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Science, Politics, and the LaRouche Phenomenon.

Why is it, that humanity hopes desperately for that which it does not require and undervalues what it has at hand?

In today's age trillions of dollars are put on the line each day in financial gambling operations in order to acquire riches that are neither essential, nor beneficial when they are obtained, while the real riches that unfold with intelligent, productive activities are largely ignored, so that greater poverty for the whole world results in the end.

The same can also be observed in the spiritual realm. Countless prayers have risen to high heaven as people look for the second coming of the "saviour;" but these prayers rose in vain. In the same manner people have hoped for the re-appearing of a Plato, or another Dante, DeVinci, Shakespeare, Mozart, Leibnitz, Einstein, Mary Baker Eddy, F.D. Roosevelt, J.F. Kennedy, or whoever. But is there really a need for the retracing of history? Should one not rather look ahead, instead of back? Aren't the great breakthroughs of the early pioneers still with us? The work that these people have accomplished is still valid and can be applied for our benefit at any time. It does not need to be repeated. Indeed, Christ Jesus never promised to return, or even hint at such a possibility. He foretold the emergence of a new type of Saviour who would remain forever as a guide towards the infinite. He spoke about science, though he never used the word. He spoke of the spirit of truth, though few understood what this meant. Pontius Pilate. therefore, asked him plainly: "What is truth?" He couldn't comprehend the answer that was given to him: "I have come to bear witness unto the truth."

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