AIDS and The History of Depopulation Policies

Rolf. A. F. Witzsche

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The shift of focus towards a self-centered, self-isolated type of existence is especially recognizable in the financial arena where people are literally sealing from each other to enrich themselves, while the physical economy that exists to enrich society as a whole is forced to contract under the burden of an evermore intense looting of its development resources. The modern day phenomenon is that the perceived value of the financial aggregates of the world is increasing exponentially in proportion to which the physical economy contracts. 

People are simply demanding ever higher profits from each other as they trade their investment papers to and fro between themselves. Ironically, they close their eyes to the simple fact that their cleverly accumulated financial claims against the physical economy, which financial aggregates are, have even now far exceeded the capacity of the world's economy to redeem them. This means, that if the present trend of physical collapse and financial super-evaluation were continued to infinity, humanity would face a world drowning in financial wealth, while not a single item of physical product would be produced that could be purchased with the amassed financial wealth, which thereby would be worthless.

Naturally, the real world-financial system cannot continue to infinity in a self-defeating mode of operation that the self-isolation of humanity promotes. The system will simply collapse long before the infinite is realized. The collapse is inevitable, because a self-defeating system is doomed to collapse. Unfortunately, the impending total financial collapse on a global scale occurs not without an unfathomable social catastrophe as the financial underpinning of the physical support structures becomes dysfunctional. 

In addition, such a catastrophe will likely be many times worse in an environment in which society is strongly self-centered and self-isolated from one another, rather than being focused on enriching and protecting one another's existence in the larger bond of unity that a nation should represent. In this, the real threat of AIDS comes to light.


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