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 CONTINUED (updated Feb. 18, 2002)

Lyndon LaRouche


Lyndon LaRouche alerts the world that we face three major crises in the immediate period ahead: a financial break down crisis, a physical economic collapse crisis, and a "clash of civilizations" religious war crisis.

The financial breakdown crisis

We face dangers today that are greater than any in history. We are in the end-phase of a financial collapse that is potentially much larger than the 14th Century banking collapse that resulted in an economic and biological disintegration throughout Europe that wiped out half the area's populations in a short period of time. The GKO crisis in Russia in 1998, the Asia Crisis, the LTCM collapse, The Argentina crisis, the Enron collapse crisis with its huge interconnected mess of derivatives exposures that could explode into a cluster bust that destroys the entire financial system, are all but symptoms of that unfolding crisis that has not yet fully hit us.

These great individual tragedies are all symptoms of an axiomatic sickness that has been implanted into the world-financial system during its reorganization beginning in the mid 1960s. Lyndon LaRouche presents compelling evidence that we are now at the end-phase of that disease that we allowed to creep into the system, that is not curable. The system is so deeply infested that it cannot be cured, but it can be replaced. It is Lyndon LaRouche's goal to replace that system before it totally destroys the physical foundation for human existence.

Lyndon LaRouche has a policy proposal put on the table to accomplish that, his world famous New Bretton Woods policy proposal. He has created an international awareness of the need to implement this civilization saving policy. All that he requires to implement it, is a constituency at home, and the authority to implement it. It's really quite that simple to solve this enormous problem in principle. It is an inherently achievable goal with society's help. The alternative, though, is unthinkable. 

The physical economic collapse crisis

All of this is happening in an environment of a general collapse in the physical economy in terms of the collapse of industries, of physical infrastructures, employment, production, family incomes, farming, health care, and so on. When Roosevelt's new deal was announced to pull the U.S. nation out of the deepest depression in its history. The physically productive sector was relatively strong, and the farming sector was relatively secure. But not so today. These sectors have more or less all been destroyed, and this on almost a global scale. 

Lyndon LaRouche has put a policy proposal on the table that offers the only existing platform that is big enough to have the potential to actually work in bringing about a world-wide economic recovery on which the economic recovery of every nation depends. LaRouche points out strongly that no form of local solution can be found to a problem that is not a local problem, that is a global systemic problem. His recovery proposal focuses on the Eurasian Land Bridge development as a vehicle to bring together the technological capabilities of Western Europe and North America with the economic potential of Asia for a world wide economic recovery, including South America and Africa. Nothing less than a global economic recovery cooperation among sovereign nation states will be sufficient to address the current world-economic collapse crisis.

The "clash of civilizations" religious war crisis

Overlayed above the physical collapse crisis, and the financial collapse crisis, is the financial oligarchy's long cherished dream to sink the world into a world-encircling "clash of civilizations" religious war, a new 100 years war as it has been announced, that is presently in the end-phase of being implemented. The September 11 tragedy, and the unfolding Middle East tragedy, are not seen as isolated elements by Lyndon LaRouche, but as intentionally arranged strategic stepping stones towards this world-engulfing "clash of civilizations" religious war that the ruling financial oligarchy of the world has been working towards consistently for the past decades. 

The goal of this warfare, according to policies repeated published since the mid 1970s, is to reduce the present world population to a level below the one billion mark. This is what the current U.S. Administration's "axis of evil" policy is a part of, to serve as a facilitator or detonator, according to LaRouche's perception. The fight against terrorism project has been identified by Lyndon LaRouche as an integral part of this process: to function as a detonator. He identified the September 11 tragedy from the moment on when it happened, as a coup d'etat by high level networks tied into the military, intelligence, and or security establishment of the U.S., with the evident intend to force the U.S. government into becoming compliant to the demands for the "clash of civilizations" religious war that has been long in the making, beginning with the arc of crisis policy. 

LaRouche's hopes, at the present time, are that his faith in the human nature of the U.S. and European populations has not been misplaced, so that society will locate the power within itself and its democratic institutions to put a stop to the entire insanity of a "clash of civilizations" war, and will act decisively to save itself by acting on his policy proposals.

His policy to save humanity in this arena has always been a policy to expose the truth. His latest policy thrust in this strategic direction is his "Dialog of Civilizations" project that brings to light the deeply interconnected roots of the world's cultures and their contributions to civilization.  His fight is to elevate universal truths in the minds of humanity to debunk the conjured up lies about humanity in support of the "clash of civilizations" objectives.

At the age of 80, working together with his wife, Helga Zepp LaRouche, and with the support of his organizations and chapters around the world, and the support from the intelligencia in many nations, Mr. LaRouche is fighting tireless for the protection of humanity from the onrushing three dimensional crisis of our age, that has the potential to sink the world into a new dark age with a corresponding loss of most of its people.

The logical question is: Will Lyndon LaRouche be as successful this time around, as he was with his intervention to end the cold war? This question, however, can only be answered by society itself, which holds the key to that answer. Nevertheless, Lyndon LaRouche's intervention in the 1980s, to end the cold war crisis, is a worthwhile example to explore at this point, in order to bring to light the depth of his commitment and the platform of his approach in the defense of humanity.


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