Gambling with Lies

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The name of the man in the picture is unknown. He was one of the last to die in Europe's fascist holocaust. At the end of World War II many of the Nazi concentration camps were emptied. The prisoners were marched across the land in late winter, without any real destination. They were marched for 200 miles on average, poorly dressed, and forced to sleep in the open with the hoar frost covering the ground. One march ended when the survivors forced into a barn near the town of Gardelegen that was subsequently doused with gasoline and set ablaze. The fire was still burning when the Allied forces arrived.

Since this is far from any normal behaviour, and since the perpetrators of the crime were not forced to commit the brutalities they have committed, one needs to ask oneself what monstrous lies have made the people responsible to become so inhuman. We need to answer honestly, here, since countless lies still deface the face of humanity. Children lie to their parents and their peers, and grown-up's lie to one another. People lie to their governments at tax time and the governments lie to the people to be re-elected. But most of all, people tend to lie to themselves.

The question must be asked, can we afford the gamble to live in a world infested with lies?


  For details about the photograph see, Hitler's Willing Executioners by Daniel Goldhagen.
The photograph is a sample from the book.