Meet the man who may have saved your life, and may do it again!

Lyndon LaRouche

In the early years of 1980s, at the height of the cold war, when the doomsday clock stood at just a few minutes before midnight, the American economist and statesman, Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr., intervened. With this intervention he set an event into motion that in due course shut down the cold war.  In this manner he may have saved your life, - and yes, he may do it again. 

People ask, who is Lyndon LaRouche? What are his policies? They say, give it to me straight! Boil it down to a half a dozen points that one can understand.

Well, I can do better than that. I can boil it down to a single point. Lyndon LaRouche's goals, programs, speeches, seminars, radio interviews, international conferences, and his countless pieces of writings have one fundamental purpose that stands above all considerations, and that is to assure that you, me, society as a whole, have a chance to be still alive five years from now in a thriving civilization, and for as long as our natural life will carry us. This is presently very much in doubt, just as it was so at the height of the cold war period when Lyndon LaRouche intervened in a unique manner to bring that escalating madness to a close. It is worthwhile to explore this dimension of history, at the present time, because it illustrates the key for solving our present financial, economic, and civilizational crises that have become equally as threatening, if not more so.


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