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Over the years more than 48,000 computer viruses have been created.

Most viruses are designed to reach deep into the fabric of your system, often to create severe damage to data, hardware, and communications environments. It is difficult to estimate the economic damage that computer viruses have caused, which may be in the range of billions of dollars. However, similar processes can be found in almost every major aspect of human existence. Here immensely greater damage is wrought. It does not seem ironic against this background, that some of the most talented people of the computer industry have put their efforts into damaging the very industry they have devoted their life to. Therefore, when you hear that a virus wipes out data or destroys someone's computer hardware by erasing its Bios, do yourself a favor and have compassion on the perpetrators of the crime, because their crime, no matter how grievous, is minute compared to the damage to society that their counterparts inflict. The good news about computer viruses is, that one can protect oneself quite easily with a bit of caution and a variety of good virus scan programs. It is infinitely more difficult, however, to protect oneself against the viruses that reach deep into the fabric of society and cause unspeakable damage to nations and civilization.


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