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The Lodging for the Rose

A series of eight novels by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


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e-book cover of novel  Episode 1 - Discovering Love

Here begins an epic story that spans eight novels. The subject is freedom powered by universal love, the largely unexplored 'country.' Few people have dared to cross its borders and travel its landscape.

e-book cover of novel  Episode 2 - Roses at Dawn

This is the second novel of the epic series, The Lodging for the Rose. Its focus is on universal love with paradoxes that have been rarely dealt with and even more rarely been resolved.

e-book cover of novel  Episode 3 - Winning Without Victory

This is the third novel of the series focusing on universal love as a force for universal good. Except, who cares about that in a world of darkness, greed, poverty, and terrors of war?

e-book cover of novel  Episode 4 Seascapes and Sand

This novel deals with the momentous 'sea' changes that we set our hopes on in the world of universal love. All too often, we find them built on sand.

e-book cover of novel Episode 5 Glass Barriers

This novel of the eight part series deals with the kind of paradigm shift that begins when discoveries of science pull us up to a higher level of thinking about our world and ourselves.

e-book cover of novel  Episode 6 Endless Horizons

The novel addresses one of the great challenges that we face as human beings, which is to discover those trends that have a boundless potential, and to stay away from pursuits that are self-terminating and collapse our world into chaos.

e-book cover of novel  Episode 7 Sword of Aquarius

When love challenges greed, wealth, and the citadels of power, we find the sword brandished that often cuts deep to snuff out the spark of love before it becomes a fire that will sweep the world.

e-book cover of novel  Episode 8 Lu Mountain

While the focus of the series is on exploring the profundity of the principle of universal love, this final volume does not take its development to the Golden Shore of Peace where we may find tranquility and rest. This final novel widens the challenge.  


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