouche eventually updated the above illustration to illustrate (below) the new reality of mankind rushing like lemmings towards the proverbial cliff.

The hyper-inflated financial aggregates (the dream castles that have become a huge 'sinkhole') were in danger of reaching the breaking point for some time already. Had they reached the breaking point they would have taken the entire financial and economic house down, including the empty facade (the hollowed out physical economy) that was built around the 'sinkhole' (the dreamland of the financial assets)  at the centre. Since the 'sinkhole' could not be stabilized by ordinary means, no matter how much money was stolen or simply created and poured into them, some rather extraordinary means were chosen by the financial controllers of the world. Japan was 'ordered' (probably with the Plaza Accord) to turn on its money printing presses and flood the world with cheap, zero percent credit that could be turned by 'investors' into dollars to be poured into the 'sinkhole' of stocks, bonds, derivatives gambling, and currency gambling, and so forth. The extraordinary process that made a few wealthy people richer became knows as the "carry trade." The end result was that the money poured in at a faster rate than the financial dream world increased. Nevertheless, the dream world had to be maintained at all cost, because the entire (failing) world-financial system rested on the illusion that the financial dream word that had been leveraged up into astronomic paper values represent real value in physical terms. It was understood that if the illusion were to collapse that the two values are worlds apart, the whole thing would collapse. consequently more and more money was poured into the sinkhole, but it didn't fix anything. The situation became more precarious instead. The physical economy collapsed more rapidly as it became starved for investment funds to feed the gambling tables. And that is where we stand today. We stand in a financial and economic boundary zone facing and impending discontinuity. Like a soap bubble bursts, the whole thing might float away as a spray of fine mist that nobody can put back together again.

Japan's money was 'carried' away from Japan by the 'carry trade' and traded in the world-financial markets for a profit. The process stabilized the sinkhole for a season, but it came at the cost of hyper-inflating the Japanese currency. The Japanese are now threatening to stop sourcing the funds that are poured into the sinkhole. However the productive physical economy is also hit by this speculative nightmare that feeds the sinkhole, and that is always destructive in the long run. We are now at the point that such industrial giants like General Motors, Ford, and the auto industry as a whole, which were once as much a national symbol as apple pie, are fighting desperately to keep themselves out of bankruptcy. Entire sectors of industries are being shut down, which further widens the financial and physical gap. That's the current boundary zone. The task before society is that it comes out of the boundary zone alive. For this to be possible enormous fundamental changes need to be implemented.

Japan is already struggling. Reeling under inflation, it needs to shut down the carry trade by raising the interest rates. And they will do it. They have no choice. But who then will keep the sinkhole flooded with evermore new money? Well, you guessed it. The Federal Reserve will come to the rescue and turn the printing presses on to hyper-inflate the American dollar instead, to rescue the sinkhole. The Federal Reserve announced that it will print two trillion new dollars and put them into circulation. Except the Federal Reserve refuses to say when it will be done. It will no longer report when it increases the currency, even though the resulting inflation will make your savings count for less. The M3-reporting is history now, so that you will never know when you've been cheated. 

But that intervention too, won't help anything. Deep, fundamental changes are needed. In spite of all the money that has already been poured into the sinkhole, the sinkhole will collapse at one point. The collapse will collapse everything around it, so that the empty facade, the physical economy,  will likewise collapse. Unfortunately, that is what supports society's existence.

The sinkhole that represents society's dreams of financial wealth, for which so much has been sacrificed, has to collapse. It has to collapse, because a collapsing physical economy that can no longer maintain itself cannot be counted on to make the financial dream castles fungible that have become astronomical in size. In fact, the US economy that is now owing over 40 trillion USD in debt, can't even pay the interest on the debt, much less cash out the dream castles for them to be worth anything. We are near the end of the boundary zone in this sphere, where dreams will end and much of society with it unless we turn the ship around. 

What comes out of this boundary zone won't be pleasant if it is endurable at all. This means that a far reaching return to sanity needs to happens with a commitment to the Principle of the General Welfare, actively reflecting the time-honoured renaissance principle, the Principle of Universal Love. 

Such a response, which would save civilization, would require the immediate bankruptcy reorganization of the entire world-financial system, shutting down the private Federal Reserve System, writing off junk debt, junk assets, and reorganize whatever is left of any real value into whatever is needed to keep the critical physical processes in operation, such as food and energy supplies, and to keep the wages and pensions being paid. After that, long-term low-cost state credits would be needed, to be issued directly into the physical economy to recreate the industries and institutions that have already been destroyed.

However, do we have the political will existing in the American society today to scrap the imperial financial monetary system that is presently collapsing in the boundary zone? Will society re-establish itself as a sovereign nation that owns its own currency and its own credit creation? If the answer is uncertain, then one needs to rephrase the question and ask: Does society have enough love for one-another and its nation that it will take those necessary steps to avoid a prolonged New Dark Age? Maybe the second question will get the ball rolling. If that kind love in society cannot be developed for one-another, then the critical choices will not be made and the boundary zone leads to the collapse of civilization. 

The same sort of challenge is now unfolding in all the other areas as well where we are fast nearing the end point in the boundary zone, especially in respect to war. 

Strategically, the world is awash with incredible insanity. Everything seems to be set into high gear for the bombing of Iraq. Only the reason for the bombing might actually not have been fully decided yet. Too much opposition has developed around the world against America destroying still another country. The official reason is wearing thin that Iran needs to be destroyed now in order to prevent it from having the capacity to build a nuclear bomb 7 to 10 years in the future, which it says it doesn't intent to do.  It is being suggested that according to official statement a new reason is now being prepared for the bombing of Iran that will be kept secret until the bombing starts. (see: Biological Threat And Executive Order 13292 - Avian Flu To Be Used As Pretext For Attack, Not Iran's Nuclear Program)

It has also been 'promised' in official statements that America's bombing of Iran will once again include the use of nuclear bombs. For the fist time in over 60 years the nuclear Pandora's Box is about to be opened again. The last time the box was opened it contained three nukes, which were used. Now it contains thirty thousand and they are not all in American hands as before. In fact, nobody knows who owns them all. The Ukraine had failed to return 250 nuclear warheads to Russia after it had declared itself to be a nuclear free zone. A nation that had been loosing two million people a year to IMF economic austerity would have a strong incentive to sell those high-priced assets, which nuclear bombs obviously are in the 'market place' where money rules the world. It is suggested that Iran might have purchased some or all of Ukraine's 250 nuclear warheads. It is also suggested that Iran has a number of American W-69 warheads (170 Kt yield - 17 times as powerful as the Hiroshima bomb) that were lost from a B52 in 1991.  In other words, the strategic scene is totally unpredictable when the lid gets blown off the nuclear Pandora's Box. That uncertainty, all by itself, puts us into a boundary zone for the first time in 60 years.

Also, for the first time, under Executive Order, the perceived threat from Iran, the reason for going to war, has now been officially classified as a national security secret so that no one will know for certain for what reason the world is about to be destroyed until it is happening. It has been suggested from analyzing the current rhetoric that Iran might be accused of secretly breeding the bird flu H5N1 as a biological weapon for which Iran's pharmaceutical labs and medical industry must be pre-emptively attacked in order "to save the world." And it is suggested that should Iran defend itself, it will be said that Iran has attacked the US forces doing their duty. With that the gates to hell would be fully open.  

It appears that the only way mankind can get out of this boundary zone with its civilization still intact, is by not getting into it. That means taking down the Neocon threat to mankind as an act of love by mankind for itself.

The currently escalating insanity in the strategic arena can only lead to one end, the complete breakdown of civilization, especially with nuclear war now being added to the mix. Actually, the treat of a general thermonuclear war is no longer the main long-term threat to mankind. The depleted uranium bombing that has already begun, with much more set up to follow, has the potential to be far more damaging to mankind in the long run than a general nuclear war might be.

The escalating insanity in the imperial camp is evident by the planned massive increase of the DU-poisoning of our planet with the 2.7 million DU bombs that are now reported to have been pre-positioned in South Korea. (see: Korea Times 12/23.2005) Insanity is too mild a term to describe what is planned here. If one considers the possible use of 50 Kg of uranium per bomb (hopefully that's a high estimate), that would add up to 135 million kilograms to be dumped onto this region (the equivalent in long-term radiation of 20 million Nagasaki type bombs). That's 50-times as much as was dumped onto Iraq and Afghanistan combined. We are not talking about a marginal increase in the radioactive poisoning of the world, which is already killing millions of people (with a six-fold increase in lung cancer already being experienced in the distant USA in the report is correct). We are talking about a potential fifty-fold increase of the damage that has so far been inflicted on the global environment. If all of that massive stockpile that has been pre-positioned  in South Korea is dumped onto North Korea, the entire region will most likely be made uninhabitable, with unimaginable consequences. Just take a map and locate North Korea, and then take a compass and draw a 1500 mile circle around it. 1500 miles is not a large distance for spreading airborne radioactive pollution. The 1500-mile circle would encompass all of Korea, most of Japan, and the most populous regions of China from Beijing all the way south to Shanghai. It would also include China's major food producing area. 

The the resulting DU devastation could also reach twice as far over time, which may be intended as a hidden war through the back door to destroy China, for which North Korea serves as but the staging ground. Dropping 2.7 million DU bombs into this area would most likely wipe out a major portion of the encircled population over time -- maybe even all mankind.

Most likely, the Korean bombing campaign would unfold in the shadow of the bombing of Iran with possibly the same intensity in DU-usage there, if not more so. From Iran, the DU-poisoning would likely extend north into Russia to disable Russia as a potential future adversary, and would likely also extend south across the Saudi Arabian Oil States and disable them.

If one draws a wide enough circle around both North Korea and Iran. the two circles will overlap and both contain all of India within them, together with three quarters of the human race. These are the dimensions hat we are dealing with when the DU-bombing begins in earnest on the scale that appears to be planned according to the reported pre-positioning of the 2.7 million bombs in South Korea, "citing a declassified dossier from the U.S. Pacific Command in Hawaii - The document dated in August 2003 says that the U.S. base in Suwon of Kyonggi Province has some 1.3 million DU bombs; 930,000 in Chongju, North Chungchong Province; 470,000 in Osan, Kyonggi Province. The total figure is eight times as many as the 300,000 that Kadena Air Base on Okinawa, Japan, reportedly has." (see: Korea Times 12/23.2005).

We can also see the same escalating push towards insanity unfolding in the global warming 'game' that keeps mankind from preparing itself for the conditions of the impending return of the Ice Age. And then one sees even more of the same, something that goes way beyond mere insanity, in the ever-more radical demands that are being spouted forth for the depopulation-extermination of nine-tens of all human beings on the planet

The steeply rising curves in the diagrams above represents this growing insanity that has put us into the boundary zone in all of the above areas, while the steep downward curve represents the rapidly diminishing humanity in mankind and society's collapsing interest in the Principle of Universal Love that all the great periods of renaissance in history were built on to some degree. It represents the fading action of the universal kiss. 

What we see illustrated with these sharply rising and declining curves is the nature of a boundary zone where reality and society's perception of it drift further and further apart until the whole scene blows up into chaos and disintegration. The trend that one can see unfolding in all of these areas points to an extreme measure of urgency for corrective actions before the point of no return is crossed, which is apparently near.

In the financial world the urgent response would have to be in the form of a global bankruptcy reorganization since the financial values no longer represent the physical reality and are in fact destructive to it. For the Ice Age challenge the urgent response would have to be a total reorganization of the economic processes around the planet towards vastly expanding the capacity for physical production and the physical well-being of society, and this with such a dynamism that the needed global indoor agriculture can be build along the sideline of an unfolding new renaissance world. 

In other words, a total reversal needs to happen in what the steeply rising curves and the steeply declining curve represent. If in this reversal the declining curve were to signify a sharp decline of fascism in the word, and inhumanity, hatred, slavery, looting and destruction, towards their disappearance from the world, then society would have a chance. In that case the steeply rising curves above would represent the rapid development of the Principle of Universal Love manifest in the corresponding physical development of the world and an unfolding prosperity in society that is synonymous with an unfolding humanist renaissance.

We are presently far from the realization of this urgently needed reversal from collapse into death. We are far from even wanting to create a world of prosperity with a bright human future. We are still committed to remain in the boundary zone. Nevertheless, we do have the capacity to reverse the current trends and come out of this boundary zone with a new life and a new world, and with a bright new appreciation for our common humanity. 

We have also demonstrated that we have a large capacity for apathy and a stubborn dedication to resist the demands of the Principle of Universal Love. Without its active Universal Kiss the Principle of Universal Love remains an abstraction. Thus, the question of how we shall come out of the current boundary zone depends largely on how we deal with the apathy that keeps us imprisoned in the box of insanity. Let us hope that the impending return of the Ice Age, which is a part of this boundary zone, will inspire us to step out of our dedication to smallness and to reclaim our humanity no matter how revolutionary such a step may seem to be.

Mankind's great challenge is to create for itself the kind of a higher-level civilization that enables its large world population to survive the next Ice Age period with food supplies provided by indoor agriculture. That's a huge task, considering that the world population may not level out until the ten-billion mark is reached. This kind of population level might well be necessary for creating and maintaining the technological infrastructures for an Ice Age civilization to be able to function. If we aim for that goal the present boundary zone would be well utilized.

While such a challenge sounds simple in concept, it involves an almost unimaginable physical task. Nevertheless the goal is achievable with our profound human spirit that enables discoveries of new resources and the technologies to develop them, such as the advanced development of nuclear power and the development of new building materials such as basalt. We literally have the world at out feet with infinite resources if we care to develop them. Thus, no miracles are needed for mankind to have a bright future on this planet. Only a highly developed sense of humanity is required that opens the door to an efficient global economy that can sustain an intense cultural and physical development cycle for a century or two in which the requisite infrastructures can be created, which then can become mankind's starting point for a future without end.

And where do we start? The only suggestion that I hear (apart from Dr. Death arguing for the need to kill off 90% of mankind) is the American economist Lyndon LaRouche encouraging society to turn its back to impotence, apathy, and its subjection to a decaying imperial culture by rebuilding itself economically with nuclear power. This has been LaRouche's suggestion for getting out of the boundary zone, going back thirty years, arguing consistently for both nuclear fusion and advanced nuclear fission power systems. (see: Why the United States Needs To Build Nuclear Plants, Fast). 

Without this kind of breakout that a new focus on nuclear power for economic development could bring about, the boundary zone would become mankind's death zone, with our without Dr. Death playing his role. But turn this gloom around, with the nuclear breakout from poverty and impotence to universal economic development happening starting right now with a rebuilding of the world-financial system towards this goal, your horizons suddenly become limitless with a whole new era of prosperity for mankind unfolding. Then no one would even dream of poisoning the world further with nuclear bombs and DU-weaponry, killing more and more people. Thus, getting out of the boundary zone is essentially but a matter of attitude more than just politics. It is a matter of the Principle of Universal Love making its claim with a full-orbed promise for a bright future, and mankind latching onto this principle in its ever-widening manifest with its Universal Kiss.


Continue: Part 7: The Universal Marriage of Mankind

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