The Game of Making Bubbles






Bubble Economies

The games in which we trust.

The term "bubble economy" is really a misnomer. The bubble economy is not an economy in the sense that economic processes enrich a society and provide for its needs in terms of physical products, such as food, housing, transportation, education, healthcare, and so forth. Bubble economies are not focused on such processes, nor do they enhance it. To the contrary, they undermine productive processes and will eventually destroy them.

Bubble economies are focused on financial profiteering, a game in which huge profits are drawn while nothing is being produced that enriches society.

The games that are played in this arena are numerous types of theft. Profiteering is theft unless economic profits represent real value produced that raises the platform of civilization.

The games of speculative profiteering do not enrich society. Indeed, how could such games in which nothing of value is produced, enrich society? Speculative games do, however, create bubbles of illusions, illusions of wealth where there is no real wealth. These bubbles of illusions pose a grave danger to any nation. No society can prosper on a platform of stealing from one another. The danger lies in shifting the focus from productive to none-productive processes, fuelled by the illusions that wealth is being created. To the degree that such theft is allowed by society, whether it has been legalized or not, society is destroying its infrastructures for living, and is thereby destroying the foundation for its existence.