Meet the man who may have saved your life, and may do it again!

Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

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An event that made the world a saver place.

The event was not ushered in by great deeds of heroism of the type for which heroes of war are routinely honored and remembered in history books. Something totally different happened here. The key to the success of his intervention, an intervention that has made the world a saver place, was not an act of valor, but was the result of an idea born by the rigors of scientific reasoning that led to the discovery of a range of fundamental principles that underlie civilization. The heroism that might have been was in his daring to counter all those who had engineered the cold war and had a vested interest in maintaining it. His daring, of course, earned him not the customary badge of honor, but the tragedy of political persecution and subsequent incarceration. Nevertheless, the powers that be could not hold back the power of the idea that he had unleashed. Even while he was locked up in prison the idea bore fruit, and the cold war ended.

Unfortunately, we find the world today at the threshold of much greater dangers than during the cold war. These include a looming global financial and economic disintegration, a renewed commitment to the actual and first use of nuclear weapons, and an emerging shock wave on the biological front as the spread of starvation around the world created an ideal breeding ground for new and old diseases. More than two decades ago Lyndon LaRouche had predicted such occurrences.  He had warned against precisely the same dangers that the world is now facing. Of course he was able to give these warnings, not by the magic of a crystal ball, but by understanding the fundamental processes that were unleashed by the policies that had been put into practice. Nor has Lyndon LaRouche ceased to the present day to intervene on the global scene with counteracting policy proposals, in an effort to save our civilization and humanity from the certain impending doom which the continuation of the present policy platform assures.


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