AIDS and The History of Depopulation Policies

Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

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Depopulation was also proposed by the respective departments of the United Nations Organization, as a matter of policy, to be carried out on a global scale. These were the years when large scale sterilization of women at child bearing age were perpetrated throughout the poor regions of South America, mostly under UN patronage. The gradually unfolding antipopulation war grew to such severity over the years that in Sept. 1994 the infamous Cairo depopulation conference was launched that had recommended strong population reduction targets, which were to be enforced throughout the world with economic sanctions.

Depopulation was also supported by people from the highest ranks of the British monarchy, specifically by Prince Phillip who also served as head of the World Wildlife Fund. Prince Philip wrote in his foreword to a book "If I Were an Animal" (1986) that he was moved by the plight of animals that become extinct by human expansion. He wrote "I must confess I am tempted to ask for reincarnation as a particularly deadly virus." To some degree, this is what AIDS has become.

Conspiracy theorists love the coincidence in timing, here, between the strongly voiced longing by the prince to become a virus, and the emergence of the virus. They take the coincidence as sufficient cause to pin the blame for AIDS onto the royalty of the world, pointing to the royalty's vast financial resources that could finance the requisite biological engineering effort with ease, to create such a virus. The members of the Club of the Isles, which includes most of the royalty and would-be royalty of the world, are said to control over ten trillion dollars worth of private resources that pail the resources of many governments in comparison. A minute fraction of this wealth would be more than sufficient to finance the required research centers for creating the kind of virus their prince had hoped to become.


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