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The Apathy Virus

Suppose you were king for a day, how would go about protecting your empire's existence, knowing that it exists fundamentally by looting its substance from the labors of society, just as any other empire does or has done so for millennia? How would you do it?

You would have to recognize, of course, that a mentally advanced and alert society will not allow itself to be so treated. This means you would have to create the conditions for the development of a deep seated mental apathy in society. You would have to create an apathy virus that reaches deep into the fabric of society and inhibits at these deeper levels the normal processes that enable individuals to be creative and alert.

Indeed, by considering all relevant evidence, it becomes plain that this goal has been achieved. The same evidence also suggests that this so created apathy virus is by far the most deadly and destructive virus that has ever evolved or has been created in the weapons laboratories of the world. It is a virus more deadly than AIDS and the Ebola virus combined, or any other virus that threatens us biologically.

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