The Game of Theft Economics







the games of legal stealing, how alluring!

In him we trust?

The fact is, society at large doesn't create the bubble economies that erode its living. It tolerates them!

The engineers of the bubble are those who have lived for centuries from the processes of looting society. This process invariably creates financial bubbles.

Bubbles are created when financial resources are poured into non-productive processes where they do not generate any kind of real wealth, but rather generate inflated claims against the actual wealth producing economy. Scrupulous investors gain large profits by this process of creating and cultivating the illusion that wealth is being generated in the financial markets. In real terms these so-called investors siphon off as profit (or steal) whatever wealth is poured into the system by their fellow investors. The market is not enriched by this process, nor is society enriched by it, but some of the thieves are greatly enriched by their cleverness in stealing. But, who must ultimately pay the bill?