The Road to Peace

World Wide Economic Collapse,
 is the driver for war!
What must our response be?


Our first response must be, to try to understand the dimension of the global economic collapse that is presently driving the world towards war. Historically, the causes for war have always been economic in nature, no matter what the official reasons were, including all the wars of the last century. The present war drive is no exception, and the dangers for war is acute since the financial structures that the world's imperial forces require are disintegrating. The present war dive is largely motivated to provide a cover to restage the global system to the advantage of certain interest. The scale of the war, therefore, is by intend extremely large to match the scope of what it is indented to hide. Nor is this a war that is indented to be won, to create peace. Peace can only be achieved by addressing the causes for this war, namely the global financial/economic collapse that the American statesman and economist, Lyndon LaRouche, has warned about for 35 years, which is now upon us.

We have entered a situation on a global scale in which the disinvestments in the physical economy for speculative reasons, in order to amass financial aggregates, is collapsing the physical economy at an ever accelerating rate. LaRouche devised the above illustration to enable a perception of the widening divergence of the financial world from the physical world, and to get society to understand that this divergence that is now destroying economies around the world, is not a cyclical phenomenon, but a systemic failure that is unnatural and unsustainable even with the most massive newly printed "wall-of-money" influx that is happening right now. The eventual collapse of the entire system is inevitable, therefore.

How did this process begin? The answer is relatively simple, but it requires an explanation of a process that is extremely well hidden. The best answer that I can give, is presented in a brief story from my five novels series, The Lodging for the Rose. The story is called "Empty People," and describes the axiomatic foundation for today's post-industrial-society economic collapse. In order to understand the process that is touching every human being today, it may be instructive to go through this brief story called "Empty People." What is discussed there is fundamental to understanding not only the financial and economic decay that is leading to war, but also the moral, political, and social decay that is unfolding in parallel, without which the new drive for war could not proceed, and what is required for humanity to rescue itself. The rescue operation is the focus of LaRouche's (March 21, 2003) presentation, "How To Reconstruct a Bankrupt World."  

Naturally, it is still possible to protect society from the worst social consequences of the now accelerating collapse, which can already be felt around the word.  But this won't happen unless society is prepared to correct its systemic mistake by means of a global bankruptcy type reorganization, and is prepared to fight for it. The U.S. President William Jefferson Clinton once made a faint proposal in this direction. He was immediately hit with an engineered wave of scandals and prosecutions that lasted to the last day of his presidency. Nevertheless it is possible to rebuild the world-financial and economic system on a valid systemic foundation; a foundation has been proven to work, that had turned the USA into the richest and most powerful economy on the planet; the traditional American System of Economy and its F. D. Roosevelt component, the Bretton Woods monetary system, that had brought prosperity to much of postwar world.

A global campaign is under way to re-institute the essential features of that historically successful system of economy that had brought prosperity to the United States and the world, and had also enabled an effective defense to be mounted against the Nazi war of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich. This global campaign to rebuild the world on a scientifically sound footing is Lyndon LaRouche's campaign. With its implementation rests humanity's chance for peace. Economic disintegration and war go hand in hand, as both have a similar, imperial root.

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