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Truth versus Guns

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Our Universal Kiss versus Universal Death

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche - March 2006
Rolf A. F. Witzsche is an independent researcher, publisher, and author of eleven novels exploring the Principle of Universal Love: 
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Part 7: 
The Universal Marriage
 of Mankind


Ultimately there is something else that we also need, that is absolutely crucial, without which nothing becomes possible that is needed to assure a future for mankind. This crucial element is a humanist renaissance. 

We need this renaissance not only to escape the sting of the Ice Age that will otherwise become a trap. We also need it to escape the endless cycles of war that have already become a trap, and to escape from under the thumb of the ruling private empire that demands those wars.

In order to create this essential humanist renaissance we need to develop a degree of lateral universal cooperation that is nothing short of the full and active implementation of the Principle of Universal Love in the form of Our Universal Kiss towards oneself as a human being expressed to one-another. Unfortunately that is far from what society is aiming for today. The Principle of Universal Love, therefore, will have to become accepted as the foundation for our survival, as esoteric as this may seen, because there exits no other platform that can assure our survival and a bright future . The Principle of Universal Love will have to become acknowledged worldwide as the natural principle of mankind, both in the long run and in the short run, and this actively with a 'kiss.' Without this platform as a foundation mankind has no hope as the widening circles of war, looting, enslavement, and destruction indicate. 

In a very real sense we, as human beings, are all 'married' to one-another into a single humanity that we must become committed to uphold and protect. Failing that, the destruction of our world will continue as it has already begun, so that in the near future we may cross the point of no return.

When the Principle of Universal Love becomes developed in society in a significant way the resulting cultural uplift will stop the powers of wars and the fascism that is driving them, and the empires that historically resort to fascism to maintain their existence. 

We don't know at this stage how the turnaround will happen, if it ever does. It may happen when a child speaks up voicing the truth that everybody already knows deep in the heart, like the truth was voiced in the tale of the 'Emperor's New Clothes' by Hans Christian Anderson. In this tale a child spoke up and voiced the truth against a lie that everybody knew to be a lie. The Emperor had pretended to be arrayed in beautiful garments, based on a lie that made him believe that only those could see the garments who were qualified for their post. The whole society followed his lead. The truth, of course, was that no such garments existed. In fact everybody could see the truth with their own eyes. Eventually the Emperor paraded himself through the streets totally naked. Of course everybody saw him that way. But they all pretended that what they saw must never be acknowledged. Only a child dared to acknowledge the truth, shouting aloud, 'but he has got nothing on!' This voicing of the truth broke the spell of the lies. The same might happed in today's world. And the truth is that we are all human beings, from one end of the world to the other. Whatever divides us is artificial. The truth remains that we are all one people bound laterally in a rich culture of a vast individuality while above all of that we are human beings with a common humanity, a common love, and a profound human spirit that enables discoveries and development that no other species of life on this planet is capable of.

The general acknowledgment of this truth needs to happen, no matter how great the challenge appears to be. And it may happen, perhaps starting is a small way.

It might happen for example that at an international meeting when the President of the Neocons speaks in glowing terms of the need for more wars on the road to freedom from terror that a small person from the back row might step up and ask the 'mighty ruler of the world' if he referred to the terrorism that his administration had unleashed upon its own people with the 9/11 event that is now widely understood around the world to have been an American made inside job. At this point the small person might add that the wars that came out of America's home-made rape of terror that was perpetrated against the nation and the world, like the DU wars, were really wars against humanity, terror by intent, and had nothing to do with fighting terror and establishing freedom in the world. They were in facts the instruments of terror designed for imposing tyranny over the world. What could the mighty Neocon ruler answer to that to continue his hiding of the truth?

The little man from the back row might then ask the naked Emperor, the insane man of war that parades himself around the world without a thread of humanity on him, if his  DU-poisoning of the world that is killing humanity indiscriminately all over the globe can be construed by any lie as an act of safeguarding the freedom of mankind. The little man might add that no power in the world has the right to destroy humanity, and that all those who commit this mass murderer anywhere on this planet are committing crimes against humanity, and that there is no doctrine dense enough that such a person could hide behind and maintain his innocence.

 A 'little' person from the back row who values his humanity, and our common universal humanity, might say such a thing indeed. He might say it, because he hasn't prostituted his soul to the devil of the Neocon ideology of absolute fascism.  It takes a profound kind of active commitment to the Principle of Universal Love to stand against the force of fascism, even though the fascism is built on lies and is inherently powerless.  Most likely we find a spark of this love in a little person who has nothing to loose, who hasn't prostituted itself to a system without a 'soul,' that is to say to a system that has no active commitment to the Principle of Universal Love. An empty system can be exposed with an active love, a comitted love for what is true about our universal humanity, because lies are emptiness and are bound to vanish when their emptiness is brought to light. Mankind doesn't need and international court to expose the crimes of fascism. A 'child' voicing the truth can have the same effect.

In the case of the little man from the back row voicing the truth, as in Anderson's tale, projecting a single outcry to speak of a reality that everybody already understands, would surely unravel the whole structure of lies, even the financial lies of the empires that are raping the world today, and that would change the world. 

Anderson was right. A child would more likely do this. We may be getting close to such a thing happening. A 'child' is a person that is simply fed up with speaking the lies that make a mockery of its humanity. One can see signs all over the Internet and throughout the grassroots level of society that the mockery is indeed becoming unbearable. People are speaking up. In a recent poll in the USA 43% of the public demanded that their President be impeached. Only those who have prostituted themselves to serve the empire of lies do still remain silent, such as many people in the Congress and the Senate. Maybe Anderson is telling us with his tale that all those who play the game of the denial of the truth are actually the ones that are unfit for their post. Thus the world awaits the voice of children that have no such constraints, with whom lies the future of mankind.

The effect in the real world of the 'children of mankind' standing up and acknowledging the truth that their humanity requires to be told, will be that the wars will cease and the universal brotherhood of mankind that is rooted in the nature of our humanity will gradually become established. If that happens mankind has a bright future. If we fail to muster that kind of love, even the love of a child, then mankind may not have a future at all. And that is not just a figure of speech.

The current species of mankind, that is our species called the Homosapiens, is the eighth and only surviving human species that is left after 2,5 million years of development. The others have all become extinct, probably in one of the many Ice Ages. Even the famous species of Homo Erectus that had lived for 1,5 million years, has become extinct. Our species is still young in comparison. It is less than 200,000 years old. Also the majority of its development occurred within the current interglacial warm period of the last 10,000 years. In this sense we are still children indeed, but we are children with a profound achievement already to our credit. We came into this interglacial period with a 1-10 million world population. That's all we had to show for after 2.5 million years of development. But those few million people of our species, of or family called man that survived the last Ice Age, became a family of six billion, going on to ten billion. We have achieved with our common human intellect what has never been achieved before in the entire 3.5 billion years of the song of life on this planet. We achieved the scientific and technological capacity to uplift the physical foundation for living by intelligent means and create with that a foundation with new resources that never existed naturally. Now we stand poised on the platform of that achievement to beat the sting of the Ice Age without loosing a single man of our family of mankind. This would be the first time in geologic history that such a breakthrough becomes immanently possible. The realization of this potential, of course, depends on the realization of the potential of our humanity in the current timeframe. If we pull a plunder now, as we have already entered the boundary zone, the whole of humanity may be lost, and with it 2.5 million years of the finest melodies of the song of life on this planet would end.

If we fail in this final moment, even if we flinch, we may set the stage for the end of mankind. We may not survive when the new Ice Age begins, if mankind is forced back to the small population that our family was at, at the end of the last Ice Age. We might loose the whole of mankind when our food resources begin to be decimated by the resuming cold climate, if the infrastructures for indoor agricultural have not been built by then. Without those infrastructures mankind would become embroiled into devastating wars with consequences that no one would survive. Neither would mankind be able to resort to the tropics as its last refuge for the next 90,000-year deep freeze, even if a small remnant would survive, because the tropics might have already been so dangerously saturated with DU-poisons that they might have become uninhabitable already for the 90,000-year long term. Who knows where the point of no return lies in that realm? And so, people are now standing up evermore and say to the Neocons you can't use those 2.7 million DU bombs that you have already pre-positioned in South Korea, which would add the equivalent of another half a million atom bombs in long-lasting fallout to the environment in which we need to live for a long time yet to come.

The physical phenomenon of DU nano-particles is completely new in the environment of our planet. It is without precedent in the entire 4.5 billion years of the planet's existence, especially on the massive scale as we have this phenomenon today. The widely accepted estimate as the public reports its findings to itself over the Internet, is that the DU radiation that has been spread around the world is already the equivalent in alpha radiation effects (long term effects) to 560,000 plutonium type bombs. The equivalent of 400,000 of such bombs originated in Iraq, from both Iraq wars, based on 2 million kilograms of uranium having been used in DU munitions and bombs in the Iraqi 'theatre of war." In addition the DU-equivalent of another 160,000 of such bombs was dumped on Afghanistan during the Tora Bora bombing in the form of app. 800,000 kg of DU having been used there. 

If the threatened Iran bombing takes place, several times more of the current total amount might yet be added, with no end in sight as Iran merely heads the list of the "centres of tyranny" that are scheduled to feel the iron of the Neocon's resolve. The latest list of "centres of tyranny" includes North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Belarus, Myanmar, and Zimbabwe. But long before the dust settles from this horrendous game of destruction that is in the making, the tropics, where most of the fallout will be swept into, will most definitely become uninhabitable for all times to come. By this game of insanity mankind literally closes the door unto itself by disabling its sanctuary before the Ice Age begins. Since the whole of humanity is affected by this trend, the whole of mankind is challenged to find enough love for one-another and its common humanity to stop this trend before it gets any worse.

It is truly amazing in this regard that in this advanced age one single man should still have the power to destroy our world with a single command and mankind with it, and that society still hasn't developed the love that will shut this dangerous situation down. Month after month the threats by this man against mankind have increased, and with them his power has become evermore far-reaching and dictatorial. Maybe it is time for the children of the world to call out to him his 'nakedness.'

It is equally as amazing that a country like America, with a profound renaissance history, has sunk so low into the imperial sewer that it reserves itself the right to attack any other nation that it feels might pose a threat to it in the far future, while it destroys the future all by itself more deeply than any foe ever threatened. Why does mankind allows this to happen, and permits America to annul all international agreements and rip up the fabric of civilization? Is the reason for mankind's blindness that America calls itself the champion of freedom and believed? It should be clear by now to the whole of mankind that the freedom of the Neocons is the freedom of fascism to destroy humanity. That is not freedom, is it? The President gives himself the freedom to declare that the very laws that he signs to become law do not apply to him. Is that the freedom that America is fighting for? Is that the freedom of mankind? There remains only one option for mankind to be truly free, and this is to uplift its humanity with the Principle of Universal Love to such an extent in active expression that the darkness of fascism in all its form, that still divides mankind far too deeply, looses its place in the hearts of mankind. Darkness has no place in the light, and it is the light of our common universal humanity in which mankind discovers its true face, its dignity, and its boundless destiny.

This approach to the Principle of Universal Love, centred on the universal marriage of mankind as human beings unfolding with an universal kiss, appears not only necessary to save civilization and possibly the existence of mankind, it is also the only real option that we have. The truth of this profound realization was already recognized at the end of World War II when it was deemed by the chief Nuremberg war crimes prosecutor to be an international duty for all mankind to actively 'fight' for our humanity -- not with weapons of war, but with the principles of peace that unite us all.

Mankind is reminded of this duty in statement in a report under the heading, Uranium bombing in Iraq contaminates Europe. It is written:

The chief Nuremberg war crimes prosecutor speaks knowingly and directly across more than 50 years to resolutely instruct American citizens on exactly what our duty is today, right now: "Individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience therefore have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occurring." 

The statement was affirmed by the Nuremberg Tribunal and is now international law and, by extension, American law. It is our duty as Americans to prevent crimes against peace and humanity. The fascist administration now controlling America and the U.S. military cannot be allowed to continue these crimes. The world and international law holds us all accountable, and the price is dear...

Those are strong words by the chief Nuremberg war crimes prosecutor, which became international law, that  "Individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience," and that all people across the world "therefore have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occurring." The words "violate domestic laws" evidently do not imply violence or terror, but rather refer to a duty to uplift the domestic laws into compliance with the principles of peace by developing the historically proven renaissance principle, the Principle of Universal Love. This active uplifting would involve replacing a domestic environment that is saturated with lies and fascism, by building an environment of truth and humanity, and a growing love for our humanity as human beings.

We are also told by a respected scientist who serves on a variety of Pentagon committees, Dr. Rosalie Bertell, that about 1.3 billion people have already been killed, maimed or diseased since the nuclear age started..... She writes in her book: Planet Earth the Latest Weapon of War:

 "I hope this book has given readers some inspiration as to how the might become involved in helping this peaceful planet evolve to its full potential. Despite years of abuse, it is still an amazing and beautiful creation. It deserves our best efforts. Enjoy it, love it, and save it."

A person commented, 

"There she is wrong. It is not the planet which may die: it is us. It is ourselves we must love enough to cherish the miraculous web of life which radiates from the earth's core to the farthest limits of our universe."

The Principle of Universal Love is of course an infinite theme. My exploration of it became focused onto social domain where this principle hits closest to home. The work in this respect started in the 1980s  in the form of a novel. Over the years this one novel grew into a series of nine novels, The Lodging for the Rose. It unfolded as a deep reaching fictional series with the main focus on exploring the Principle of Universal Love in the private domain of individual relationships unfolding actively at the grassroots level. The idea of the 'universal kiss' unfolds gradually and almost imperceptivity as it grows brighter.

It may well be at the grassroots level where the security of mankind needs to be established first, because every other approach has so far failed. International treaties have all been broken, laws have been trampled into dust, commitments to peace blown into the wind. We have reached the end of the line on this course and have come to the point at which the survival of mankind is hanging in the balance on several fronts. Perhaps the time has come to choose the only option that we've got left, which is to develop the Principle of Universal Love based on the realization that we are all human beings, reflecting a common humanity and a common universal human soul, and that we use this foundation to create the greatest renaissance of all times in which fascism and imperialism can have no place and the Ice Age, when it resumes again, will be of no significance. Such a renaissance would indeed reflect itself as the active manifest of the Principle of Universal Love unfolding as a universal 'kiss.'

One person on the world scene that I know of who boldly stood up to highlight the universal marriage of mankind as a profound reality was the American spiritual leader of the 19th and 20th Century, Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science. She created the only Christian church that I know of that includes no provision for marriages. Indeed, if the universal marriage of mankind is a fully established reality, why would one create something less along this line? Anything less would involve a form of self-isolation and a subtle denial of the Principle of Universal Love, unless the smaller for is but symbolic and serves as a seed kernel for the realization of the larger reality. That background poses a rather interesting challenge for exploration in my series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose.

We really don't have another option but to regard ourselves universally as a single humanity. We are one single family with common human needs across the world. Nobody can say for certain what our future might be in specific instances, but we can say with certainty that we all live on this planet together, and nobody lives apart form that. We are its light and our own light. We ourselves are all that we've got to meet the immense challenge of the future with, especially now that we face another Ice Age on the horizon. If we don't develop what we've got, we literally lay ourselves down to die.

In a sense we might have already committed ourselves, unwisely, to lay down to die. May I dare ask what it feels like to you to be living in a world that might have already been made uninhabitable for the long run? If we don't make it here together and begin upgrading our world to meet the coming challenges we are all doomed, because there is no way to escape the consequences if we fail. There is no way for anyone of us getting off this planet for some time to come. Nevertheless the possibility exists, slight as it may be, that we crossed the point of no return already, by dumping the equivalent in long-lived radioactive particles of more than 560,000 plutonium type bombs into the environment as a permanent addition to it? 

Personally, I  wouldn't want to know whether or not we have already crossed the point of no return. It would take away our hope. It is the hope that we still have a chance that causes us to change out attitudes and to develop a solution. Nevertheless the hope becomes dimmer with every new war that throws another equivalent of another 560,000 Nagasaki type bombs into the environment, or multiples thereof, which makes our world 'smaller' until we may not have any safe places left to survive in which to have a future. Shouldn't this trend that endangers our hope cause alarm bells to ring?

 I can't hear any. Instead society is crying about non-existing dangers, like global warming, ozone holes, and DDT, for which it makes huge sacrifices, while the real dangers are being ignored so that the wars for profit may continue. Indeed, an endless string of wars are on the agenda now, summarily called, "the long war" or "permanent war."   Iran, which has been chosen to be demolished next, isn't intended to be the last target. America is already upgrading its air base in Guam with facilities to enable the forward basing of America's super-expensive B-2 bombers (2.2 billion dollars a piece) to enable a future lightning-swift strike against China and possibly Russia as part of America's pre-emptive global strike mission. China and Russia are defined by the war gamers as "nations with an uncertain future" that must be "hedged" against, meaning, being set up as targets.

Considering the grave danger that has already been inflicted on mankind by nuclear warfare, it becomes imperative that the pug has to stop before things get totally out of hand.  In real terms the classification of "nations with an uncertain future" applies to all the nations of mankind. It should be mankind's global mission to protect what remains of its future by abolishing war and the imperial structures that have spread fascism across the world as a means for maintaining empires. The world has become too fragile for mankind to allow fascist games to continue. The eradication of fascism in America and in other parts of the world is no longer an internal challenge of those nations, but has become a global challenge since the whole of mankind may not survive if the challenge is not met. The Principle of Universal Love - the love of mankind of its humanity - stands presently on the horizon as the only principle that goes sufficiently deep for meeting this challenge.

It may appear that the Principle of Universal Love is hopelessly esoteric in a world rife with war, terror, torture, spying, looting, and slavery. Indeed this principle has been trashed by all means possible with the beginning of the Congress for Cultural Freedom staged in Berlin in 1951. The Congress had launched a project for 'freedom from culture.' This hidden warfare against the real culture of mankind has not ended, but has been accelerating ever since. In the wake of this hidden assault on all humanist culture, every aspect that is essential for a new renaissance and the survival of mankind in the future Ice Age World has been torn down and has been destroyed wherever possible, especially by massively targeting the scientific and technological capability of mankind. 

This hidden warfare against mankind has had already deep-reaching effects. Can anyone still remember President Eisenhower's Atoms for Peace program of limitless nuclear energy? The proposal that was very real, and still is, has been effectively flushed out of the thinking of mankind. The project was founded on the Fast Flux Breeder Reactor technology that converts depleted uranium into new fuel for nuclear power reactors while it produces electricity in the process. In fact it produces more fuel than it consumes. But that's no longer allowed in a world of empire that is keyed on destroying every cultural element that could lead to a new renaissance on the planet in which empires have no place to exist. Consequently the fast flux technology has been shut down. France has had a 1200 megawatt complex in operation, the world famous Superphoenix. It has been shut down in 2003 under a wide range of excuses, probably mainly imperial pressure. The USA had the world's most advanced Fast Flux Test Facility in operation. The facility had been the leader in nuclear power research and medical isotope production for cancer-treatment research. The facility has been shut down and has been effectively demolished, leaving an impending two billion dollar cleanup bill in the wake and an estimated 200 billion dollar loss in economic potentials. In the same anti-science commitment the nation's Space Lab has been 'sacrificed,' And now the billion dollar Hubble Space Telescope that is still fully functional, but needs to be refuelled, is about to be demolished as well, which still the only tool we have that enables us to look deep into the universe and explore its puzzling mysteries. 

It appears as if civilization itself is intentionally being shut down. The universal kiss is dead. The light has gone out. America is even loosing its vital infrastructures and its cities as viable living entities, and also the very industries that once defined the nation, such as the automobile industry that is fast shutting down. The Hurricane Katrina was a storm that hit the coast as a part of the natural dynamics of this planet. The storm caused precisely the anticipated damage, the damage that could have been prevented, but it wasn't for the lack of a 'kiss.' Nevertheless the still greater tragedy is that the nation has lost its will to clean up and rebuild the city and to shore it up against such storms in the future. However, what is illustrated here is the simple fact that when the 'kiss' is lost the future has no meaning, much less to need for securing future generations. That is why we feel 'free' today to build nuclear bombs and those diabolical DU-bombs that threaten the whole of mankind. It appears that war and bomb building are now high on the agenda, together with killing and torture, because that's the sewer of fascism that we fall into when the 'kiss' is lost and becomes history even though it hadn't a chance yet to fully unfold its wings.

It might well be that the nuclear Fast Flux Breeder technology was shut down across the world so that the resource that it would utilize for power production will now become available for making dirty bombs for the destruction of mankind. The more than two million kilograms of this potential resource that has been dumped into the environment of South Asia in the form of dirty uranium bombs and munitions, is a resource that will be forever lost to mankind while it keeps on killing people for as long as the planet exists or mankind exists. And even that horror is but a small thing in comparison with greater horrors that are now already prepared to be unleashed with millions of DU-bombs standing pre-positioned to wipe out North Korea, together millions more such bombs having been laid up for Iran, together with nuclear bombs. 

It is probably not by accident that South Asia was chosen for a war zone in which these vast amounts of finely dispersed radionuclides were dumped into the environment. If the goal had been to destroy the USA from the ground up by destroying its population with long lasting and deadly radionuclides, no better poison could have been used than the finely pulverized radionuclides of uranium, and no better dumping ground could have been chosen than South Asia to assure that these deadly materials would blanket the USA in an effective manner, coming simultaneously from the West through the jet steam and from the South through the trade winds, by which the project could be accomplished in a politically achievable context. In this sense the USA is presently deeply caught up in a nuclear war against itself, and to some degree against humanity as a whole. 

Obviously this world-engulfing war is not America's own war, but is an extension of the long string of historic imperial wars that were launched to destroy the USA ever since it was born, that were launched historically in order to eliminate America as a cultural threat to the empires, because of America's rich renaissance history. With 9/11 and what became possible in its wake, the train for America's self-destruction is now on the fast track for the Empire's long-standing goal to be realized. It can only be derailed by defeating the fascism to has put it there. The battle for saving America, and with it humanity, is not a battle against people or powers, but is a battle against the dehumanizing 'ideals' of fascism that must be won in the heart of each human being with the love that is due to our universal humanity. The fight against fascism is not a fight against power, but is a fight against the emptiness that results when the normal humanity of mankind is lost sight of. Universal love can restore this loss and fill the void if it unfolds actively in the form of our Universal Kiss. Nothing else can substitute for this 'kiss.'

Nothing else can turn back the depopulation ideology that is now gaining strength, that  has been high on the imperial agenda since the end of World War II when the imperial sewer reeked with the smell of death with the doctrine that the world is overpopulated and needs to be 'culled' back to the one billion level or below. Out of this background came the 'turning point' declaration of the late 1960s, which told us that "the world has cancer, and that cancer is man." It appears that the long-coveted depopulation project is also on the fast track with every other fascist project. The news should not be taken lightly of a respected scientist having preached in a university lecture about the 'need' for 90% of the population of mankind to be killed to save the Earth. Nor should it be taken lightly that the man received a standing-ovation approval for his idealization of genocide.

So, how does on counter a war in which mankind itself is targeted by itself? What hope do we have to counter this insanity, except to rebuild the image of the human being in the perception of ourselves and of one-another on the platform of the Principle of Universal Love? 

In the long history of our planet mankind has distinguished itself as the brightest star on the horizon of life with capabilities for enriching this planet and life itself that are unprecedented in geologic history. We literally have the future of the world in our hand by giving life the upper hand against the assault on life by the recurring Ice Age cycles. Four times in geologic history have major Ice Ages wiped out nearly all life on this planet. Those times are known as the Precambrian Extinction, the Ordovician Extinction, the Devonian Extinction, and the massive Permian Extinction. For the first time ever, life has developed the intelligent capacity to protect itself against these onslaughts, and we mankind, are the custodians and the developer of that capacity in the form of the technologies of our intellect. Should we not treasure ourselves universally for what we represent in the universe as the brightest spark of life that ever appeared on this planet, and in this love protect one-another and nourish the culture that develops our potential, and celebrate life itself? We truly are one family, one humanity, bound in an all-embracing universal marriage to that humanity that defines us and put us on the pinnacle of what life has become in the universe.

This consideration brings us at last into the sphere of the Principle of Universal Love. There is nothing esoteric about it. Universal love is built into the foundation of what we already are, and truly are. And with it rests our future. We can walk away from it and deny ourselves and die, or we can choose to take hold of it, give it an active expression in Our Universal Kiss, and built a brighter world on this platform than we may have ever dreamed possible. 

It is my hope, and a reasonable hope considering what we have so far achieved as human beings throughout time, that we will not walk away from our potential and let ourselves die, but uplift our humanity and enrich our universe with it. That's the Principle of Universal Love unfolding into Our Universal Kiss.


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The above exploration is presented by Rolf A. F. Witzsche, an independent researcher, publisher, and author of eleven novels. The novels are focused on exploring the Principle of Universal Love, the principle that is reflected to some degree in every bright period throughout history with the added challenge for today to give it an active expression as Our Universal Kiss.

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