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Our Universal Kiss versus Universal Death

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche - March 2006
Rolf A. F. Witzsche is an independent researcher, publisher, and author of eleven novels exploring the Principle of Universal Love: 
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Part 8: 
The Case for Universal Love

We have come to the edge of a precipice, facing a crisis that could end civilization as we know it.

We have two options before us. 

One option is to stay the present course. If we stay the present course we will open the door to events to be set in motion by which the world would likely enter a New Dark Age in which the population would probably collapse to less than a billion within a relatively short period of time, by war, poverty, famine, diseases, and the poisoning of the global environment with gas-like uranium particles and fallout from nuclear bombs. 

The other option is to acknowledge the roots of the failure that has brought us to the precipice and chart an appropriately different course, a course away from it. The pivotal time frame in which our future will be determined is close at hand as numerous trends are coming to a head simultaneously to precipitate the crisis that will most likely darken our future for a long time to come.

The crisis that we cannot evade has multiple facets which can be categorized as political, economic, strategic, and social, but which all have a common root, a massive loss of the native humanity in society that has marked the modern age. Band Aid measures have been applied in all of these areas to hide the symptoms. Except that approach hasn't accomplished anything. Those measures are actually a commitment to avoid curing the cause. Consequently the global situation has become untenable.

In the Economic Domain

Economically, we have come to the end of the rope. We have created a world that is awash in debt. The USA, all by itself, owes over 40 trillion dollars in debt going on 50 trillion, five times the nation's GDP. That is the equivalent of a household of four with a yearly income of $30,000 carrying a debt of over half a million, while it costs such a family close to $40,000 a year to live, which it doesn't even have. 

The bottom line is that this huge debt can never be repaid, especially since the debt itself is rapidly destroying the nation's industries and infrastructures that society requires to live. By this process, in conjunction with irrationally leveraged up equity portfolios, the entire global value system has been hyper-inflated to infinity and thereby become meaningless.

The upper curve represents the dreamscape of wealth (largely looted from society) in comparison with the dwindling productive capacity of society under the pressure of looting. The upper curve represents a dream while the lower curve represents society's physical living that has been sacrificed for a dream that has no actual value.

Propped up by financial derivatives gambling on the order of several hundred trillions of dollars, the entire world-financial system has become a house of cards, a dream house of immense book-value that is doomed by its own emptiness to simply blow away with the morning light. The collapse might also be compared to a soap bubble, a shiny sphere filled with compressed air. When the tensile strength of its facade fails at one single point, the resulting rift will tear the whole sphere apart, leaving in its place but a spray of fine droplets that literally blow away with the wind. When this happens, no one will be able to put the bubble back together again. That is what we face financially on a global scale. But it is within this sphere that the economies operate that supply mankind's needs for its physical living. The great challenge that society is facing is to become honest with itself and put the whole thing through a bankruptcy reorganization to protect its living, (hopefully before the whole thing blows away and society disintegrates with it). This means scrapping what has no value and retain what is necessary for the physical existence of society. Right now the trend is to scrap society and maintain the fictitious value system. It will take a tremendous dedication by society to the Principle of Universal Love to turn the ship around and then rebuild its civilization with a kiss to itself.

Politically, no government on earth is presently prepared to deal with the impending economic and financial crisis. Argentina stands out as a minute test case. It is one of the great food producing countries on Earth, with a capacity to feed 300 million people, while its tiny population of just over thirty million is starving to death. The situation became so bad that the poorest of the poor have to buy themselves salvaging rights to plots on the garbage dumps, because there just isnít enough garbage to go around to subsidize their meagre resources. When one hears about stories like that of a mother, whose dying child in her arms asks, "mommy is there food in heaven," it becomes apparent that there is a limit to what a nation can bear to service its debt. Argentina had a choice, the choice to kill its people under the  huge pressure by the big financial institutions that demand it to cough up more, to pay what it is not able to pay. The stakes are huge. But that is the preview for what the whole world is facing. Argentina responded by protecting its people against the outcries of the vultures. The global society may not follow that example, but stay the course of its financial and economic suicide. It will evidently take an unprecedented commitment by society to the Principle of Universal Love, to save civilization and its existence, which is fundamentally a commitment to the value of the human being.

In the Strategic Domain

Strategically, mankind is in a total mess. We have entered the arena of terror, contract terror like 9/11 for imperial objectives, and the scourge of pre-emption which is a form of terror itself, interwoven with official policies for torture, domestic spying, and an ever increasing commitment to the poisoning of the world with depleted uranium vaporized by its use in bombs. The whole world is fast becoming a giant gas chamber on the road to becoming a death-planet. But the now endless for-profit-wars are not designed to stop there. The thermonuclear bomb is already back on the table. It is officially authorized to be used by American forces (or contrators) in the next theatre of insanity for the destruction of Iran.

America, which has once been the most admired and envied nation in the world, has become the most hated and despised nation, because of its ever more fascist policies; its war policies and its economic looting of the world. Collectively the world is awash with nuclear weapons, a trend that America pioneered, that was once intended to establish a world-emporium in the shadow of the irresistible terror of the nuclear bomb. The Soviet Union had once been set up to be wiped off the map before it had the bomb, but it rescued itself by developing the H-bomb, a stronger bomb that the USA didn't have. Out of that came the nuclear standoff, a peace held in place by the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction. But that no longer means anything. A highly placed strategic advisor said about soldiers that they are but "dumb animals that one uses for political goals." The reality is actually worse since the US military now poisons its own people in the areas of war with depleted uranium bombs that happens to kill slowly and indiscriminately and spreads itself over a wide area. A half a million are now disabled, many waiting on DU-death row for their end to come. The 9/11 terror show was another self-inflicted wound for which the sacrifice of 3000 people was deemed to be of little concern. Now that the nuclear bomb is back on the table to be used the threshold of concern is getting smaller by the day. We may soon see a nuclear 9/11 with a city-wide threshold. From there the step to a global holocaust probably won't be big one. And after all, who would care?

Officially, mankind is facing 22,000 actively deployed nuclear terror weapons that society is using terrorize one another with. How clever! Those nukes were deployed by nine nations, the USA, Russia, China, UK, France, Pakistan, India, North Korea, and Israel. Probably there are also just as many more nuclear weapons sitting on the shelf, held in reserve. While these figures are small when compared to what the world used to have (65,000 actively deployed bombs in 1986 out of a total 120,000 that were produced in total), the current figure is still unimaginable in what it represent. If one considers that single missile with a dozen warheads targeting the US Pacific Northwest where large stores of nuclear materials are located, the whole of the USA might become disabled with one shot since the fallout would likely be carried with the jet stream to the East and spread by the circulating air pattern across the eastern USA. Mankind cannot afford to reopen the nuclear Pandora's Box. The very thought is insanity.

However, instead of stopping the game, the USA presently committed to a multi-billion-dollar crash program to develop new types of nuclear warheads and explosives, especially the tiny mini-nukes that can be more readily used and given to field commanders and terrorist contractors. In response to Americaís global nuclear threat-posture, Russia developed a whole new ICBM missile system, the Topol system, with several divisions already deployed to counter Americaís Missile-Shield-threat. It has been publicly stated by the American Neocon movement that America is now in a position to wipe out Russia and China together, and absorb with its Missile Shield anything that anyone can throw against the USA. In response, Russia has already developed other "asymmetric" systems for nuclear warfare, a new hardened hyper-speed, in-flight-manoeuvrable missile that no one can catch. Nobody can foretell where this New Cold War will end if it ever will or will end with the end of mankind.

It appears that nothing short of the Principle of Universal Love for our common humanity that we all share will empower society to lay aside its determination to eradicate one-another. Unfortunately, we have little experience along the path of universal love, especially in the social domain where sexual division and marriage isolation is the rule of the day.

In the Social Domain

Socially, humanity has become a tragedy of equally unprecedented proportions. Never before, except perhaps during the times of the Roman Empire and the Spanish Inquisition, has violence and general indifference penetrated the public consciousness more deeply than we find it today. We find it thick and heavy in entertainment, games, sports, politics, military adventures, even in religion. If one looks at these vast civilizational challenges that we face, it becomes evident that no isolated solution is possible in any one area. The only hope that we have for maintaining and advancing our civilization is to become human again, and to begin to deal with one another as human beings of a single, universal humanity, and this not just superficially, but with love. Can this be done? 

It appears that this can be done, even though the looming challenge is immensely great. In researching this problem it became quickly obvious that life isnít a political process, or a religious, economic, strategic, or other type of narrow focused process. Human life appears to be a process of human development. Unfortunately we have impeded this process by placing barriers into the way of our development. These are typically barriers that isolate and divide us from one another.  Many of the barriers have been artificially created to maintain oligarchic power structures. In order for us all to survive the coming crisis that loom in the future, and to have a future at all, these barriers need to be dealt with.

As much as we might wish to, we cannot evade taking responsibility for the havoc that is already wrecking our world and then place our own failure in eradicating the barriers that create the havoc into the courts of governments and institutions, and blame them. The blame rests with us. The deepest division in the world is rooted in our own inability to see ourselves primarily as human beings. And that takes us deep into the social domain, all the way to the grassroots level.

The most deeply rooted division that exists in the world today in the social domain is of course the sexual division of humanity, and the resulting isolation of people from one another. Nothing cuts more deeply than that, and sets up artificial barriers behind which we stop seeing one another as primarily human beings. Instead of seeing one another as human beings, we regard each other as members of classes, institutions, relationships, arrangements, marriages, family domains, or whatever. The huge problems that we currently face on the global scale are fundamentally not in any way different than what we find at the grassroots level. The global problems are merely bigger with enormously larger consequences. It makes little sense therefore, for instance, to demonstrate against war, while we maintain  within ourselves the roots of the processes that lead to war.

Unfortunately it is a terribly difficult problem to deal with the barriers that divide us from one another as human beings, especially those of our sexual division and its numerous related divisions. We have dug ourselves a hole that we have fallen into, and cannot get out of. For example it is virtually impossible for two people of the opposite sex (who are not married to one another) to say to one another "thank you for being alive in this world," or to say, "I love you." The divisions that we have created in our small-minded thinking do not allow this. The conventions that we have built up around our small-minded perceptions further prevent us from opening our eyes, even from recognizing the great treasure we represent in this world as human beings in terms of our capacity to build civilizations, recognize beauty, cherish one another, express love, joy, hope, the sublime, and support and enrich one another, create art, music, literature, and much more. 

No other form of life known to us can match the human being in any of that. And yet we kill that which is most precious in this world, our humanity. We close our eyes to the pinnacle that life has created and set us on high with it as a pearl, "clothed with the sun." By what insanity are we denied to honestly embrace one another in love? And so we close our heart because the walls we have built around ourselves donít allow a way out.

Since the 1980s I have dug deep into the issues of our social division and isolation in order to explore the challenges that are associated with an honest exploration of the Principle of Universal Love and its active manifest as Our Universal Kiss which would be expressed if the barriers were dealt with. I have written eleven novels on the road of exploring this subject, in order to expose some of the dimensions of the barriers. But even that effort barely touches the surface. Nevertheless this kind of exploration represents a necessary step in the movement of mankind that is necessary to pull itself away from the precipice of a civilization-threatening crisis that none of us living today may survive if an intelligent solution is not found to the current challenges, and is not found soon.

The novels are made available online in the Internet, accessible for 'free' in order to help enrich our world and one-another with expanding dimensions of love. (See book index)

The Case for the Principle of Universal Love. 

Am I overstating the case? Is love really a power that can uplift civilization? Every renaissance in history has been built to some degree on the Principle of Universal Love. The Golden Renaissance of the 14th and 15th Century became built on the principle of Agape, and active kind of love, a kind of universal 'kiss.'

The later renaissance that unfolded with the 1648 Peace of West of Westphalia was built on what might be called the Principle of the Advantage of the Other, which is another active expression of the Principle of Universal Love, another 'kiss'. One's own advantage was found in what was to the advantage of all. The American Renaissance in which the USA was created was centred on the Principle of the General Welfare. The Principle of Universal Love was reflected in all these bright historic developments, each in its own way in the form of a 'kiss.'

It appears that in these historic developments a humanist spark lit a significant fire that for a period brought light to the world. But was it really love that provided the power for the 'kiss?' 

Allow me to present a historic case in which love had a more profound physical effect than rational thinking would credit as being possible. The case occurred in the ealy-1900s in the city of Concord, New Hampshire. I is the private case of a destitute woman that was partially paralysis. Her home life was a hell. She decided to leave on day, never to return. On the way to railway station she encountered an unusual crowd of people. Being curious about what they were coming for, she followed as best as she could. She found the crowd assembled at a homestead on the edge of town, being addressed by a woman speaking from a balcony. However, having come late she was too far in the rear to hear what was being said. In the sadness of this added disappointment to a long string of disappointments that had become a way of life for, she hobbled back into town. On the way back, while starting to cross a street, she noticed a team of horses approaching. She stopped to let the carriage pass. To her great surprise she saw the woman in the carriage that had spoken from the balcony earlier, and she saw the woman looking at her all the while the carriage was passing. The next that she noticed was that her paralysis was healed. It had simply vanished in the space of those moments that might be described as a silent communication of love. She said later that she had never seen that kind of love in any human face as she has seen that day in the face of the woman in the carriage looking at her while the carriage passed. When she returned home, she found her home life also healed.

The details in the case, as astounding as they are, are actually unimportant in comparison with the momentous fact that the incidence happened and that love can have that kind of a powerful effect. The case seems to open the door to resource for the healing of the world that society has barely begun to recognize and explore. The fact that this power exists in the human realm, though woefully underdeveloped, seems to tell us that the door is wide through which mankind can reach a brighter period ahead than it ever imagined to be possible. 

Even at the present stage the physical limits that were once deemed absolute, such as limits on energy resources, or materials resources, are already being overcome on many fronts. We are breaking the oil-barrier with advanced nuclear power technologies and have put nuclear fusion on the near horizon. We also stand poised to break the countless physical resource barriers with high temperature processes, and biological resource barriers with genetic and bacteriological engineering that will take us far beyond the current bacteriological processes for creating yeast for bread and wine. We might soon also be able to break the housing barrier with the development of new and vastly abundant, and far superior building materials, such as basalt. Even new types of water resources are now on the horizon and new types of agriculture.

It appears that our love our humanity and for one-another, as we challenge the limits, is just beginning to unfold. The only major barrier that still stands in the way is the barrier that we erect against our love one another more universally -- the barrier of fascism and its greed, divisions, and isolation of mankind, and society's tolerance of it.

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The above exploration is presented by Rolf A. F. Witzsche, an independent researcher, publisher, and author of eleven novels. The novels are focused on exploring the Principle of Universal Love, the principle that is reflected to some degree in every bright period throughout history with the added challenge for today to give it an active expression as Our Universal Kiss.

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