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Depopulation - Flight Forward Today

The following text is a routine assessment of the state of the world on February 25, 2000. The text is not an essay but a transcript of a phone call from Europe to America in which Helga Zepp LaRouche situates her husband's campaign for the U.S. presidency against the background of world affairs. In the phone call, Lyndon LaRouche is affectionately referred to as Lyn.

You may ask here if any of this is relevant to the subject of depopulation? After all, nobody is debating depopulation in the presidential campaign.

 Indeed, no one is debating the issue. That is where the relevancy lies. Humanity is facing the most serious crisis in its entire history and nobody is talking about it, much less addressing it, except Lyndon LaRouche, who points to it as the key issue facing all people, that should be the center of the campaign because it overshadows everything else.

In this article one gets very far away from the 'little' concerns of interpersonal relationships. Still, the policies that shape the world reflect the state of relationships between people. Some seek to steal from others, others seek to dominate, even to dominate the world, or to depopulate parts of it to cultivate poverty. Others seek to enrich humanity and upraise its general welfare. Even nuclear war is an issue of how we all relate to one another as human beings and how distant we have become to one another.

As you read the article, try to see it in this context. The article talks about issues that shape our world. Equally complex are the issues in our intimate social world. Still, in order to uplift both worlds a focus onto fundamental principles can dramatically brighten the scene.

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