Why did we Allow Bubble Economies?









The answer to this question must be found within ourselves. It will likely be one that is specific to our time. The kind of crisis that we face, with its many aspects all coming together, such as the rise of fascism, increasing threats of war, with a global financial disintegration looming in the background, has not been found before. We have seen some aspects culminating into Hitler's reign of terror, or the Jacobin reign of terror before Hitler, or the great financial collapse of 1345 that had weakened the European population to the point that the black plaque could sweep across the continent with such ferocity that half of the population perished.

Dante Aligheri had foreseen the financial crisis unfolding in his age. He saw it as a trend towards doom, and warned the people about it, but was exiled for his warnings though they could have saved Europe. This sort of thing still happens. The American economist Lyndon LaRouche has warned for decades about the policy debacle of our time. In response he became incarcerated while the warnings he gave were ignored, and the collapse of the financial and economic system continued.