AIDS and The History of Depopulation Policies

Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

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Conspiracy theories, of course, are easy to conjure up, while the reality is more difficult to deal with which presents the paradox that no hard and fast evidence exists to support any of the conspiracy theories. One might just as well blame the prevailing attitude of the time, for AIDS, that had pervaded many nations when people had clamored for population reductions under the belief that the earth is in danger to be destroyed by the human population it carries. 

It should be noted that the constantly deepening belief in that notion gave rise to the consensus for world-wide depopulation that came out of the second depopulation conference that was held in Cairo. People who study the interrelationship between mental causes and physical effects, may find sufficient cause here to pin the donkey's tail on humanity's own shirt in regard to AIDS. Indeed, the Cairo population control targets would have been imposed by international law had President Clinton of the United States not demanded that any such compliance should be voluntary.

The most likely historic cause for the massive outbreak of AIDS out of Africa may be the economic looting of Africa that was unleashed around that time, together with imposition of deindustrialization and the prevention of any meaningful economic development that is necessary to sustain a growing population. The method of creating poverty through war is well proven, historically, for achieving population decline. However, poverty and war do not only induce a higher death-rate, they also create a wide pool of biologically weakened populations which become thereby susceptible to viral transfers from animal species to humans, and the rapid development of the viral culture in the biologically disintegrating society as people become consumed by starvation. 

The situation had become so alarming in 1974 that the Schiller Institute in Germany, and the Lyndon LaRouche organization in the U.S. launched an extensive study which had warned of the likelihood of a biological holocaust arising from the conditions created by the internationally adopted policies towards the Third World, and especially towards Africa.


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